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    Qualifying for Europe only for the scousers to get us banned
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    I don't want us to get rid of Fletcher. When he's been fit, he's been very good for us. He's an intelligent forward who holds the ball up well, unsettles defenders with his physicality, and has a decent strike rate for a striker of his type of a goal every 243 minutes. He was vital to our good run-in last season, and if it weren't for him going off injured against Huddersfield, we could well be in the Premier League right now. The problem is that he's been injured for so much of his time here that we've barely had him fully fit and firing on all cylinders for more than a handful of matches at a time. This, coupled with his reportedly high wages, means that we're questioning his value to our team. Having seen the improvement that Luhukay has been able to coax out of Nuhiu and João, I certainly wouldn't want to move Fletcher on just as he's finally returning to fitness, though.
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    Carlos had a dream, To run a premier team, He failed with the Owls so had a go with the Swans, He moved down to Wales, Then came off the rails, Carlos Carvalhal, you're king of the fails.
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    On his way to East Fife. He has history with them. The first kit he was bought by his Aunty Agnes was an East Fife kit. His Uncle Hamish McCarvalhal was an East Fife fan, and a well known tos5ser in the Highlands.
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    FFS is an immature and overused phrase IMO.
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    No she'd still be auntie Jennifer only with a huge pair of ballacks, uncle Frank on the other hand would be rather confused to say the least
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    A bit under used in that post IMHO FFS
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    I absolutely fkin love this design.
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    Wikipedia gets a reyt hammering when Pingu is in town. Never called one right but it’s good fun all the same.
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    I can't recall the specific posts or threads but there have been many times this season where I have been sat quietly in the living room whilst the family watch TV. Suddenly, I break into a load guffaw which startles the little un's. Mrs Braddo gives me that icy glare followed by, "Owlstalk? ....... again?......... really?" Braddo replies "sorry dear" and scuttles off to the kitchen where he can further indulge in the insanity of this great site. We've had some laughs on here through the adversity of the season. Thanks to everyone involved.
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    Can't see Carlos being at Swansea next season in all honesty... if they come down or not.
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    Best player I have seen in a Wednesday shirt since di canio and if we are serious about promotion then we would be crazy to sell him
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    We are Sheffield Wednesday You'll find us on the Kop Carlos took us to the bottom But Jos will take us to the toppppp, We are the mighty Wednesday We play in blue and white Don't worry about United They're back to being shiiiiiitttttteeeee Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez P.s Alexander Mühling
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    I don't know if it's going to be a hot summer.... it's looking like it'll be a long one tho..
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    Ah you know it’s close season when the penguin is here giving random names to look up and get excited about!
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    I'm going to state the obvious and say its always ultra-competitive, but it's also very difficult to predict. Sometimes the teams you expect to do well don't, sometimes a team emerges from nowhere and form from the previous season counts for nothing IMO. Wolves and Cardiff, two very different teams and two very different approaches to getting promoted. To me, this is the beauty of the Championship and it should serve as a cause of hope to us all that promotion is still very much a possibility if we can get the fundamentals right.
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    He may have got the decision right but it was six months too late. That said, I think we will go up next season.
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    Im past the point of caring, great if they do, good luck in your future endeavours, if they don't
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    He gave us our Wednesday back - Happy 83rd Birthday Big Jack ! #SWFC One World Cup & One Promotion & One #BoxingDayMassacre One Fantastic Manager #WAWAW
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    No Brainer , Hooper
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    Not much of a media vvankfest now is there ?
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    Spot on. The past couple of summers ever since Wembley have been shambolic and the home kits just added to all the negativity and tension.
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    I'd see Fletcher and Nuhiu as our 'target man' options. Nobody else in our squad really offers similar aerial threat, hold-up play and physical presence. If Nuhiu turns down his contract offer and signs elsewhere, then it's all the more crucial that we keep Fletcher.
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    I’d add Palmer and Rhodes to the list. Reslistically, I think we will struggle to shift many of them on.
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    Not exactly what you wanted, but still the bearded enigma!
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    If I was a Swansea fan and knew what I know of Clueless and 'must win' games I'd be very worried. He'll spend the build-up to the Stoke game making them sound like Barca and by the time the match kicks off the players will be too scared to play. Swansea 0 Stoke 1. Stitched on....he's a simply dreadful manager.
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    He turned it around too quickly. Pressure was off, they were resigned to relegation. Then all of a sudden the tables turned and Swansea had something to lose. That exposes Carlos' weakness. He was good for them in the beginning as he was for us, a free hit, shackles off and attacking football.
