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    I think that although there was some disharmony over the transfer to that Belgian team owned by Leicester, it could be a good time to get him back on a season long loan deal with option to purchase. He doesn't get much if any game time at Leicester. Now could be ideal opportunity for us to get him in the first team line up as number 9. It could be good for all parties! Anybody else have any thoughts on this?
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    It's just a misunderstanding, as DC had given the players 7 different options on how they would like to get paid, and several players are still mulling over the choice of taking club shop vouchers
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    Whilst we didn’t deserve to win I am not at all dejected by that performance. Despite their better quality we could easily have got a draw on another occasion, and the scoreline certainly flattered them. We won plenty of dead ball situations, and not many teams will defend them as well as they did. I’ve walked away from Hillsborough dejected plenty of times this season, but nobody could say that they didn’t give their all tonight. The lads that we have left deserve to wear the shirt, and a defeat won’t stop me from saying that. Let’s stick behind them even though we can’t be heard!!
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    Good luck to Wigan Athletic. Never nice to see a football club enter administration.
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    I think I’ve posted this on here before, but it really is quite impressive how much Nuhiu’s finishing has improved over the last 3-4 years. If he gets on the ball in and around the 6 yards back he’s often pretty clinical. I’d be interested to see his strike rate. We need to get him chances on a more regular basis rather than him spending so much time grafting and wrestling in the channels. Based on that, plus the fact he’s always available, always makes an impact when he plays and probably isn’t that expensive I wouldn’t have any qualms giving him a new deal, especially when you consider it’s going to be frees and loans at best.
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    We've already got a manager shouldnt we be supporting him ?
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    "Hello?" "Stubbs,where are you?" "I'd have thought it was obvious, Sir, given you've telephoned me on the land line of the Nuns" "Lose the attitude, I need you to come home at once" "Has there been some sort of disaster,Sir?" "I'll say there has, I've had to sort out my own evening meal." "You haven't burnt the place down have you ,Sir?" "Of course not, I haven't made anything myself. I've been down to the chip-shop in the village" "Then if i may be so bold as to ask,Sir, what is the issue?" "I'll tell you what the issue is Stubbs, I'll tell you what the issue is. I had to queue for 20 minutes-" "That is the way of things now, Sir." "I'm not on about the wait, I was just giving you the whatsit, the background." "The background to what,Sir." "To the issue, Stubbs. To the issue" "Which is?" "Which is, I got home , eventually , after my treacherous and gruelling expedition , got in the kitchen, unwrapped the spoils of war" "Yes?" "And the cloth-eared bint in the Chip shop had given me a carton of baked beans! Baked beans I tell you. With fish and chips! What sort of world are we living in!" "I see the problem, Sir" "I should think you do. Anyway. I've had to throw the lot. Man cannot have fish and chips without mushy peas. It's a crime against, whatsit ,culinary...thingy" "So you haven't had any supper,Sir?" "Of course I have. I'm not completely useless without you. Despite what you'd like to think. I'm quite capable." "Then,may I ask why my presence is required?" "I don't feel well Stubbs. Not well at all." "What have you eaten?" "About half a pound of liquorice. Giving me terrible visions. Ghastly vivid dreams" "What about?" "Allsorts" "FFS, Sir. These jokes are right out of the 1970's. Who writes this drivel?" "Never mind that. You need to get back at once. Knock me up one of your concoctions and then help me with the matchday thread." "Can't you copy and paste one? We usually do, including the wrong date and kick off time." "No. It's all to do with this black screen thingy that the young ones like. Something to do with making Owlstalk look like a 1990's website. All very groovy or some-such" "I'll be there at once,Sir" ***************************** "Have you heard the news, Sir?" "What news?" "The players haven't been paid. Happened once before this I recall" "Where did you hear this news?" "Look North si-" "Ah ha! I thought as much. They love it don't they, eh. A bad news Wednesday story. Don't you think the timings odd? Eh huh? With us having a good restart, the court case looming over like a black cloud. Someone has blabbed Stubbs. Someone in the camp. A mole. Some malcontent determined to undermine our excellent re-start since lock down eased." "To be fair,Sir, if they haven't been paid they've every right-" "Blast it Stubbs, they've just had 3 months sunning themselves. Every right my foot." "A contract is a contract, Sir" "Well maybe so. But lets be right , If you're on a huge goal bonus and you haven't been playing then you're not going to score goals. Therefore you aren't going to get those bonuses. Ergo, they haven't been paid what they think they are due. You