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    F*****g Brucie. Waltzes in from the cricket and by the time he's been here for 3 hours he brings in the 2 full backs and the pace that we've lacked for 3 years.
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    Getting tired of reading nonsense on here from the some of the ignorant fans on here who have probably never run a business or risked investment in anything. Both the Chairman and Manager getting unacceptable stick. The Chairman has sunk tens of millions into our club. His strategy hasn’t worked and clearly he has been badly advised but the guy has put his money where his mouth is big time. Luhakay is bring hounded by clueless idiots on the radio about an embargo. Let him get on with coaching what is still a large and talented squad. Let Chansiri get on with sorting out the financial situation. Some people should be careful what they wish for and wind their necks in. We could have a lot worse owners and managers.
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    Quite a day for my son. Played footy with Atdhe, Westwood, Dawson and Lucas Joao(sp?) Scored a penalty and celebrated by having Atdhe lift him up above his head and set him up for a goal. Loads of pictures with the players taken too. Then he did a keepy uppy challenge on the Hallam FM stage thing and won a signed shirt that will be presented by his favourite player before a game. (68 he did, not bad for 11 years old) Even had the crowd singing his name. Well, a few blokes anyway. All that cost a quid. I don't care that the shirt wasn't available for him, he no longer cares. We'll buy one when they come out. He's still smiling. What a day. Don't think that will be forgotten for a long time.
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    On this managerial situation I have been thinking and what our great club needs is a young, hungry but most importantly proven manager who is now looking to move to the next level. An appetite to succeed at the highest level, something they simply cannot do where they currently are. That is our trump card. If you look around there are several top managers at much smaller clubs, playing in front of tiny crowds who must wonder what they could achieve with a sleeping giant club and fan base like Wednesday. Outsiders might think it would be a step backwards for them but these top managers know you sometimes have to do that to take 2 steps forwards. Give me any of.... Sean Dyce - got Burnley up, kept them up & then got them into Europe. Burnley fans want him out so he could be available soon. My number 1 choice - we could potentially be in the Champions League in 5 years, maybe less. David Wagner - got Huddersfield up and kept them up. In the play offs at Hillsborough he must have wished he was the manager of the other team with our passionate fans and depth of squad at the time. Eddie Howe - got Bournemouth up and has kept them up. Almost an established Prem team now but he must be sick of managing in front of 7,000 fans each week. Chris Houghton - got Brighton up and kept them up. Does't play the best football but he could do with more creative players and supporters who demand nothing less. Rafa Benitiz - got Newcastle up and kept them up. Only a matter of time before the poo hits the fan up there. The only one I would question we could get because he's a bit older and more likely to move to a Watford or Everton.... unless he thinks he's got one more big job in him. All the above have got teams out of the championship and then also kept them up but their personal projects must be coming to an end where they are now and they will be looking for a change soon and the lure of a big club like ours could persuade them. Or we could just get Gary Megson.
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    Found carrying multiple blades in his back pocket
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    I have a really bad feeling it’s going to get ugly, and I really hope it doesn’t. Chansiri gave us two of the best seasons in the last 20+ years. He also raised prices too much and made some pretty big mistakes. So yes it is good and bad, more bad right now. But. He is our owner and there probably isn’t a queue of new owners wanting to take over. We all knew this season and probably next will be disappointing due to FFP. We all (well 97% or whatever) want a new manager. 1000 people isn’t a forum it’s a presentation. I just hope our selection of fans that attend keep it civil and give the guy a proper chance to explain. He didn’t have to do a forum. He didn’t have to move it the Octagon. I think he deserves credit and respect for those things. And he knows he has to explain a lot of stuff. So let’s be good about it and make it a productive night. That can be passionate but it needs to be civil. The last thing we need now is a chairman that has lost all interest. And don’t say he has already because he is putting on a fans forum at the freaking Octagon! Maybe its just me. Hopefully.
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    A good effort going down on the Sunday, filling it, making a load of noise for at least 65 minutes but.... All you little twats who need therapy because you can't stay off your phone for more than 2 seconds without getting withdrawll shakes do yourself a favour and either don't come again or you'll find me next time throwing your feckin iphones into the sodidng thames. 8 people around me at one point head buried on snapchat, sky sports news, bloody tinder or just texting a second by second update of whats going on, and this is when we were actually having a go for 5 minutes before caving in complete ineptitude. You have a technology addiction issue and one day your gonna wake up in a chair with someone wiping your ass as you stair blankly at the wall wondering where your sodding life went with the vague memmory of laughing at a meme of of a dog humping a staircase, whilst in an away end somewhere. Utilise the time to have some time away from your crappy virtual social life and watch the game ...or just stay at home and jerk off to the front cover of your Tombraider Xbox game, cos your not doing anything for the club except weeing off people who do give and iota Disclaimer : I'm only 33 not some bloody grandad but something is happening to our species and it worries me deeply. Sorry rant over
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    My wife came home from work last night to find me sitting watching the football on the telly. "I've decided I'm leaving you, all you do is talk about football you think about nothing else," she said. "I'm also seeing someone else truth be told." "Really?" I replied. "What team does he support?"
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    Every game he's doubled up on. Every challenge there's two hanging off his arms. For a lad who, even as one of his greatest supporters would admit, isn't a massive goal threat - the opposition don't half take him seriously as one of our main men. Really does take one for the team knowing that one of his greatest weapons is being a distraction and helping create space and chaos for others. Some players would get the hump knowing their role was essentially take the pressure off others so they can go and get the glory. What a tireless and selfless team man he is in the modern football era of the ego.
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    The authorities are fucking disgusting They have no evidence whatsoever and the guy has been cleared in a law court - yet the oh-so-knowledgeable (not!) authorities plough on... maybe they should concentrate a bit more on the structural problems they have caused within the game that is seeing clubs going to the wall regularly - proud old clubs like Coventry on the brink of extinction - and not allow clubs who have money to spend it based upon phoney manufactured nonsensical rules and then actually punish those clubs for having the temerity to spend their own money Absolute fucking charlatans who are not remotely fit for purpose
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    The rot has been stopped and Jos has done an excellent job with limited resources at his disposal. I think we all know some difficult and important decisions have to be made over the summer. This will probably include releasing or selling some players who fans rate. It is inevitable we will not all be happy with all of the decisions but economic reality will require them to be made. I believe Jos was handed a real mess and he has convinced me to trust in his decisions and go with his plans for the summer. I hope it does not involve selling those players I like but whatever happens I will support his decisions because I believe it to be in the best interests of the club. If somehow funds are availble to invest I have no doubt it will be spent wisely. I sincerely hope that all fans will realise the issues we have and support Jos in his quest to move the club forward and accept the decisions that are made even if it includes moving on one of your favourite players.