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    Ignoring the ridiculous negativity following the factual first line, I may have added it up wrong but I've quickly worked out that he's averaged a goal every 73.8 minutes he's been on the pitch since he returned, which is remarkable after such a long lay off. He's the one player we need to avoid selling unless it's for absolutely stupid money.
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    I don't think it was a poor team, more the way we set up to play in year 2.
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    If DC doesn’t revert back to strikes I’ll be quite pissed off. It it really shouldn’t bother a grown man but it does me for some reason. Just feels like our identity. Anyway if he doesn’t I going to work my bloody arse off for a couple of years. Become one of the richest men on the planet. Then I’m going to buy Thailand and change their flag to a giant dog turd and so how he bloody likes it!
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    Well its consistent Ill grant you.
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    how do you know she hasn't, you been peeping?
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    I don't think people paying £10,000's a season need to worry about getting to the game via public transport pal!
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    Forest fans ITK. He was lined up in January but they wanted us to pay a % of his wage that we thought too steep. I saw the writing on the wall on Saturday. We're 4-0 up after 60 minutes and have our record signing sat on the bench. If he was part of the plans for next year and supposedly suffering a crisis of confidence then what better circumstance to come on for 30 minutes and score a couple. The fact that we brought Palmer and Matias on rather than Rhodes speaks volumes. He's off, no doubt about it.
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    Just look at the form table, says it all. Top 10 sides, only 2 won their last game. Bottom 10 sides 7 won their last game. It's all about fight and determination, something which Carlos is devoid of. The bounce effect was down to him befriending the players, going easier in training and being the nice likeable bloke we had him for. Reality check, he's a clueless shallow fraud of a manager, tactically inept and decided 6-7 games ago to 0-0 his way to survival and as we well know, doesn't work like that. I don't see Udders getting another point, although something against a lacklustre Arsenal is highly doable with the way Wagner sets them up and the passion and determination not just from him, but also his players who clearly back him to the hilt. However, Stoke have been far better defensively since Lambert arrived, and will play without pressure, and both teams are rubbish going forward...it's widely reported on Swansea forums their wingers have gone missing...hmmmmmm..... The game will finish 0-?, best Swansea can hope for is a draw. Sad reality is Carlos will probably get another job like Marco Silva did after doing a good job to start with at Hull, but ultimately being relegated. Some fool will see Carlos as the charming vision of the future, and it'll end up the same way as Silva did this year.
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    Still think they might survive...............but there was a very eerie sense of deja vu watching that last night.
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    I understand all those saying it’s only a shirt, and it’s about the players who put it on etc... but after 2 seasons of what we have had and the debacle of this seasons availablity, an available shirt that goes back to stripes will give us all a lift, I believe, and will be another reason for us to get behind the blue and white wizards next season
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    I thought this was gonna be about our junior hoolie firm
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    I feel like anyone wanting more at this point needs their bumps feeling!!!
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    i'm hoping it's hudders who come down ......
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    'Swans have lost their identity as they stand on the brink' A winless run of seven matches meant Swansea were starting a match in the relegation zone for the first time since 3 March; the afterglow of their initial transformation under Carlos Carvalhal fading rapidly. The Swans were bottom of the Premier League and seemingly destined for relegation when the Portuguese was appointed in December and his impact was immediate, with a run of five wins in nine league games lifting them out of the bottom three. However, Carvalhal's side had become devoid of confidence in recent weeks, scoring only two goals in their sequence of seven games without victory. The home side pressed their opponents at times - fashioning a couple of efforts on goal from Andy King and Sam Clucas - but after they fell behind, such determination looked more like desperation. The sight of the Swans' players aimlessly lumping long balls into Southampton's penalty area was indicative not only of their dismal form this season, but of the way in which the Welsh side - once renowned for their attractive playing style - have lost their identity. Swansea have flirted with relegation too frequently in recent campaigns and, after the constant changing of managers and upheaval off the field, their seven-season stay in the Premier League looks like it is coming to an end.
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    Fletcher does contribute quite a bit in my opinion. 11 goals from 24 starts last season was useful, and those goals won us a lot of points. He's the best header of the ball out of our pool of strikers, and is roughly on par with Hooper in terms of holding it up and bringing the midfield into attacks. Still has a lot to offer us. I think our fans under-rate him a bit.
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    Junior Hootie. Younger, bigger, better.....
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