can't expect and appearance fee when you haven't bloody appeared!. It's simple enough Stubbs." "I doubt it's that simple,Sir" "Oh, you do do you? Well let me ask you this Stubbs. How many players do you think sit at home poring over the small print of their contracts when they sign them? I'll tell you. Not many. The agent does his bit 'leave it to me ,Corky' and all that caper. Cuts himself a huge slice of the pie, hands the boy a signing on fee for him to go and buy a car with and that's that. They don't know the ins and outs." "Well I wouldn't be so hasty in saying that the-" "By Jove leave it Stubbs. I simply won't have it. This is clearly a small issue pumped large to try and put a negative slant on things. That's what it is. We've had a good start back. Look a solid outfit, we're playing some half decent stuff the, boys look like theyr'e enjoying themselves and this comes out. Someones trying to hijack the good feeling .I tell you there's always someone looking to put a negative slant. It makes me sick!" "A bit paranoid if I may say-" "No you may not. And I'll tell you another thing. This is this the sort of doom tale we're used to around here. This sort of tittle tattle is manna from heaven for the mumpers. Defeat tomorrow and there'll be baying for Monks head on a spike, tearing the club to pieces" "You've had more of that liquorice than you're letting on aren't you.Sir?" "Send a telegram" "A telegram? No one sends telegrams" "To Spain, to Son of Bertrand,The Second. Tell him I want a troop of his Saracen assassins ready to kill the mumpers." "Saracens?" "Ok, Moors then. Don't be finickity" "Show me this liquorice,Sir?" "It's over there in that bag by the back door." "As I thought. Old electrical cable that the electricians were going to weigh in. To bed, Sir. To bed" Wednesday - V - West Brom Championship Hillsborough Kick Off- 19:45 ********************************************** Wednesday will be without Fletcher and and there remains a doubt over Julian Borner. otherwise Wednesday look unlikely to make too many changes after amking a positive post-Covid comeback. Monk may consider resting Lee or Luongo who have have put in lots of miles after such a period of absence and with one eye on long term fatigue issues. Wednesday look likely to keep the Wickham Rhodes partnership together. Wednesday are down to three recognised strikers and this system does allow Monk to pick Rhodes in a way he's best used - In a partnership with a handy unit alongside him. Sheffield Wednesday-: Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Murphy Luongo Bannan Reach Harris Wickham Rhodes ********************************************************************************* West Bromwich Albion-: Johnstone Furlong Hegazi Ajayi Gibbs Livermore Sawyers Phillips Pereira Robinson Zohore Albion's goal struggles continued against Brentford last time out and Bilic may now be tempted to try something different up top. Kenneth Zohore has underwhelmed since arriving from Cardiff last summer, scoring just three league goals, but he could replace Hal Robson-Kanu on Wednesday. On-loan midfielder Grady Diangana has injured his hamstring and will play no part at Hillsborough, meanwhile, opening up a gap for Callum Robinson to return in attack Albion will hope to expose Wednesday in the wide areas withthe pace of Robinson and Phillips supported by Furlong and Gibbs overloading. COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    I thought Monk's post-match interview with Radio Sheffield was an interesting listen, particularly when he alluded to how he used the lockdown period to reflect on how he wants us to play going forward: I made a decision in the lockdown...I wanted to be brave with my decision and I wanted the players to be brave. Because of the results, I could've easily just set the team up to be very hard to beat and try to grind results that way, but I wanted to be brave and I want us to have a little bit of a glimpse of what I want it to be moving forward. I want us to be brave and play attacking football and try and be on that front foot. Over the course of the three games, I think we've seen a lot of it. Arriving in their final third, of course we need to get better at that, but that will come with time and work. But I think overall in the short space of time we've worked on this way of playing and what I want the club to move forward to, I think they've done exceptionally well with it. That's the way I want the club to go and the football we're going to try and play. It was a decision I made in the lockdown. Nobody needs telling that after a very promising first half of the season, our form post-Christmas has been appalling, and it's perfectly understandable that many have doubts about Monk as a result of that. However, if, as he says, Monk has used the lockdown to reflect on things and wants to change the brand of football we play going forward, then I for one am happy to see him given that chance. It's worth remembering that at 41 Monk is still very young in managerial terms, and although he's managed a fair number of games - he's already taken charge of 160 Championship games and nearly 70 Premier League games - it may well be that his managerial style is still open to significant change, improvement and reinvention. A large factor in my willingness to give him time is that we don't yet know what a Monk project might look like, to be honest: the closest he's come to building anything long-term was in his first