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    It's with a tremendously heavy heart that I write this post. Ian Hemingway collapsed during last nights Ability Counts fixtures and passed away around 11:45pm yesterday. Im posting this on here as I didn't know much about the man outside of Disability football in which he was a massive character in and people may have seen him regularly at Wednesday games and not heard the news. Ian played for nearly every team in the league and seemed to have been around forever! Certainly longer than the 4-5 years I've been involved as a player and now as a coach. Everyone says this about everyone when they pass. "He was a good man" "loved by all" etc but never have truer words been spoken about anyone before, Ian (milkshake) due to his indulgence in them before and after games was loved by all, this is not an understatement! I literally can't think of anybody who had a bad word to say about him. He was always smiling, laughing and joking and would talk to anyone about anything, would offer to help with anything and would genuinely brighten up anyone's day. A huge character with a massive heart and it's with no exaggeration when I say ACL games won't be this same with out him or his infectious attitude. Rest in peace Ian... you'll be sorely missed by all who had the esteemed pleasure to know you. A true Wednesdayite, A fantastic man and a legend to many. WAWAW!
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    Fantastic news!! Well done Sheffield Wednesday FC - this is bang on and the prices are fantastic!
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    Bet you felt like a reyt fool when you realised it was Dreamworks.
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    Done your friend proud with that tribute. RIP
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    seriously My lad asked me today if their national anthem was 'i like to move it move it'
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    I always look for sentences that have never been used before on this planet..... ”I had Luton, Kosovo and Ivory Coast for the treble” qualifies hands-down.
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    Acme. The products that you've supplied to Wily.E Coyote over the years have... frankly... been substandard. He's been a loyal customer for years. I wrote to you in 1960 about this matter and still haven't received a reply. Many of us have been waiting years for the roadrunner to get his comeuppance. Sort this out please..and get wily the equipment he needs...Acme indeed!! WTF!?
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    I'm still passionate about my national team. I remember it was around 2000 it became popular to tell everyone you didn't care, when you secretly did. Imagine stopping to support a team just because they're sh*t :/
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    anything less than 5m and its a joke. I always think we always get mugged off when it comes to transfer fees.
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    What a shame, really nice tribute there @LJH1867OWLS. I've seen him around often, seems like a very beloved man. And deservedly so by the sounds of it. He clearly got a lot of enjoyment from life too - it's immediately evident from those wonderful photos. I'm sure the great work you and everyone else involved with the ACL does week in, week out was a huge part of that. RIP Milkshake. Well done ACL folks.
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    Open letter to Bruno Brookes. I've never been compelled to write an open letter before, but having followed your career since your fledgling days on Radio Stoke, right up until your appearance on City Hospital I felt it was utterly essential. I remember fondly your Halycon days on Radio One, first as a stand in for celebrity grinch Steve Wright and then as a replacement for the quintessential Peter Powell on the tea time show. Your presenting style has kept me both enthralled and in a permanent state of zen ever since, culminating in your seminal work on popular teenage quiz Beat the Teacher. Your views on the life destroying drug "cake" resonated strongly not just for me but an entire generation. I lost 16 family members to "cake" addiction and your words brought great comfort in a time of great distress. I followed your life's trials and tribulations with a sense of wonder, from your stylish tattoo of a pirate on your left thigh (I had one inked in exactly the same place in your honour ) to your questionable back handers to Anthea Turner. Although having watched the sour faced old clump throughout the 80s, I can't help but feel a touch of sympathy and a sense that she probably deserved it. Your appearance on Through the keyhole under the prying eye of posh gobbed mekon Lloyd Grossman was wonderful. In fact, so taken with your sensibility and style, I tracked down your home and spent months watching you through your windows with binoculars and night vision goggles and I still often spend hours pouring through my scrapbook of the illicit images I captured of you going about your "business" while wánking profusely into crusty old sock. Thanks Bruno from the bottom of my heart. Hitcat
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    Sod it its Saturday .. No Footy on I don't need the cash Here Have it .... He's a reight looker int he ?
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    do any of the players in this league play in a band? if so you should mention it, surefire way of getting it pinned
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    Let's try this. Fessi being told he's back in 2 weeks. Just love the guy and his fun attitude. Thanks S36. I think I've sussed it.
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    Write to God asking him or her (assuming he or she is real) why we had to have 4hr drives to Ingoldmels in cars that released petrol fumes into the car, making at least one person (and thereafter everyone else) in the car puke, I would love to know...... :)
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    Yeah that's nice, I've always fancied 3rd from right though
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    Would it help to get this pinned if I told you Arctic Monkeys are heavily involved in disability football?!... by heavily involved I mean kinda involved... by kinda involved I mean slightly involved... by slightly involved I mean one of the players once played riot van on his phone before a game... by riot van I mean it could of been fake tales of San Francisco... bound to work!
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    Another one takes his seat in the great Hillsborough in the sky. R.I.P. Ian
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    I've just written an open letter to Bruno Brookes.
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    Trump. You bewigged smart bird f*cker. There's lots going on int world.. I know. Can you sort a contract for our Dave? He's off of Kosovo..so the money will come off of the UN budget... not out off of your personal slush fund for shutting hookers up. Respectfully yours. C77 ™®©
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    The most important thing is they must have stripes.
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    As long as we don’t swap him for buttercup
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    Awful news so sad .. Fly safely young Owl.. Rest in peace ...
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    Fine words, well spoken SIR, because any man with your heart deserves that respect. May this fine human being rest in absolute peace
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    There was a cartoon in the Green 'Un that season announcing the Sheffield Wednesday 'Month of the Goal' competition.
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    I recognise him too - often saw in town or on the Kop. Very sad news.
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    Rest In Peace Ian.Can't believe only a few days ago that he was getting on the same bus as me.
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    I don't think they have the cash injection these days. Teams like ajax and psv never get out of the champions league group stages as the Dutch clubs even the massive ones just don't have the the money to compete with the rest of the big teams from the big leagues around Europe anymore. Its sadly indicative of the way big money is ruining football. You need better players playing in your leagues to raise the standard of players breaking through from youth ranks and having to really kick on and improve to get first team football. Someone mentioned our under 17s team being so good, but if the big clubs with top players don't integrate them properly playing alongside some of the best players in the league it will stunt their progress. No doubt half of those successful kids will fall away and not improve much more than they are now because of mismanagement from the big clubs they're at, disappointing but true.
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    Used to get all excited at these sort of performances prior to a major tournament but to long in the tooth to be fooled even with the excellent Kane we are nowhere near good enough
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    Is this as an apprentice Electrician or Head of Procurement.. (storeman)?
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    This one will make Neil laugh.
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    The way DC works he will probably make it £150-00.
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    I like the skin tight look. But then again, I'm not fat båstard.
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    The only Samba worth wearing.....
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