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    A fans whipping boy but i think he's really under-rated. People compare him as a like-for-like for Hutchinson but thats not him. Steaming into tackles isn't his game. Good footballer and good pro in my opinion
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    Every player in any football team gives the ball away from time to time. Some players are afforded a bit more patience than other. Jones is probably bottom of the pile regarding this which is really unfair. Some fans have just decided they dont like him and thats that. Remember a couple of months ago when we'd only lost 1 in about 20 of the games that he'd started...? Was a massive fall guy toward the end of Carlos' reign. I wouldn't be surprised if his confidence is dented somewhat. During his career he's never been the one to sit next to a ball player (ie Lee/Bannan). He's always been the ball player next to someone that does the dirty work (ie Barton at Burnley) But i'll answer your question regardless Rarely panics Is calm on the ball Doesn't need to steam into challenges because of his reading of the game Is probably the ONLY player in our team that has the ability dictate the pace of the game He's a leader (him being captain in the last match proves that) Has an excellent CV and has been promoted from this division more times than i've had hot dinners
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    Needs a new contract in my opinion, he's shown his worth lately.
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    There really isn't another player quite like him in the division, maybe even the whole league. Of course his physical size and subsequent lack of mobility - the very thing that makes him unique - puts real limitations on his abilities as a ground player, a runner or a sharpshooter. But it also gives him a unique ability: as a totem, when we're under a barrage of pressure and need 9-10 men back with one up top for an effective outball that won't just come straight back, he's about as good as you could hope for. He's a very specialised player to have in our arsenal, and I think we should hold on to him for those situations. Whether that makes him too much of a luxury player to justify a contract is the real issue. Right now I can safely say there's nobody in the current squad I'd rather see warming up on 80min in a critical fixture when we're narrowly defending 1-3 vital points. Given that we're looking at a rebuild and regrowth period for the remainder of this campaign, it's not unlikely we'll be in that sort of situation more often than we have been over the previous couple of seasons. Opponents don't really know what to do with him. He frees up space for other players by drawing two defenders on his own half the time. He's also basically ALWAYS available to play, which is a minor miracle for a Wednesday man and a quality that shouldn't be overlooked in our current state. I say given where we are just now, an extension has been earned at the very least.
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    Cup win any day of the week!! We eventually would come back up in a season or two but we would always be 2018 FA Cup Winners. I know which I would remember more when I am sat in the old people home.
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    I suspect it will be worrying - so i maturely deciding to take the ostrich approach and pay it no heed.
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    I popped into the Wednesday Tap yesterday at about 1pm with our lass and the little 'un. The barmaid had no idea we had walked in, the place was deserted and as i approached the bar she looked up and jumped out of her skin. Now i know I'm not the best looking on a Sunday morning but c'mon Miss! Anyway i ordered my first pint of Wednesday Pale Ale and i must say it was mighty fine. Reminded me of a blonde ale we supped in Caerphilly early on in the season before Cardiff away. Young 'un wasn't too impressed with the blackcurrant but it had been 0 degrees outside as we had made our way before parking in the South Stand car park next to Barry Bannan. Anyway i would just like to say how impressed i was with the place. Loved the pics around the place. There are loads more super McKee prints but i'm not posting anymore as they've all gone sideways? Must have had more than the one WPA Anyway it came time for us to leave so as i took our glasses back to the bar the barmaid was once again pre-occupied with being bored and looking down at her phone with her back to the counter. She caught a glimpse of my movement through the glass mirror at back of bar and once again jumped out of her skin only this time making me jump too!! It was like a scene out of Laurel and Hardy i tell thi. She proceeded to apologise and explain that the place is haunted and that only the other day she was stood on her own in there and two glasses flew across and smashed so we quickly legged it to Bradfield for some home made snap. I'll protect our lass any day of the week but faced with summat i can't see is a little unfair. 1-0 to the Poltergeist. UTO!
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    He does need a new contract. With another club.