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    Woman in the ticket office when you bought a Club 1867 package When you cancelled it I hope you're proud of yourself
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    According to the Star "The fans booed his name before the match and he looked a little bereft of confidence. Far better in the second half. If that's true, shame on any one that did this. That's not what we should be about. Boo a bad performance, boo a huge mistake, DON'T BOO A PLAYER BEING ANNOUNCED IN THE TEAM, fizz sake!
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    Criticising somebody for being poor isn’t ‘hating’ I hate that stupid phrase . He’s obviously booked his ideas up so let’s enjoy that rather than point scoring against each other
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    As if we needed any more optimism. Here’s the form of the current Championship teams since Jos left us:- 1. Wednesday P26. W12. D10. L4. Pts48. (GF37. GA23) 2. Brentford P26. W13. D6. L7. Pts45 3. WBA. P26. W13. D6. L7. Pts45 4. Leeds. P26. W13. D3. L10. Pts42 Followed by Hull, Bristol C, Derby, Boro, Swansea Don’t see this as a stick to bash Jos. Better to look at as confirmation that our start to this season is not a blip. Furthermore, in Harris, Murphy, Luongo and Odubajo, we have improved our starting Xl and the squad depth over the Summer. Our weaker players have either left or moved considerably down the pecking order. Disclaimer - past performance should not be used as an indicator of future performance. Sheffield Wednesday fans should seek specialist psychiatric advice before investing expectation or hope.
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    Want to say good luck to Joost Van Aken for the upcoming season Every single Sheffield Wednesday player have good and bad games and I'd like to think that this season we support those who have a bad one every now and again and give them the confidence to go again. Those who were disappointed at his last performance have had time to whinge about it now. It was nearly a full week ago. Let's spend the time now being positive, full of encouragement etc if he plays tomorrow.
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    "What's this?" "Pottage ,Sir" "What's it doing on the table?" "It is your supper, Sir" "No, I mean what's it doing on the table, why isn't it in a bowl?" "You gambled the last of the crockery on Iorfa first goal scorer on Saturday Sir, in an attempt to try and claw back some of the losses after lumping on Rowett" "Ah yes, well....ahem... what's in it?" "Water, flour, and some barley and the last of the chip fat" "I can't eat it Stubbs. Looks like an Elephants Shag-snot" "We have nothing else, Sir." "Haven't we got anymore rats?" "We had the last for breakfast,Sir. We are, I fear, not far from ruin" "Not quite Stubbs. Not quite. We still have the Wednesday and our promotion campaign" "We lost to Millwall,Sir, I don't know if you'd heard but in modern terms that means the season is over. Tactical ineptness, goalkeeping howlers, selection choices which cost the game, and it would seem the whole season. And, according to the sages down the Navvies Arms anyway against a team certain to finish in the bottom half too" "Balderdash Stubbs. The real reason was all too obvious to those in the know" "And what was that ,Sir?" "This. Look at the picture Stubbs. Study it." "Sir?" "Whilst in London I got distracted watching the game, this is what happens when you concede the first goal, anyway as I got caught up in the Wednesday onslaught of the Lions goal I plain forgot to retrieve the third of Britains ancient treasures. That Stubbs,there in the picture!" "Yes, Sir, I can see it. I just don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing. What is it'exactly Sir?" "The third treasure of the Kingdoms Stubbs, you don't know it's name?! Did they teach you nothing at school?! You mean to say you genuinely don't know?" "Alas not ,Sir" "It is the fossilised jellied-eel of St.Cocknious, the famed Roman warrior!" "Oh" "That's why we lost to the Lions. Not the header. That, the missing treasure. Mores a pity too because it could also endanger the Luton Result. I was going to grind up that Amber stone as a symbolic gesture of their team colours in a spell of their defeat. Without it....the lads will have to win this one themselves until we can next get to the Capital and snatch the treasure" "Can they do it on their own,Sir?" "Well, they have the stripes of success back on the shirts Stubbs. That's will give them an extra 30%, after that it's up to them. That and perhaps another goalscorer in the squad instead of the third choice left back...." =============================== WEDNESDAY - V - LUTON Hillsborough 7:45pm SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Predicted line-up (4-3-3): Westwood; Odubajo, Lees, Borner, Palmer; Lee, Hutchinson, Reach; Murphy, Fletcher, Harris Unavailable: Wildsmith (Injured) Doubtful: Iorfa (Strain) LUTON Predicted line-up (4-1-2-1-2): Sluga; Cranie, Pearson, Bradley, Potts; Ruddock-Mpanzu; Shinnie, Butterfield; McManaman; Cornick, Collins Unavailable: Sheehan (Injured), Rea (Injured) Doubtful: Hylton (Injured) Match facts Luton are unbeaten in eight league games against the Owls (W4 D4) since losing 3-2 in 1992. Sheffield Wednesday and Luton faced each other in the FA Cup last season, with the Owls winning 1-0 at Kenilworth Road in a third-round replay. Luton have already lost five points from winning positions so far this campaign, going ahead against both Middlesbrough (drew) and West Bromwich Albion (lost) - only Hull City (also five) have let as many points slip. Sheffield Wednesday have only lost two of their past 21 league games played at home on a Tuesday (W12 D7), losing 2-1 both times to Ipswich in March 2018 and Brentford in February 2017. Luton Town, have scored five goals from their 28 attempts (17.9%).Only Charlton Athletic (26.9%) can boast a higher shot conversion rate in the Championship so far this season than COME ON WEDNESDAY! DON'T MAKE HARD WORK OF IT!
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    This must be one of the best windows we've had since Chansiri bought the club, squad has been given a far better balance, 7 new faces, apart from the cover goalkeeper all good ages with good resale value which has helped bring the average age down, Odubajo, Harris and Murphy have added the pace we've lacked since 2015. Pleased we haven't just paid the inflated fee for Hector, yes he did well last season and seemed a good fit for us but we managed to bring in Tom Lees and Glenn Loovens for a nominal fee and a free so glad the club have looked at other options and not had tunnel vision. Having just come out of a soft embargo I would have actually been a bit frustrated if we splashed 5M on a player who's had one good season. Bates has good pedigree and having 4 caps already at 22 for Scotland should be well up to the required standard. All in all we've spent a million quid on outgoings and brought in 5 million rising to 7 with a 20% sell on clause in the future. With League One and Two windows not closing for a few weeks it'd be good if we can get some more young lads following Kirby out on loan. Good to see us being run like a proper functional football club again, don't see why we can't be in the top 10 pushing top 6 this season.
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    We have had plenty of players in our recent history who have who have clearly believed they are above the club but that team with Reda in it was full of players who seemed to really appreciate playing for club. Reda, Jones, Semedo, Llera, Lowe all players who saw an opportunity to play for a big club, had a real go and gave there all. Not our most talented side but one that will be remembered very fondly.
