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  2. Fair enough. But it could be a bit depressing for our younger (under 20) fans.
  3. Ron Springett for me, too. This was at a time when Gordon Banks, undoubtedly the best keeper in the world, just shaded the Wednesday keeper within the England '66 World Cup winning squad. The only other keeper at the time who came close to these two was Soviet keeper, Lev Yashin, another world class talent and a joy to watch but not as good as Springett or Banks.
  4. PLAYER SELECTION NEWS Reach – He's pit. Defienitly out. Achilles and knee. Don’t know how long he’ll be out. But definitely not playing or available for tomorrow. It’s one of those things.We'll have to see, it's a shame. There's only two weeks to go. But he's definitly out of the game tomorrrow. Joao & Iorfa – Joao is ok. Dom is all right too! Aarons – Is going to try and train today, we’ll see how he is but he’s certainly not available for tomorrow. He was running into a bit of form but he’s got ankle injury. We miss his pace and explosiveness…but, he’s not fit missed 3 or 4 weeks. He gave us something else. A different option. But he's not been fit, so.. Kieran Lee – A big, big, huge stepping stone for him (Playing in the U23's) He feels ok. Which is good after so long out. Matt Penney - Just a matter of time with Matt. It was a bad dislocation of the shoulder, so good news on that one that he's back. Got some minutes. Good news.I haven;t actually seen him since I've been here . But it's certainly good news for next season if not this. Injuries General – I said as soon as I walked in the door. It’s hampering. It’s all we talk about. Every week the first question I get is about the injuries. It’s tedious. But that’s because of the recent history. It’s a constant. We have lads miss too many games and we have to look at it. I’m hoping with a good preseason and different methods that can help them. Is it just bad luck? I think it’s too constant for that. We pick up more injuries than anyone else. NORWICH – Young , energetic, striker who’s got 26 goals. Different to Leeds but a s very good side. We have to aim for that, but if we’re honest we’re short of that at the minute. We’ve done well but there’s a lot to be done. I’ll always be grateful to Norwich, they gave me my big chance, a long, long time ago. I had a wonderful 3 years there. My kids were born there. Some say the money they got for me built that stand! Pukki on a free is a great signing. They’re a very good team. They’ve done very well without spending too much. They’ve done very well. They keep going, they’re a team that keep going right up to the end of games. They’ve scored a hell of a lot. They’ve finished mid table and then sold their two best wingers, and Maddison and yet look at them. They’ve been very shrewd in the transfer market. NEXT WEEK- CHANSIRI - I’ll sit down with the chairman. There’s a lot of big decisions to be made. But let’s get these two games out of the way. I’ve not really asked the Chairman about finances to be honest, I’ll know more next week. We’re all aware that there’s been restrictions FRESHEN UP SQUAD : In management you have to make big decisions. Some aren’t always popular. But first I’ll address the 8 or 10 who are out of contract so I’ll deal with them first. 90% of the play off squad are still here. They’re three years older and maybe it’s time we had a freshen up. YOUTH - I remember giving Jordan Henderson his debut at Sunderland. We’ve got two or three or four to a decent standard, and we all like to see our own come through. So it’s great the youth team are doing well and we’ll be thinking about those in the next few weeks too. RHODES – We’ve got six strikers, if Jordan comes back its seven. I’m sure we’ll talk with Norwich, see what they have got up their sleeve. I haven’t asked an what’s in the deal. He’s someone I always liked as player. There’s no question about that. His goalscoring record is second to none. I just don’t know though. If he comes back then good. But lets see, lets get this weekend out of the way. I can see no reason why he couldn’t get back to his best at his age.
  5. Ron Springett = Legend : Hodge - just before my time. Only real memory of Chris Turner is him tipping Mark Hugh's header over the bar at Wembley in 1991.. So, only 3 real choices for me, Pressman, Woods & Westwood. Woods - for all the good games he had, can't really forget the shambles he made of Andy Linighen's header in FA Cup in 1993. Opting for Pressman, purely as he was in Premier League, where Westwood hasn't had the chance proven himself (although I'm certain he could)..
  6. I'm far too young to have seen Ron Springett who is probably the most legendary keeper the club has had, so I've got to go for Martin Hodge. Amazingly consistent and a key part of the team that got promoted and then became established in the top flight, saved penalties at Anfield and Old Trafford and only dropped a couple of clangers towards the end of his time here, holds the club record for consecutive appearances that will probably never be beaten, and it's a travesty that he didn't go to the World Cup in 1986. And he kept goal with bare hands. Big shouts out for Pressman and Westwood, but Hodge will always get in my best Wednesday XI.
  7. And available in time for Xmas...In sizes Dwaf and Fat bastar'dos our new Portuguese signing....result... UTO FTBB..... WAWAWAW
  8. There can only be one World cup winner Ron Springett Every other position is Roland Nilsson
  9. I think people WANT to go to Ajax. Their history says a lot about producing good young players. Could the same be said about us? We need to get a few into the first team and then sold for big money before we can compete with the likes of Ajax.
  10. About next season's kit? Not seen owt on here. We usually have someone itk about it.
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  12. Remember the match when they gave loads of 'em out for nowt. We had that many that we were chucking chunks of 'em at each other all match.
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