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    I had a racing snail once took its shell off to see if it would go faster but it made it more sluggish ...boom boom.
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    Good. Don't moan then. Christ on a bike. We'd have got rogered in that game a month ago. It's going to take time. It wouldn't have been a surprise if we'd lost the last two games even with a new manager all things considered. But in bugger all time he's managed to make us more resolute, harder to break down and at the same time actually look marginally better going forward. He's done this with 9 first team plauers out including 4 Internationals and had to use an aging winger in centre midfield. He's pulled in and used 4 kids put of the U23s. And we've kept 4 clean sheets. It's going to take time to undo the clusterfuck that was happening. Those players looked crushed a fortnight ago. Heads down. They can't be built up overnight. Though amazingly he's also managed to spark Jones, who I've been a big critic of to life. We're going to lose some games. Thats a fact. So get ready for that. But we'd be losing a lot more if this fella hadn't come in. Pigs, Carlisle and Cardiff. Three clean sheets. Two vital points and the next round of the cup. Would anyone genuinly have banked on that 3 weeks ago, because I bloody wouldn't. I'm I an easily pleased happy clapping twatt because I'm pleased with that point? I don't think so. Ok, I might be a twatt, but I'm far from easily pleased. But let's have some b'stard realism here. Jos has come in and stuck his finger in the hole in the dam! And that bloody God he has. We're going to have to ride some bloody rough waves in the next few weeks. Cling on tight. Ready for the calm waters of summer when Jos can really put his own stamp on the club. Fukcs sake.
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    Great to hear the lads story Spencer and good on you for posting it , In the past I have been a recipient of Owlstalkers generocity and genuine kindness even though to them at the time I was only a username so much so that it made a 18 stone ex bouncer cry (via different circumstances to Ricky ) , and i'm not ashamed to admit it , that said I know they will dig deep, for Ricky without any hesitation And my friend that is what we are and we always go the extra mile for our own in their time of need , I remember when I first joined the site some 6 years ago app , the Owlsman told me that the Wednesday family always look after their own , and it is so true Mate so very true ,we fall out we argue but we come together when needed And that is what matters most ,
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    Just a few recent away games at Wigan, Wembley, QPR (tricky dicky on front row) Reading this season(coldest I've been in an age) with some of the lads at the Stain last week and finally the OCS appearing from a side street before facing up to the BBC on Bramall Lane which apparently never happened according to dear Geoffrey.
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    Wildsmith Hunt Venancio Loovens Pudil Fox Reach Pelupessy Boyd Matias Joao Subs- Dawson, Palmer, Penney, Jones, Wallace, Rhodes, Nuhiu Clare and Thorniley cup tied, play the strongest team possible and get through. No idea if any of the injured players may be back for this but we'll just have to presume they aren't.
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    Just had a good chat with Ricky, What a truly insperational man and family. As the Bio on the donate page says, he has lived with various conditions since Just after birth and this really is his chance at a life which we all take for granted. With only ONE working vein this is really time critical, and he sees it as his chance and is under no Illusion what could happen. The accomodation provided by the NHS is not suitable for his wife, who is also disabled and tragically found out today also needs surgery but has postponed it to be with her husband when he gets the call. Ricky will have to make the journey with next to no notice to a city 150 miles away (my adopted home city) and pretty much leave everything for weeks of end. His intention is (subject to blood results today) is to have the op (also subject to a donar being found) and spend about four weeks in hospital. That’s just the start though, I know from my mother having a transplant it’s a huge undertaking, and months and years of being under constant doctor supervision. His wife, will be by his side for a week, then travel between Sheffield and oxford to see Ricky. Its his his wife who really needs this cash, Taxis and Hotels in one of the country’s most expensive city’s isn’t going to be easy, food and other items required for them will all cost. His wife requires a vehicle we simply simply do not have in my business but he has been in touch with One and hopefully I can help with a few bits also. He is extreamley greatful for owltalks help @OWLSTALK and says since this has been posted his notifications when a donation is received has gone mad. He has signed up to OT now, awaiting approval so expect to see him on here soon. he really appreciates it all guys and I am truly humbled to speak with him, also he keeps a ST going and we plan to meet at the Birmingham Home game. Keep donating WAWAW.
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    There has also been 7325 views. £1 from everybody ??? Don't think that £1 doesn't help because it does 2000 x £1 Is a huge amount. Just think what this poor guy and his family have to endure every day of their lives. How many of us have to suffer this amount of pain and worry. ONE £ is all it will take.
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    Why is it that when you drop your toast, it always lands Luhukay side up?
