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  2. Is this not a little bit of an overreaction to a couple of defeats? I'm not saying Bullen is the man to take us forward but if the club don't feel the right person isn't available what else can they do? Appointing someone for the sake of it doesn't strike me as very sensible at all. Also we wouldn't be the first club to have a caretaker for a while. Newcastle had Chris Hughton in charge until October before they gave him the job. I'm sure there are other examples of it.
  3. Visited Monkey Park (Tenerife) today. Tried teaching the green parrots to say "We're All Wednesday Aren't We". If any other Owls visit, please continue the good work. Top tip if you do go, get there early otherwise most animals are asleep or full of food so won't take owt from you.
  4. Well said. If we switched to a 343,Penny would be more of an asset,as his defensive sides not great
  5. One way or another, I think a decision needs to be made soon, as I don't think it helps anyone by letting it drag on. Either appoint Bully, which would give him confidence and back him fully by allowing him to add to the coaching staff, ect or just go all out after someone else suitable to replace Bruce and switch Bully back into a coaching role. The longer Bully is left in limbo, the harder it will get as pressure will grow on him, his understaffed staff and the squad to keep picking up points to help him get the job. Either way, I think it's best for Bully and the squad for a decision to be made one way or another soon.
  6. Theres definitely one or two on here I would love to kick lumps out of ... Does that count ?
  7. Palmer aside, Fox is clearly the best LB at the club at the moment. It's to his credit he's put the nightmare performances of last season behind him (and he was far from the only one!)..... it's a shame that certain members of the fanbase can't put it behind them as well and be pleased for a guy who has worked hard to turn things round, rather than continue to slag him off. On another matter and thinking about Matt Penney's performances when he first broke into the team; before his confidence was infected by team mates, apparently devoid of self-belief and basic organisational skills; before his injury, I have to ask if his loan to St Pauli may not have been premature and that he may have been a better bet than Iorfa or Odubajo to compete for the LB spot??
  8. Least hes never given two penalties away in one game............ Hes an average championship LB,wo can raise his game occasionally,theres worse and theres better,Im sure if we did a bit of homework,we could aquire a an upgrade for not much dosh from the lower divisions. Ive no problem with Fox but you always look to upgrade wherever you can
  9. The comments on LB are a joke. No team is so far in front of the others that they are going to win every game. Draws are no good for play off place. We have to be winning not drawing games. LB need to judged over a season not 5 games. But the 5 games we seen have been positive. Without Westwood error at Millwall and 2 penalties at pne. A place that is very difficult to win at. We would be unbeaten. But what gets me the most is how do the LB out brigade justify that a new manager would have got better performance from the team. We have 6 new players who need time to settle. But ate obviously what we needed just not gelled as a team. Another new manager with new ideas is the last thing we want when its still work in progress with 9 points from 15 only millwall and pne away with individual errors to blame for the losses.
  10. Joelinton at Spurs. Now that was hold up play. Not the carthorse farce Adthe offers up.
  11. He’s done well everywhere (apart from the sh*t show that is Stoke city) he’s the man I tell thee
  12. He's done nothing and plays dull football. No thanks. Also I forgot he's as fickle as Bruce and will be away in a shot if a better offer comes along
  13. If chansiri has any sense he’ll be lumping on then hiring our Gary
  14. He was sent to leuven on gardening leave with a miniscule budget and he never got the time to improve the side at Derby who pulled the trigger too quick,a lot of Foxes fans were thankfull of his legacy as they won the title,hed already earmarked some of the players,such as Mahrez,for the following season
  15. I'd like to see Luongo put into the side. I think his energy, battling and box to box ability will prove to be invaluable this season. Especially as I don't think we can rely on our first choice midfield for an entire season. I think we will regret not bringing in a younger version of Hutch. Sometimes we should utilise Luongo, Reach and FF. I'd also consider changing between formations for different games. Sometimes 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 will suit going at some teams but on other occasions we might need to battle and switch it up to a 4-4-2 or 3-5-2, depending on the opposition, what suits us best or how a game is going.
  16. Is there still time to lump on??
  17. We still need an identity and style of play and we won't get that unless we appoint a full time manager - whoever that may be. I think with the players we have 4-3-3 will work but it needs some work still on the training pitch and we're probably falling short in on-game management right now - sorry Bullen.
  18. Aimlessly spaffing your large wedge doesnt make a good football chairman. Spaffing it wisely,working to a plan,and keeping tabs on the debt,while accruing assets to offset any future planB requirement is a wiser chairman. We pay top dollar for everything,were paying the price of failure
  19. Because he’s successful? He plays a system that is highly effective and has produced relative success for unfashionable clubs time and time again? Because he is ruthless? Just a thought?
  20. Those of us who “lumped on” win mega money. Plus we get a competant championship manager to boot
  21. Since he left Leicester Pearson has been shocking. Had a nightmare at Derby and was on course to take Belgian second division side OH Leuven down to the equivalent of the Isthmian League. No thanks.
  22. Yep, though some think you can nip down to tescos and get one, whoever it is, it will be a gamble. I'm with you on the manager dole queue mery go round. Can't imagine why.
  23. Talking of left backs Your deity signed Julian Bennett, twice.
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