post at Swansea, where he kept them up after initially taking over, then guided them to 8th place in the Premier League during his only full season there. The following season, he was sacked with Swansea sat 15th in the Premier League. Since then, some harsh sackings and perhaps the odd poor decision of his own have conspired to rob him of the chance to build anything which could reasonably be called a 'project'. Walking out on Leeds after turning them from habitual mid-table also-rans into playoff contenders meant that we didn't get a chance to see how he might have kicked on there; Middlesbrough sacked him after half a season when they sat three points off the playoff places; and then Birmingham got rid after his first full season saw him overcome their nine-point deduction and guide them to mid-table safety. He's seen the best and the worst of our squad during his short time at the helm, and will already have an idea of who he can rely on and who needs moving on. Although it's only three games, the early signs of a new togetherness and recognisable style of play are evident, as well. If he really has used the enforced break from football to take stock, reflect and draw up a new plan for how he wants his teams to play the game, then I'm happy for him to be given the chance to get it right with Wednesday without hounding him for every slip he makes along the way.
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    Would make a great flag for the North during until we get us back in the ground...crowd fund?
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    "So despite rumours we still don't know whether or not we've 'got away with it' with the EFL and our spending. This trial, which seems such an overly dramatic word by the way, should have been done and dusted by now according to the pre-trial preview. It's a worry I've heard nothing." "Well these things are often convoluted,Sir" "But they said it would be over" "Well, perhaps it is" "If that is the case why is there nothing forthcoming from either the club or the EFL? One party is surely licking their wounds by now? If Wednesday had emerged victorious I'd have expected one of the Chairmans midnight missives by now, and on the other grim footage of Parry looking like an aunt who has champed down on a bad oyster. But there's nothing." "Perhaps both parties are working on press pieces as we speak,Sir" "Perhaps. But I find it a worry. Matters of the Wednesday are different. The old 'no news is good news' is a lost motto when it comes to the beloved Owls. Crikey, who knows what's gone off in there? Our scavengers trawl the Internet, going through the online bins looking for clues. Apparently this De Marco chap, for the defence ,has tweeted something about "A walk in the park". This has caused thousands of texts and whatsapp pings around the City that the case is won as conclusions are happily jumped to by a desperado support , the seeming hidden message that he's breezed us out of there no bother, and probably got the EFL to pick up the bar tab to boot." "Well that's good news then,Sir" "Yes, but the thing is of course.... he had literally just gone for a walk in the park." "I see,Sir" "Literally gone for a walk. As many have got in the habit during the Covid lockdown of finding out more about their local habitat. And rightly so, I never understand these Coves you know, the ones that drive across town to another park when they have one on the doorstep. Of course, some parks are full of skagheads I suppose aren't they? And there is probably a better quality of filly on display in some areas of town when the sun beats down." "Indeed, Sir" "Not that I expect De Marco has been driving all the way up to Sheffield to sit with his car window down and dreadful music booming out. I expect he's got other more pressing matters at hand. Not least in trying to ensure the lattice work on his pies is, well, you know, proper lattice work and not just strip laid over strip." "Sir?" "Now listen, I'm all for folks unwinding in the kitchen, and I love a Cherry Tart like the next man. Who doesn't? But to my mind this is worrying. He's got an excellent name this chap. But my heart does miss a beat when I see a slovenly approach to pastry work. I mean to say, I start conjuring in my head the thought that the type that could do such a thing as not interlace the lattice, not to mention the double fold at 11.55 on the dish,well, it brings the thought of the sort of chap that might the case files screwed up in a tattered old manilla file stuffed in the glovebox. Type who might sleep off a session in the backseat outside chambers?" "I'm sure he isn't,Sir" " I hope he isn't. I hope he isn't" "Sir, you do not get the reputation he has by being sloppy in practise" "Yes, yes, you're quite right, Stubbs. He couldn't have gotten such a good reputation going on like that. You don't get a name for yourself by being sloppy. Well, apart from that TV detective, the slovenly one with the mac. You know the one." "Columbo" "That's the blighter. He was slovenly but good. But there can't be many of them about. Gosh, it is a worry." "Columbo is fictional, Sir. I'm sure everything is fine and there's nothing to worry about....." "Yes. Yes" "....as long as his mind is sharper than his pastry cutter" "Did you say something,Stubbs?" "No,Sir" **** Swansea - V - Wednesday Liberty Stadium Kick off: 12:00 THE TEAM NEWS --------------------------------- SWANSEA Swansea are still in with a shout of a