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  1. His brother Chopter only has one tésticle.
  2. Clicked on the picture and in the URL it said Jamie Vardy in it so I'm going to go out on a whim and say it's Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu
  3. Transfer dealings; First season big uplift to the quality of the squad after the dodgy signings in Jan - easy therefore to see improvement. Second season - looked to me for the most part like we were doing deals for the sake of doing deals versus building a team / squad, improvement was obvious though compared to squad of a years or so previously, though it got harder to see improvement. Third season - more deals, not team / squad development, arguably no improvement. Medical & Player Fitness; First season - medical team operating well. Second Season - medical team in conflict with manager who was supported by the owner at least in resulting in Keiran Lee playing while not fully recuperated. Third season - medical infrastructure mostly gone and player trust undermined due to handling of Keiran Lee and others. Dejphon Chansiri’s desire to drive the club forward through his cash and personality; First season - invested lots on money, involved in 100% of decisions no matter how small excluding tactics and team selection, resulting in starting to displace the identity of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and turning us into Dejphon Chansiri FC. Second season - invested more money, involved in 100% of decisions no matter how small excluding tactics and team selection, resulting in further displacing the identity of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and turning us into Dejphon Chansiri FC. Third season - invested more money, involved in 100% of decisions no matter how small excluding tactics and team selection, resulting in displacing identity of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and turning us into Dejphon Chansiri FC. All of the above impacts on performances on the pitch..... 1st team performance; First season - huge positivity and CC not playing the way he wanted too results in us overachieving. Second season - enough good players amongst many of the nonsensical deals results in us being playoff contenders and again we slight over achieved. Third season - to many dodgy signings / renewals, poor looking after the players, daft expectation management (yeah I got that one wrong too myself), and confusion over whether we are SWFC or DCFC, results in disastrous season. At the 150 anniversary dinner, other than Shez who was too drunk to speak, most of the ex players spoke up about the importance of the club identity in relation to being successful….. My conclusion - first and foremost I am grateful for Dejphon Chansiri and his families emotional and financial investment into what he publicly describes as 'our club' which he is a 'member of the community of' and 'head of the family'. I believe he has been naive in relation to trusting agents to have far too much influence over our expenditure on players (‘I make all the final decisions’ when all of the options for him to choose from are put forward by outside agents is a nonsense) . He has not realised that he needs to stay out of a lot of what happens at a football club while demanding that everyone gets the job done. Lastly apparently while he seems to be comfortable talking about learning lessons, but he appears to have a fundamental issue with saving face versus admitting he has got things wrong and changing them. He could carry on being personally engaged and involved in just about everything, and recruit players, staff and fans who want to contribute to 'his' success, and he could do so while letting outside agents fulfil the role of DoF, it is possible that that will work. But I do not believe this will work. I believe that everyone needs to be invested in and aligned with the football club and he needs to be an investor in that ‘not for profit social enterprise’ and also a ‘custodian of it’, but everything needs to be all about Sheffield Wednesday Football club and not Dejphon Chansiri. I believe he has the right to do it his way as he has put in the circa £100m (not £150m), but he does not have the right to blame anyone else for whatever happens while doing it his way, he does not have the right to mislead Wednesdayite’s in anyway, including in relation to responding to questions and criticism about his relationship with and use of agents instead of keeping agents on the outside of a football club, ranting at us instead of seeing the light on the agents thing when he gets mugged off by a manager, or putting out BS questionnaires when he knows that we will face sanctions under FFP / P&S. I believe even in this situation we are way better off than the desperate situation which I naively chose to affect change from in 2005-2008, and at the risk of creating confusion, I believe we will be worse of if he walks away, so I don’t want him too, I just want him to run our club and also be head of our family properly. Either way I am all in on SWFC whatever happens ~ :) or :- or :( Just my very well informed thoughts. Thats it from me, don't feel comfortable in expanding beyond this given the threats that Neil has been warning everyone about on here. Note - if Dejphon was acting like a custodian instead of owner manager to whom personal face was more important that the sanctity of our institution, this fear of free speech would not exist. Regards Fairly successful businessman, failure as a football chairman, successful regime change agent at a football club PS - Sorry if its a difficult read, I am autistic and writing is not my strength.
