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    Why wouldn't people buy a shirt? It's just a flipping tshirt. I wouldn't wear it to go to the pub or to a wedding, but I don't understand why all these sourpusses reckon grown ups can't wear their club colours.
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    The hilarity! What happened last season will stay with us, like the 93 semi, for the rest of our history..... And because of that, we'll make sure it stays with them for theirs!
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tMsFmXtN74 Owls legend Fred Spiksley in action. The old bloke showing us how to backheel. He died in 1948. Possibly our most famous ever player.
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    Loved watching Gerald. Most fans prefer someone with no ability running around like a headless chicken to players like him. People seem to forget the absolute dross he played with. Sums it up that this 'waste of space' left Wednesday and later played in the Champions league.
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    We beat them away 1-0 with a goal by Reda and went above the Pigs into an automatic promotion place BUT they still had a game in hand - what would happen next - surely not!
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    I'd like to see us use the all white 66 cup final shirts for our away strip if we do anything retro.
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    You hear lots of things Leamington. It could be tinnitus.
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    I doubt you will lose money on that bet, as I expect the first goal to be scored before he comes on as a sub.
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    I remember it being popular. So popular, in fact, that once they started wearing it there was an annual clamour to get the stripes back. It should be left where it deserves to be....in the dustbin of history.
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    Urgh, v.bland. Makes me think of Ipswich.
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    It's horrible. If it's a retro shirt you want then why not go back to our original blue and white halves (or quarters - help, please, Dunsby). That monstrosity from the 60s and 70s should be cremated along with flares and platform shoes. Bless you HRH Wendy
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    we had one of those little tape embossing machines at work... the tape was yellow, same colour as rear number plates... i printed off a dozen or so labels (the size to cover the selling garages name) with BARNSLEY FC - INBRED SCUM... and stuck them onto as many dingles number plates as a i could at work, some were still on 18 months later... wondered how many cars had had some boot, or bin gobbed on 'cos of it...
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    I swam up. Had a look. Declined the bait.
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    My dad said he'd give me a fiver if I didn't go as he didn't want me to go out in the snow. As a 12 year old at the time a fiver was a lot! No chance. I went. Brilliant day. He did a similar thing at another time. I again said no. However I didn't know the game was off. My dad did. Snidy get. How he laughed when I trundled back in.
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    Without question when I started the "handball, handball " chant at Oakwell when their fans shouted for everything in sheer desperation.
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    I dont know if this has already been posted, I just saw it on twitter an thought i'd copy and paste it over here. surely the first 3 characters describe his team better than the last 4
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    The fans who do not rate Sibon are exactly the fans who hold Lee Peacock in higher regard. Absolue morons who once again have lost sense of all perspective as they cannot get out their armchairs. For many years Sibon was the only player we had worth watching. He was a class act and he did try.
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    Fantastic player, stopped us getting relegated for three seasons in a row. Amazingly skillful, one cup game when we played Leicester at home his first half performance was a good as any I have ssen at Hillsborough. It doesn't suprise me that some of our fans thought he was crap, seeing as he didn't run round like an idiot or clap the fans like a Madine or Peacock. That's how alot of them judge a players ability. Basically, along with Chris Brunt, the only player worth paying to see on their own in the last 10 years
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    The original Bothroyd. How some Wednesday fans idolised him perplexed me and still does.
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    Worst case (last) 22:43 South Bermondsey - London Bridge. (22:48)Northern Line 23:00 - Euston arrive 23:12. And for St Pancras, Same train, same tube. Gets there 1 minute earlier. Can't hold us back an hour. Surely. The trains from South Bermondsey are 13, 28, 43 and 58 mins past every hour for earlier.
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    Stick to your guns. It takes a strong fish to swim against the tide. Nothing wrong with having a bit of humanity, decency and good manners.
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