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  2. But Hutchinson tackles and shows desire and a will to win and leadership. Monk don’t want any of that, or shouting at him in the dressing room, or pointing out where it’s going wrong, or there’s no tactics. Boo Hutch because he gets yellow cards and reds and injured. Booooooo.
  3. I think it’s very unfair to say Tom Lees is mentally weak. I would say the group as a collective are mentally weak as a consequence of 2 failed playoff campaigns. He’s been a good player for us as Tom Lees and was great alongside Loovens. I would also say that recently he’s been shocking but so have Borner and Iorfa.
  4. Think we’ll start moving towards that purple dotted line now with Reach, Luongo, Fox and especially Fletcher back.
  5. I’m not sure what worse.....that you think Lees was immense or that you feel the need to tell us all 4 times
  6. Players in the main are a reflection of the managers personality, not always, but generally. We are simply stupid and don't have the where with all to see a game out. Once ok, twice perhaps bad luck, but how often we do it is simply weak and inexcusable. The annoying thing is, being completely honest, you just knew as eggs are feckin eggs it was going to happen. That isn't bad luck. Dress the performance up all you like, there are simply no positives from that at all. Sides don't chuck games away like we do.
  7. He ran the length of the field at full whack, and was straight on to the oncoming keeper. Harsh.
  8. In the end you’re being generous to class it an attempt on goal.
  9. A number of fans have called for Hutchinson to be captain previously because he shouts and screams a lot and have a go at lees because he doesn’t. Hutchinson has now been bombed out twice by two managers. But obviously a captain is much more than that. None of us know his influence around the dressing room or how he conducts himself etc. To be honest I remember people suggesting Hutchinson when we had Loovens!
  10. Have you ever played football @TodwickOwl Not a dig, serious question.
  11. Great report @Mr. Tom thanks. Just a question though. Lee laid the first off for Bannan, won the pen, and brought the high ball down which fell to FF to set-up Murphy. 5 seems a bit harsh for a CM with such a role in all 3 goals. Was he really poor apart from that?
  12. The way he runs away from the ball the second after he hits it... oddly reminds me of Matias away to Leeds that time. Second the ball leaves his boot he just knows he's scored a beauty. Must be such a good feeling for him
  13. Not really up to the pace of the English game yet, as is the case with many of these foreign players at first. Worth persevering with, in the short term at least
  14. They also look very nervous when he doesn't.
  15. No problem here. Just making the point that watching the game on a stream etc gives you a fair view of the game.
  16. Careful he’ll PM you and offer to come knock you out, stockport’s finest is @casbahowl, funny he brings up keyboard warrior when he’s the king
  17. Dawson - 6, didn't have much to do that he could do much about, if that makes sense. Kicking much better today than in a while. Positioning questionable as the ball entered out box on a couple of occasions. Pelupessy - 6, actually thought he got involved and broke up play fairly well, wasn't having a great time man-marking Bellingham but it was the toughest role on the pitch today. There was a huge amount of space in our midfield first half, and he did better than I expected at making it slightly trickier to play though directly. Palmer - 5, felt he was a bit off it today. Better when switched. Distribution remained pretty poor though, and Hogan technically could've been his for the equaliser (but fair play it was a great run and finish, nobody's 'fault' really). Lees - 4, looked pretty shaky and definitely seemed half a yard off the pace (several sloppy challenges), actually thought he was lucky to get to 27min without a yellow. Iorfa - 5, really made his pace count a couple of times but his positioning remains iffy for me; his speed tends to bail him out as often as it does us. Borner - 5, played fairly hard as ever but quite clunky today, seen him infinitely more commanding than that (always when it's just him and Dom, hmmm) Murphy - 7, would've been an 8 as he was a very promising outlet all game, but you've got to dock a point for an own goal...and I would've done anyway because when he goes up for headers he has absolutely no intention of trying to win them and it fizzes me off. Reach tries harder in aerial battles than old Murph does ffs. Bannan - 7, better today than for a good while, seemed up for it and tackled back a few times, still dictated things things for us in possession a bit too much but as long as he's in the right half of the pitch I can cope with that. Lots of pointing and arm-flapping at the backline on final whistle by the looks of it, needs to cut that out but he never will. Given him my MOM but it's a tight call, Murphy loses it for the OG. Forestieri - 6, put in a shift despite being played in a thankless position, and I was really pleased with him for laying it off to the better-placed Murphy for our third. Unselfish and I was pleasantly surprised, for better or worse. Lee - 5, I thought he struggled a bit today. Brum a fairly big physical side and he looked outmuscled. Asked one or two questions going forward, but couldn't provide anything incisive. Just a very average day at the office, nothing overly concerning. At fault for the own goal if we're being brutally honest. Harris - 7, didn't get much joy but I thought he really gave them something to think about and never stopped running. It would've been very easy to nullify our attacking threat by doubling up on Murphy if Harris hadn't kept going even though he wasn't getting the rub of the green. Fox - 6, looked solid enough if a bit more tentative/hesitant than ususal, understandable first game back though. Wickham - 6, not much to go on in terms of quality service and was quiet in and around the box, but thought he used his strength effectively in build-ups and was impressed to see him chasing and winning a few balls down the channels and out by the corner flag. Wish Murphy was better at that so Wickham could stay in the box where we need him, but hey. Fletcher - 5, bang average score isn't a reflection on his performance per se, we barely got to see enough of him in serious action to give him a grade I don't think. A distraction for the Brum defence when he came on, but more in theory than in practice. Great to have him back though.
  18. Looks like he just has. Only just come on as well to replace Aguero.
  19. 80 grounds. Season ticket for longer than I can remember tbf. Just renewed and cost me nearly £800 for 3 tickets. Is that enough fresh air? The ‘going to games’ argument is old hat. Most games can be watched on streams, red button etc, and can base an opinion on that. And people these days move around for work more. Not everyone lives within 3 miles of the ground like the Celtic European Cup side. The ‘you’re not a fan unless you go to games’ kind of worked in the 80’s. Now, do you need some fresh air?
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