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  2. Absolutely incredible people saying Liam Palmer should be given a chance as an attacking wingback. In 3 years and 82 appearances he's managed two assists and zero goals. If a fan of any other team in the Championship was insisting that their two assist and zero goals in three years player should be put in a more attacking role, you'd call that fan deluded. Lets not beat about the bush, you would. Look in the mirror, seriously. This is no disrespect to Palmer by the way, this last season he's come on and played the best I've ever seen him play (on both rear flanks) and deserves to be highly commended for it, because up til this season he's been extremely "meh". To turn it around and arguably be one of the "better" fullbacks in the division is a heck of an achievement. But it doesn't detract from the fact that going forward he effectively gets nosebleeds being up so far and becomes about as effective as I do in the final third. He'd get torn apart on both the pitch and Owlstalk if he were to be played at RWB.
  3. Four players have already been down to the training ground, three will sign first in June and the other in the second week. Three other players will be down at Hillsborough for talks within the next week or so. UTO
  4. Is the club losing £20m a season or is the guy in charge losing £20m a season because the club is not being managed correctly. To manage a club correctly you have to maximise income and reduce costs: Maximise income from sponsorship, corporate entertaining, the fans, merchandise that people want at a price they are prepared to pay, sell players at the right time or the right price Reduce cost - get players off the wage bill not playing, loan out squad players to get first team football, make the ground an income source outside of match days. Do this with any level of competences and the losses would be less, the only think I can see he is doing from the above is maximise income from the fans. We need to end the excuses and get people into the club that can take us forward and address our many short comings, a director of football could be the most important signing DC has ever made and a Corporate manager who knows how to manage a football team.
  5. so 6 - 6 - 6 isn't that the number of...…..
  6. Surprised Ian Wright doesn't come up a lot - He stands out in my memory as a constant nuisance every time Arsenal visited.
  7. The club has been losing up to £20m a season which DC has bankrolled. If the fans held let's say 10% of the shares DC would be well within his rights to ask the fans to fork out £2m as towards the losses.
  8. Incredible that we're involved in 4 of the 5 top goals. Wednesday are the team to watch.
  9. Yes, I like watching football, and who wouldn’t like watching City at the moment. Also, I could watch Messi, all day long, none of us will ever see a talent like that again. Also like the buzz of being at a match, particularly away games with Wednesday. It’s not often we get that sort of atmosphere at Hillsborough, so for atmosphere alone, I probably enjoyed home games at Malaga more. For me now, a trip to Hillsborough is more about the whole weekend, as I tend to stay over and catch up with old friends.
  10. I know exactly what you mean. It's a sign of how long we've been away from the big league really. If we were still in Prem I doubt it'd be that way. A lot of people have a Prem club they like if they support a team in a lower league. Over the last few years I've gone to watch City in the Champions League a few times so I have a soft spot for them, its nothing like Wednesday though, how they get on doesn't affect me in the slightest, no vested emotion. Watching City in the Champions League is like watching a different sport in comparison to the Championship anyway to be honest
  11. Best one so far. Miss these types of players, no nonsense, call it as it is and will simply not allow other team mates to under perform. As he touches on, players like these allow a dressing room to police itself.
  12. The school opposite the South is good for that side of the stadium , if it’s still used . Permit only though I believe.
  13. On the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month - but it'll be 6 minutes late.
  14. Yes I know what you mean , it’s easier for locals and fans familiar with the area , some talk as though we should know or are incapable of walking , the simple solution is get to the area at least an hour before the game .
  15. I’d like to think first week in June when the out of contract players we’ve been linked with can officially sign for us.
  16. As the title says when do people think our fist new signing will happen, we have been linked with a lot of players and more than a few have said they have all but signed with us the defender from Germany to mention. the last 3 season we have had 16/17 - 1st July 17/18 - 3rd July 18/19 - 16 Aug The added difference this coming season and last the transfer window opened a lot earlier.
  17. Ok, thanks. I didn’t think it was with us, Spurs or Marseille so did wonder whether it was during his time at Newcastle. Hard to believe it’s nearly 40 years since Waddle left Tow Law Town!
  18. Today
  19. I actually thought it was better because he has a lot less time weigh it up and strike it.
  20. I see that weeds look like they are piling in for this Sheraldo Becker geezer. Some things will never change will they?
  21. Other than a handful of yards there's not much in it is there? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65ly7cQsRfw
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