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    The club and it's organisation gets a lot of stick, so for balance here is a big thumbs up to SWFC. My Mum is currently 88 not out, and during a long conversation around Christmas we were reminiscing about all the games we had been to together as a family whist my dad was alive. She said she would really like to attend one more match while still (just about) being able, and as a fool I replied OK if that's what you would like I will sort it! I never thought about the logistics, she can walk a bit, but longer distances needs a fold up wheelchair, she feels the cold, needs to be comfortable, even if I could get her to the ground the sudden thought of her on the concourse queuing for the ladies filled me with dread. So I contacted the club, and after speaking to Hazel in the ticket office, and getting put on to Richard Stanford and finally to Alistair, a plot was hatched. I was offered a reasonable Hospitality package of drop off, parking, lunch, and then most importantly use of the balcony seats of an empty box, where my mum could enjoy the atmosphere of the game in comfort, and without constant interruptions (You now 5 mins after KO, 30 mins sweet or wee break, 5 mins before half time for another pee and a pint, 5 mins after second half ko, leave on 86, that sort of thing) I jumped at the chance and the day went like a dream, got mum safely and early to the ground, parked up in Hillsborough Park, a wonderful lunch in the Dooley Suite, a talk from Rob Jones (just how tall is he?) lift up to the box, a wonderful seat approching the half way line, coffee, drinks and a snack at half time, a 3-0 win, sunshine, coffee and a pie at full time. Collect car and mum, home at 6;00 well happy. A big thank you to all, especially Aliaster and James who looked after us on the day. Made my mum's day and all of us very happy UTO and well done SWFC for helping to make this happen.
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    Anyone think he looked a lot sharper on Saturday? Won a few headers, brought the ball down well and nice few flicks ons to teammates. Also did well to drag two defenders away with him to create space for Boyd to get his goal. Also looks a bit bigger to me too, seems to have been hitting the gym. We've been patient with him but promising couple of performances from Jordan. I know many are saying we should cut our losses and move him on, but I'd be interested to see how he fairs with a pre-season under Jos.
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    The old joints aren’t what they used to be, not as quick or as fit as years gone by ..... but he still managed to stay on his feet long enough for a picture
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    Just leave your bag on the train station platform. i did that once and the police put a large cordon on to keep it safe til I went back to get it.
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    Almost 2 years ago we were 1 game away from winning promotion after the best season we had since probably 96/97. The 16/17 season we were found out, we never strengthened in the areas we needed to, signed too many strikers, the whole squad was unbalanced, performances were not great, probably the worst thing we did in fact was go on that run after Easter of 6 or 7 straight wins to seal 4th, all that did was paper over the long term cracks that were appearing, Carlos had done very well in the first season but we ignored his faults in his 2nd season, this was confirmed when we played an out of form Huddersfield in the play-offs & Carlos tactical gamble over the 2 legs backfired, the warning alarms were louder than the tanoy at Hillsborough yesterday, he should have gone then, thanks for the memories but you've failed twice Carlos, let someone else have a go. But nope, Chansiri is charmed by the charmer that is Carlos & is given a new deal. 17/18 pre-season is here, under Carlos, we go again, 3rd time lucky... we needed to strengthen in the same positions as 12 months ago, we needed experienced CB & pace! We signed George Boyd. After a disastrous performance against Preston & a miserable first half of the season he finally left, thank god! for me it was 6 months too late or if you're being very kind 3 months too late (after pigs defeat) Now we are 2 games away from the season finishing, in 15th place, at best we can get 12th but unlikely as we are playing the best team in the world on Saturday. Would you really call this season a disaster? not for me when I look back, we've learnt so much & we are a better team for it... Carlos has gone! this is a huge positive, after the Wembley defeat he was never going to take us up, this is why: - Carlos is a short term planner, he doesn't care about the long term philosophy of a club - Rushed players back from injury despite it having a huge impact on their careers - Ignoring the U23's despite their achievements 16/17 season, especially Hirsty, he should have been around the 1st team last season & probably not the only one either... - Jolly up Pre-season, relies on players to get themselves fit so he can do all ball work... erm! This meant we would never produce the goods over 90 minutes & let in late goals often. We also never started games well, we'd just have random spells throughout the game where we raised the intensity, until we were all knackered. Now for the positives.. Jos has now been here 4 months & here's the other things we've learned: - Chansiri is very patient with managers, Jos will be given time, this is good, I hate changing managers who haven't had chance to implement their style on their club & bring in their own players. Not many clubs do well who chop & change managers after a bad run of results. All teams get this throughout a season, be patient, it pays off. - Despite it looking very likely Hirst & Clare will leave, we have learned our lessons that the youngsters are assets too, either to the first team or to sell on in the future, new deals have been tied down to the best ones, very positive & will inspire all our u18 players that hard work is rewarded at Sheffield Wednesday. - We have 2 very good young keepers. Dawson & Wildsmith will battle it out for the no1 shirt next season. Westwood has been a wonderful servant but it's time for him to move on, we'll still get a good fee for him & he's on big