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  2. Yeah shame about the injuries to Simek, he would have been a mainstay for another 2-3 seasons I’m sure of it if not for injury. As for Nilsson he was the Rolls Royce of RBs and nobody will ever compare.
  3. Me too, always thought Simek was a good player for us. Went downhill quickly though, injury as I recall? It's a tough ask to compare to Roland though, none since even come close. In fact, going back would only put Mel Sterland in the same bracket as Nilsson.
  4. Honestly if you gave me the option between Harris and JJ I'd take JJ every time. Both don't don't really have a consistent end product but JJ got you off your seat, absolutely skinning 3/4 players with ease... Then hammering his shot towards goal, narrowly missing the pigeons nesting in rafters.
  5. Cant see being forced to incur the additional cost of loan players, without being compensated by EFL. Presume we've been paying them since lockdown started anyway. Despite the apparent wish to play on, I dont see the majority of Championship clubs wanting to incur further losses to put on pointless games in empty stadiums. All the talk of finishing the season is testicles. Unfit teams, depleted squads and no fans is not football I recognise, it's just sad, desperate and obviously purely a matter of retaining TV money.
  6. Petrescu class wise but simek for likeability did nicol even play right back for us?! Thought we used him def mid
  7. Jack hunt when he played for Huddersfield against us was class
  8. Boris Johnson will be available on a free agent by the time the season resumes.. Potential replacement for Hutch?
  9. Managed by Bruno Labbadia who probably should’ve got the job here ahead of Jos? Nice one DC? 🙄
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  11. I had a dream once that Red Bull bought us and appointed GVB as boss with Loovens as his assistant and we all lived happily ever after. Then I woke up to find the nightmare of Chansiri and losing games 5-0. Let’s keep football abandoned for as long as possible
  12. wonder if we will still be able to get rid of any out of contract players at the end of June or if they will have to stay on until the season ends. Sooner we can get rid the better for me.
  13. Buxton and simek. For me both FB positions have been weak for years.
  14. The whole covid lockdown has made me see football for what it is and I'm starting to to take a bit of a dislike to it. Sadly the sport I love and have devoted a large part of my life to is completely broken and ruled by the gods of greed and money. In many ways I wish it would just go under and start again.
  15. Interesting stat. No wonder we snapped him up. Cheap and borderline Championship quality.
  16. We never seem to make an easy option. Quick give and go, a square ball inside. Number of times you see our players closed down for lack of options. People around me must think I have Tourette’s when I am watching it and getting frustrated. Really need to start passing and moving and tracking back as a team.
  17. Cancelled mine rather than suspend it Won't be reactivating it either
  18. Simek was good, especially on overlap to get the cross into the box
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