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    Thanks @owlstalk I thoroughly enjoyed that if you jump in at 3 mins onwards I'm afraid I know a bit of and worried about FFP if not the exact accounting practices described I said on here last season and few weeks ago we should worry about embargos and fines with FFP i think the first comment was 'so what qpr haven't paid owt yet ' Well I don't know whether they have or haven't tbh they seem to think the playing of U23s is an indication of a change in ethos long term I think it's needs must personally They also think KM has been brought in to tighten the ship and do things like deny they agent of the dutch left back a pension - All for that If it were me I would sell the big earners where we could that's if we can get them walking incl FF Bannan Lees fletcher and Westwood start again with hungry younger players I relish the challenge of trying to stay in the league with the parachute fatcats promotion can be done at sensible expenditure it's down to recruitment and coaching we'll see how Jos stacks up next year
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    There’s something amazingly great about these old pictures. It feels like back in the day fans used to be able to (or just did) express themselves more. Makes me quite sad that in other thread that some people don’t want someone proudly waving an OWLS flag at Hillsborough anymore. Football has either become a bit boring, or people just think ‘they are weird’ instead of ‘they are having a laugh, good on them’.
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    Breath of fresh air reading that. All of a sudden there's a massive incentive for these kids.
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    North Bank Highbury FA Cup semi final v Brighton.......... Sam & Cainey flying the flag !
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    Im lucky enough to have seen us win a trophy Would love the young uns to experience the same elation Promotions and relegations are temporary Cup wins are for life
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    How many times has Nuhiu been injured or been unavailable for large spells? The fact he remains fit most of the time puts him above some of the others in my book.
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    All his team mates love him ,really lifts the fans and the team ,always takes two defenders with him in the box ,creates big holes in the opponents box ,I totally agree he deserves a new contract Thanks Dave
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    Basically, his purchase cost is spread over several years so say approx £2M per year hits our accounts. If we sold him, it would no doubt be at a loss given his form since arriving so the difference between what we paid for him less one years payment would then have to be charged to our accounts. I don't know the true figures but lets say for example, we bought for £8M, in the first year we accounted approx £2M of that. We then sell for £2.5M but in reality we still owed £5.5M which then becomes chargable to the clubs financial accounts as we can no longer spread these payments out once the player is sold. A bit of a simplistic explanation but hopefully it helps. Unless I totally misunderstood the podcast (wasn't listening too closely) in which case I'll no doubt get negged to death!
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    I'd play him in this one. See how he does alongside Pudil and Venancio. He was unlucky to be red carded in the derby in my opinion
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    Any advice for those who don't understand Podcasts???
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    I had a racing snail once took its shell off to see if it would go faster but it made it more sluggish ...boom boom.
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    Bannan looks like he has been allowed out of his pram but on condition he wears his reins
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    Probably time to press the reset button. We went for it in our first two years and fells short. Seems pretty likely that we will be operating a tighter ship from now on (there were signs of this in the summer if you think about it) and tbh I'm happy if that's the case. Time for us to try and build something on solid foundations, as opposed to boom and bust.
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    Wednesday fans have always liked a tough tackler. Add some other qualities and a bit of charisma and it's no surprise that we've taken to Hutchinson despite his injury and disciplinary record. Jones has suffered by comparison. Although they play in similar positions, they are different players. Firstly, Jones comes across as a bit dour and boring, methodical, a thinker rather than instinctive. Secondly, Jones is not "all action", he doesn't dive in. He reads the game and relies more on interceptions than tackles. He's more measured than Hutch and shepherd's the player with the ball away from danger rather than commit to a possible foul. But he does tackle, and too often it's weak, and he does misplace some passes, which seems to be the basis for the negative perceptions, but overall he protects the back 4/5 as well as anyone at the club and he sets us going forward as well with better link up with Reach/Wallace/Wingbacks than Hutch.
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    We all know we gambled and it didn't work. We all know we cannot sustain the strategy of buying in expensive players with no resale value. Recent recruitment strategy suggests we have learned from this and welcome more signings like Pelupessey at a reasonable fee and presumably reasonable wages. Other recent acquisitions such as Reach, Van Aken, Venancio alike are more exciting prospects and have arguably contributed more to the first team than some of our expensive acquisitions recently and have potential to develop. I would be happy if we were no longer competing for Premier League drop downs and looking to develop players, similar to those mentioned above.
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    Word of advice Jordan...........keep off social media.