  4. Not a goalscorer like Hirst, but he's certainly confident, can look after himself and works his socks off. I'd genuinely have him in the squad ahead of Rhodes on Saturday. Complete unknown quantity that Leeds won't know about
  5. Don't understand why the club don't open the suites at Hillsborough, and the Wednesday Tap, when an away match has sold out. iFollow feeds on the big screen. Charge £5, chuck in a pint and get pies on sale. (If they arent allowed to do it with iFollow - send a separate camera. Its not rocket science)
  6. Whether you agree or not with the stance on Hirst the club have always been clear that Hirst couldn’t play until he signed a new deal. You are now saying that if the club say Clare is injured then it is ok for people to accuse them of telling lies. Don’t understand that logic
  7. When has that ever stopped people on here
  8. 3x Game Ticket Voucher. £90. 5x Game Ticket Voucher. £150. Know exactly what you're paying. Get to the games you're able to get too. Only available to buy in the Pre Season, so Chansiri can still get some income when we're not playing. Redeem your ticket in the club shop, once tickets are available for the fixture you've chosen.
  9. For the first time in a generation Wednesday had qualified for a major Cup Final. #OnThisDay 25 years ago Wednesday were on the Way to Wembley after beataing Blackburn 2-1 at Hillsborough in the Semi Final 2nd Leg of the League Cup. Att 30,048 Bright & @ Hirst. Wednesday won 6-3 on aggregate. The 1st of 4 visits and cue a obligatory Wembley Cup Final song!
  10. Just asked the missus why she can't be more like Mrs. Edith Adams. She responded by asking if I'd like to score less than Rhodes.
  11. Abdi was injured when we signed him - big no no. Rhodes (who I really like) was not part of team development strategy and not fit for CCs playing style and we overpaid on the transfer fee. Lovens should not have been renewed as his body had gone in his prior contract. Hutchison should not have been renewed. Hunts dodgy knees should have resulted in us moving him on. Fletcher with dodgy knees getting a long term contract. Nuhui (wonderful attitude) getting renewed when too slow and imobile for top of championship. Joao - we overpaid for a temperamental player. Matias - we overpaid for a fragile player Sougou - overpaid for a nonsense player Melo - never played Lachman - ditto Emanuelson - seriously Bus - someone was having a laugh Kelhar - medically retired and we signed him.
  12. The atmosphere or lack of it is the fault of the fans
  13. Each to their own, as long as it's not forced down your throat then it's up to the individual as to the faith they follow.
  14. Roll up, roll up, come and buy a horrible shirt as a permanent reminder of a rubbish season.
  15. I’d put my mum in squad ahead of Rhodes. I’ve seen how quick she moves when something is burning in oven . She’d leave him for dead
  16. Well done Atdhe. Deserves it for his form over the last 2 months, after being used so sparingly for the first half of the season.
  17. Why do people keep dredging this subject up? Other players, managers, commentators, and fans say what a great ground it is (unless they are pigs)....and the atmosphere can be fantastic. It just needs tarting up a bit as parts of it (Lep especially) look tired. Not many grounds have a better façade than Hillsborough from the outside walking across the South Stand Bridge. Its got excellent links to public transport and loads of its fan base walk there (i.e. me). To move so that some people can park their car easier and have a better half time "experience", after putting ourselves into massive debt building the sodddin place, would make no sense
  18. So timely that just as Stephen Hawking dies we have a new contender to explain the laws of physics and mathematics to us. Black holes emit radiation, also Barnsely and Birmingham haven’t won many games but they might win one at some point.
  19. So, after the weekend round of matches and the few games last night, the table has shifted a little. I've left in the original prediction just for curiosity sake, but the purple line is the one we're interested in. The long and short of the weekend was that Hull leapfrogged us after wins over Norwich and Ipswich. Barnsley gained a point, so pull 3 clear of the drop. Over the weekend Burton were at home to Bristol City, fair play to them for getting a draw, still looks pretty bleak for them tho after the loss to United. Birmingham now 7 straight losses. Sunderland lose again to make it 3 points in the last 9 games, with 9 games to go. Sum total of the games from the weekend and last night is that the red line is still 30 points and we're 1 point further away from that than we were. It's looking like a race between Barnsley and Burton at this point, but we do need to keep on picking up the odd point to stay clear. Edit: Maybe worth pointing out the expected gap between us and relegation would be 8 points. So still looking fairly comfortable.
