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  2. Oh no! I feel a right fool and numpty. Still, easy mistake to make.....
  3. Yes that was a basic school boy/ alcoholic error, I will flagellate my self accordingly!
  4. had a very good couple of seasons but for some reason his standards dropped in his final season and was overshadowed by banno …...
  5. Just split geographically this season, no seeds. So we can draw a northern championship side.
  6. Sorry guys, selected wrong image, teach me to go on a Bender.
  7. bruce must have rated him having played for 2 clubs he managed …..you don't play 300 games in the prem by being "utter gash".....
  8. It's copper ore Periodic table = CU...... I put Trigger in picture for balance .... Was tempted just to put Dave /Rodders on his own but that wouldn't be fair..
  9. It threw me a bit, Rodney or Dave, middle one no chance, and trying to think of every conceivable term for the 3rd.
  10. Used to have that on World of Sport when the Speedway got rained off at White City ......
  11. Suggesting it was deserved, pretty much endorsing it. Oh no, you spotted my rating, gutted, Am i supposed to bow to you now as you have a superior rating? Grow up ffs
  12. I agree. No one really knows whats happened, but for mr c to act as he did, it must have been serious. Id love george to do well for us, i still would, but it looks like hes been given some pretty atrocious advice. From such potential, to a poor begian second division team is quite a fall. Leicester may have turned us over for £2m (pretty pathetic for a premiershit club) but theyve also seriously harmed hirsts career too (again pretty crap from leicester)
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  14. I remember when tinpots played in playoff v Orient. Sure Odubajo was a left back.
  15. Go nuclear?! What evidence do you have that this was the case? 2 sides to every story, maybe the club took a stance to a player dragging his heels in contract negotiations and when the player and his representatives took that badly they decided to take further action. As for it blowing up in his face and a lack of sentiment towards the club that served their family well over many years, the choice of club appears to have worked out pretty badly for the player.
  16. Sounds like Rangers have Aribo lined up.
  17. They’re a bunch of handbag swinging lesbos.
  18. Development squad? Would walk into the starting XI.
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