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    He gave us our Wednesday back - Happy 83rd Birthday Big Jack ! #SWFC One World Cup & One Promotion & One #BoxingDayMassacre One Fantastic Manager #WAWAW
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    I hope the thick fans now realise there abuse and wee wee taking doe's make a difference. I've heard some village idiots calling Nuhiu everything under the son in the past.
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    Best player I have seen in a Wednesday shirt since di canio and if we are serious about promotion then we would be crazy to sell him
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    He may have got the decision right but it was six months too late. That said, I think we will go up next season.
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    He is a legend in my eyes and I would have liked him to be referenced in the Dream Scene. Brought us back from the depths
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    Our Cantilever hates his name
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    There's constructive criticism of a players and there's outright abuse. Unfortunately, Adthe has received a bit too much of the latter from some fans over the years. He seems like a pretty intelligent guy and no doubt some of the abuse has stung him. I hope he stays, but wouldn't begrudge him if he thinks it's time to move on. Think he'd be a loss on and off the pitch.
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    Ignoring the ridiculous negativity following the factual first line, I may have added it up wrong but I've quickly worked out that he's averaged a goal every 73.8 minutes he's been on the pitch since he returned, which is remarkable after such a long lay off. He's the one player we need to avoid selling unless it's for absolutely stupid money.
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    Apparently he’s been shouting ‘I’m fit to play now’ at passing tourists.
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    presently reading his autobiography .......top man and my favourite all time Wednesday manager .
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    Love this guy - can never understand people who have a pop at him.
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    I hope he signs, he's got more talent than he's given credit for, but lets not lose sight of what its about. Anniversary year, been a f.ookin' shambles, still 28k turn up to watch a mean nowt match, against a team we have hardly got a flyin' f.ook for...no offense to Norwich, no doubt they feel the same about us. Then out they trot, wife an' kids in tow, taking plaudits for pap..Loovens and Wallace..fair enough, nice touch and I fully appreciate their commitment and what they brought to the club... But adthe..Honestly..................... "I feel unloved".....................really? Well Adthe let me tell you what we f.ookin' feel like... 150th year..can't even give us the stripes, can't even get into the play offs, get stuffed at home by United, sack the f.ookin' manager, players who can't raise a trot without cracking a rib, cruciate, achilles whateverthef.ook! Players taking a wage without any intention of giving owt back?, and Owls fans sat at home cos they can't ante up the prices..... Yea its heartbreaking isn't it? If I had been able to have my way...The players (apart from loovens and wallace) would have peopled the stands post match and clapped the f.ookin' fans as they trotted round the pitch
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    Unfortunately we have a boo boy element at the club. Chris Brunt used to suffer it. Adam Reach did and he's now player of the season. Leon Clarke did and he was Championship top scorer for much of this season. Even Carlton Palmer and Lee Chapman attracted ridiculous criticism. Shame if Atdhe goes but I wouldn't blame him.
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    A talented player can't just be playing well because he's talented and wants to play football after being forced to have serious operation? Footballers want to play football, there doesn't need to be any hidden motive, get a grip.
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    Think Miss Meier needs alot of plaudits for the last few months, seems to have got things in order on and off the pitch.
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    Well I'm on mi own again, still think Jordan Rhodes will be at the goal scoring helm next season. Different style of play, in fact goals galore for all our incumbent strikers.
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    And has been for years, apparently...
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    The whole ground more or less singing his name should give him a hint.... I haven't really got time for self pity, the players are paid top do a job, much like the rest of us...... I always was amongst those who thought he did a job, even when not hitting the target, but fans are allowed their opinion, and from my recollection on here, it was more "opinion" than it was abuse. Folk are paying up to £40 to watch the team, its gonna cause a few outbursts isn't it?
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    Some lobber painted Eastbank on my wall in big white letters many moons ago. Been trying like f00kery to get it off ever since.
