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  2. If that’s the case he should have stuck to forum posting like the rest of us football geniuses. I’m awesome at playing the game in my head too the reality is everybody else isn’t on my wave length and that makes me rubbish. It probably doesn’t help that I’m short fat and massively unfit too.
  3. Jeffers was a good player. More intelligent football wise then every other player in that team he played in. He just couldn't translate that to his feet or head whilst he had a Wednesday shirt on was his problem..
  4. You know what, I’m liking that more and more... My Mrs is going to kill me
  5. Yes you do Francis Jeffers played for England, arsenal, rangers. Explain that
  6. It is. Almost as if you made it on purpose. And I responded in kind...
  7. Ya big numpty,still im a bit shocked Rodri Giggs chose city over utd,bet his bruvvers miffed
  8. It was bought from a chappie in Worsbrough So T rusty seemed the correct terminology both ways Mal..
  9. Good man,ya lucky its close season otherwise the spelling police wudda been out in droves
  10. Today
  11. Oh no! I feel a right fool and numpty. Still, easy mistake to make.....
  12. Yes that was a basic school boy/ alcoholic error, I will flagellate my self accordingly!
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