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  2. I think you're getting the wrong idea here. I'm not advocating playing out from the back with the players we've got...far from it. The never ending back passing had been doing my head in over the past couple of season's. However, I'm implacably opposed to the Wilkinson style long ball game for the reasons I've described in previous posts. We aren't good enough to play ticky tacky football and Wilco's style belongs in a museum. So, we need to play like Leeds did last year...always with attacking intent, seldom playing the ball back when a forward pass was possible. Pass and move at pace...without the loss of bottle that they display every season of course. It was a poor man's version of Liverpool's rock n roll football and is very effective in the Championship.
  3. Think nationwide might be putting me under an embargo following Tramlines weekend
  4. Usually a managerial appointment is the opposite of its predecessor. Carlos was too lax with fitness and too matey with the players, lets get in a moustachio fitness disciplinarian. Jos doesn't know the Championship and is a bad man manager, lets get in someone players like with loads of Championship experience. Brucey is a disloyal snake, lets appoint Mr Sheffield Wednesday who won't disappear and leave us in the lurch. I think it certainly might happen.
  5. Double signing announcement imminent, Marshall and Le Fondre.
  6. Always summat to feck our transfer window up. This year we got soft embargo and cabbage leaving. Leaving any signings in limbo. Would have thought if hec comin he be here by now
  7. I’m not overly concerned We can’t really complain that the process is dragging on, when we set the process back a couple of months, by the late filing of our accounts As for where we stand, apart from the injection of the ground sale monies, plus any compensation for Mr Potato head, we’ve also shaved a few million off the wages bill
  8. Daily mirror think Jeremy Corbyn is fit to govern
  9. My general position is that I don't know enough of the facts to have a clear view on the rights and wrongs of this, and the legal risks in going one way or the other. But in the absence of all the information, my default position is that nobody has persuaded me at this point that we should be doing anything other than the maximum in our power to enforce our rights. However - specifically in respect of the complaint to the Premier League, I am unsure what the club's standing is to make a complaint here. Appendix 6 of the PL rules ( https://premierleague-static-files.s3.amazonaws.com/premierleague/document/2018/09/19/ef4c62c9-6b19-4189-a064-d212cbf68ce7/PL_Handbook_2018-19_Digital.pdf ) basically states that PL Clubs shouldn't tap up other Club's managers. But NB that the definition of a "Club" is a PL club. Other clubs are referred to as lower case "clubs". It's not clear to me that we can complain under this rule. To be crystal clear, this does not affect our ability to enforce the contracts with the Steves, or any action for tortious interference against Newcastle.
  10. Ah apologies, you should have said you were using the media as your source of information. Is that the same media that has said we're getting £3mil, £4mil, much less than that, it's been paid, it's not been paid, it's resolved, it's not resolved, we're getting upto 4 loan players, we're not getting loan players... which bits are you cherry picking? Alternatively you could take the club's statement for what it is, confirmation that it's not resolved and we don't think what's happened is fair or even legal (within rules of the game).
  11. Maybe 'hated' was too strong a word to use, so I apologise. As far as I can remember they didn't like his 'quirky' personality and the arrogant things he came out with in interviews, neither did they like his tactics. He managed to just about get them out of the relegation zone in the first season and they just about gave him the benefit of the doubt, but then they crumbled the next season and he got sacked and they ended up relegated.
  12. And as soon as an offer that meets current market valuation is received some of ours will move on!
  13. Some of the sight's you see around here I think you're right PROF.....
  14. Basing it on every report I've seen in media. 3.5 million- 4 million. I'd say a fair offer. Seems everyone else is basing their take on the reports being lies/propaganda.
  15. Stop posting common sense , it has no place on Owlstalk
  16. Ticket must have been organised some time ago , so some real behind the scenes activity been goin on
  17. Maybe D C thinks he can do the job , given his experiences with ' proper ' managers ? Still waiting to know who Bluey wants as Manager - happy to diss Bully , but wont say who he thinks would do the job .
  18. I could cope with a reach round from Rachel .
  19. It's about being a bit more realistic. When you are operating under and embargo and need to trim your squad, sometimes you might have to take a bit less than what you want. Personally believe on paper Zohore has a better record than Joao, has a promotion to his name and played in the Premier League last season. If someone came in for Joao at 4m I'd take it. We've made a profit on him and it is money coming into the club which can be used to help with FFP or to improve the overall squad.
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