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  2. Very astute OMDT today Snoots old thing! Already missing Stubbs’ down to Earth asides, bet he’s stuck in the Nun’s Chuff as we speak...up to his ears in...well, you know....the juice of his pleasure The ‘winds of change’ would be well advised to blow strongly enough to take the roof off that God awful Presto stand once and for all...then at least we could claim on the insurance. Finding that I’m waiting with bated breath for the massive clear out...but the sennakot hasn’t kicked in yet. Hope Bruce will place a giant enema in the workings of recruitment at S6 this summer and we’ll see a revitalised team in August. And for once please get it sorted before pre season so we can hit the ground running in August.
  3. Not having negativity Snoots. Anyone naysaying can shove it up their jacksy. We’ve been a revelation under Bruce. Whatever he works with next season, he’ll take us up. And you can bookmark that for future reference. Best manager for a long time at Hillsborough. If only Mr C had listened to the pleas for an experienced Championship manager earlier, and not persevered with the Dutch Plum. We’d be in the play offs by now. Another lesson learned.
  4. We had the opportunity and made an offer. He refused it after being told by Bruce we couldn’t guarantee him first team football such has been the performances of Hector and Lees.
  5. If people went into the season with that attitude they'd have a lot more fun!
  6. This is my concern. It would be so Wednesday to appoint the right manager at the wrong time.
  7. To be fair, he's only completed 90 minutes on six occasions.
  8. With Reach, Aarons and Lazaar all not fit for the game, I don't think it leaves us with too many options: Westwood Palmer Lees Hector Fox Matias Hutchinson Bannan Boyd Hooper Fletcher
  9. Forestieri hasn't completed 90mins in a winning Wednesday team this season.
  10. Kind of just want to see us go for it today. See what happens. Zero pressure and little expectation.
  11. Perhaps if we had players worth £30m we could sell them as asset's. We haven't, but we can sell one asset, the ground. What's the difference?.
  12. No negativity today. We’ll go and do a job on Norwich today, then another three wins to just sneak into the last play off position. We’ll go into the play offs with momentum, and pull off the unlikeliest promotion in Championship history. Here endeth the lesson. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. No naysayers else I shall smite thee down. Today we have the hot, hot, water, we have the coffee, we have the burny, burny fire, and we have the plastic spoons. But We don’t have the paper cups. Going to have to shut the coffee shop down, and use all the money from the till to bung on a Wednesday win. Hallelujah, praise the Lord.
  13. No mate, you’re not the only one. Its a relief to find it’s not just me. Obviously those who never saw Ron play can never understand why he’s so revered by our generation. For what it’s worth I go with Ron Springett Martin Hodge Kieron Westwood Scott Carson, who was outstanding in his short spell with us.
  14. Springett before my time but I have read enough about him and sought enough opinion to believe he was an outstanding keeper. He was only kept out of the England side by Gordan Banks which says a lot. Of the keepers I have seen, it's close between Pressman and Westwood but Pressman just shades it as he played the majority of games for us at the highest level.
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  16. We’ve had some good keepers, even David Lucas did a good job in a time that was pretty tough in league 1. I really cannot remember Woods being that good, i’m tainted from the flapping, miscommunication (Blackburn away. - Palmer pen goal) and the Arsenal Cup Final goal. The latter I’ll never get over I liked Hodge at the time, but Winterburn’s long range league cup shot finished him off. And he got eaten by a keeper (Coventry at Hillsboro). Brace maybe, not the best. Pressman was a good servant and has god reactions, but we had some serious beatings with him in goal (not always his fault) Westwood, who holds the clean sheet record has been great, apart from a spell when he was carrying an injury.
  17. Just to remind everyone Turner saved from Brian Mclair in the final not Mark Hughes
  18. You've just described David Hirst there. Come on Brucey baby....find us one of those.
  19. Think this is spot on Snoots and only hope the supporters realise it will take time. Rebuilding to this extent doesn't happen over night but from SBs comments, really like what I'm hearing.
  20. Rhodes issue is a difficult one, if Norwich go up, think they'll want better than him, he's not a target man, no pace, so no good with Fletcher or Hooper, if we can get rid, think this would be the best option.
  21. I think, very much as Mi'Lord, that this close season is going to be one of what we might call great change. Bruce has put his head on the block, and said as much. He wants fast, attacking football, and this will mean speedy backs, mid-fielders , and forwards. This doesn't necessarily mean that the players have to be sub-10 sec sprinters, however. Football is much more thhan running about everywhere, but more thinking quickly, in advance and finding spaces, turning defence into attack much more quickly than we can do. I fear that we are going to be saying 'goodbye' to some well loved faces And for f**k sake , do not expect Bruce to be able to wave a magic wand, and make us world-beaters.We are not, and he cannot . Even the almighty Sir Alex couldn't achieve perfection overnight.
  22. Many people seem to have taken this as Bruce welcoming Rhodes back with open arms, and perhaps even making his someone to build a team around. I think that is a bit of conclusion jumping. When Bruces words are broken down I think it very much leans the other way. Twice he makes reference to seeing what Norwich want to do. Having a conversation with Norwich. If it was just a case of the loan deal finishing then why would we be waiting particularly on them. He'd just come back wouldn't he? I don't think it's any stretch at all here to see that Bruce would very much like to see if Norwich would take him off our hands. Maybe the loan to Norwich had a loan to buy option in it. They can buy at a set price if they want him at the end of the loan. If that is the case Bruce would need to wait for them to make a decision first before he can decide on Rhodes's future. Personally I think he could do a job for us if we played to his strengths but financially we could get cheaper players who fit into Bruces system rather than Bruce having to change to accomodate a player. It all comes down to money at the end of the day.
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