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    FFS is an immature and overused phrase IMO.
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    No she'd still be auntie Jennifer only with a huge pair of ballacks, uncle Frank on the other hand would be rather confused to say the least
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    We are Sheffield Wednesday You'll find us on the Kop Carlos took us to the bottom But Jos will take us to the toppppp, We are the mighty Wednesday We play in blue and white Don't worry about United They're back to being shiiiiiitttttteeeee Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez P.s Alexander Mühling
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    Ah you know it’s close season when the penguin is here giving random names to look up and get excited about!
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    He may have got the decision right but it was six months too late. That said, I think we will go up next season.
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    Well its consistent Ill grant you.
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    Still think they might survive...............but there was a very eerie sense of deja vu watching that last night.
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    I understand all those saying it’s only a shirt, and it’s about the players who put it on etc... but after 2 seasons of what we have had and the debacle of this seasons availablity, an available shirt that goes back to stripes will give us all a lift, I believe, and will be another reason for us to get behind the blue and white wizards next season
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    Good. Hope he buggers off to manage abroad again now so we never have to see or hear from him again.
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    I've seen blind darts players throwing using their toes that have been closer to the mark than your 'ITK' posts
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    To be fair, bit harsh to blame that one on The Wednesday!
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    Lets just remind ourselves how good they were together....18 goals in 17 matches. That said, Nuhiu-Joao in tandem have scored 17 goals in 16 matches. Fascinating and exciting to see what Jos does next. He has already got the best out of Nuhiu, Joao and Forestieri. If he can get the best out of Hooper and Fletcher too there could be no stopping our attack. He has yet to get the best from Rhodes but I don’t give up hope.
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    We didn't need them to raise the intellectual bar this season mate, we just needed threads that raised our spirits!!! Those you mentioned certainly did that.
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    CC should have been dismissed for that asinine substitution alone. We were flipping ROLLING after Fletcher's goal. Marauding into HTFC's half with little trouble. They were on the ropes. Then Carlos makes a completely tone-deaf substitution, tempo resets, and momentum flipping lost forever. Enrages me still thinking about it.
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    Only the ladies tho FFS
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    You should offer your services to the club they have much to learn off you.
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    I definitely think it's the way forward. I think it's a bit more flexible than the OP allows. It's not quite three up front but one (FF) playing flexibly behind a front two. If fit I don't see why Hooper or possibly Fletcher shouldn't compete for a place in it. And both Matias (yes I know) and Reach can play in the FF slot if needed. I don't agree that Norwich could have readily got something out the game. Partly because our central defenders squeezed out most of their promising positions and partly because of their poor decision making. What I do think is that if the formation is used next year we will have to get used not only to conceding possession but conceding it in our defensive third. That will go wrong from time to time. But I'd be up for that. Bottom line is we have real attacking talent so go for it. The swarming forward which led to the first and fourth goals and the early FF chance is fantastic to watch
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    good 1-1 result for Huddersfield at Chelsea tonight, means Swansea need a 10 goal swing at the weekend to avoid relegation
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    Well tbf it wouldnt have been an issue if we hadnt got into Europe. Bloody Wednesday doing well ffs
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    There ought to be an Owlstalk end of season awards, where winners are awarded a golden Bernard statuette Categories could include: Best thread Best post Poster of the year Photoshopped image of the year. Best Gif Rant of the season Sponsored by D Taxis, a glittering red carpet event La Plata Club.................come on Owlstalk, make it happen.
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    He will struggle to get a decent club in England be back to Portugal. An Agency will be smarting their managers have not delivered and clubs where have influence in UK have performed poorly and that is where the money is. I notice a poster on here (who probably works for an Agency) who used to back CC all the way has recetly started being negative about prospects for next season. Tells me they have lost influence and keen to try and get back in. Delighted to see they have had loss of influence.