top-six finish, but Steve Cooper's side were forced to settle for a point against Millwall last time out - a result which leaves them four points adrift of the playoff places in eighth. Cooper would have been extremely disappointed by his side's defeat to basement side Luton Town last weekend, and their failure to record maximum points against Millwall has done them no favours as they endeavour to gain promotion back to the Premier League. However, with both Preston North End and Blackburn Rovers losing ground in the battle for the top six recently, Swansea will feel that they are well-positioned to try and break into the playoff places with six games remaining, but results must improve immediately. Indeed, the Swans have only managed one win in their last six in the English second tier – form that is more commonly associated with a side battling relegation rather than vying for promotion. . Woodman Naughton Guehi Cabango Bidwell Grimes Ayew Byers Dhanda Brewster Gallagher --------------------------------------------------- SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Julien Borner has trained and will be available and is expected to go straight into the side as left sided centre half. Kieran Lee maybe recalled to the starting line up if Monk decides to rest one of his wingers and move Adam Reach into a wide position. Wednesday are likely to remain unchanged up front. Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Murphy Lee Luongo Bannan Harris Rhodes Wickham --------------------------------------------------- COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    Give over and get behind him Every single thing he’s said today is sensible, intelligent and positive Try being the same
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    Vicious buggers, geese. Funny you mention the water based birds too. Look how duck bills look like the birds are wearing tiny masks of dogs faces. Once seen you cannot unsee it.
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    He should be liable for when the poo hits the fan. He has made the decisions, he has caused the problem. Yet the fans will be the ones to suffer as usual.
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    Westwood is garbage now so that’s wrong hutchinson is past it and needed moving on so that’s wrong forestieri has had 3 good games in 3 years so that’s wrong
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    Monk for falling out with our three best players; Westwood, Hutchinson and Forestieri. I really can’t stand Monk and if we go down and he stays then I’ll seriously have to think about not bothering anymore. That’s how bad I think he is.
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    Should definitely had Viv Anderson in it
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    i dont care so long as its not us
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    Until I saw this I wasnt worried at all
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    Monks trying to rebuild and whilst doing so has us competing and not playing too badly, certainly an improvement on pre covid. He needs cutting some slack IMHO.
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    Nothing against the bloke, but let him rot.
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    Lots of talk of Da Cruz playing instead of Rhodes tonight. I think this could be the wrong move to make right now. It would come on the back of 2 decent appearances from Jordan as he looks to build up his confidence. I'd stick with him, go again, and hopefully get on the scoresheet (he's come close in both the last two games) Whilst freshening things up with the likes of Da Cruz is concerned I agree it might do, but it could also permanently put paid to Rhodes confidence at our club just at a time when it seems to be finally soaring again. Stick with him Garry.
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    That moustache gesture at Brentford...a bigger man wouldn't have bothered
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    Pic : Sheffield Wednesday manager Garry Monk working with The Geoff Horsfield Foundation to help homeless and vulnerable adults Looks like our manager quietly gets out and about helping those who so desperately need it in their time of need So great to see. Well done Garry Monk The Geoff Horsfield foundation provide quality, safe accommodation for vulnerable adults & helping other people in the community where they can Follow them here - https://twitter.com/Geoff_Hors_Foun
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    The man who invented the apostrophe.
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    Making the star website readable would be a start. It's just one big adverts page. Even using a blocker it's slow. I avoid it totally now.
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    It's time to take him off set piece duty. Hasn't put a decent free kick or corner in for ages. He's also trying to mess up corners on other side now from right footers by going for short ones. He reminds me of that kid who's dad is the manager of the team and has to take every free kick and corner.
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    Never a 0-3, but Palmer-Iorfa-Odubajo as a back 3 being 'protected' by Harris and Murphy against top of the league opposition was always going to be a tough ask. Just hope we stay positive There was some good stuff tonight.