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    Just on my way back from Wembley, I think a couple of additions and next year we could be top two.
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    "You been to the pub tonight Stubbs?" "No Sir. I wasn't really in the mood" "Not in the mood? It's not about your mood! It's about doing the same things. Building a winning routine." "Winning routine?" "The Wednesday Stubbs. The Wednesdsay. We got a result on Tuesday. A clean sheet win. We must do everything exactly the same again" "I hardly see how us doing the same thing again will make a difference to how the team performs Sir. I mean, the match day thread has no bearing at all on what the team achieves on the park" "Of course it does. Are you really trying to tell me our ravings in here didn't help ensure we got that vital win?" "That's exactly what I'm trying to say Sir. It doesn't matter at all what a supporter like yourself does on a matchday, it doesn't effect the result" "Well that's where you're wrong Stubbs. That is where you are wrong. Because the skipper has come out this week and said exactly that. That the actions of fans can have a direct effect on the way the team performs. So you get yourself off to the pub man, drink what you drank last week. Chat to the people you chatted to last week" "I'm afraid I can do neither Sir." "Why?" "Well because the pub is shut now Sir and besides, the people I chatted to last week are no longer drinking there" "Oh no. Have they been barred?" "No Sir they've been locked up and sent to the Asylum with the other cultists" "The Asylum? What on Earth for?" "What for? For dancing around the village square with Russ Abbott style ginger wigs on waving their todgers about chanting about being chosen and for the Meg-signal Sir , it was shinning into the sky all night. It's terrified the children in the village. It's not even Halloween, they didn't have a leg to stand on." "Good God yes, the Meg-signal! It needs to be turned on again! The looming spectre of Megson must have been one of the main reasons we won. It terrified the lads into that win" "This all seems a bit far fetched Sir" "Not at all. Imagine you're a player Stubbs. There you are. It's been a holiday camp at the club for yonks. Turn up when you want, have a chat. Full English. Bit of a kick about. Off for a round of golf. Play a game of football and all for forty grand a week. Next thing that's all over the lenient gaffer is gone, and now there's bloody grapefruit at the training ground! And a manager that wants you to actually train. I mean to say. Shock to the system and all that Stubbs. They don't want that sort of caper do they? You wouldn't would you? You want the easiest life you can. You don't want all this sort of carry on at all -being on time. Running about. Then imagine the results still aren't there. And people start talking about this new manager getting the boot. You'd think to yourself. "Hang on a minute, maybe this losing business isn't so bad after all. In fact - Good. Lets get rid of the chuff, get him the boot and we can go back to bacon, double egg, hash browns and a pint of tea'. Well you would wouldn't you? Lets get him the heave-ho and we can go back to the good old days. But then the forums start up their speculation. The fans don't want another easy-oasy-pals-with-the-players-holiday-camp style manager. No. They want someone as disciplined as the current chap. But wit out a tach and an accent. They want an Englishman. Someone who's going to go even more back to basics. Someone who likes to see players bust a gut" "I still don't see how this has anything to do with the Bolton result" "Well imagine Stubbs. Imagine this scenario I've just given you. You think the little tinker-man is getting the boot. Think you'll be getting another soft touch in. And then, beaming down in the night sky you see the king of them all. The poster boy for the knows the league, English gaffer. And not just that, but one famed for making the players break their balls in training. I mean to say, this Jos character with his double training sessions, he's going to look like your favourite uncle who always brings you a bag of sweets when he visits compared so some ginger fanatic who wants to break you in Greno-woods. Suddenly you start thinking "F*ck this for a game of soldiers, we better start winning or we'll be under an even tougher regime". Wouldn't you?" "Are you genuinely trying to tell me that the lads won the Bolton game simply to save themselves from gruelling Gary Megson training sessions" "Yes. Yes I rather think I am. So you'd better get down into that village and light the skies once more Stubbs" "But the light has been taken by the Police sir when the lads were thrown in the house on the hill" "Well go and claim it." "The Police aren't going to hand it over to us.You know as well as I do that it belongs to the Church. " "So did half of England Stubbs, it didn't stop Henry the Eighth taking what he wanted!" "I hardly have the same authority. Besides it's in Clink Street station Sir. There is no way-" "But we need that signal!" "There's no way in" "Hmm. It is well protected Stubbs it must be said. It looks a big ask. But there must be a way?" "Unless..." "Unless what Stubbs?" "Unless we had a man on the inside" "We don't know any Policeman Stubbs" "Who said Policeman Sir" "But we don't know any criminals Stubbs. And if we did. Why would they help?" "What if , what if we pretended that we were football agents and that if they helped us out we could fix them up with a club" "Well, yes.We have to try anything. But who do we know on the inside Stubbs?" "When he's the answer Stubbs ,you know you're asking the wrong questions. But...It might just work. We need that light. Right , you get down there." "But the match day thread Sir. We haven't even started it" "Crack on then man. Crack on. Sat here with your idle chit chat" BLACKBUN - V- WEDNESDAY "Stubbs. Your slacking. Getting lazy. You've spelt Blackburn wrong" "I was trying to get their accent Sir. Y'know, going for a bit of the local colloquialism" "Well don't" "Does this mean if won't be able to say Brat-furd. if we get the Bantams in the Cup Sir?" "Yes it does. Now bloody get on with it" **** Match facts **** Blackburn have lost their past three league games against Sheffield Wednesday. "Excellent. Crack on." Sheffield Wednesday have not won back-to-back away league games against Blackburn since the 1982-83 season. "Scrub that." "What do you mean Sir?" "I mean scrub it. I won't have the negative stuff." "But it's a fact Sir. A match fact" "Give me the pen. See there you go. Scrubbed. Thats better." Blackburn have lost back-to-back league games against Preston and Wigan; they last lost three on the bounce in April 2017, a season in which they were relegated from the Championship. "Keep that one" Sheffield Wednesday ended a run of six league games without victory (D1 L5) with a 1-0 win against Bolton last time out; they are looking to win consecutive games for the first time since September (three straight wins). "Keep" Blackburn boss Tony Mowbray has lost just one of his five home managerial games against Sheffield Wednesday (W2 D2), a 1-0 defeat as West Brom manager in April 2007. "Scrub" Sheffield Wednesday have scored more goals from outside the box (nine) than any other side in this season's Championship; Adam Reach has scored (four) or assisted (two) six of those nine. "This is the third week on the spin you've dug this one out Stubbs." "Yes Sir and it's still factually correct" "Well ok, but don't start getting lazy" "I won't Sir." "Anymore news?" "That's it." "No team news?" "Well. Pelupessy will be playing Sir." "I just said don't get