money. - Tom Lees is very good, a lot of talk about Bannan making a huge difference (he has!) but Lees is one of the best defenders in this league & will be our captain next season, at the heart of our defence we will build a team around him - Surely now we've had all these injuries, it can't happen again?? I'm taking it as a positive anyway! - It's clear that certain players need to leave, we have others here that fit our new style better or we'll bring in better players, such as Palmer, Fox, Jones, Abdi, Loovens, Wallace should all be made available to leave - Nuhiu & Joao are pretty decent! The likes of Hooper, Fletch, Fessi been out has been positive for these 2, expect them both to figure a lot next season, it's good we don't need to buy any more strikers as we have these 2 right under our nose... hoping a new contract announced for the big man soon! - We can cope without Hooper, Hutch & Lee, 3 big players for us but lets just treat it as a bonus when they are fit, but when they aren't we have players who can perform. - Jos has had half a season to experiment, I know there's been some poor team selections & tactics under Jos,the 5-5-0 formation at Millwall, 4-4-2 at Bristol City & QPR, but the man has to experiment, it's clear we are more solid in a 5-3-2. I fully expect us to line up like this next season. - We have a CEO who comes across well - The kit balls up means this is unlikely to happen again - Chansiri has made his own mistakes, offering season ticket refunds, the silly questionnaire, bizzare Christmas statement before announcing carlos had left.. but surely he's learned from this? - Season ticket price freeze for next season - Now the best until last. No more pre-season jolly up for the players, sounds like Jos will have these lot fitter than ever. Having a fit team means less likely to let go of leads... yes please! It's not the be all & end all to be up near the top now, the club isn't going anywhere, there's no rush, when we do go up it needs to be under the right guidance on/off the pitch. I'd like to see us line up something like this that first game of the season.. it looks pretty decent to me! ----------------Wildsmith--------- ------Hutch---Lees---New cb--- Hunt--------------------------New LWB ------------Joey---Bannan-------- ------------------Fessi------------------ ------------Hooper---Nuhiu/Joao---- Thanks if you've decided to read until the end, be interesting to hear people's feedback, had a lot of time to think last night so decided to make this monster post this morning.
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    You look like Steven Fletcher in your pic. Not sure if the resemblance has ever been mentioned before.
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    A blunt I know was complaining about injuries He said things would have been a lot different if their best player Coults, hadn't been out injured You couldn't make this shiit up
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    I sometimes take my bag with me and they have always been fine with her entering the ground
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    #SWFC Goal for Fernando Forestieri
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    He didnt do much apart from win several decent headers and superbly create space for Boyd to score an important goal......Despite not getting any decent service as well...
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    The Penguin
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    Stop being so negative? Have you read the actual title of my post? I also don’t think I ever said last season was a disaster? I said the run we went on papered over the cracks, Carlos was to blame for our downfall, so him leaving & jos coming in then starting to build his team properly is very promising, I don’t think I could be less negative. Bring on August, I can’t wait.
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    I don’t understand why people go to live events and then watch vicariously through a screen. But anyway yeah, great to see the goal from another angle. FF’s tackle to retrieve possession summed up our 2nd half performance. Players looked hungry for the ball.
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    In the pub with a rucksack. You'll look mental I wouldn't let you in the boozer either.
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    A few things from this video Pearson getting off the coach Hirsts tackle! Brights tackle! The disallowed goal Hirsts goal
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    He looked very VERY isolated on Saturday. I still believe Jordan will score goals again at this level but it’s becomjng increasingly apparent that it won’t be here. Given our predicament with regards to FFP and the embarrassment of riches we have to choose from in attack I can’t help but feel his days at Hillsborough are numbered. In all fairness it’ll be best for both parties, no doubt someone will get a hell of a bargain.
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    Considering he was playing for much of the time as a lone striker, I thought he had a decent game. He won quite a few headers and held the ball up really well.
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    FA Cup semi final 25th March 1922 - Spurs 1 vs Preston 2
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    I agree with you here fella, Bannan is the most frustrating player I’ve ever seen in a Wednesday shirt. You know that on his day he’s one of the best players in the league. Yet time after time he demands ball from CB1 to pass back to CB2 and puts them under more pressure than if they’d just passed one to the other. I’d love to see him receiving the ball in the opposition half rather than stood between Lees and Pudil, was so hopeful when JVA was signed to save Bannan from having to go collect the ball. Unfortunately that’s not worked out so far, but I do love in hope!
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    Because he was singing, "I want to know what Love is" FFS FFS
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    Who gives a fek about them or where they finish? Grow up man!
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    Imagine this team after a proper pre-season
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    Bags are for girls Alan