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    That bit really annoys me when things aren’t going right you should be absolutely desperate to get stuck back in and help out the team instead sloping shoulders happy not to be involved not what I would have thought of him.
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    Why? He’s clearly a winner. He wants best for the club and he’s opinionated. The two managers who played him and got the best out of him and the team were Carlos and Bruce. Our two best managers so far under Chansiri. Go figure.
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    Time to move on. Its quite depressing seeing the same average failures turn up new contracts. Use the money and get some fresh blood.
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    Lock down prolonged Monk’s employment. How anyone can justify extending his stay is madness at this point. We need a back to basics no nonsense manager used to low budgets and finding rough diamonds. Big Mick for me.
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    Hunt was awful today. Not ready. Lost momentum as soon as Lee went off.
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    I wouldn't. I'd be ashamed to be associated with the very notion of a closed shop in the top flight; it goes against everything the game in this country has always been about. I don't think it was the Wigan chairman who advocated it anyway - I seem to remember it was Gartside of Bolton.
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    I'm 100% backing the club up on this one This stinks of a player with a grudge
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    Sheffield Wednesday are pleased to confirm that Alessio Da Cruz, Jacob Murphy, Josh Windass and Connor Wickham have extended their respective loan deals. The quartet will remain at Hillsborough until the conclusion of the 2019/20 campaign. Ahead of the Championship restart, manager Garry Monk expressed his strong desire for the loanees to remain at the club. Confirmation of those extensions will serve as a boost to the squad with Da Cruz, Murphy and Wickham featuring heavily since the suspension of football was lifted.
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    Looking unlikely now tbh
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    Completely agree with you. Never known a player split the fan base so much. A lot judge him because he looks like a big lump and looks clumsy. They don’t seem to be able to see past that. He’s a far better footballer than a lot give him credit for. Not offering him a new contract would be a big mistake in my opinion. Who could we get to replace him?what he offers? I can’t think of a realistic replacement. He’d have put away the chance that Da Cruz missed in the first half and likely the Murphy chance. I’m sure Monk will realise the importance of Nuhiu and offer him a new contract. Just hope he doesn’t get offered better elsewhere and we end up losing him like with Fletcher.
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    Personally I’ve always been a fan but I will admit he hasn’t hit anywhere near his best whilst here. I have however seen something in these two games Partnered with CW that gives me some optimism. He appears to relish the in behind and on the shoulder role again that’s been his signature all these years that made him so successful. I’d like to see these two continue for the rest of the season and then we can re assess him but he’s definitely getting into scoring positions again and it’s only a matter of time for me before he goes on a scoring spree. Let’s be positive for the lad.
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    I'm sure this will help sway the independent panel that we are innocent and a well run club.
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    It took only 2 replies. "Quick fellas, there's something slightly positive about Monk. Hit it with a shoe. Set it on fire. ANYTHING."
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    Right, time for a bit of a reset. Time to calm down a bit. There's rumours out there that we've beaten it. Rumours Nick de Marco has played a blinder and battered the EFL. Derby fans are now saying they've always loved Wednesday even though last week they were hoping we'd be their shelter from the shiiiitstorm as we'd done worse stuff than them. They're saying the EFL aren't happy and it's been 2 weeks in adjudication. Which sounds technical but not sure what it means. All just rumours. As I said earlier, don't get your hopes up. Even if you've had a text from someone who has heard summat. Chances are they've heard it from someone who got it from twitter. Nobody has a clue. There are no leaks. This is serious stuff and people like our QC don't go round telling Wednesday fans what's going on, he's not Rick parry. Chances are no decision has been reached. Remember when we were winning at Derby in the 89th minute? Come on, we're Wednesday. We don't celebrate til the whistle and even then we check the ref has left the pitch before really going for it. These prem fans moaning they can't really celebrate a goal cos var may step in obviously haven't been through what we have. Having to wait to celebrate seems normal to us, it's what we do because we've been there, done that and outgrown the t-shirt we bought cos we were young when we learnt it. Just don't want people to get hurt if rumours they see turn out to be false. We're all Wednesday and we need to look after ourselves and each other.
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    EFL: "We know what you did. You know what you did. You know, that we know what you did. Next time Chansiri, next time!" Chansiri: "Goodbye gentlemen. Nick, would you ring me a D-Taxi please" EFL: "Grrrgh"
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    * moron’s .... but yeah I’m good thanks
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