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    We might already have that ..... who knows
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    Point stands i'm afraid The most expensive player in our history by some distance shouldn't need a queue of fanboys excusing his pitiful return Carbone was given a lot of leeway for being f*cking brilliant for the most part - the FF of his day (albeit a better version) - but his desire to be paid what he felt he was worth split the fanbase asunder - and he was vilified by many who had previously been smitten by him Sinton got loads of stick on messageboards albeit retrospectively - there isn't a lot of love for him among Wednesdayites. Pembridge not so much in my recall but was ultimately unable to fill the boots vacated by Wilson I'm sorry but there are no more excuses for JR - doesn't mean he cannot come good under this new regime But it doesn't alter the fact he has thus far represented the most disappointing signing in our modern history - all things considered
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    I can , you get the odd gumboil on here but the major majority are sound with these type of help threads anyway folk's it's a worth cause so please dip yer hands in for the lad
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    Sent emails to Karcher, Jaguar Landrover and A couple of other corporate clients of ours to tap into charity budgets. Ive done this before and hopefully they will give again. Will keep you posted and fingers crossed.
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    Donated as much as I can to a worthy cause all the best to Ricky and family
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    Someone's ground looks an awful lot like a kebab shop
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    yep need to progress in cup,play offs too far away imo let's av a cup run
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    Wildsmith Nielsen Loovens Thorniley Palmer Penney Boyd Pessy Jones Matias Nuhiu
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    So.... the England call-up is back on?
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    Went in for my birthday. It was me, the girlfriend and three barstaff. Fantastic. Like listening to praise and grumble with the sound muted.
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    It was a foul cos the ref said it was, it was no goal cos the ref said it wasn’t, and Warnock is a skid mark cos I say he is. Hope that clarifies the situation.
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    Good old Colin, absolute WUM, wouldn't be surprised if we found out he had an account on here
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    Agree with the OP Everytime he’s scores it’s ‘that will give him confidence’ Then he turns in a few more abject performances and everyone goes ‘needs a goal, that will give him confidence’ And it’s true he hasn’t turned crap overnight, it’s taken 2.5 years
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    This next one has as much to do with timing as the player in question More specifically, who's in charge of our next visitors ... It's back to 2012 again, and the day when what last few grains of respect I might have had for Warnock disappeared forever As Wednesdayites, we all have to find ways of dealing with disappointment Some games are spoilt by the officials, some by events on and off the field, some leave a sour taste in the mouth This one had all of the above and worse, it left me feeling sick to the stomach, but anyway ... Some games are also synonymous with one player Stanley Matthews had his 1953 FA Cup final (before my time) Chris Waddle will always be remembered for dismantling West Ham in 1993 Well for me, this is the only game I'll ever recall ... JAY BOTHROYD ... with anything other than disdain I, perhaps like most back then, thought we were onto a winner - wrong! Mark Hughes had had enough of him at QPR and presumably saw a loan out as a convenient shop window Dave Jones probably thought he might get him to reproduce the Cardiff form that led to his only England full cap two years earlier - wrong! What we got was an idle, unmotivated waste of a shirt A shirt he'd get to wear every single game regardless of form or effectiveness And to make matters worse, he even had a pop at the fans for reminding him of the fact Then there was the L**ds game - his one goal in 14 games A cynic might suggest he turned it on for the cameras, but as performances go it was a total one-off He returned to QPR (by then under 'Arry Redknapp) and was duly released the following summer So where is he now? Well surprisingly, he's not crouched behind a supermarket dumpster somewhere drinking white cider At 35, he's playing in Japan where he seems to have rediscovered his mojo Indeed, after QPR he spent a year in Thailand and then joined Jubilo Iwata in the J1 League where he bagged 34 goals in 54 appearances over the next two seasons Now, he's turning out for Consadole Sapporo (14 games - 10 goals) I don't know if this is a reflection of the standard of Japanese football, or whether he really has turned things around But there is no way on earth I'd ever want to see him brought back on loan
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    I always took it as a child or offspring in a derogatory sense as in - come 'ere ya daft get *smack* (obvious going off personal experience here )
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    Stop it now. My discussion with you was about Madines Character and is suitability to play for Wednesday. Not what you stated above. FFS Pal.
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    So until we're attacking and on form, he should be nowhere the starting lineup. In 2018, Jordan Rhodes is a very poor championship striker. Genuinely looking like THE worst signing in our history.
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    Might be a daft question. Whats a combie? FFS
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    I think every team needs someone like this though. Kante, an example already used was absolutely priceless for Leicester and now Chelsea but you can pick him up for peanuts in any fantasy league that only scores you points for goals, assists and clean sheets for defenders. He won't do much of any of those things but he will win the ball, recycle it, run tirelessly and distribute effectively. He'll be doing the dirty work, if he largely goes unnoticed it means he hasn't made a mistake and that's what we will want from him as a defensive midfielder.
