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    Yep I'm up for that too. My surname is pigsaretinpotcunts
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    I’d be up for that. My real name is Derek Chupachups. Think that would look good on the shirt.
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    Is this the Sean Clare that has started a couple of games? Anyone would think we are losing Puskas on a free transfer. Man up, wet knobs.
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    the problem with leaving it til January is that if he does perform well then he'll know he'll be in demand and can walk away for free and pocket himself and his agent a huge signing on fee....players in the last few months of there contracts don't usually go for large sums as Barnsley found out with winall & hourihane ......for me the good players who's contracts expire next year should be offered extensions now ......of course he may revert to being crap if we do offer him new deal now but that's the gamble you take .
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    Was bored so had a shot at an away kit ...
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    Dawson Fred. Lees. Pudil lee Reach Pelupessy. Bannan Hooper. Foresteri Dave
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    new sponsor too!
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    Exactly and 2 of them were sh*te. Ive read on here where the club should swallow their pride when its comes down to both Clare and Hirst. Why? Have the club done anything wrong. I have read they have offered deals to both of them and neither have accepted. That's football. The game breeds greed. Like I've mentioned before, lets look after the young uns who want a career with Wednesday.
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    Or option 3 that we seem to now have High ticket prices but bring in free, youth and premiership loans tell me if i am wrong but with the policy that Jos is saying to implement should the ticket prices not be coming down or has this idea now been forgotten?
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    New deal or sell. Can't risk letting him walk on a free next year.
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    Bench; Wildsmith Pudil Wing Back Joey Fast Winger Fletcher Joao
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    Challenging for promotion at a minimum.
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    Bannan is the best midfielder at the club.
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    For the more mature people on here, probably the worst forward I have seen in an Owls shirt is Peter Feeley
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    Me too. He was good when he first came, he looked to have the potential to be a top players at this level, then it all went pear shaped, he seemed to get above himself and lost his way. The second half of this season he looked dangerous, good close control and a definite eye for goal. I'd given up hope of him ever coming good but he's proved me wrong. If he keeps it up he could be a star next season.
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    always thought he was a bit rubbish but since he got back into the team he's certainly won me over ......how he gets into the side next season if hooper is fit I don't know but it's a good problem for jos to have .
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    Looks great in frame might buy one myself UTO
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    We just need to switch what we do look at Cardiff they pick up free agent such as Hoillette for nothing, pay him an ok wage and have got a good return for a 27 year old. We could have signed a left back from Barnsley with premiership experience on a free but because of our rigid transfer policy of waiting until the last week of the transfer window we have missed out and Yaidom is an improvement of what we currently have in that position. This is what I am hoping is going to chance but I haven't seen anything to suggest we have learnt from any of the transfer mistakes of the last few years.
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    The survey was a complete contradiction in terms and cannot be delivered if we are to avoid an embargo. We can't continue to carry a 30 million wage bill and sign players on 30 k a week as was implied. The survey was ridiculous. Expect Pelupessy type signings going forward. Ok players but not promotion material.
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    It was a ridiculous question in the survey and shows how far the club behind the scenes have to go before they realise what makes a successful club.
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    So the first season when we had Glenn Roeder in advising who to buy as i cannot really see, Barry Bannan playing for the then Crystal Palace reserves being on Doyen's or DC radar or Gary Hooper sat in the stands at Norwich. I can see the Matias and Joao signing not being Roeder but the rest was a team put together by players already at the club and Glenn Roeder. Since then we have bought over prices, past their best players - we have spent silly money for us on a lot of players that we will never make money on, we have brought in loans that add nothing to the club than a wage. All in all the recruitment since DC has been running the show has been a complete embarrassment lets hope the only involvement he has going forward is to pay for them.
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    Keep Bannan, Forestieri, Lees, Hooper, Lee, Reach, Hutchinson and tie them down to longer deals. If we keep the spine of this team together we’ll do well next season, then decent loans to strengthen a few key areas elsewhere.
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    The reaction would all come down to results. The mood among fans, on here and on twitter, facebook and in the stands is 90% results based. If we win games every problem can be glossed over. If we lose even the tiniest issue becomes a life and death problem for some.
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    Stick Westwood in their and that's your promotion side right their IF they stay fit.
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    If he plays 35/40 odd games in a central position not season, under this manager, there's no reason why he can't get 20 goals. Probably less in a wider role. But suspect he'd still get 10/15 if used wide. Runs at players. A rare weapon in our armoury these last 18 months.