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    What a fantastic time to be an Owl ! #OnThisDay in 1991 PROMOTION for #swfc 2 goals from David Hirst & one from Tricky Trev - 3-1 win vs @bcfctweets @S6 Att 31,706 #edited https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTTVo9SV3KY
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    So, in the last two games we've played a pretty clear 343. Essentially: LF - ST - RF LWB - CM - CM - RWB CB - CB - CB GK It's pretty dangerous going forward as with the fullback pushed on we can have 3 guys in the box, making chaos and goal often come from chaos. It suits Nando very much as it puts him in that role were he can isolate a man, cut in and make things happen. And it suits Nuhiu (and Fletch) in that he can play a central role battling, laying off and being on the end of things. Joao's been parked on the right a bit, which doesn't massively suit him, but does give him an outlet to break with his pace. There's not really anyone else in the squad who can do that. This front 3 are fairly dynamic, making them harder to pick up and leaving defenders with a difficult task handing players off and covering properly. Overall, I like it a lot. But what does it mean for our current squad? There's a swath of strikers who just don't fit this system. Hooper, Rhodes and Winnall being the obvious ones. They're all better in a front 2, and do't have the hold up play to play the ST role, nor the pace and trickery to play the wide forward roles. Even Joao isn't idea for this (tho Matias probably is). So, in the summer, might we see a mass exodus of these strikers who don't fit the system? There's a couple of others who don't really fit either.. Boyd is a decent footballer and has been useful this season with his versatility, but he's a right midfielder really.. not defensive enough to play wing back, but not quick enough to play in the forward role. Reach's defensive failings were plain to see against Norwich and better teams would punish us for that. Going forwards he was great tho, so probably ends up competing with Nando.. tho he doesn't offer the same man-beating ability that Nando or Matias does. In central midfield there's just not room for him. With 1 defensive mid and one more forward minded, he's behind Bannan and Lee, and probably Abdi should he ever emerge from the treatment room. Do we just suck up his defensive failings and say "his delivery is worth it in attack" and put him in regardless?
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    Yeah we’ll be playing them. I can’t see Swansea sacking him, I reckon they’ll let him have a bash as he’s Championship experience and a play off final to his name... they’ll go into free fall and he’ll do a runner to another of his boyhood clubs by December.
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    Quite a few on here were advocating a parting of the ways after the play offs last season. Plenty were also dubious when it was announced CC was staying.
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    Fletcher does contribute quite a bit in my opinion. 11 goals from 24 starts last season was useful, and those goals won us a lot of points. He's the best header of the ball out of our pool of strikers, and is roughly on par with Hooper in terms of holding it up and bringing the midfield into attacks. Still has a lot to offer us. I think our fans under-rate him a bit.
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    Hope to see play centre back again next season. We need to address the lack of bite in central midfield still, but you'd think centre back will be easier on Hutchinson's legs and we ought to get more games out of him - not to mention the fact that he's also fantastic in that position.
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    I've seen fully grown men lose their shít and go mental over Nuhiu for something as simple as him coming on the pitch! Can't remember what game but I think it was just before jos came in we were losing at home, Nuhiu came on and we had an effort on goal, we missed but Nuhiu tried to get the fans going and the massive man child behind me just lost it! Proper foaming st the mouth rage I've never seen so much hate in someone's eyes at a football match before! Ive also seen Nuhiu play well for the most part of a game only to make a simple mistake and "fans" are on his back straight away where as passengers in a game the likes of Boyd for example get an easy ride! the hate directed at Nuhiu is a step up on anyone else who's played for us since he's been here and it's not right so I'd love him to stay but I'd fully understand if he wanted to leave.
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    Happy birthday Big Jack Help turned the runaway train which was Wednesday at the time.
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    Part of the divine quality of our great club is the sprinkling of truly great men who have shaped our history. We are lucky indeed, this man provided the most special of times with his teams and players that I watched with my dear Dad and brother. I still have dreams about walking down Wadsley Lane with them towards the glow of the floodlights to watch Big Jacks men. Jack was and I’m sure still is an immense character and I’m sure he is loved by Wednesdayites like he is a grandfather. Thanks for the memories Jack!
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    Happy birthday 'Sir' Jack. The best manager in my 50 odd years of watching the owls. I see a lot of 'Sir' Jack's attitude in Jossie.
