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  2. Those big earners will be gone, as will any saleable assets, Iorfa, Reach, Bannan, Lees and Westwood
  3. Wouldn't surprise me and it's no more than some of our fans deserve. He was never as bad as what some fans made him out to be
  4. Not this time. If this is a sign of things to come and a reality check for people then I think it’s an under reaction, unless reality hasn’t set in yet.
  5. In the words of Mike Basset, has anybody actually got anything positive to say about this news?
  6. Would much rather have offered Kieran Lee an extension.
  7. I am usually a glass half full type , but I can't think of a single positive thing about this news. One of the most ineffective players I've ever seen in a Wednesday shirt. Either we're preparing for life in league 1 or we have clueless people making these decisions, or maybe even both.
  8. i really hope your mate doesn’t tell you Nuhiu is staying as well.
  9. I'd sooner have Bothroyd & Jeffers back Not even kidding
  10. At Barnsley away - there was a Barnsley fan in the Upper Tier who had more touches in that game I really wanted to be wrong about this
  11. There’s no more money coming from Chansiri for big earners, Pelupessy is a cheap squad player who will probably not even keep Hunt out of the side Bit of an overreaction as per on here
  12. Monk talked of a big clear out. I bet the only players to leave will be Westwood, Hutch and Winnall and we will keep the rest of the out of contract wasters.
  13. You're being serious?! There's no way we could carry the wages half our squad are on into league one. I suspect Rhodes wants out anyway, and Winnall is set to walk. If Nuhiu wants to continue playing for Kosovo, league one would kill that ambition.
  14. I’ve been trying to tell people this for the last few months We are not prepared to gamble on staying up, of course we hope we do, but we are preparing for the drop
  15. If you need any proof to reinforce your argument just refer people to the Brentford game. Easily played a huge part in 3 of their goals. Along with the countless other games he’s been absolutely anonymous and cost us goals.
  16. Yes hes never usually far wrong Told me in February that Fox had no intention of staying either - and said that was more down to the fans than anything else
  17. I think it shows the mentality of the club. Those of us hoping for a complete fresh start with new dynamic players should take a reality check. It's going to be tough. I am sure hes a nice popular player, but as a footballer not up to scratch. We will have a smaller squad next year so we do need players of decent quality.
  18. It is a contract extension, players perogative ? We all know we're in the poo , don't see the point of a statement till he knows how deep the poo is, that's all i'm trying to say. With Fletcher and Fox reportedly on the move there's no reading between the lines really.
  19. I’m being serious now, I think we are resigned to playing in League One next season. We will leave Monk in charge, and get rid of the high earners A strike force of Winnall and Rhodes would be quite effective at that level, with Nuhiu, and perhaps a quick young loanee from the bench. Yes, we will have to cover the Rhodes wage, but it might be worth it if we are looking to make a quick return
  20. Yes. We all know hes f****** ***t
  21. I'm with you mate. Just worry about the manager.
  22. 100% agree^^^^. Plus judging by your avatar and username, if anybody can spot a cr4p player, it's you. 😄
  23. Got to keep squad numbers up, he has been given an extra year big deal, think you will find that a lot of clubs will keep players short term, where in normal times they would have been discarded as not good enough. Many clubs are going to be in financial difficulties.
  24. Giving JP a new deal perfectly sums up the club's current situation and future ambitions. Paying the price for previous transfer mistakes, wasted millions and current FFP restrictions. It's a no brainer from Chansiri's perspective - no negotiations needed and probably one of our lowest earners. It's another body from Monk's perspective - likable character and wont kick up a fuss about not being in the starting 11. And before anybody starts spouting the rubbish that he's a defensive midfielder and his contribution to the team goes unnoticed, I've never seen somebody do that job so badly in a SWFC shirt. I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt, I kept a close eye on him for 2-3 games telling myself that he just breaks up play that we don't see but it's absolute nonsense. He's playing football well above his standard and it shows every single game. And to think, Mr Chansiri justifies the club's ridiculous ticketing pricing structure by stating that we must pay it if we want to recruit top quality players.
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