lazy. Are your smirking?" "No Sir." COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    I don’t think we can really talk about Rhodes in terms of the general model of our (broadly pretty dreadful) transfer activity/policy over the past 3-4 years. Despite the fact that most of us were delighted to get him here, the deal that brought him in was a uniquely naive and shortsighted one, even by our own maddeningly clumsy standards. We paid so wildly over the odds for him that we can’t possibly sell at a ‘reasonable’ price now, having had so little out of him for the investment we made, without looking like total mugs. (Although the coldly pragmatic part of me says we probably still should do, for his sake and ours - even if it amounts to a tacit public admission that we got our pants pulled down.) On the other hand, I’d love to see what he can do under Bruce, who I do believe will focus on bringing in some pace down the flanks to provide better service into the box. Finally. We haven’t had that in YEARS, and it was a big part of why JR didn’t get any joy here. Who knows, it could change things massively. Either way, point is we’ve timed it all so badly that if we give him another season here and it doesn’t work again, we’ll barely be able to ask anything for him the year after - 30, contract winding down, high wage. (A million if we’re lucky?) Had we made a better post-CC appointment than Jos, who knows. But the time we wasted treading water there played a big part in putting us where we are now re: Rhodes, ie. in a very awkward position. One thing I really think we must bear in mind either way is that none of this is Jordan’s fault, and it’s unfair to talk the way some do as if he had anything to do with the fee. We’ve spent considerably more, collectively, on at least four or five other players who’ve contributed far less between them even than Rhodes has been able to in his frustrating time here so far. There’s no use in pointing the finger at any one person, because it’s been a joint effort really, but the money we’ve frittered in the past few years on weird agent shenanigans and gross errors of judgment really has been shocking. Rhodes may have had the highest individual price tag, but reactions to his time at Norwich have for me confirmed what we already knew: look past the silly numbers and he’s a player who will score goals (9 for Norwich = joint third top scorer for us, level with Reach), even when not fully sharp/on form/starting. A true pro who always works his butt off and is great for the dressing room. He’s still ours as things stand - it’d be absolutely joyful to see him hit 20 in a season here. Can he? I suspect so, but it’s a gamble. We know we’ve stuffed up financially, and selling for just £3-4m now - although exacerbating our FFP issues in the very short-term - might well be less damaging overall than getting next to nothing in 12 months’ time (having already paid another year of his wages). Or perhaps not, depending on how the 3-year rolling loss period works out - you’d need the full accounts in front of you to really see all the permutations clearly. Can we afford to roll the dice again on keeping him? Fletcher has played brilliantly this season, but not as a finisher, whereas that’s really all Rhodes does in the right setup. Bruce badly needs a player LIKE Rhodes, but we’ve not got the money to buy anyone established - it’s JR or a young loan gamble. High stakes. Very tricky situation.
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    That’s us getting a points deduction next season then.
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    I know we have other things that need spending money on. But a draw bridge would be magnificent!
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    Big man comes on and does the business AGAIN. Enough said.
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    I can't believe Carlos is getting slagged off for wishing him good luck, but actually I can. Herbert's
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    "So Westwood has asked to play for the under 23's Sir.." "Yes, and?" "Well, a senior pro having to ask to play a game. It comes to something Sir.." "Well not really Stubbs. How old is Westwood?" "Thirty four Sir" "Thirty four. Right, well, there's your answer. Twenty three and under -play in the under twenty threes. It's a team for the twenty three or unders and you probably have to make it known to those running that team that you might like a run out. Seems like common sense to me" "Yes, but I'm referring more to the fact that if he's not in the first team then you'd have expected him to have been playing a lot more games for the under twenty threes as a matter of course. Get him in the shop window etc not having to ask" "Perhaps he was asked to play in the under twenty threes earlier in the season and thought it was beneath him? An affront to his reputation" "Well.." "And perhaps when you've said no to something once, people don't ask you again and the ball ends up in your court" "It's not my view Sir, I'm just trying to play devils advocate" "Well don't. And I'll tell you another thing. None of this would be an issue if for some reason the stiffs hadn't been done away with. I think it was Keegan who started that malarky. Well if I had my way there'd be a proper stiffs league set up again. Then every sod in the squad could get a game once a week and permanently be in the bloody shop window. And that wouldn't be a bloody bad thing either considering how many we need to shift." "I know what you're saying Sir. But last year you barely had enough fit players to put a first team out, never mind a team of reserves." "Well that's when the kids step up into the stiffs then isn't it? Test themselves a bit more against more manly opposition without being thrust under the stage lights of the first eleven and all the pressure that comes with it. Playing against more seasoned pros and other young kids with a bit more experience than you. That's never a bad thing. The very idea that there are is no stiffs league anymore is entirely alien to me and I'll never believe that ditching it has been a good idea." "You must move with the times Sir." "I don't want to bloody move with the times. Talk about throw the baby out with the bath water. It makes me sick! And I'll tell you something else as well.." "I'm sure, Sir" "Away kits. When there's no clash. What in the absolute name of twattery is that all about?" "I suspect it's probably something to do with the deals the clubs do with the shirt manufacturers Sir, based on the idea-" "I don't actually want to know Stubbs, for Gods sake. I'm just saying I think it's shyte. And it's shyte for shytes sake. If we're playing Arsenal I want to beat them in their red jerseys with white arms. If we're playing and beating Manchester United I want them in Red shirts and white shorts. I mean, the game is made of the imagery. It's the imagery in our heads... that's all we've got when all is said an done. That's what the game is all about. Memories. Images. And those images should be correct. Not all fannied up on the whim of some gimp with too many crayons." "It's not the designers faults I wouldn't have thought Sir." "Well, whoever. It's wrong and it mightily wee wees me off." "What kit would you like to beat Swansea in tomorrow Sir?" "Bloody... any!" "Well there we go then Sir." "But I'd prefer us in blue and white stripes and them in their white. I mean whats so hard about it. Football is simple. You play in these colours. They play in those colours and you both try and kick a ball in the other teams goal. For crying out loud. Why do they mess with things. What's so hard about it!" "Well, scoring goals