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    err.. what do i think his main strengths are other than his main strengths? I really have no idea what you're asking.. at least.. if i do understand what you're asking it seems like quite a silly question. I can try and explain his strengths more clearly.. but i'll focus on his main one which is his movement. Rhodes is not particularly strong or particularly quick.. but he does understand where the ball should go in order to make goalscoring opportunities and he knows how to get there ahead of his man. Watch the Cardiff highlights again if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrbdCteP8TU The move at 2:39 is an example of how we don't really use Rhodes well. At the start, Palmer has come inside, so we have no width on the right at all. Rhodes makes the run out wide, but Palmer ignores him and rolls it back to Reach. Reach had seen Rhodes run and tries to play it out to him, but the pass is late and too slow, so the defender steps in. Reach manages to win it back and he and Rhodes exchange passes. Rhodes makes the right run in behind the defender, which would let him cut it back across goal, which is really dangerous. Reach instead opts to put in a cross to 2 tightly marked players and it's so bad it doesn't beat the first man. 4:43 Joao squares to Wallace who shoots over. Again look at where Rhodes is. He's lost his marker and Wallace could just roll the ball into him. Bamba is wrong footed and if Wallace puts Rhodes in he's got time to turn and be 1 on 1. Instead Wallace takes a touch and blasts it into the stands. 6:15 The Jones freekick. This is actually really good movement. Rhodes sprints forward, and fakes running infront of the defender. That makes the defender think that's where he should be and so he tries to muscle infront of Rhodes. Rhodes knows the ball isn't going that far forward, so checks back, the defender has taken himself out of the game due to Rhodes movement, but unfortunately Rhodes doesn't quite off the ground quick enough and can't keep the header down. The movement is great tho, excellent manipulation of his marker. 6:24 The shot that rebounds to Reach. At 6:26 you can see Rhodes backing off into the middle. He's doing that to draw the Morrison more central. Rhodes knows the ball down the outside of Morrison is the best one, so he's trying to create that angle for Joao. He then holds up and dives in behind Morrison to get on the end of the pass from Joao. It's not an easy finish as it's coming from behind him and he's got to take it quickly as Bamba is coming over, but he forces the keeper into a save and Reach should slot in the rebound (rather than try and break the net) 7:55 Putting Joao in 1v1. To be honest this situation arises pretty much just from luck. However he jumps on the opportunity, cuts inside Bamba to make the angle for the pass and puts Joao thru perfectly. He knows where Joao should go and makes the angle, while also making Bamba turn so Joao has more time. It's good play, and Joao should slide it in the far corner. 8:38 The Joao header. With 2 men on Wallace, Palmer has few options. Rhodes comes across, steps back into Bamba for a second, which is just enough to let the ball come across him and takes Bamba out of the game. Then delivers a good cross to the back post for the easiest chance of the game, which Joao should bury. So just from the highlights reel of Saturday we have 6 examples of Rhodes play which show his movement and the goals he can score and create. From my memory watching it there were more than just these, but it's easier to just show you the ones on tape. It's also worth bearing in mind that this is in a team playing 532, with only 3 other attack minded players in the team. Our delivery into the box was poor, and you can see from 2:39 and 4:43 that we need to make better decisions in the final third. Combine that with more quality coming back or being added (Fox and Palmer are not good crossers of the ball, nor is Wallace these days) and hopefully we'll see more benefit from Rhodes movement. Also, with better finishing from Joao we'd have comfortably won the game, with the two chances that Rhodes made for him. Overall, the Cardiff game gave me good hope that Rhodes is still the same player he was and that we can get the best out of him. He's making great runs and working for the team. If he carries on where he left off on Saturday then I've no doubt he'll make a real difference for us.
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    Yep, his loss of pace has reached a tipping point, also his timing in the challenge has become a liability, unfortunately. Leader in the dressing room is his primary role for the remainder of this season IMO.
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    Chuffing hell... how tall is the bloke taking that photo?
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    This flag came with its own Fire Safety sign. Bravo.
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    OK, so we have to be mindful of FFP, but it is not all doom and gloom. Below is a reasonably competitive team (acknowledging some weak links) we could field with an average age around 24. Add in some options like Penney (19), Nielson (19), O'Grady (20) as back up. Established players like Palmer (26), Matias (28) and factor in some of the returning players like Lees (27), Bannan (28), Hutchinson (28), Hooper (29) and starts to look a whole lot better. I have not even included the likes of Fletcher, Abdi, Loovens, Pudil, Wallace, Boyd, Jones, Lee, Jones, Butterfield, FF, Nuhiu, or Westood all of whom would contribute towards a significant saving on wages (at least) if needed. Not to advocate that we seek to move them all on, but in truth a good number of these have not been available for long periods over their SWFC careers, so can questions their value v contribution? FFP aside, think we have reason to be optimistic for the future and looking forward to seeing how Jos reshapes this sqaud over the summer.
