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  2. I think there was something in the press where Bruce has ask the club to lower the prices being quoted for players as he has 6 strikers only needs 3 or 4 and cannot get rid of them because of the fees being asked for.
  3. That's after tax. His gross is £41k p/w https://www.capology.com/club/monchengladbach/salaries - Change the filter from Net to Gross
  4. Can be hit and miss, but you should be ok if you use a decent VPN. But then ifollow are blocking more and more so you also run the risk of getting blocked midseason if they go on a big clamp down.
  5. Why the mass hysteria on rumours that SB is linked with Newcastle.Personally i don't think he's going anywhere at all.They are more likely to target C Wilder as their next manager.
  6. It isn’t immaterial but you are correct it cannot be properly judged positively or negatively until we know why.
  7. Correct. PM me if you need any help.
  8. Its a plus from me and extra gold star because there is no mention of + vat anywhere
  9. Exactly why i couldn't sleep last night, the lack of Morris Dancers at aforementioned event. Get Morris Dancers, get massive crowds no brainer
  10. I'm considering getting this this year. If I were to purchase and use alongside a VPN, would I be able to watch the matches (like an overseas subscriber) rather than just get the audio (like a UK subscriber)?
  11. It means no discount against Barnsley at home because we have to feed the Dingles.
  12. I received an email detailing the same dates...
  13. Could be. I would just assume that you paid for a years subscription so you would get a full year of service from when you took it out. Unless they are done of a season basis not a yearly one in which case it would be right.
  14. Is there any Morris Dancers this year ?
  15. I assumed it was a typo and should be "except Category G fixtures" - which are usually the cheap 'un's.
  16. Well, being as the average wage in the German top flight is around £28k per week...and the average wage at Borussia Monchengladbach is around £23k per week, I'd say Norwich have got a right deal there for such a highly rated player.
  17. If this is true surely they will struggle to attract a top class manager. I just hope Bruce has full control of transfers and sales here other wise I think he will walk.
  18. What does this mean? "£5 discount off all home league match tickets, save Category G fixtures"
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