and defending by the looks of your recent record Sir" "Oh that's very glib Stubbs. Very glib. Deary me. Just get on with it . Just get on with it. And whisper it. So the other OMDT'ers can hear it but not me. I've just about had enough at the minute." SWANSEA - V - WEDNESDAY "Swansea are sweating on the fitness of Wilfried Bony for the Championship match with Sheffield Wednesday. The Ivory Coast striker is doubtful due to tightness in a calf muscle." "Ironic name really that. Bony. The mans built like a brick shithouse" "I thought you weren't listening to this bit Sir." "I'm not, I'm not. Carry on." " Wednesday will be without suspended midfielder Barry Bannan for the next two games after his 10th yellow card of the season at Rotherham last week. Owls forward Fernando Forestieri (hamstring) remains unavailable with strikers Gary Hooper (groin) and Sam Winnall (hamstring) also out. While Swansea left-back Martin Olsson will miss the rest of the season after rupturing an Achilles tendon at Brentford last weekend. There is talk of s shock recall for Sam Hutchinson" "Hutchinson? I thought he would never play again as he's off to embargoed QPR in January" "Sir, I know you want to take your anger out on someone, but I'm literally just reading the news. It's nothing to do with me or my views" "Hmph. Carry on." "The match facts... MATCH FACTS ** Swansea City, then under former Owls boss Carlos Carvalhal, beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 at the Liberty Stadium last season in an FA Cup fifth-round replay. Wednesday have not scored a single goal in their last five matches against Swansea in all competitions. Swansea have lost back-to-back Championship games at the Liberty Stadium. The Swans last lost three consecutive home league games outside the top flight in April 2004, whilst in the fourth tier of English Football. Wednesday have not won an away match in Wales in all competitions in their last 11 attempts. Of goalkeepers to have played at least three Championship games so far this season, only Reading's Anssi Jaakkola (76%) and Middlesbrough's Darren Randolph (81.82%) have a higher save percentage than Swansea's Erwin Mulder (74.14%). Wednesday have won just one of their last nine Championship games - a 1-0 victory against Bolton in November. "Finished?" "Yes Sir" "Good. Off you go then" "Sir. Before I go. I just thought I should mention." "What?" "I'm not sure we should have used that picture of Keegan" "You know the rules Stubbs - there has to be a picture every few lines to keep those with short attention spans interested. Break up the page" "I know, but Sir, What I meant was. Some people don't even read them Sir. The pictures aren't just nice text breakers for some people. For some people they, the pictures are literally the only thing they see." "The dunderheads, yes and?" "Keegan picture....on Owlstalk....during turbulent times..." "Good Lord, you're right Stubbs..totally unfounded rumours...quick. Delete the image" "I'm afraid it's too late Sir ,some fruitcake has already seen the picture and run with it.." "Oh my word. And you know what happens as soon as some goon has a barmy idea and puts it to print on here" "I do Sir" "Whats that look Stubbs. Oh no! It hasn't has it not already?!" "It has Sir" "But the looney only posted it on Owlstalk two minutes ago and he can only have got the idea himself from the Keegan picture posted in our match day thread just four minutes before that!" "You know how nonsense and misinformation spreads at speed Sir" "Ye Gods! This madness will never end!"
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    What's happening? Most of the players from today just turned up at the Preston train station. Fans were remarkably good natured. I went to talk to Pelupessy but found I ran straight past him.
  33. 42 points
    The problem with people as nice as JR is that they make the rest of us twats look like...well, twats. Seriously though - the lad has character in abundance. It would be fantastic too see him 'do a Nuhiu' and tear it up on the pitch.
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    Sorry it's so early chaps. Still feel a bit grog .Pint of Benylin a hot water bottle, a Bernard Cornwell and an early night for me. . --------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday - V - L**ds United Saturday 26th October, 2019 12:30 Kick Off Hillsborough Stadium THE TEAM NEWS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Predicted line-up (4-1-4-1): Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Hutchinson Reach Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Unavailable: Wildsmith (Injured), Lees (Injured), Bates (Injured) Doubtful: Westwood , Luongo Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Keiren Westwood (ankle) is back in contention but boss Garry Monk could stick with Cameron Dawson. Midfielder Massimo Luongo is fit after limping off following his winning goal in the midweek victory over Stoke. --------------------------------------------------------- Predicted line-up (4-1-4-1): Casilla Ayling White Cooper Alioski Phillips Costa Klich Dallas Harrison Bamford Unavailable: Hernandez (Injured), Forshaw (Injured) Doubtful: Shackleton (Injured), Cooper (Injured) Leeds United skipper Liam Cooper (groin) is fit, but boss Marcelo Bielsa might retain the side that started the draw at Preston North End. Patrick Bamford will continue up front despite not scoring since August. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE GAFFERS Garry Monk: "I think Leeds are up there with a couple who were probably favourites at the start of the season and they are expected to go up, as they were last year. Unlucky in the situation they had in the play-offs but all credit to Derby what they did. That's the expectation of that club. "It's a big season for them but we are on our own path and have got our own focus. We respect the fact they are a good team with the way that they play, but we'll work our way, focus on ourselves and if we do that, we know we can give ourselves a good opportunity to win the game." Marcelo Bielsa: "All the matches are difficult, whatever position in the table the opposition are in, it's always a hard game. Sheffield Wednesday's style has changed, they've improved a lot, they are not easy to play against, they force opponents into mistakes and their players respond well to the manager's tactics. "In the Championship the results don't allow you to say any team is great, it's very inconsistent. This year the team is better, the level of the players are better, we have more options in the squad." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match facts None of the last 42 league meetings between Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United have ended goalless since a 0-0 draw in April 1969 in the top-flight. Excluding play-offs, the most shots by a team against an opponent in the Championship last season was Leeds against Sheffield Wednesday (53 across two games), though they only scored twice against the Owls. Sheffield Wednesday have lost just one of their last seven league games, winning four and drawing two. Leeds have won their last four away league Yorkshire derbies, last winning five in a row between 1997-2000 in the Premier League which included three wins at Hillsborough. Since leaving Leeds in May 2017, Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk has faced his former side on three occasions, winning twice (both with Birmingham last season) and losing once (with Middlesbrough in November 2017). Monk is one of only two managers Marcelo Bielsa has lost more than one game against as Leeds manager, along with Steve McClaren. courtesy of the legendary collinding thread..