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    I’d give him a contract extension. It’s cool on here to dislike Nuhiu and people just agree and go along with that opinion like merry sheep - too scared to disagree. I think that a lot don’t truly appreciate what he brings to the team.
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    If you're not prepared to invest your time in listening, why would you expect that someone who has taken the time to listen, then, take even more time to summarize the whole thing for you.
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    Is this other people's understanding of the point about the club being worse off if we sell players? Transfer fees are amortised (written off) over the term of the contract. Example: Club pays 9m for a player on a 3 year contract. Year 1 accounts=3m; Year 2 accounts=3m; Year 3 accounts=3m Say the player is sold after year 1 for 5 million, there is still 6m of cost still on the books. When the player is sold, even though there is 2 years left on the contract, the 'hit' of 6m happens in the current accounting year rather than being spread over 2. That 6m is deducted from the 5m realised from the sale of the player. So instead of having 5m to invest in the squad the club actually has an accounting loss of 1m as far as FFP is concerned. So the club has sold the player but in the short term is actually worse off.
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    Are they waiting for the photographer to install the urinals?
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    Great to see. Get Lees back in ASAP - great defender and daft to judge him solely on this season’s performances. This year has been a car crash for half of our squad. A fully fit Lees, playing under Jos, in a back three with two out of Hutch, Venancio, Van Aken, Pudil and Loovens would soon look rock solid again I’m sure. And Bannan in the role Wallace is currently playing....bring it on.
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    Good player. Had injury problems this year. Came back into a team with loads of injuries and was unfairly sent off. Give our players a chance. Still a great captain. Can't we support players rather than the eternal search for a scapegoat.
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    I went in before the Carlisle match. I really like it, but it’s not going to last long outside of match days if there isn’t some serious promotional work from the club. It’s already dropped from open 12-11 every day to 4-11 on weekdays and 12-11 at weekends. As it’s tucked down under the South, it’s not obvious to anyone going past. There needs to be signage on Parkside Road, Leppings Lane and Penistone Road, and they need to be leafleting all the houses and businesses on surrounding roads. There’s a local monthly magazine full of adverts that goes through everyone’s letterbox round there- they need a double page spread in there and also maybe in the Sixer. I really want it to be a success as I’m renovating a house near the stadium- when I’ve finished it and moved in, I would happily go there as my local. Sadly I don’t think it will last that long.
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    Sent emails to Karcher, Jaguar Landrover and A couple of other corporate clients of ours to tap into charity budgets. Ive done this before and hopefully they will give again. Will keep you posted and fingers crossed.
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    That brings back great memories...caught a very early train down to London on the day, and that huge flag was being paraded around St Pancras as we walked out - I was only about 15 at the time, and had been season ticket holder a good while... but don’t think I quite appreciated how massive our support was until this semi, just seemed like Wednesday had taken over London for the day...even though we got beat, it was a clear sign that we were definitely on our way back (as the following season proved :-))... also made everyone realise what a great noise we all made on a big terrace under a roof.
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    What happened to the ban on kids being allowed in here? Place has only been open a few weeks and its going to pot already. First sign of a pub on the decline is letting bloody kids in. Don't know what the attraction is for parents to drag their little darlings to the boozer, Can you not manage a day out with the kids without having a pint. Should be a ban on all kids in pubs. Full stop and I say that as a licence holder. Snot nosed little barstewards need a good kicking when thay run round the boozer with mum and dad thinking how loverly
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    Well according to those naysayers on here if he charges fifteen pound the ground will be full regardless of opposition day weather or tournament. So owt less than 30k says you are absolutely wrong. If it is only a small crowd will you promise to stop banging on about ticket prices. Or admit you only want to go to big games,and only then when it’s cheap.
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    Wednesday (not in stripes ! ) in action at Millwall FC just over 70 years ago as Eddie Quigley head toward goal. The match finished 0-0
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    He's got more promotions to his name than anyone else in this squad. That would suggest he must have done something right. Truth be told, I think (and he's not the only one here) we probably got him a year or two past his peak and I'm not sure he was always helped by Carlos's rigid 4-4-2 formation. In saying that he's impressed in the last few games in that holding role. The 3-5-2 system offers him a bit more protection and likewise he's able to screen the back four more effectively and keep things ticking over.
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