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    Bound to get 20 goals then leave on a free next season.
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    90 mins away from it paying off. Can you imagine how many plaudits he would have got if it had have made it come off? Would have been lauded as the best SWFC Chairperson ever. Small margins
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    I think that when we saw it flying most of us kinda presumed it isn't a feckin penguin Taco FFS
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    Been feeling that in my bones for the last twenty years, usually wears off about Christmas.
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    It was last season’s data, so we actually finished four places higher in the league table than in the wages table.
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    What would everyones starting 11 be on the first game of next season if everyone was fit plus you can add 1 player you'd like us to sign. Mine would be; Wildsmith Van Aken Lees Vennacio (The player i'd sign) Hunt Reach Pelupessy Bannan FF Hooper Nuhiu If i could sign another player it would probably be Ryan Kent on loan but i wouldn't play him at wing back
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    I'm speaking to you using a telepathic headset. Now listen to me. And now... ....listen to the stars. Listen to the heartbeat of the Universe. It's not too big Mr C. listen to its rhythms. All that energy , every speck of space dust. Harness it in your hand. Here. Take it in your hands. What is it telling you........ Season one. Decent kit. Not entirely Wednesday but a theme on it. Most people happy. Happy people = positive atmosphere = confident players. Shrewd signings and Feelgood factor. New manager who promises us the world. Wembley. So close! A combination of all those things got us so close. (Just that tactical shoehorn in the final and the white socks cost us) Season two. Gillingham kit Erm... well. Its something different. Its ok as a one off. Etc etc. Itll be a collectors item. Its only for one yeae. Eyebrows being raised though. Is this tampering for the sake? Still the teams doing well. Aren't they? They're higher than last year. Some odd buys. Some ...big money Odd buys. Scraping points. Manager looking stressed.Fans worrying. Very quiet atmosphere. Quiet atmosphere = Players under pressure. Relying too much on wonder goals from knackered stars. Play off semis though (Tactical stubbornness, fear and no stripes cost us.) Season three. Ipswich kit. It's not an Ipswich kit, it's a nod to the past. It is our anniversary year. A nod to when our team that made the cup final and we're capable of challenging for the title was slowly unfurled , sold off and allowed to age beyond use as we began one of our plumets into the wilderness? It's and omen I tell you. We'll be relegated. Luckily we werent - Jos overturned the cosmic odds of the bad luck strip against all known Universal powers and astral nastiness the Gods threw at us. Panic buys. A manager losing the thread. Could have gone down if the tache hadn't rode the to the rescue. Season four? Do it. Do it DC. I'm not saying it's our destiny kit. But... Well... It's our destiny kit! The home kit of our last championship winning team. The home kit of our last FA Cup Winning side The home kit of our last League Cup Winning side. I know you want us in the Premier league as much as we do. (Maybe more considering the money you've spaffed into it!) So create the vibe. Create the positive energy. Create the buzz. Fuel the fans, who'll fuel the players. With this-: A kit that says. WE ARE SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY This kit, combined with Jos our guide , wih Bazza and Fenando fit , it's a one way ticket to footballing Eutopia!
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    Crap poorn star name. I’m out.
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    Came up with this picture did it
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    Without doubt in my opinion
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    You'd like to think so. We should and hopefully will be in the driving seat from now on. That doesn't mean you always get what you want it just means you drive the agenda. We'll have a better handle on the KM/DC partnership and what she brings to the table after the next couple of windows. Fingers crossed she operates like a "woman scorned...." Classic good cop/bad cop partnership!!!
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    Against the popular vote here but.....Id cash in on him if we could. Probably the most saleable asset we have right now outside of Fessi, Bannan, Lees, Hooper and Westwood. If he could be sold for say 7 or 8 mill (not unreasonable in current market) his sale would massively ease FFP worries whilst not making us sell the crown jewels as it were. Like the lad and think hes decent enough, but hes one of many good forwards we have. He wont be missed anywhere near as much as any one of the other players ive named above.
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    and me chuckin em out
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    Needs signing up to a new deal could be a big player for us and also increases his transfer value
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    Were they eck. They were probably fitter at the end of the season (well, the ones still standing) than they were at the start.
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    only from the fans .....the club will show no loyalty to players when they have no use of them so you cant expect the players to show any to the club .
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    Surely "teabagging" would be the correct terminology here? Photos would be nice should it take place mate
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    Incredibly disrespectful to our current manager
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