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    THE INTERNATIONAL BREAK IS OVER! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARDIFF - V - WEDNESDAY Friday 18th October 19:45 Kick Off Cardiff City Stadium THE TEAM NEWS ---------------------------- Predicted line-up (4-2-3-1): Smithies Peltier Morrison Flint Bennett Bacuna Pack Paterson Ward Murphy Glatzel Unavailable: Etheridge (Injured), Connolly (Injured), Richards (Injured), Ralls (Injured), Vassell (Injured) Doubtful: Bamba (Injured), Hoilett (Knock) Cardiff boss Neil Warnock is planning to rotate his squad as they return from the international break. The Bluebirds have a hectic week, with a trip to Millwall in midweek being followed by the derby clash at Swansea next Sunday, and Warnock said he is planning on using his squad to get through the games. Warnock will have goalkeeper Neil Etheridge and winger Junior Hoilett available, after they came back unscathed from representing the Philippines and Canada respectively. Joe Ralls is expected to return, having missed two league games due to a groin injury, while Ashley Richards and Isaac Vassell are sidelined until November. **** Predicted line-up (4-1-4-1): Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Hutchinson Reach Lee Bannan Harris Fletcher Unavailable: Wildsmith (Injured), Lees (Injured), Bates (Injured) Doubtful: Luongo (Knock) Sheffield Wednesday are boosted by the return of suspended duo Fernando Forestieri and Sam Hutchinson. Liam Palmer and Atdhe Nuhiu are also available after returning to training at the end of the international break. Massimo Luongo has resumed full training following a knee issue but is unlikely to be fit enough to play in Cardiff. Captain Tom Lees continues to regain fitness after a hamstring injury and will not be available. FORM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACTS Cardiff City are winless in seven league matches against Sheffield Wednesday since a 2-1 victory in September 2014. Wednesday have not won in their last eight away league matches against Cardiff since a 2-1 victory in April 2007 under Brian Laws. Only Preston North End (16) have won more home points in the Championship this season than Cardiff (13). Wednesday have won none of their last 11 away league matches in Wales (Drawn 5 Lost 6). During his managerial career, the only opposite number Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk has faced more often without beating than Cardiff boss Neil Warnock (four games) is Tony Pulis (five games). ------------------------------------------------------------------ Cardiff 5/4 Draw 23/10 Wednesday 9/4 **** Fernando is back. Will he start? I wouldn't think so. He's been out a while and no amount of training can replicate the cut and thrust of Championship football. Will he make an appearance? I'm sure he will be involved because the best way to build up that sharpness is to pick up some match minutes. To be honest what a horrible prospect for a tiring defence after 70 minutes of battling than seeing the little man stood on the side about to come on and start running at you. The Colin Factor....to be honest. There is no Colin Factor. It's old hat. The panto villain act fools no one but the most blinkered of Wednesday fans. It's a show to make it about us and him. It's a mind game to take all the pressure off his players, and it's a flanker he has amazingly pulled over too many of our fans eyes for too long. This is about Wednesday and Cardiff out there on the pitch. Nothing else. WE'RE NOT STILL FALLING FOR IT, SURELY? On the pitch the focus area must surely be Harris. Against his old club. He's bound to do well isn't he? Afterall the old boys we let go often seem to come back and bite us on our arris. Be nice to see the same thing happen in reverse for once and for us to see one of ours go back to his old stomping ground and stick to his previous club. And if he does...I hope he celebrates properly! BOUND TO HAVE A BLINDER....ISN'T HE? Luongo is a doubt. Will this mean a spot for Reach in the middle and Murphy on the flank? To be honest I'd rather see Lee involved in the middle ahead Hutch at the base and let the former Oldham lad get on from midfield and push high up the pitch in support of Fletcher. Equally I hope Bannan is given the extra attacking licence as he was in the last game before the break. We do that and I don't see any reason why we can't go to the land of tin and Brains and come back with three points. BACK TO HIS MOST DANGEROUS -FURTHER FORWARD UP THE OWLS!
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    Morgan Fox and Joey Pelupessy both played well. It’s a shame that they get such abuse at times.
  38. 41 points
    He has clearly stated that on the evidence of his eyes that Dawson is the best, Wildsmith is the second best, and that Westwood is third best. Unless Westwood’s form has dropped off a cliff then either that is delusional, or a lie.
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    Fraser Preston West Stand. Save on the paint
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    Back him unconditionally until proved either way. For once Wednesday need to back there man and not throw him under the bus.
  41. 40 points
    Man City manager, can't see him coming here really.
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    My letter. Mr. John Mothersole, Chief Executive, Sheffield City Council, Town Hall, Pinstone Street, Sheffield S1 2HH Dear Mr Mothersole, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club I am writing to complain in the strongest terms about the restrictions which have recently been imposed at Hillsborough, allegedly in the name of safety, and your recent critical comments about Sheffield Wednesday. I believe that the measures are completely unnecessary but, much more important, are now seriously increasing the safety risks at the football ground. I understand that the prohibitions are as a result of the report from Manchester Metropolitan University dated 30th May 2019 and I have studied this report. I would like to make the following points:- 1 1 I do not accept that there is any direct relationship between the actions being taken now and the tragic disaster of 1989. 1989 was about entrance to the stadium and correct spreading of spectators in a safe way. The current issue appears to be about leaving the stadium. With the results of the Taylor report fully implemented, Hillsborough has seats all around the ground, no fences restricting emergency egress to the pitch or between areas of the ground and has an increased number of turnstiles at Leppings Lane where the concourse was enlarged by moving the wall with the turnstiles closer to the ground. So entering the ground should have been dealt with. Indeed, since the tragedy, Hillsborough has been selected to host an FA Cup Semi-final (5/4/1992), an FA Cup Semi-final replay (2/4/1997), a League Cup Final Replay (16/4/1997), the Euro ’96 finals and Premier League games for 9 years. Crowds have often been in the upper 30 thousands and on occasion, over 40,000. To my knowledge, there have not been any serious safety breaches in that period. I do appreciate that, following such a tragedy, authorities will wish to be extremely careful that safety is paramount at the club but to impose such draconian and questionable measures so suddenly when nothing else has changed seems to be completely unjustifiable. 2 2 I have been attending football matches as Hillsborough since 1955 and from 1961, when the North Stand was built, our family has held season tickets in the North Stand. I have always entered and left the ground via Leppings Lane and have never experienced any “egress” issues other than recently (see points below). 3 3 Dealing with the behaviour of small sections of a crowd who seem to be disruptive is a related but separate topic. It is quite noticeable that, in recent years, the police have become more and more aggressive towards spectators attending football matches, in some cases almost challenging people going to the game which has made me, now in my 70s, feel increasingly uncomfortable. Around 5 years ago, after the game had finished, they also started putting a human barrier of police across the entrance to the Leppings Lane concourse and again further up Leppings Lane, dramatically reducing the flow of spectators as they leave the ground and thereby creating an egress issue. This adversarial approach has not helped the police to have the respect of the vast majority of the spectators and has actually made egress from matches much more difficult. Football always attracts some fighting between a small minority and the police need to deal with this but, just like in 1989, the adopted approach seems that dealing with trouble makers is still the main focus of the policing. I have to assume that the changes and the approach of police officers is part of a management strategy and not determined by individual officers. 