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    1. So you think in your opinion that Rhodes will come good with a new a manager. At present thats an opinion not facts which we look at what as past. So in you opinion Rhodes is or will be doing better in the next few weeks or so. I think this is a defence of Rhodes but wishful thinking. The facts are he as had more than a fair crack of the whip and for someone who massively exceeded the transfer record at our club, I think the return we have is beyond belief. The facts are that not on the odd occasion he as missed the opportunity to make a name for himself but failed on many occasion. It may not be his fault the price tag p,laced on his shoulders but I think we should be getting a better return. Every player as a price but again your opinion is that it would be foolish to sell him. Why? Also was it CC 's fault that whilst he was in charge he continually missed open nets and did absolutely nothing for the team. No Im not just looking at the goals column however it could and should be a lot healthier than what it is hence one of the reasons we are nearer to the bottom 3 than the top 6. If you think that a player of Rhodes experience and the performances which he as put in whilst with Wednesday deserves a starting place each week, then you can't be surprised by the lowly league position. Everyone deserves a chance in which Rhodes really as had plenty. How long in your opinion do we keep with Rhodes until you say enough is enough. Do you know what, I really hope Im proved wrong but without sounding too harsh he really doesn't deserve a start at present. In fact if it wasn't for the fact we have so many injuries I would doubt very much if he would get into the squad. I remember being at the first match I think was Wigan away, and since that game, there as been nothing to change my mind that this was a poor signing.
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    Am I the only one fearing for my life - these things could combust at a seconds notice. I sit in the middle of the North Stand - but I'm still wearing full fire protection gear, plus breathing apparatus just in case. Will somebody, please think of the children?
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    Sorry Mrs Butterfield but we presumed your son was missing in action
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    Dawson Venancio Loovens O'Grady Hunt Fox Pelupessy Jones Boyd Nuhiu Matias Be a little more adventurous with Boyd linking the midfield and strikers. He should have the energy to get back into a midfield 3 as well if required. Rest Pudil and Reach. It's a throw up between Joao and Nuhiu, but as an impact if we are chasing the game I would say Joao is a better bet. Loovens owes us a game. Maybe a game for Penney, but those who have seen him play more than me will know whether he is up to it. I did wonder whether we could see this...it would be a free go at 4-2-3-1 with more attacking threat but it all depends on how much they want the FA Cup. There would be only one youngster in Penney and he might give Aluko more to do defensively. Dawson Venancio Loovens Hunt Penney Pelupessy Jones Boyd Matias Reach Joao
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    for me Joao needs to be given as much game time as possible. He young and fit so can take the physical strain. he keen as mustard now running none stop. A bit more confidence and composure and he will produce the results quicker than anyone else. He just needs game time.
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    Biggest load of claptrap I've ever seen posted and that takes some doing on here.
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    I agree that Chansiri aimed rather then promised to get promotion by 150 Anniversary Season. I don't expect next season to be a promotion season but at least expect to be challenging. 2 season running at highest prices in league and being mid table is not good enough.
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    Or like with Carlos, Karanka had his favourites and Rhodes wasn't one of them
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    Need him to captain the side at the moment and expect him to aswell. When Lees and Van Aken are back then we may see him play less.
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    No Hookowl cos I live in Hook Also like fishing.
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    Whilst Rome wasn’t built in a day it certainly burned down pretty quickly. The last few weeks has shown the level of mess JL inherited and so far he has managed to steady the ship. Build from the back, make us hard to beat ..keeping the goals out will prompt the confidence to rise and the goals will come. He can’t be judged until he has a fully fit squad to work with - in the meantime the team needs support and for fans to be patient. Keep us up and he will have achieved about the only thing possible this season.
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    Brillant, so the ‘favourites’ will feel the need to up their game further. I think the message is consistent, you play on merit not on past glory.
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    A shoulder in the back that knocks someone to the floor is a foul. As for the pundits... so what? Most of them are no more erudite than a randomer in the pub.
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    I know I sound like a broken record but this season really is the biggest lost opportunity of all. The division is very poor, can you recall a team challenging for automatic promotion worse than Cardiff. That is really what Carlos has to answer for, how he couldn’t challenge that. Sadly next year we could have Newcastle, Brighton and Swansea.
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    For me Reach is relevaton playing in 3 man central midfield. Pudil did very well as CB as well. Fox lacks pace to deal with pacey wingers, engine to get up and down the wing, panics under pressure and can put decent cross only if he gets enough time and space around him. Considering demands of wing back position compared to playing full back, he needs replacing, and quickly. For me Penney seems to be best option right now, and hopefully can impress and make position his own.
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