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  2. But if we keep him for another year we still owe Boro £4 million, plus we will have paid Rhodes another £1.5-£2 million in wages and he leave on a free. Better to sell him and be grateful for whatever money we get. Only reason we wouldn't want to sell is if Bruce thinks he's going to build a team around him next year. For Norwich this could make a lot of sense as well. Pukki is clearly their first choice but they will need a striker to come off the bench when they are chasing a game. Someone is is happy being a bit-part player at that level and doesn't cost a fortune.
  3. I remember him tearing us new A-holes when he was 18, Best Wednesday Player?? Waddle
  4. Well its true they had to sell players last summer or face Administration. If you look they raised over £20 million and did not spend much. They have not been linked with spending millions instead have spent time consolidating players they already had. They have no large financial backers and money to spend will come from income they received from EFL last year and advanced season ticket sales. They apparently do not want to get into debt and face problems like Swansea where they were heavily dependent on TV money. I suspect they will be good candidates for relegation but when come back down will have Tv money to strengthen and more experienced team and good chance of being promoted straight back to top tier. If they survive first year will have TV income to strengthen. I was told this by Norwich fan and says it came about because of financial plight they found themselves in at end of last season. Lets face it you would hardly think JR is a Premier clubs choice of striker.
  5. Perhaps, but the foreign player is free and Maddison would be a few million
  6. He’d fit in well with some of the Birks on Owlstalk.. me included
  7. Is it a bigger gamble to go for a foreign player then say Marcus Maddison?
  8. Yeah thats the guy hes in norways u21s hes scored 4 times for them,played in Germany for cologne 2,thats 4th tier i think,but now back in norway. Like you say not a great standard,could be owt and nowt but this kid says weve been showing an interest.Hed be pretty cheap
  9. Plenty of parking if you don't mind walking a few hundred yards ,there's a tram stop 200 yards from the ground and loads of buses
  10. If I was Bruce I would be getting rid of Rhodes and taking what you can get for Joao and using that to fund a loan move for Dwight Gayle.
  11. Ach, what was I playing at for the third goal? Should never have played him onside.
  12. If you're going to be a pedant, you've got to be right. America is the shorthand of the United States of America, or the country. The continent is not known as "America"... combined it is known as "The Americas", broadly split into North, South and Central. You would find no Canadian on the planet saying they are in "America". America is most definitely the USA and the USA alone. "The Americas" or "North America" and it's a different story.
  13. Depends how many are interested but I’d imagine it would still be 7 figures with his attributes. They wanted 6.5m for him a while ago which was fanciful!
  14. Nope. No such country as America. Mexico Canada Brazil Argentina and loads of other countries are in North or South America. Its not the sole preserve of the USA.
  15. You've got to remember those guys weren't on the megabucks that todays players earn, dude. They couldn't play for a couple of years then retire set up for life on what they earned. Quite a lot of players back then would end up in menial jobs after they retired from football and a few of them would even end up signing on the dole. I have much more respect for the players of that era than I do for today's players. They were much more a part of the community and so, so many of them were loyal to the club they played for.
  16. Worksop. It's a long walk but you don't get jammed in
  17. I’d still love for Bruce to coach Rhodes & have a look at him in training. SB will be aware of his career over the years & that he’s a ‘free’ signing. His talent just doesn’t evaporate into thin air.
  18. I could only really see us being able to get someone like Gayle if the parent club contributed to the wages on a loan deal e.g. 50/50 split but others are likely to be ahead of us anyhow who can probably afford him on a permanent and pay his wages in full.
  19. George Robledo in 1952 was first American to play in a FA Cup Final. For Newcastle. Chilean. America is a continent, not a country.
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