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    I was just about to butter my toast this morning, when I saw this! I think it might be a sign!? What can it mean?
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    Good. Don't moan then. Christ on a bike. We'd have got rogered in that game a month ago. It's going to take time. It wouldn't have been a surprise if we'd lost the last two games even with a new manager all things considered. But in bugger all time he's managed to make us more resolute, harder to break down and at the same time actually look marginally better going forward. He's done this with 9 first team plauers out including 4 Internationals and had to use an aging winger in centre midfield. He's pulled in and used 4 kids put of the U23s. And we've kept 4 clean sheets. It's going to take time to undo the clusterfuck that was happening. Those players looked crushed a fortnight ago. Heads down. They can't be built up overnight. Though amazingly he's also managed to spark Jones, who I've been a big critic of to life. We're going to lose some games. Thats a fact. So get ready for that. But we'd be losing a lot more if this fella hadn't come in. Pigs, Carlisle and Cardiff. Three clean sheets. Two vital points and the next round of the cup. Would anyone genuinly have banked on that 3 weeks ago, because I bloody wouldn't. I'm I an easily pleased happy clapping twatt because I'm pleased with that point? I don't think so. Ok, I might be a twatt, but I'm far from easily pleased. But let's have some b'stard realism here. Jos has come in and stuck his finger in the hole in the dam! And that bloody God he has. We're going to have to ride some bloody rough waves in the next few weeks. Cling on tight. Ready for the calm waters of summer when Jos can really put his own stamp on the club. Fukcs sake.
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    They are to waved when we score - that’s why we’ve not seen them before.
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    See how they caused no danger to anyone ever and didn't spontaneously combust.
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    Is there anyway of getting hold of Ricky? I livenear oxford, run a taxi business and happy to offer some help and assistance, financially also if required. Local advice and transport I can help with. Any ideas?
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    Easy mistake to make. It's actually "I Can't Believe It's Got Better" - the new, bullshit-free, more easily digestible alternative to the usual rubbish we're all so familiar with.
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    Glad you don’t pick the team mate!
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    With no game last Saturday and only two loan-outs to keep an eye on I browsed the internet (like you do) for ex-Wednesday players - and to see how many of our more recent departures are still plying their trade abroad Bit of a work in progress tbf but I have knocked up a short list I do want to start on a positive note though, so it's congratulations all round to ... FRANCK BETRA The French lad who came through our academy showing bags of promise who then suffered a serious injury a couple of years ago? He's 21yr old now and after we released him over the summer he found his way to Greece where yesterday (after a couple of appearances as sub before Christmas), he made his full debut for Super League side PAS Giannina away to league leaders AEK Athens I guess we all wish him well for the future ... especially if he proves himself good enough to break into the French national side in four or five years time
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    You can never have too many injury prone players.
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    Is it me or has his attitude changed completely since just about all our recognised first team disappeared in December. He is taking more responsibility looks more dynamic and pops up all over the pitch. Was he intimidated coming to a settled relatively successful team. He was also the only player who didn’t play in the play off final that Carlos played regularly, did he feel like an outsider. Anyway I think the current situation has been the making of him. Don’t think he’ll be intimidated when the other players come back.
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    The club are trying to do positive things at a difficult time. Let's just embrace and all get on board again. Not every suggestion is going to be a winner but the club are trying.
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    Spoken to a few pals and hopeing transport won’t costs him to much out of this 4K as long as he keeps the drivers on coffee and biscuits for he journey. Hotels we we have a few contacts also through Work, let’s see what can be done. Hopefully we can also do a bit on my nemourous journeys to sheff to watch some team kick a ball about
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    that would be the jones who in the last 2 games as been superb ......
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    Firstly apologies if in the wrong section - mods please move. A lad I know has asked me to post this, basically he was born with a rare condition and he needs a bowel transplant. Whilst he is on the list and will hopefully get the transplant shortly, he is wanting to raise funds so that his wife can be by his side (he has to go to Oxford for the transplant) and cover their costs for the 12 weeks he will be in hospital. His wife is disabled and whilst the transplant and hospital care is covered, they still have a mortgage/bills to pay. Ricky is a massive Wednesday fan and I'm sure some of you on here will know him. How he remains such a cheerful chap after what he has been through is incredible. He's already got £2,000 of the £4,000 that he's hoping to raise, but if you could chuck a few more quid in to give it a boost, that would be great. The link to donate and his full story is below - my brief summary doesn't do it justice https://www.gofundme.com/4xdu2vc WAWAW!!
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    £10 or £5 from most of the regular posters on here and it’s job done. This is all about supporting someone’s journey to remain alive, and around for his wife and other loved ones. Every faith that the target will be reached within the next 48 hours. WAWAW?
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    I don't think anyone in their right mind honestly believes we are going to challenge for promotion this season. Next several months are about stopping up, building some momentum for the following season and freshening up the playing staff.
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    Pope sent him home.
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    Still on the theme of hot prospects who never got round to pulling on a (Wednesday) 1st team shirt ... DIOGO AMADO ... remember him? He was part of that unexpected (and IMO unnecessary) influx of fresh talent that greeted our return to the Championship back in 2012 Portuguese midfielder who had just helped his loan side (Estoril) to promotion whilst collecting eight U21 caps along the way Unfortunately things didn't work out Naturally enough, I'm gonna blame Dave Jones' all-round demeanour but 'homesickness' was the official reason given for his return to Portugal after barely a month's worth of pre-season training He was immediately snapped up once more by Estoril and spent the next five seasons as a regular fixture in their side Clocking up 124 Primeira Liga appearances and scoring 5 goals - he even cropped up once or twice on last season's Loan Watch (for the opposites, of course) Now aged 27, he's decided to try his luck in Qatar's "Stars League" by signing for Al Gharafa Currently mid-table after 12 games 'Our Boy' has been ever-present for them so far and weighed in with 1 goal There's always a chance the dreaded homesickness might strike again but I dunno, maybe a nice healthy bank balance is good for that sort of thing
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    Wildsmith Hunt Venancio Loovens Pudil Fox Reach Pelupessy Boyd Matias Joao Subs- Dawson, Palmer, Penney, Jones, Wallace, Rhodes, Nuhiu Clare and Thorniley cup tied, play the strongest team possible and get through. No idea if any of the injured players may be back for this but we'll just have to presume they aren't.
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    I think it might mean that last night's LSD is still in your system.
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    At least the bloke waving it had a proper home shirt on.
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    This one's for NorfolkNChance ... BEN SAHAR Israeli striker, brought in by Brian Laws as an 18yr old loanee back in 2008 (12 apps - 3 goals) Then like now, he was probably just another youngster to sign for Chelsea, get farmed out on loan a coupla times and then get shipped out In this case, his time there ended with a £1m move to Spain (Espanyol) A couple more loans followed - one back home to Israel (Tel Aviv), one to France (Auxerre) and then, then ... He was picked up on a free by Hertha BSC - managed by none other than our very own Jossie (small world, eh?) He was there two years but had another loan spell away before winding up in Holland (Willem II) He'd signed for two years there but was released after one and returned to Israel once again (2015) to play for Hapoel Be'er Sheva And that's where he is today, at 28 seemingly enjoying the most successful period of his career As a regular choice for the national side as well as joint leading scorer for side currently sitting top of the league Obviously owes an awful lot to Brian Laws then (... and Jos)