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    So do many members of this forum !
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    It depends how far back you want to go, really. At some point, there were almost certainly trees there, and maybe the odd dinosaur nest.
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    Seems to be really getting to grips with things IMO. Longer-term plans clearly starting to brew, looks like his mandate is gradually being expanded after the very short-term 'stay up' job of recent weeks. I like how he says 'balance' and it sounds exactly like 'bellends' - 'we must always struggle with the bellends' - makes me do a double take every time
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    As part of my 150 year celebration painting,have a look at the whole picture http://www.alanrolfeartist.co.uk/product/sheffield-wednesday-150-years/ Sheffield Wednesday playing Sheffield United 1896 . #WAWAW
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    A very happy 64th Birthday to former #SWFC player & manager Trevor Francis & a massive thank you for bringing the #Legend @chriswaddle93 Wednesday to wear the famous Blue &White stripes & for one glorious day in April 1993 #WAWAW
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    B O L L O C K S would be more accurate
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    But he lifts the seat up when he pees...
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    Yeh my phone’s doing that, horrible innit ?
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    Very much looking forward to seeing this guy blossom more fully next season. He's yet to light the blue touchpaper, obviously - and in fairness, maybe that's not the sort of player he's really looking to be - but he's been pretty much ever-present since more or less the day he arrived. Yes, it's been in a very depleted midfield, but he's done a pretty dependable if unspectacular job, and moreover he's improved quite a bit over the past few weeks IMO; you'd have to assume a place in the matchday 18 at least is his to lose now, even if/when others start regaining fitness. I've a sneaky feeling he'll really kick on next campaign, especially starting the season on a more level footing with the rest of 'em and no longer looking/feeling like so much of an 'incomer'. Well done so far Joey, keep it up and keep improving. Love the attitude as well, he's right up there with Atdhe for general vibe-spreading and I don't think that should be underestimated as a quality in a squad like ours, especially when we're struggling as we have been.
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    We all would! Not sure why this is just "for the ladies"...
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    Take care tomorrow mate, it's going to be warm
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    Does anyone else think he’s starting to resemble an owl???....literally??....hair...eyes closer together??
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    He needs to take a few English classes over summer.
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    Happy birthday tricky Last manager to get us to a major final(s) Real Wednesday legend
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    It was Spear & Jackson tool manufacturers. My dad used to work there.
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    educated guess ....judging by the bare pitch what looks like a decent crowd in i'd go for 1927-28 , the last match in the great escape season .
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    Whoever decided to not give big ron a new contract ruined our club Wilson was under qualified & couldn't handle big personalities like Di Canio & Carbone Atkinson would have built a team around them, we also had 2 of my favourite players of the later 90s in Alexandersson & Thome too, they left soon after arriving. 2 years with Big Ron would have got us challenging top half Premier League then Nigel Pearson would have took the reigns after already agreeing to be no2 for the 98/99 season under Big Ron What could have been eh? Nice one Dave Richards you absolute tail licker
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    And Himmler was nicer than Hitler but I don't want him fixing my shower
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    Have we ever had a manager wearing jeans on the touchline before? In fact, have we ever seen an opponents manager rocking denim in the dugout either? Jos is a fashion icon.
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    I bet you put that sentence together ever so carefully.
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    i tend to think it's the carlosites wanting to rubbish his achievement of keeping the club up, as opposed to what their clown had in store for us.
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    Finishing 13th in the premier league was not good enough for board Start of the decline sacking trev
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    Sheets is one thing, but swings and roundabouts is a bit much
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    Sure he made a few mistakes but for me an absolute Wednesday legend , some of the most exciting times watching the Owls were while he was manager , great players playing fantastic football , also made a big contribution as a player even though he was 36/37 when he signed , must have been some player in his prime . Happy Birthday Trevor always welcome at S6 .
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    Heard he wipes his fella on the bed sheets after coitus though. Swings and roundabouts.
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    I've seen that pic before and torryowl is absolutely right. It is from the last match of the 1927/28 season when we beat Villa 2-0 to avoid relegation and complete The Great Escape. We then went on to win the league the next two seasons. I remember the caption said that the Villa player on the right standing just outside the area is Billy Walker who was Wednesday manager when we won the cup seven years later.
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    I think Charlie Browns was called The Blue star garage many years ago.
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    Some sort of engineering places, flagpoles looked great though
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    They would be better if they just pumped the beer directly into you through your feet.
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    Best keeper at the club by a long shot. If we're serious about obtaining promotion in the short term then we need to keep our best players.
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    After that 8-0, Wilson should have been refused a ride back on the team bus and told not to bother coming in on Monday.
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    Not a member of owlstalk then
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    First time I've ever heard a Labour politician talk any sense.
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    Wish Wilson would have shown half the passion and commitment as the MPs. Little did we know his finest hour was yet to come !
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    I’ve never fathomed why people must have a drink at half time.. you queue up for 10 minutes leaving 5 mins to neck a pint of invariably bad beer
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    The lad seems to love playing here. He seems an enthusiastic character. Noticed against Preston , Leeds and Sunderland him fist pumping his way around the fans at the end of the game. Huge grin on the face. Always one of the first in the goalscoring congratulations and noticed too him being one of those to pat the keeper on the head when he makes a save. Might not be a shouter and bawler but you puck up these little things don't you. Spot when people fit into the group. I think he's starting to settle in now. New country, different culture (in football and generally) Young boy away from home. Never easy. But he's looking more and more at home. More relaxed. I really like the lads attitude. How good he can be? I don't know. But for just North of £350k he's barely made a dent in what we've spent overall and is barely a gamble.
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    Went to every game at Wembley and all the euro ties plus a season ticket. My wallet took a hammering but was worth every penny. We was one of the best teams in the country. Going to old Trafford and anfield playing teams off the park. Never in my dreams did I think 7 years later we would be relegated and never return back
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    I think we will still be in this stadium In this form for many many years to come ....... Like it or lump it .......
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    Looks relaxed and in a good mood. Iv'e been quite ambivalent over recent weeks with regard to Jos next season, but looks like he is here to stay and has a plan in place. What I do like and gives me some optimism is that Jos always comes across as professional, maybe not dynamic but this professionalism is certainly what we need. Sounds like his wish list for next season is already in with DC/KM so hopefully we will do some good early business in the closed season and get everyone together for a full pre season to gel as a squad.
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    I think some people are being unnecessarily harsh on this comment, and I share the opinion that Kevin Westwood deserves better. He’s a fine accountant.
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    Apparently Eastwood's the engineer's who work on behalf of SWFC had already submitted a design to D.C for that area regarding relocating the stadium, but he refused the idea as it is a triangular piece of land of which is unlucky to build on. After this season though if we did'nt have bad luck we'd have no luck at all.
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    7:50 in, all of a sudden Jos looks 10 years younger!! For about 20 seconds...
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    Selling hats and caps was a great business to be in then.
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    Absolutely, a real legend and a gentleman... happy birthday Trev
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    What, that can't be right, photoshopped surely. Theres not a Manchester Arsenal or Chelsea anywhere to be seen
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