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  2. "We're imposing these rules to safeguard against clubs putting themselves into a financial situation wherein they might go belly up, and if you break them we'll make you go belly up."
  3. From my time living in london,we were always a side they hated comming to,a homegrown type side that never spent much money,but dug up little nuggets that made us competative,never title contenders,a midtable steady eddy type club,that played their best on that big occasion,and roared on by packed support we were always hard to play against
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  5. We've been under more embargoes than Colonel Gaddafi, I fully expect us to be under one from now until this shitty mess is sorted.
  6. Dont recall them having cash flow trouble,apart from McCabe pocketing most of it.I knew he ran a tight ship,but they always looked to have the finances under control. Agree they got lucky with mardiola,every chairman needs to have that bit of luck,same for managers
  7. Difficult for me to remember as I was a really young kid,but Im almost certain it was Colin Dobson against stoke at hillsbro in the early 60s
  8. That makes sense to me at least. When we bought our house 30 odd years ago for 38k we had to take out buildings insurance for around 80k when we questioned It we were told it would be to cover the cost of demolition clearing the site and rebuilding the house. Might be clutching at straws but I can sort of see the parallels of when Leicester started all this by going bust and they got a slap on the wrist pretty much.
  9. I always remember my dad saying “don’t cry if we lose”
  10. But they were on the verge of insolvency with an owner most of the fans hated who suddenly they prefer to their new owner. They got lucky with wilder without him they would be in a bigger mess than we are
  11. David Hirst 1990 v Newcastle United 2-2 https://youtu.be/QdjCdMHdbcM
  12. Can't argue with a word of that and as far as I can see all the more reason for him to sell up and move on.
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  14. Business, you either have a head for it or you don't. People bang on about Chansiri being a successful businessman and I can find nothing that backs this up. Now Milan, he was a successful businessman, he left a blank canvas for Chansiri to draw on and he has made no more than an amateurish scribble with some very expensive pens. The difference between success and failure is knowing what your doing. Sadly Chansiri doesn't and now desperation has set in hence his stupid actions, we are royally fizzed.
  15. Just forced myself to read the EFL Rules. Section 92. As far as potential punishments go the only thing missing is stoning.... Clearly there's a very broad range of options open to them if we're ultimately found to be in breach of the rules. If you consider what's being alleged I'd guess we're looking at the top end of the punishment scale. Maybe even a punishment combo!!! This stuff can't happen by accident. DC's a bit of a gambler I think thats been evident from day one with the decisions that have ben made on all fronts. We appear to have proceeded with a combination of bad advice and at times no advice at all, learning on the job in what could only be described as an expensive game of football manager....... Personally I prefer the forty quid version.
  16. Right? Shouldn't we have expected this? Every time The Wednesday get going on a good run the other shoe always drops.
  17. I dunno McCabes not that bad LOL Something I learned of an ex buisness buddy yonks ago,was if your competitors are more successfull than you copy the model,tweek out your own percieved impureities,project the cost,seek decent investors,it worked for him, he retired in his mid 40s,just does consultancy work and the odd conference,charges 60 quid p/h per head,his last conference was in Krakow,with 1500 attendees and lasted 8 hours!Hes far too savvy to invest in football tho LOL
  18. John Ritchie v Leeds FA Cup Jan 1969. I think it was equaliser to Leeds penalty.
  19. Flew from worksop to Bournemouth a few weeks back in Cessna 172,took us 90 minutes,its the way to travel,not my plane like but loved the ride,flew with him to schippol last january,swore Id never do it again,most horrific thing ive ever done,controls froze about 10000 feet up talk about hairy,thank god he knows his stuff,dutch airforce scrambled to give us support just incase,wasnt pretty
  20. I'm a Wednesdayite, my dad's a Wednesdayite, my son's a Wednesdayite, and my grand daughter's a Wednesdayite in training. fizz the FA, fizz the EFL, We're Wednesday till We Die ! Whatever will be will be. If we end up playing Alfreton Town or Blyth Spartans, we'll still be there. UTO, FTB, WTID !!!
  21. The weight of the pass for the second goal. He’d be an ever present in my FFL teams.
  22. Plus investment from one of the most controversial families to walk the earth.
  23. So its quicker to glance at his shorts or the number on his back lol. It's like that betting advert ridiculous trying to avoid calling somebody black, black if he was the only white guy you'd say pick the white guy up as it's the easiest description.
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