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    Surely we need to move nearer to the centre of the city. We are so far out of the way and the journey for both the home and away fans is crap. We need to be somewhere like near the old markets or down the bottom of the parkway.
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    Struggling clubs always seem to have a last attempt at survival and pick up points. Still think we need to do the same.
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    Interesting thread this, love how things like this pop up on Owlstalk quite regularly. Personally I'm a Christian so don't see any issue with the involvement of religion in football or anything else for that matter but I completely understand those who disagree. In terms of religion generally, I would say that Jesus is the cure for world division, anger, hate, envy and fear but I think it takes a lot of reading and patience with God to reach that way of thinking. The things Jesus said and did were absolutely radical and a lot of it is hard to understand without getting stuck in to it. I encourage people to do that even if you've got no interest in believing but just out of curiosity. UTO.
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    Where was this petition when you were riding high in the premier league you tin pot Donkey riding junkies?
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    I’ll bite. Lost some close friends over the years and did my bit. Meanwhile you make some idiotic remark based on flawed ideals ergo you sir are a c u nnnnnnn t . END
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    and fox, jones, palmer, boyd, wallace, reach, hunt, Pelupessy,................god i'm bored of typing names of players that get slagged off constantly on here
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    not that different ....."one fan couldnt get over the fact we had been beaten twice by Man City , another that we had been beaten by Sheffield United ...they brooded over it ..." some things never change ...must have been the fore fathers of the doom merchants on here !!
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    Photos like this one ?? To prove you've been there FFS
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    One away game I would have attended if I had more TPP. Reckon we could easily have sold two or three times as many tickets for this game.
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    I wouldn't expect anything less... pointless article. ;) Opposition striker: "we will try to score" Well that's your job...
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    Westwood and Forestieri are looking to be nearing inclusion in the full squad training sessions and Matthias should be back around soon. All those players you mentioned plus those three will take some time to get back up to match sharpness in games but the teams below us don't have a Forestieri to come back. They're losing with their best team. Bannan makes us tick, Lees is looking better with each game back and with a little bit more up front from Mathias or Forestieri I think we should have enough in the tank to level out. Jos was bemoaning the lack of training ground time due to matches and recovery. Well he's got a full week this week and then a fortnight with no game. Time to prove himself
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    There is a 17 page "stephen fletcher signs" thread from July 2016,you are in it,but there's no poo pooing it from you.
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    I think loads are concerned! we are just hoping somehow we can scrape enough points together to survive and if we don't then we deserve to be relegated
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    A Championship club doesn't have the luxury to get that many wrong. Poor recruitment and poor management. Chansiri needs to take responsibility.
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    Don’t worry mate, each to their own. We’ll still dedicate our working lives (and make sacrifices to our personal lives) to look after you and your loved ones.
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    Sorry but you are a privileged white male and so your opinion can be taken with a pinch of salt. Plus most BME people live in absolute poverty thanks to deeply entrenched racist and sexist beliefs from the resident population of white Brits, securing these people some seats at a football ground to give them a little bit of relief from the day to day horrors of living in a country that hates them I think is the least we can do no?
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    Were they in the New Testament or the Old Testament It took quite a bit of reasonably scholarly effort to write that. It was fairly well paragraphed I thought but the paragraphs weren't indented and didn't have line between, I will conced that.
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    Rotherham Owls bus is sold out .
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    I was in the RAF then. Travelled 450 miles from Lossiemouth to get to the game. I couldn't believe what I was watching. Hirst and Bright both out injured too. Stunning.
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    Was struggling with an injury week before and aggravated it late on in Bolton game. Surprised there's been no official announcement, probably tell us at pre match interview tomorrow or Friday unless Sean says something on twitter.
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    We should pick a mums xi to play on Saturday, mine can't half shift when she's after my dad with the broom/rolling pin
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    That would be brilliant though. For us
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    If Parkinson thinks he’s so good I wonder if he would like to buy him
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    He was brought in from Corby Town just before Christmas
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    No idea how he’s managed to stay here so long. 29 goals in 184 appearances is dreadful for a striker.
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    March 20th - PS, Memberships £200 a pop
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    I dont think you are far wrong there mate . I cant see another win coming.
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    I didnt realise we had dropped so many. Unacceptable
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    We have all been questioning the influence Doyen have in the club ,and the utter conflict of interests of them recommending us players they have a vested interest in. We know the club /Doyen dont like us sniffing around asking questions because of the warnings Neil has issued on this subject ,so its clear someone is threatening legal action against those of us on here who are asking too many questions about their involvement with the club. Do i think DC is being honest with is supporters regarding Doyen ? No , not for a minute. But there is someone who dosnt like us sniffing around.
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    I don't find it weird or odd. A lot of people feel the need to have something to believe in, as far as I'm concerned that's their prerogative. Saying that it's your prerogative for it to appear weird or odd to you.
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    Yes I think offering ‘faith zones’ in the stadium might help attract ostracised communities to come watch Wednesday at Hillsborough, something like the first 4 or 5 rows of the Kop would be ideal. Would look good on tv too.
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    blimey - thats a long way to go to see us lose
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    Stare at the tiny white dot in the middle of the green, black, and organge flag for about a minute. Then look at the bottom (gray) rectangle.
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    Which they will then review, then ignore. That would be the same for any government too red or blue.
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    You do realise there is a difference between opinion and fact, don't you? Also, you do realise that you are on a football forum where lots of people are stating their opinion? I'm not really sure why you have an itch up your ass but I'll leave you to it. I'm secure enough in my own opinions to not have to engage in debate with someone who is clearly trolling.
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    Dont see why a grown mate would go on social media to slate club about a f****** sale on a shirt .pathetic
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    We were already in a relegation battle before Cowboy Carlos blagged his way to the Swansea job. Also, the ‘one of our most successful managers of all time’ tag, is complete bull. Even a half competent manager would have got our (fully fit) squad promoted in either the first or second year. He failed twice and in his third season, left us in a total mess, which we are still recovering from.
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    what do our fans want? .....McCarthy is a decent manager who plays a dour kind of game but generally gets his teams competitive not unlike carlos did last season ......carlos and his way of playing wasn't acceptable to some of our fans despite finishing 4th so think big mick would struggle to win over those that didn't want carlos .........as for Ipswich ,if they havnt got a pot to pee in then I wish them luck in there quest of getting someone better than McCarthy who they think will improve them .
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    we signed the wrong type of player. if he wants to try to delude himself and justify his ineptitude and naivety he's a bigger fool then he appears. his pride will cost him many more millions.
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    KNOCKERWATCH with Lord Snooty A guided tour of historical boobie shapes through the ages, from Agincourt to Versailles. BBC2, 10.15pm (105min, 12+)
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    Fast forward. I have spent the majority of my adult life defending your democracy in places that most people have never even heard of let alone wanted to visit. I have seen young men reduced to human waste to provide your freedom. You may not respect the forces but for today I am ashamed to be on the same board as you.
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    On this thread you can read that most people posting have spent their careers picking up the pieces in other countries, I have never met a soldier who decided all on his own to go have a scrap. One day your bubble will pop.
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    I'm proud to have so many active servicemen and women and ex-servicemen/women on here Big up to you all
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