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  2. We're 3rd. 2 more goals and we go 2nd above weeds.
  3. Likes of Harris and Luongo make you a bit more confident that we can do this, will get forward fast if they try to attack - we're a lot less sluggish
  4. Hope we start quickly after the break and put these away. No more defending 1-0 leads please
  5. Why is Iorfa marking baath he’s winning everything. Get fletcher on him or Borner. plain to see.
  6. should get a few now, a good team finishes them off n they are rock bottom
  7. I know I’m speaking to soon but bloody hell we could go 3rd If we win tonight! Amazing.
  8. He's not been great. Feel like he's try a little too hard - but as ever, he's not hiding.
  9. Probs get moved, but couldn't resist sharing exchange between me and a blunt last night...
  10. No point crossing when only fletcher in the box.. Needs support
  11. WTF with these commentators, FFS ? An awful goal for an awful game. The match might not be up to scratch but he took the goal well, FFS
  12. We are well organised. Just lack a bit of spark going forward.
  13. Unbelievable. Harris has done nothing whatsoever, bannan been poor. Reach has literally been the only person willing to run at them and the only person to put a couple of decent crosses in and already numerous posters calling him out.
  14. Don't think we've been that bad. Lot's of effort but final product a bit rushed. Definitely deserved that goal.
  15. They put the ball in the net twice.. I think that's what happened anyway
  16. Really does look a player. Very pleased we have him on a permanent signing!
  17. Not sure what happened to Reach in the summer, but he looks like he is running through treacle these days. Painful.
  18. Don't worry you can have some more sleep there is 15 mins in between halves
  19. Needs bit more flair this game though reach off he’s been poo bring fessi on
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