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  2. I never understood why that area of the ground did not get a roof. But as it was left I think they used it for the tv stand when we were on telly. I don't think SAG or SYP would ever allow people to stand there.
  3. He was injured end of last season and since has not produced the sort of form we had from him the start of last season. Add to that we seem to be finding a role for him in the team instead of picking the best players for the roles, he is an attacking midfielder/left winger, currently Murphy and Harris fill the winger roles, and Bannan is the attacking midfielder would we drop any of these 3 to play Reach. We look very light weight in midfield last night with Bannan, Hutch, Reach there, Reach lacked energy a Lee/Luongo would bring to the middle of the park and Luton got way too much room in the centre of the field. He picked up in the second half probably after a rollicking from the manager. For me we change him for either Lee or Luongo at the week end if we jkeep the same formation. I would prefer us to revert to a 4-4-2 allowing us to play a second striker be that Fessi or Rhodes/Winnall. We are creating a lot of chance but it would be wrong to expect Fletcher to put them all away. One, massive bonus for us though is the threat from midfield with Harris and Murphy they are both goal creators and goal scorers. But we are top of the league and doing well, so lets get another 3 points at Preston and the rest will fall into place
  4. Honestly don't think 99% of Liverpool fans would care. They played at Hillsborough for 15 years or so after the Disaster, and the justice/truth campaign was never about boycotting Hillsborough or Sheffield Wednesday. Suppose Gerrard personally might have some issues with it seeing as his cousin died at Hillsborough, but that's for him to decide. If we want him, which seems a bit presumptuous given he hasn't really got many credentials as a manager.
  5. https://twitter.com/SachinNakrani/status/1163927059699326976?s=09
  6. Plans were drawn up and scale model was made 30 years prior to that! ;)
  7. Don't forget Stan Boardman, Wembley 1991.
  8. Can’t be a bad squad if we’re discussing resting Reach.....
  9. Jeez, Ollie. I've heard some poo talked about Brexit, but this is one of the biggest piles.
  10. That Sheffield Wednesday fans can look at any opening set of fixtures and declare them as "easy" is absolutely baffling to me. I've been actively watching this club for about 25 years now and can comfortably count the number of memorably good starts on one hand.. with fingers to spare. Generally speaking, any Sheffield Wednesday start to the season has got a win, 2-3 draws and a couple of weird/frustrating defeats written allover it. You can only beat what you play. We've done so 3 times out of 4. And to be honest I think you can make a solid argument for all 3 of the sides we've beaten coming good later in the season. Reading appear to have already started. In general though I don't understand the clamour to name a manager in general, be it Bullen or anyone else. Bullen is the gaffer right now and that appears to be understood and appreciated quite clearly by the players. At least while things are heading in the right direction, why upset the apple cart or make commitments either way?
  11. Would you be happy if Harris had sidefooted it instead? As as long as I can remember we have had terrible starts to the season. Year 2000 “what’s the difference between swfc and a cocktail stick? A cocktail sticks got two points” 2001 pressman getting sent off after about 30 seconds. Even after the investment we needed a late push to get into the playoffs. We have had a disruptive offseason with the umbongo and mrs doubtfire leaving but we’ve won 3 out of 4 games. 3 points is 3 points it doesn’t matter who it’s against, anyone can beat anyone in this league and I guarantee Luton will take points from plenty of teams. Top of the league despite not playing particularly well and people are complaining.
  12. I don't know, the impression he does of old cabbage head nearly made me wet myself.
  13. Especially as he looks like he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing in his new job. Very good manager at this level but out of his depth in the PL
  14. When eventually the leppings lane end gets bulldozed we will sadly be national headline news again. With all sorts of mud thrown our way. All all the public and people who don't know the realities of it will be outraged that it's still standing. We need to close that book soon. Even if we only have 3 sides of the ground for a short space of time.
  15. True. It didn't help us chucking long balls out wide to him though, time after time. As the 2nd half showed, give it him into feet and let him run - ala' Harris.
  16. Did anyone ever mention he has a wicked sense of humor unlike some of our fans, that is unless I'm being Wwwooooosssshhhheeddddd.
  17. Is it just me who thinks his impressions are very average? there ok but it’s like listening to a bloke in the pub who’s a bit funny. Certainly not worthy of the attention he gets imo
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