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  2. Unfortunately he’s the type of midfield player we had a lot of the last time we were relegated from the Championship. Ineffective, lightweight and often anonymous. He’s played 60 odd times in the 2 years he’s been here which shocks me massively because he still looks like a foreign player adapting to the league. He seems well liked by the squad, but I feel if the club is going to turn the corner we need to stop keeping players on because they get on with the kitman etc.
  3. Usual rumours and speculation from off here and a mate of mate who reckons he knows some fella that works down at Hillsborough. So probably rubbish but you never know.
  4. Really? So you think every player in League 1, League 2, the conference and beyond, are all better than Pelupessy? As for what Hunt could do that's worse, he could be worse! We've seen plenty of players who were worse than Joey. There is absolutely no logic or reasoning in saying that "they can't be any worse". Of course they can. It's impossible to say if Hunt is better based on the limited amount of time he's had in the first team so I'm not going to do him down. But if the coaching team don't think he's better than Joey, then I'm going to trust them. They know more about football than me you and any of the fans!
  5. The worrying thing is, the players Monk brought in during the January transfer window have been disappointing and along with other decisions, seem to have made us worse. He said Da Cruz was exactly the type of player we needed. That doesn't instil me with confidence that Monk is the man to build a team.
  6. Several of us on here said it was a bizarre and desperate decision. Hardly played and rarely scored in seasons. He has had one short scoring spree on his career. It just so happens that it was here, so understandably that’s what many Wednesday fans remember. But look at his career record - awful.
  7. Hope she's ok mate. Stay safe. And yeah I honestly can see a significant amount of injuries right from the first game. I reckon the number of injuries will shock people
  8. Cheers Neil, yeah I'm fine now more worried about the missus on the frontline in the hospital theatres. Knowing our luck we'd have three players stretchered off in the first half of the first match 😄
  9. You’ll never get 24 teams to agree on anything. EFL are right to go ahead and give a date. They’ve had 2 weeks of training and now another 3 weeks of contact training. No team is at an advantage or disadvantage from this and are all in the same boat. Steven Fletcher was out injured for 2 months and didn’t need a 5 week programme before Monk placed him in the team. Just get on with this season.
  10. I don’t see how they can be worse. Pessy doesn’t score, doesn’t create, doesn’t win tackles, all he does is remain fit which is quite easy when you do sod all on the pitch. What could a young lad like Hunt, a player that is very highly regarded do that is worse?
  11. His record speaks for itself if it hadn’t been for ww1 it would have been greater 🦉
  12. Well for a start he's played at professional level for a number of years. He's also a known quantity. Granted he might be limited but if the kids were better they'd be getting in the squad ahead of him. Too many people think "they can't be any worse" when the reality is they very much can be.
  13. I think they'll all complain about it but carry on and comply
  14. Hunt in that cameo looked a far better player than Pessy. In your opinion what does Pessy offer us that a young lad can’t?
  15. I don't think that all is wrong at the club is down to the manager - the current culture has been done to death and needs changing for the club to move on
  16. I'd agree that he's not good enough for a team pushing for promotion from the Championship, but I think a few people are going to have to reset their expectations over the coming years. We've got no money available to spend so who are we expecting to sign? We have no idea what the future transfer or even sporting scene looks like over the coming years. As for our kids, who have you seen that's better from our youth ranks? Nobody stands out to me.
  17. I think clubs will rebuff the June 20 resumption - and rightly so. It would put players at greater risk of injury. They usually get a 5 week pre-season with full contact plus a handful of friendlies. Now they're getting 4 weeks, partly non-contact in small groups, and no games. They need adequate prep time.
  18. we have made some poor decisions on contract extensions in the past but this would be the worst we have made imo.
  19. They are so desperate to stay cosy with the EPL that they are doing everything they can to just force this through. They know they have a hard deadline at the end of July due to player contracts. As it stands the 20th June is just about as late as they can restart and hit that date. This is going to rumble on for years to come. There will be teams relegated after players are out of contract, teams missing out on promotion/play-offs etc. It's going to be an absolute sh!t show!
  20. I'd love to know how the powers that be arrived at the decision that he deserves a new contract???? I have seen nothing from him that warrants rewarding with a new contract. No wonder we always end up poo creek without a paddle.
  21. If he picked these 3 it doesn't instill much confidence. I was pro-Monk when he came but something has been very wrong since xmas.
  22. no we have to look at players that actually bring something to the team when they play even if they aren’t first choice. What does Pessy bring apart from being fit? What can Pessy do that Hunt can’t for example?
  23. Brentford away cost me a fortune, a refund would offset that shambles of a performance
  24. Think we saw the best of Wickham 5 years ago. Injuries have added up and we would be lucky to get him on the park for 15 games a season. Sadly this was always doomed to failure.
  25. No where near good enough, if that's what we can look forward to seeing next season we are in trouble.
  26. They probably got it off here, so bound to be true.
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