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  2. Gazza has acted despicably at times, no doubt and I appreciate where you’re coming from but it was quite obvious that Gazza was ill a long time before his well publicised terrible behaviour. There are well known accounts of manic and obsessive behaviour when he was playing at Newcastle and Tottenham where he would train each day all day with all age groups and have to be forced to go home and accounts of international tournaments where he just wouldn’t sleep for days. Nobody intervened to help. His illness must have been compounded by the hero worship, ridicule or disdain he met wherever he went. There are no excuses for Gazza’s bad behaviour but there are reasons.
  3. Did MM sell the ground outside of the clubs assets? Did MM make up sponsors? simple yes or no will do
  4. Are you drunk again already? Dude, it's 10am...
  5. Bruce has not been scared to bin big signings I’d they aren’t working especially up front. Think McCormack, think Hogan, think (in a way) Kodjia having to play second fiddle to a loanees - first Grabban and then Abraham. Problem for Jordan and the rest of our crew is that he prefers to play with one - at the moment that has to be fletcher - who doesn’t score enough goals. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried Winnall out more but he probably doesn’t fancy him and TBH it wouldn’t surprise me if he sold the whole caboodle - Atty and Lucas have had their chance, Jordan, Winnall and Fletch have no pace, Hoops is gone. Expect a loanee as point man with Fessi and Reach in close support.
  6. Yep I remember MM transferi g the ground out of the clubs asset very well, I also remember all the “made up sponsors” he had. It was like yesterday........
  7. Teh problem is no one will agree to this, esp the premier league clubs and players which means it’s impossible.
  8. Each place in the Premiership is worth 1.9 million. Rhodes wouldn't have to do much, to repay Norwich's small fee. would he? Good deal for them if they get him for 2-3 million IMO.
  9. We accepted it in 2010 when Milan bought it
  10. You still can’t read, yes I have moral objections to is doing what we are doing, you can go back as far as when Chansiri was announced as our new owner with my posts, I always was cautious and wanted us to run things in a sensible manner. What we are doing isn’t right morally and also leaves us potentially open to future club problems. Im not scarred from the last 25 years, I enjoy the ups and downs, I merely said our fans could be and thats why some are jumping in feet first without considering future ramifications , but as usual you will continue to just ignore what I say and talk nonsense also thanks for reporting me to teacher it meant I didn’t waste Saturday on here wasting my time talking to you
  11. All this FFP, and P & S stuff could be handled by putting a wage cap on players, not as individual, but as a whole, say 10 million a Season for the whole squad and a transfer cap say at another 10 million, any one breaching would incur a points deduction immediately, and make all transfers transparent to the EFL. This would be simpler, and would stop agents (to a degree), from whooring their players.
  12. 40 appearances 9 goals this season. Most were off the bench, he scored a goal every 133 minutes. Our best striker was Joao with 1 every 168 mins...
  13. It's not a "promise" of money. He's stumped up.
  14. Sell him to Norwich, they can loan him back to us with an option to buy.
  15. Enjoyed that, tells a good tale does Carlton, not always accurate mind (the story about Hartlepool away we drew 2-2, not win 7-1.....that was Leicester home in the cup) Good stuff all the same
  16. Begrudgingly agree in the sense I wanted him to do well, but you've right. Assuming he's our top earner on £35k, still 2 years to run? That's easily £2m a year (including employer contributions). Just to get his wage off the books and come out anywhere near break even in respect of any outstanding fee due to Boro would be a result.
  17. Ok let’s wipe the word cheat out, let’s call it finding loop holes, either way when Bates and Mamadov were sniffing around our club, I pretty much guarantee that if fans were told we would sell our stadium, and have our two main sponsors who are( not even trading) not one fan would have accepted it. Just shows what the promise of money does. As I said none of it sits right with me
  18. It's literally one of those decisions that could go either way. Farke has managed to get some sort of tune out of Rhodes, good enough to want to keep him, it would seem? We need a goalscorer next season and Rhodes could fit the bill but this all depends on Bruce finding a system that gets the best out of him. He could well find it but it's possible in regards to being a regular goalscorer, Rhodes is now a busted flush? I think Bruce would like to shake up the forward line as it doesn't look like he's got a striker who could score 20 goals or more but getting offers from other clubs for players still under contract is going to be difficult?
  19. So in conclusion, it's now a moral objection to us "cheating" you have and the reasons are because you're either too naive to understand or you're scarred from the last 25 years but you're not sure which it is... fizz me
  20. I have severe reservations about selling the ground. However, let’s be correct, this is not cheating our way around FFP in anyway. It is playing within the rules. The fact that the FL clearly need to amend those rules and close a massive loophole is not our fault. The morale outrage should be no greater than the unfairness of the rules in the first place which are completely weighted towards teams with parachute payments. The Parachute payments were put in place by PL clubs to protect themselves. The PL then has the FL clubs over a barrel because if they try and fight it they reduce the trickle down payments. It is this that has forced Derby and Wednesday down this road and any morale outrage should be focused solely and squarely there.
  21. The wednesdayite car park is relocating to Hillsborough College. Fewer spaces, no pay on the day and I assume no disabled parking. Initially only available to existing permit holders
  22. I'm normally large, but needed XL for mine.
  23. You didn’t know this It’s almost like nobody was telling you this for 15 pages before. apart from the obvious potential future risks, let’s just think about it from a moral view point for a minute, it just isn’t right. We were all thanking the Lord we dodged a dodgy Mamadov ownership yet here we are cheating our way around FFP as if it’s a game that doesn’t matter. We are now potentially selling the ground and our only main sponsors are made up. Let’s be honest if you take off our blue tinted specs and if you were another fan or club looking from the outside you would think we are dodgy as fizz. Yep I agree FFP is far from fit for purpose atm, for me it still needs to be in place but needs a hell of a lot more work to put it right. Fans and clubs do need protecting from owners flipping up or taking huge risks that leave clubs up poo creek. My biggest point is just like a few a few of the other posters have mentioned, a lot of our fans are far too quick to just accept anything for another roll of the dice, maybe that’s because we have seen so much poo over the past 25 years or maybe it’s just pure naivety but either way for me it is far from sitting right.
  24. Similar to how Reading used ALF. No way was he Premier League class, but he got them a few points coming on at the end of games. That’s how Norwich used Rhodes last season, and it is pretty much the only way you can utilise a player with such limited ability. That isn’t a problem if you can afford to carry such a player. Paying 8m for that privilege, was quite frankly bonkers though
  25. OMG NO! folks on here constantly calling the 'old' (seventies) badge 'original' will be horrified, what next? the earth won't be flat?
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