  20. 10 years service in 2 PWRR (infantry regiment + hence the name on here) and still going. Funniest moment was in Iraq the other year. Working in a tented camp when ISIS were still growing, we had British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) and watched the pigs against Swindon in the play offs. There was a blunt working with the RAF from Kiveton on the same camp and loved rubbing it in his face as Swindon scored goal after goal. Ran into a few fellow Owls in many places and also seen pro Owls and anti blunt graffiti in places as random as the Falkland Islands and Cyprus; always raises a big smile when I see it. There are definitely more Owls than blunts serving, although that just reflects the relative fan base sizes imho.
  21. Theres no place for religion in a logical intellegent society.
  22. thank god for that thought he was another putin victim
  23. I reckon we must have a least one floor of the Hallamshire now.
  24. #seanhealthcare #seanwearandtear #seanwheelchair #seandisrepair #seanelsewhere
  25. Oh dear me Parkinson what have you done?! Dont you know Owlstalk is populated with world class managers and they say he's no good! Before anyone bites and throws their toys far from the pram, I don't think he's fantastic nor do I believe he's as awful as some on here would have you believe, he's an impact player, offers an extra option that not many teams have and personally I'd offer him a 2 year deal and flog him at the end of next season if he wants to go
  26. Great news for conspiracy theorists.
  27. £33 quid to sit on the Kop to see Fulham give us the runaround That will get the stayaways flocking back. I don’t know how the club are going to fit all the POTDers into the stadium that day, I really don’t.
  28. Surely we need to move nearer to the centre of the city. We are so far out of the way and the journey for both the home and away fans is crap. We need to be somewhere like near the old markets or down the bottom of the parkway.
  29. Clearly you have not bothered lookiing at what I am upto at the moment, I couldn't possibly be more happy and excited about life....... :) Bitterness just isn't in an autistic persons makeup, as bitterness comes with nasty and vindictive tones. We do get upset at continued unfairness (thats why I naively decided to do something in 2008) and painful things never go away due to incredibly memory recall, but that just manifests as being hurt not bitterness. Its interesting that some folk can't handle honesty and integrity being communicated without throwing labels on it that scream 'she is a witch'......that reaction really is more of a reflection of that persons insecurities.... Speaking up publicly is just about the most scary thing an autistic person can contemplate, that pre match unscripted speech to 20k fellow Wednesdayites against Charlton was one of the most scary things I have ever faced, but not acting in the face of unfairness is unbearable..... PS - If ironic comedy was your intent then you need to put some smilies in, we can't process social nuance....
  30. The atmosphere is the fault of having a crap team for 20 years
  31. You make a very reasoned and valid point...... I just refuse to pay premier league prices for pub league football. It's not the fact it could be League 1, it's the fact that Chansire wants to charge the same price. Said it on another thread, I'd buy one today IF there was a partial refund if we go down. I think we already pay too much as it is. I can afford it easily, and £150 a go for away days, but it's the principle and the fact that loads of our fans that have been going for decades have been priced out. How can that be right for Championship Football?
  32. Jamie Carragher starts his comeback, with the Kosovo v Madagascar gig for Rutland Weekend Television.
  33. why on earth would I be bothered what your up to . the post was tongue in cheek and not to be taken seriously . if it caused you offence then I apologise
  34. I can not see us winning more than 2 games in the run in. (i can't see us winning one to be honest) We are the bottom of the form table for the last 20 games We will only stop up by virtue of others. Shocker of a season both on and off the pitch
  35. What a team the first half of the first leg at Blackburn was the best performance from a Wednesday side I've ever seen .
  36. Didn't we also reach the same final 2 years before when we won it?
  37. agree this is how it's looked and how he's wanted it to look for the 3 seasons I'm not sure about this, imo first season was more cavalier but I think he did play as he wanted - 2nd season was more about pragmatism effective but simply awful to watch true and an uncomfortable fact that he who pays the piper... we can like it or lump it I realise not all agree but without your input and efforts to lift the manhole cover on the mess , I 100% doubt we would have eventually ousted the old guard - you have my thanks I simply cannot understand why there is still bile spouted in your direction by people who did absolutely nothing at the time but worked really hard at being [email protected] on their keyboards
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