4 4 I was at the football match against Sheffield United on 4/3/2019 and entered and left the ground via Leppings Lane. Even on entering the ground, the police were in their most antagonistic mood ever and it was not pleasant. When we came out of the ground, the police almost blocked our way out. Some minor fighting started and the police appeared to over-react so rather than containing the situation it made it much worse. I made a hasty exit as the police were behaving like commandoes. The issue that day was not about how many people the concourse could hold or how quickly the crowd could disperse. It is whether the tactics of the police deliberately to restrict the size of the concourse and deliberately to reduce the rate spectators could leave by having rows of police restricting the exits and by the adoption of an over aggressive attitude was the correct approach or whether such policies should be changed. 5 The report by the University does not appear to be dealing with what actually happened on that day or addressing a problem which exists. The management of the crowd after the match was the subject of complaints from both football clubs and from supporter groups from both clubs. It would appear that the primary objective of the report is to prove that the fault lies entirely with the design of Hillsborough stadium and not with the police. In my opinion, the theory applied in the report is substantially flawed and if it were applied to all the football grounds in the Premier League and Football Championship, many grounds would be found wanting including Bramall Lane in Sheffield. The report totally ignores three critical points relevant to the theories applied:- a. In the past 3 years, a barrier has been erected in the concourse area at Leppings Lane to separate the home and away supporters. This has reduced the people capacity in the concourse. b. The police in the past 5 years or so have adopted an approach of almost barricading the exit from the concourse to Leppings Lane using officers and again have done the same towards the top of Leppings Lane close to the junction with Catch Bar Lane. This has seriously reduced the egress flow rate from the ground, in effect deliberately backing up people into the concourse area. c. The aggressive approach of police officers which is likely to be encouraging an aggressive response from sections of the crowd coming out of the stadium. 6 6 The recent decision to prevent any supporters from the home club entering or leaving the ground via Leppings Lane has the potential to create safety issues which were not previously present. The North Stand in particular was designed for entry and exit from both sides of the structure not just onto Penistone Road. As the Manchester report advises, further analysis was recommended before summary action was taken. 7 7 The effect on crowd numbers in the North Stand, a structure designed to hold 10,000 but with a current capacity of 9,255 following modifications to improve the width of gangways and provision of a disabled area is that it is now being restricted to well below the current capacity. This is to a football stand which many consider to be an absolute icon of cantilever design and the only football stand still in use to feature in Pevsner’s Buildings of England. As a user of the stand ever since it was built, I have never seen any issues with crowd safety in this stand although the decision to restrict access to one side is now creating a risk. 8 8 The application of the new prohibition order appears to be quite ridiculous when applied at recent games against Luton (20th August 2019) and QPR (31 August 2019) when the number of visiting spectators was low. At the game on 31st August, there was a crowd of 23,446 (less than 60% of the ground capacity) with no more than 700 from the visiting team. On the 20th August, a crowd of 23,353 included even less away supporters. But at both these games, nearly everyone had to leave the ground via Penistone Road after the game although the home and away supporters then mixed together as they made their various journeys home. It has also been noticeable that there have been significantly less police on duty outside the ground and I wonder if cost saving is what is actually driving the new policy? I believe the decisions taken based on the report are seriously flawed and should be immediately re-considered. As pointed out above, the report misses key policies adopted by the police which have seriously affected the used of the Leppings Lane concourse area and egress rates. As also pointed out above, if the theory used in the report were to be applied to all football clubs in the same way as Sheffield Wednesday, then major changes to their use would have to be made including Bramall Lane. And yet this theory is only being applied to one club. I would suggest that the following ideas are discussed in detail:- A A That the current restrictions are abandoned except for matches where the away supporters are expected to exceed a certain number. Applying a permanent restriction to the number of away supporters may be part of the discussion. B B That matches with large crowds and large numbers of away supporters are not played in the hours of darkness. That these “major” matches and “derbies” are ideally played early in the day, either at 3.00 or potentially earlier and that consideration is given to the restriction of alcohol sales in the local area. C C That the police abandon their policy of blocking the roads with officers thereby accelerating the movement of the crowd and the egress rates from the stadium. C D That the police adopt a much more community approach to the vast majority of spectators at football matches while at the same time identifying and dealing with the small known groups of trouble makers. E E That the authorities and SAG work closely together to find better ways of managing the stadium and safety rather than what currently appears to be an extremely adversarial atmosphere between the club the City Council and the Sag. On a final point, I find it a huge disappointment that the City of Sheffield does not celebrate the unique role of the City in the history of world football. We have the oldest club in the world (Sheffield FC), the second oldest club (Hallam FC), the oldest ground in the world (Sandygate), the oldest league ground in the world (Bramall Lane) and the 4th oldest club in the Football League(Sheffield Wednesday). AND Sheffield was the home for the first set of standard written rules for the game. We should have a national football museum and aim to become a destination for tourists from across the world. And issues between clubs and authorities in Sheffield should not be played out in the public eye and media. As the world City of Football, this should all be sorted out without the public or supporters knowing about it. I welcome your comments. Yours Sincerely, Copies to:- Julie Dore – Leader of Sheffield Council Dejphon Chansiri – Chairman Sheffield Wednesday Stephen Watson – Chief Constable South Yorkshire Police Clive Betts MP Angela Smith MP Dr. Alan Billings – South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner
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    Selling Rhodes and joao then keeping nu-hope and winnall is mindboggling to me We best have some profilic goalscorer linedup or its lowermidtable at best for us Fletcher winnall nuhiu and Fernando ain't good enough to get us where we need to be
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    What a great performance from Tom Lees last night. Sharp's match stats make very interesting reading. He virtually made no contribution to the game, hardly a completed pass. Tom Lees suffered under Luhukay's so-called 'management' and constant defensive formation/personnel changes but last night we saw what an excellent Championship Centre Back he is.
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    Some really good news from today. Harry has made his first return to Hillsborough since his accident today. Still looking in great shape for 89 years. He is in hospital next week to remove the plates in his jaw, and get back to eating solid food. Wish him well
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    Currently morphed into CR7’s abs - due out 1st Feb
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    The celebration where every single player, bar Dawson, congratulated him in front of the kop and half a dozen players turned to the crowd and tried to pump them up ? That passionlesss , joyless celebration ? So we've gone from knocking the display (which the 1st half warranted) to the goal celebrations now ? On a far more serious note.,.. on Saturday , the Kop ran out of Bovril.... so i had to go without.... Last night ... i asked for a Bovril and a Hot Chocolate.... £5 whcih I paid on contactless..... Guy looked around and said ... oh, we dont have any hot chocolate left....... i wasnt impressed... I said 2 bovrils then...... "We've no Bovril left either" So I asked for a refund.... I think i may be the first person to ever ask for a refund there .... not one of them had a clue what to do .. 2nd half kick off was approaching ..... eventually, they had to give me £5 cash ... Utter shambles everywhere at the moment.