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    Our two are called Sleeping Giant and Glorious Failure.
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    As an away strip I quite like that but the home strip is trying to be too many things at once. Needs to be kept plain and simple and ditch all that nonsense around the shoulders.
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    A bit late in life to start working, but better late than never.
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    Our lad is named Dave, but to keep things simple we call him Atdhe
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    Which brings me around to Ashley Westwood. Westwood was a 4th division standard defender who because of our circumstances at the time found himself playing for Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship. Westwood wasn't good enough. He was a below standard centre half who often found himself put of position at right back. He wasn't very good. He worked his socks off. Bist his balls. Would leave the pitch shirt drenched in sweat having given it absolutely everything in his locker. But. ..he just wasn't good enough. We knew it. He knew it. And yet he was unmercifully hammered. The blatantly obvious pointed out to the lad every time he got the ball. When his name was read out. The lot. And yet. And yet. .. In that same team. On that same pitch...we're players on £15,000 a week. Massive money in those days. Players with International caps. Stood about on the half way line, hands on his and not trying a leg for Sheffield Wednesday football club. Scot free. No abuse. No deafening silence when their names were read out. No groans or shouts "your flipping wànk, fizz off!" When they misplaced a pass or neshed a header. Some of them were even idolised. Westwood was poor. He'd make my worst XI. But I never booed the lad because I knew he was doing his best for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. It wasn't good enough. But it was the best he had to give. Some will applaud mercenary shìthouses because they're names. Nothing changes. There's a lot of short sighted people put there. A lot of angry people. Sad people. People who can't see deeper that a first glance through a drunken haze. People who hate their boss and have to take it out on the wife. There's people who threaten to burn the homeless sat in a doorway if they're "there when I come back". Angry. Idiotic people for who the world is black or white. And no shade in between. Every club has them. The irony is. Adthe Nuhiu isn't a shìt player like many who get abuse He's a very good one. He's never been a goalscorer but is a forward, so that's cart blanche for the oxygen starved brains of some to dig him out. If he was midfield player he not have taken as much abuse. He might he a hero. But someone else would take the ire of the knumbnutted. Maybe Fox. Or Hunt. Who knows. There's always one. Always one who has to be a target. Doesn't matter if they do their best. Doesn't matter if they're good or bad. People make their mind up. And in their lives , someone has to take the flak. Someone has to be on the end of the screams and effing and jeffing. The exultant cries of the sad, angry drunk and footballing blind. It gets the hate of their wives, their bosses, their lives out of their systems. If Adthe leaves. ..it'll only be someone else.
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    I've been able to label the point on the graph when he came in (after the labelled match). Here are the final graphs of the season:
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    Best swfc graffiti ever!
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    Couldn’t ageee more we should have been pushing top 2 last season imo the league wasn’t as strong as year before or this season. After an impressive first season where we attacked and pressed, CC decided he wanted to be Jose the 2nd and be all cagey and bored the boobies off us all
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    I would have sold FF after the Norwich fiasco but that’s water under the bridge now. No need for daft comments like this. Attention seeking nonsense.
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    I’ve been having a mess around with some spray paint today, got me thinking – has anybody ever seen any brilliant public SWFC graffiti?
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    Absolute Wednesday legend. Happy birthday, Big Jack.
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    Happy memories of my brother and me following Big Jack’s Owls to some of the most god forsaken grounds in the league but there was rarely a dull moment in that era. Great man and great manager. Happy birthday!
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    Could be a bit of a blessing that we’re having to live in the real world. Some of those signings in Carlos’ last year were very damaging. Also as the last few games have shown, we’ve still got the nucleus of a decent side. Just needs some of the youngsters to kick on and a little bit of canny trading in the transfer market.
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    Don't give a flyer..Fat scottish snooker player.....................
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    The guy has just had a run of good performances. I think this is a tad unfair.
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    Has to be black shorts as well. Its what sets us apart from the likes of Wigan and Colchester. Blue and white stripes and black shorts ARE Sheffield Wednesday.
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