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  2. Sadly, I doubt we can afford to buy him.he's superb and a great partner for Lees.
  3. After that FF has made some of the tools on here suggesting free transfers look like right tvvats! Love it!
  4. So important we keep Westwood and he is our number one next season. Needs a new contract ASAP.
  5. As for FF, I wonder if Norwich May want him after that!
  6. He was, like most referees in this division, Sh!t.
  7. I'm sorry you had a poor English teacher at school.
  8. We had our two years as media darlings for Carlos’ first two seasons, with Sky Sports hanging on his every word. So I don’t begrudge other clubs having that same attention after we blew our chances, especially not Norwich who are a decent club when it’s all said and done.
  9. Dawson 5 he’s pants Iorfa 7 we’ve missed him last few games Lees 7 solid Hector 8 we have to keep him Palmer 7 solid as usual Hutchinson 5 not on long Onomah 5 why in front of Bannan? Boyd 5 I thought he was turd again. Matias 6 minus one for foul Forestieri 7 Fletcher 7 Pelupessy 7 did well Bannan 7 Joao why didn’t he go to the corner or go down? The referee lost us that game. Ridiculous amounts of injury time for no reason at all. Disgraceful. Yes, Fletcher’s should have been chalked off but nobody can see that in real time. Very clever cheating by Fletch! On here there are some decent scores for Boyd. Maybe it’s me who’s wrong but I thought he was awful again. I honestly didn’t see him do anything except run around. If he learnt the offside rule he may be better because he can actually finish. Has to go in the summer. Also, I honestly believe we’d have won that with Westy in goal. I’d have saved their first goal. Signing up Westy and Hector are the two most important pieces of business in the summer. Relegation battle without these two in my opinion.
  10. I don't think there's a player on the books that they won't listen to offers for to be honest.
  11. Sign players like this ! Has to be the best free transfer of the season? in fact most Norwich signings in the close season were free transfer.
  12. This everyday of the week and watch Bruce gi with the rebuild.
  13. I wouldn't keep Sam, he's a 100% committed player no two ways about it , but personally he's never gonna give you more than 30 plus games a season , he's not getting any younger and I think he is a defensive midfielder , can't play him offensively hasn't got the legs or creativity for that.
  14. If he shows consistent form for the last few games and no fitness worries, and is a big part of Bruce's plans then I wouldn't be against it. Still think we may see how things go until Jan before making a decision though, which I'd agree with.
  15. Oh You are so getting a permanent warning for that. No, sorry you didn't say it to a snowflake mod and his girlfriend, as you were.
  16. We were one cheating ref away from winning at Norwich tonight. Without Reach. Or Bannan for long spells of it. I don't think that's a coincidence.
  17. Forestierri 4 million You can triple that, he’s still our best player, and Reach has looked nothing like a 12 million player for months I think all your other valuations need doubling Lees 3 million? He’s as good as any other centre half in the division at defending, I’d want nothing less than 6 million
  18. At those prices, any aside from FF, and Bannan. Forestieri’s market value would be at bottom dollar at the moment, so wrong time to sell.
  19. Last week I would have said FF but if he puts a couple more displays like that in his value will be worth more than £4M in terms of keeping him or selling him. Also have to take into account that Bruce has long been an admirer and if he sees enough in training to think he can get that sort of performance on a regular basis then he will be worth keeping. Two of Rhodes, Nuhiu, Joao and Winnall need to go, not sure we would even get £3M for Rhodes now though. Lees has been much better again since Jos departed and needs to be kept, as we will need at least 1 CB as it is, hopefully that will be Hector but who knows. If we can get that sort of fee for Reach then I would take it. He has moments of pure brilliance and is a good professional but there have been plenty of games where he has been a passenger and not due to a lack of effort.
  20. Jack, like I said in the thread previously. I was joking.
  21. We should be listening to offers for anyone but for me if we get anything even close to £12m for Reach then we should snatch their hands off.
  22. Westwood and Hector would be huge signings if we are to push for the top 6 next season. Sadly, I fear both will be out of our price range. In addition, if the pigs go up, don't rule out Wilder coming in for Hector, Joao and Fessi just to rub our noses in it.
  23. Definitely can. I think with us though, we see 1 player literally get injured per week, on top of the long term ones, and we’re just so down about it that we don’t know who anyone is anymore or what they’re capable of.
  24. After binning Westwood and Hutch prematurely, think we should realise that class players can come back into form.
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