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    We were probably just waiting for Staton to f**k off
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    QPR - V - Wednesday Well the run came to and end with a 1-0 defeat to Fulham. It wasn't unexpected was it? Not really. Not if we're honest with ourselves. I think we all knew that it would be the toughest of the games we've had since Christmas and so it proved. They were undefeated since 2017. A run of nearly four months. Had a full squad of quality players to pick from and have been getting tipped to go up for the last 3 years. 15 minutes to go and I was thinking "You know, a point against these, we'd have taken that before the game" This was a side that had bagged 44 goals in it's previous 18 games when it looked like we might nick a clean sheet I thought that would have been something. Mitrovic - A beast in this division Of course no one likes a defeat . But a 1-0 loss. Against a side that has recently dispatched our noisy neighbours 3-0. Hit Burton for 6. Smashed Cardiff 4-2 and even beaten table topping Wolves who look like certain champions. It isn't that bad in the bigger scheme of things. At one time I'd have been going into this fixture absolutely fearing the worst. Yet. There's been a little bit of mumping. Odd for my money. Fulham are a terrific side. Have in Sessegnon , Ojo, Cairney and Mitrovic some of the best players in the division, a manager who's a fantastic reputation and one who has been allowed time to build a side. A side which in all honesty you'd have to part with the best part of £100m to get. Blimey. The way the games going you'd probably have to part with half of that for just two of them. An excellent side, on an excellent run. In a system they are accustomed to, and to which signings have been added to fit the pattern against us. Playing 5 at the back to try and ensure our status in the division. Players still missing. One going off injured. Reach seems to have took a bit of the brunt. And it's true the midfield man didn't have his best of games. He has looked tired the last few games. And considering how unfit the squad is by general consent it's now wonder really. The lad had played a part in 48 games this season in all competitions. Even he, with his three lungs is going to start feeling the pinch. "It's not just that though. He's crap generally. Can't tackle, can't pass, can't do owt" Which is why these stats are quite interesting. Now before folks start.... Ok. So 30 might not seem many tackles. And it probably could have been double. Should have been double. But the fact is he's in there and getting involved. Reminds me of Mark Bright. "Misses chance after chance." Yet still scored 20 goals a season on a regular basis. Ehh dear. Where am I going with this. Who knows. We weren't helped when Bannan had to go off IMO. He made some mistakes. But I still think he remains one of our best chances of creating forward momentum. "I teld thi Snoots, dint a, dint a tell thi, contract conspiracy. Bannans back and now he's out ageean. But I'll tell thi this. There's nowt up wi him. Now we're safe he's been dropped to save money ont contract. Nowt so sure. That's why he went off." "Well he's been out a long time and come straight back into the team. It is possible he's tweaked something. It happens doesn't it" "We're 16th, looking safe, that's why he were off. We waint see him ageean this season. It makes me sick. Clubs sick from top to bottom. Stick wi me, tha might learn sumat." 24 hrs later... "I see Bannan is ok. Just a bit of fatigue it seems after being involved in three games after being out so long. Looks like he'll be including in preparations for Hull on Saturday" "Well they've had to ant they.." "What do you mean?" "Wey, they know we're onto em ,like. So they're tryna cover their backsides aren't they, bit late int day coz I know what they're up to" Anyway....yes we could have had more of a go at it against Fulham. But wouldn't that have risked leaving ourselves more open? if we had and got picked off by their pace (which was a very real possibility) Would we really be any better off? It sounds daft. But a 1-0 loss might help at the end of the year. (I know, I know, worse spin than Alistair Campbell) I know that some went into the game with an attitude of "Nothing to lose. Now let me be entertained". Which is always nice. But really, it was never going to be a case of gung-ho was it? Not when the relegation trapdoor is still below is. It's almost shut admittedly. But there is still a gap. Still a crack of black into the darkness. So lets not go mad. Sometimes, you just have to say a better squad won don't you? So today we take on a side where I think we really can be a bit more expressive. Holloways QPR. TUE 10 APR 2018 CHAMPIONSHIP 19:45 Venue: Loftus Road Stadium Odds Check Home Draw Away 1/1 5/2 13/5 And what an unpredictable side they are. Hammered by five goals against a poor a Forest side as I've seen in years. Struggle to edge past Barnsley. But then do Villa and Norwich by big scores. Before taking another hammering by Hull. They are consistently inconsistent. QPR boss Ian Holloway (who was top of the Owlstalk fan polls for new manager when Wednesday let Dave Jones go) recently described his side as 'having a glass chin' and this has to be a game where Wednesday must be looking to deliver a knockout blow. They sit just above us in the table . The form table also suggests two pretty evenly matched sides. Both taking ten points from the last six outings. Holloways ditched his 3-5-2 some months ago. It was said at the time to rid his side of their glass chin. However their results have still been hit and miss since he changed the formation. They have gone back to a more solid 4-2-3-1 Skipper Nedum Onuoha misses out after getting sent off against Hull and could be replaced by the versatile Grant Hall Match facts Since losing 2-1 on their opening game of the 2013-14 season, Sheffield Wednesday are unbeaten in six league matches against the Hoops (W3 D3). A positive sign. I've always liked Loftus Road. It's one of them compact little grounds isn't it. Ian Holloway has won none of his 13 Championship matches against Sheffield Wednesday (D5 L8), failing to win with six different clubs (QPR, Plymouth, Leicester, Blackpool, Crystal Palace and Millwall). He really does love us does't he. He can't bear to see us lose! Sheffield Wednesday have won their past two away league games - as many as they had in their previous 16 combined. My God what a stat We have struggled on the road this season. How much of that is to do with a lack of pace. I mean, you do tend to play on the counter away from home don't you. and Pace is useful when you are going to try and do that! Joao certainly has to start doesn't he?. Matt Smith has either scored (3) or assisted (6) nine of QPR's last 16 Championship goals (56%). Isn't he the chump that came on for L**ds and got sent off after 4 seconds? Similarly, Atdhe Nuhiu has been directly involved in six of Sheffield Wednesday's past nine league goals (5 goals, 1 assist). I don't know how we're going to line up. Probably 3-5-2. Though some people are getting frustrated with it. Mind if a 4-1 win over Preston, a 3-1 win of Sunderland and a 1-0 defeat to one of the best sides in the division is frustrating...then give me more frustration! In other news. It seems George Hirst is off to Old Trafford to earn his fortune. To be honest, I've long held the belief that to a young lad a few grand a week here should be more than enough. But then I was told this afternoon that some spotty teenagers are becoming millionaires by letting people watch videos of them playing computer games. If that's the case no wonder the lad has got the monk on!! Hours on the training ground (Not ours,admittedly!) . Hours in the gym. And yet some kid who has never spoken to a girl can top trump him in Gentings and act Bertie Big Balls flashing the cash. Absolute scenes. No wonder he wants off.. It's a crazy world we live in. Anyway... Hopefully a good game and a good result for the mighty Owls. COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    The fact this is seemingly becoming more and more common says it all about the fairness of FFP/PS, especially with failure/parachute payments. When clubs are in a position that they have to sell their grounds to remain within the limits and/or remain competitive, it says it all.
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