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    I’d be up for that. My real name is Derek Chupachups. Think that would look good on the shirt.
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    The reaction would all come down to results. The mood among fans, on here and on twitter, facebook and in the stands is 90% results based. If we win games every problem can be glossed over. If we lose even the tiniest issue becomes a life and death problem for some.
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    Been feeling that in my bones for the last twenty years, usually wears off about Christmas.
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    What would everyones starting 11 be on the first game of next season if everyone was fit plus you can add 1 player you'd like us to sign. Mine would be; Wildsmith Van Aken Lees Vennacio (The player i'd sign) Hunt Reach Pelupessy Bannan FF Hooper Nuhiu If i could sign another player it would probably be Ryan Kent on loan but i wouldn't play him at wing back
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    he's certainly the most creative .
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    Without doubt in my opinion
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    You'd like to think so. We should and hopefully will be in the driving seat from now on. That doesn't mean you always get what you want it just means you drive the agenda. We'll have a better handle on the KM/DC partnership and what she brings to the table after the next couple of windows. Fingers crossed she operates like a "woman scorned...." Classic good cop/bad cop partnership!!!
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    I agree. A young player like João, whose value could soar if he hits a purple patch (£6m for Gary Madine, anyone?), would be a massive loss to our club if he walked away on a free transfer. He's shown the potential to be a real threat at this level, looked to be finding good form under Luhukay, and I hope the club will be tying him down to a new contract over the summer.
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    His deal needs to be extended by a further two years, under the right coach and with the right attitude he easily has the ability to hit that 20 goal mark, then both parties have options.
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    I've got 4 teenage kids mate....... I'm continuously bombarded with meme's and gif's on social media......
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    Incredibly disrespectful to our current manager
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    I must have been thinking of another similar cricketer. scratching my head now...
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    I'm gonna stick my neck out for Gladstone Small ...... because he couldn't ....
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    To be fair I don't think the club has done much wrong with either Hirst or Clare. A deal was offered and is still on the table. Neither player has yet made a real breakthrough into the first team (especially Hirst). Until that happens (if it ever does) why should they get any more? Once each as made say 20 first team appearances in a season, then surely that is the time to offer them a big money contract, not now. If it means we lose them, then so be it. The game is littered with youngsters like them who never made it and plenty of others are willing to step into their shoes.
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    The OP along with the rest of the stirrers know full well the survey didn't make reference to transfer market spend. Looking at our wage bill investment in the team remains high irrespective of what we spend
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    I think you overestimate the impact of these two. Neither are experienced or good enough to step straight into a fully fit first 11. Players with potential leave clubs all the time anyone remember the meltdown on here when next big thing Hayden White left choosing to sign for Bolton? And where exactly is Hayden plying his trade? Currently at the mighty Mansfield his career has been a succession of loans at the likes of Bury and Blackpool. Huff said
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    I’ve been totally behind the owners and club but for me DC made 2 errors, one after season one and another after season two. After season one it was clear which positions we were lacking in but he allowed CC to swell positions already well covered in and those we were crying out for. Then after season two he made the error or renewing CCs contract. I said at the time that the signs were there and the football was a hard watch.
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    I wouldn't take a blind bit of notice of that survey. The questions were framed in such a way as to influence the answer in a particular way. As regards ticket prices, there are in excess of 20,000 season ticket holders from an average home gate of around 26,000, which also includes away support. Therefore it is not unreasonable to conclude most of those answering the survey were season ticket holders, who by the fact they have shelled out hundreds of pounds must be reasonably satisfied with the price. So for the majority , expectations are high not necessarily because of ticket prices, but because of the amount of money spent assembling our huge squd of players.
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    Sheeeeeite anyway
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    My suggestion based on not spending or selling this close season. Assuming all fit of course.
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    Not a bad shout playing Lee there...used to be a right back, has a great engine & can score a goal too
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    How often has Hunt got himself out of trouble due to his pace , it’s the main reason he gets picked . Of course we need pace but the way to win games in my opinion is passing the ball at pace and movement off the ball .
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    Can't believe there hasn't been more mention of Julian Bennett. Complete joke of a footballer who I'm pretty certain couldn't see straight. As evidenced by his complete inability to track a run, pass or head in a straight line.
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    R lass mentioned something about tying him down
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    I think we will be rebuilding....FFS get some new fooookin builders, been rebuilding for yonks now
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    He was a decent lad. Came to our house once with goalkeeper Paul Robinson when they were apprentices/reserves. Sniffing after our babysitter...
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    Joao should be seen as a first team striker next season and let’s see what he can do. More important is ensuring they get decent supply to him, so a new creative midfielder/winger may be needed to help
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    Agree with you @GazBricks We don’t need pace specifically. Many ways to win matches. And in Joao, Forestieri, Reach and Hunt we have reasonable pace if not exactly Usain-esque. I also agree that very few players at our current level combine blistering pace and a final ball. Such an animal is rare, even in the Prem.
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    £20 a game stay in league, £28 a game top half, £35 a game top 6, our prices - fighting for promotion. With increased costs to fans comes expectation - no more wasting of the money, no more excuses with shirt, team performance, injuries, preseason etc. Next season i expect to be challenging for promotion.
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    "The Woolly Bully, The Woolly Bully, The Woolly Bully The Woolly Bully The Woolly Bully" ..... **Sam Sham n the Pharaohs ......
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    Not gonna happen. If Derby want Winnall they're gonna have to cough up some cold, hard cash. And I'm not sure they've got much to spare at the moment.
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    This thread is getting too silly!
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    I believe I am correct in saying that this was from the 2016-17 season. That is certainly where the Newcastle headlines have come from. So we had the tenth highest wage bill in the league and finished fourth. Not bad that.
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    Just googled Abdi and his knee fell off
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    This is pretty much spot on for me. As good as Wildsmith has been he's prone to a few big mistakes & doesn't particularly command his area. He's young & will get better but for me Dawson looks more calm & assured, however we've yet to see how he'll react under severe pressure & after a few mistakes. If we're looking to be in & around the top two or play off places I'd feel more confident if we had Westwoods experience between the sticks.
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    If true I think we will miss him,if he’s fit for a full season at another championship club we will see just how much
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    narrow minded coaching from the fa's production line of coaches, same old, same old whoever is brought in. a 1970's brian clough wouldn't have been able to get a gig. from the little i've seen of our junior sides we're using a side full of young high energy black lads running their cream crackers off shutting sides down and hoping to nick one and hang on, but if that is the future of english football it's better than the shyte we've had for the last 20 year of trying to play 'the continental way' whilst leaving any strengths the british game has at home in an attempt to look more fashionable. you can't take a side full of people who play their football at 90mph week in, week out and make them ball players for three weeks every 2 years, just have tha b*lls to play english style football, and when we're beat come home, but at least give it a go.
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    Kerry Katona Talk about scraping the fuckingbarrel FFS
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    Wednesdayite In wanting an antiquated manager shocker ! I’ll stick with what have thanks
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    Yohan Folly Last seen working in Meadowhall where he belongs
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    Fighting against the tide looking at previous comments but imo Joao will never get 20 in the Championship. His best return in a season was 12 in the Portuguese 3rd division, he is a 1 in 4 striker throughout his career and less than 1 in 5 in the Championship. He is no longer a 'young prospect' at 24 and although he has the odd moment he is far too inconsistent despite his pace. I would love him to prove me wrong under Jos but just can't see it happening.... If we can recoup our outlay plus a bit of profit then we should do it.
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    Negged for the "So"
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