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  2. It could well do. Though I think sticking with 4-4-2 would mean some serious transfer surgery carried out in midfield.
  3. We could do with trying to set him up with a club that plays on the front foot with an old fashioned strike pairing. If only there was one around here somewhere that didn't mind signing our old players...
  4. Can’t stand Middlesbrough as a club. Actually it’s a crap hole of a place as well.
  5. He’s my favourite player but surely Hooper will have to go. All logic points that way. Therefore, a Rhodes-Fletcher front two is an obvious way forward. We know Rhodes can’t lead a line, but with Fletcher playing that role and Rhodes playing off him it could work well in our 442.
  6. I remember singing "Bobby Bolder stay with us, stay with us, stay with us, Bobby Bolder stay with us, we love Bobby!!!" from the uncovered, last match before he went to Liverpool.
  7. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Lazaar Matias Hutchinson Bannan Boyd Fletcher Joao
  8. Yep, and unfortunately his lack of contribution at Norwich (or anywhere really for the last 3-4 years since he left Blackburn) will mean that nobody else is going to be tempted to take a punt based on his former reputation and loan or buy him on his current wages.
  9. The best, nay, only save I ever saw him make was the saving of that injured birds life when it was struck by a stray shot. He scooped that little feathered freind in his big gloves and took him from the field of danger.
  10. Blue & white stripes front and back hopefully!
  11. Suspect Bruce would like to do a deal and free up the wages for strengthening the squad elsewhere. He's been saying since day one we have too many strikers. Of course, wanting to trim and being able to find takers are two different things..
  12. Number one priority this. Beyond a joke. Cannot strengthen the team if the replacements are sat in the stands. All the "quality" loan players out injured!! You couldn't make this stuff up. What with this and the match officials we have to deal with - bad luck seems to be the only kind we get! Guaranteed that Rhodes will be dumped back at Hillsborough and it's time he started to earn his keep if we're gonna be stuck with him.
  13. I think I would rather have Rhodes as an option for the last 10 minutes than some of the other options. However he’s a very expensive player to sit on the bench for the majority of time. I would love him to come back and get banging in the goals, I think if anyone can get him doing that it would be Bruce.
  14. Agree. And even if Norwich somehow implode (which they won't), I don't even think they'd sign him if the don't go up. He's not been in their starting 11 for a while. He'll be back with us IMO.
  15. Agree. I don't think he suits their system of one up and one off. just seems to be, like you said, they chuck him on as the extra man at the end to try and nick something. Contract here runs till next summer so I doubt we're in a position to pay him up and release him even.
  16. Re Rhodes, is Bruce any more of a football manager than Falke? I think this is as good as it gets, at this level for Jordan Rhodes Trying to integrate him into our starting eleven, would be a backward step in my opinion That's not to say he can't be useful to us, in a similar way to the way Norwich use him, off the bench for the last ten minutes
  17. That's a start after some of the abominations of recent seasons.
  18. Even in the highly unlikely event that Norwich stay down I doubt they'd want to keep him. He's not started a game since October and has only played for more than 20 minutes twice and scored once since then. Been an unused sub in 5 of their last 10 and played for 5 minutes or less in another 3 of those games. For the wages he's on they'd be better off spending them elsewhere even if we let them have him on a free.
  19. In the time I've been watching Wednesday I've seen some great keepers but Pressman in his prime just shades it for me with Westwood a very close second. Never got to see Ron Springett but my grandad used to rave about him.
  20. Most of the players on big wages will more than likely be released or sold, we can't afford to keep them all, so the wage bill would realistly plumit.
  21. Any unsold tickets have to be paid for by visiting clubs at Norwich apparently, this will be why we've sent a few hundred back. Tickets are on sale till 3pm today then that's it, no pay on day.
  22. Tbh it will be interesting to see how Rhodes performs under a proper footballing manager but again can we afford to keep him? Would rather cash in and see what we get but who would want him.
  23. Ajax don't have a league of teams above them raking in hundreds of millions a year and dictating the out of control wage and agent fee demands.
  24. Most important thing for me is to get a new contract sorted for Westwood. Get it done now rather than wait until the summer. So important we keep him.
  25. Ha ha , that’s the one. One of the funnier Viz characters.
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