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    Granted, this season has been bad for him on the injury front, but he's still managed 61 appearances for us in two seasons. Given that he's been more effective than Nuhiu until the latter's recent astonishing form, and the fact that he'll have had plenty of time plus a full pre-season to recover from his injury, I'd like to see what Luhukay can get out of him before we take the drastic step of trying to move him on.
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    Palmer yes for sure. Rhodes I still think will come good
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    He is playing great fooball because he is properly fit, playing in a position that suits him and loves playing football! SIMPLES
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    Carlos can come and do the prize draw at some point next season
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    I had a print at home ticket on Sunday, I've had one for the last three home games. Despite being born in Sheffield and living there until I was 21, I've lived in London for the past 20+ years. Believe it or not it is a trek to get to Hillsborough from there, not to mention expensive, and midweek games are clearly not an option if I'm working until 5.30pm in London. Does that mean I'm a part timer? Probably, with justification. Does it mean that I share the "part timer code"? I think that is harsh and this club is supported by people that don't live close enough to go to every home game. I went to every game home and away for two consecutive seasons so I think I've proved my support for the team, but circumstances change. Probably best not to tar everyone with the same brush I would say.
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    Great man. Had the privilege of meeting him. Many happy returns Jack.
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    Every village as one
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    Agree. I applaud the station for having an hours local football every day but for the last 3 or 4 years it’s been ruined by the same intellectually challenged callers EVERY day!!!! The presenters don’t help it by chatting to the callers like you do an elderly neighbour who has lost their marbles but you try and stay polite Have guests, have more structured topics, etc At the minute I can’t stomach it
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    Once bumped into him and his wife in Pepe's restaurant in Jalon Valley, near his holiday place in Moraria, Costa Blanca. Top bloke. He is proud and has very fond memories of his time at Hillsborough.. Hope you are still catching the rays and the fish out in Spain big fella. Thanks for your time.
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    presently reading his autobiography .......top man and my favourite all time Wednesday manager .
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    For balance, gotta say I think Chansiri called this correctly as the new manager stabilised quickly us in really difficult circumstances. I think he' s made some howlers i past but seems to be learning fast as appears Katy's also getting things going off - field. So , together, we should really be able to get near top 6 next season. Of course, player trading's crucial but at least we won't be relying on Carlos ploughing through 200 videos again. And if Hirsty wants to balance career with dosh, he should re-sign.
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    Absolute no chance. But aren’t we already overloaded in this position.
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    Heard talk he’s being fingered for the arsenal job.
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    Shudder to think where we’d be now had Jack not saved us. without a shadow of doubt, the greatest manager in my 50 odd years supporting our club Happy birthday great man
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    This season was terrible. Every team in this league, except Wolves, are beatable. Makes it more fun I suppose.
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    Ok master Yoda calm down
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    quite a run of form he's sticking together there. let's hope he gets a full house.
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    They'll beat Stoke on the final day, Huddersfield will drop. King Carlos works his magic again, probably gets a bigger job in the summer and the jealous mob on here will be foaming at the mouth.
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    This is perfect ..... This is the type of stuff we need .... Nice Shirt too ....
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    The Championship is always competitive. I don't think there's a more competitive and tougher division in football.
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    Absolute Wednesday legend. Happy birthday, Big Jack.
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    Ignore the hyperbole from people who only want to bring others down your kits are pretty decent if you ask me, would certainly like to see how you would figure the rest of the strips.
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    Bloody hell mate, how has he done that? It looks exactly like our old away kit!
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    I'd never abuse a player but Nuhiu got it because he's been mostly garbage for 4 years. 3 months ago there was not a single person who would have fought to have him offered a new contract. Very pleased to see him playing so well and if this is going to continue into next season he absolutely deserves to stay. But come on Dave. Grow a pair lad.
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    Do I dare to dream. To believe The stars would align. The Gods would smile. Three broad blue stripes. White topped socks. Fernando and Jos. We really would be on our way back.
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    Wouldn't recognise Abdi anyway!
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    We paid 5m. just had his best season for us along with winning our player of the season. Gonna take some bid.
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