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  2. Wonder if they will draw the balls from a bag-for-life?
  3. Don't some people chat brown on forums.
  4. Pleased to see that “Possible soft embargo” thread condemned to OT’s Guantanamo section..... Truth is, we currently have zero idea if we’re in one or sneakily attempting to hide the resources we do have. I’ve seen hardly any transfer activity from any clubs, too early to worry. The next few weeks will enlighten us. Whatever our circumstances are, I just hope SB has been in the loop from the outset.
  5. I see there’s an article of some Celtic fans reaction to Turnbull being linked to us and naturally they aren’t too flattering about someone wanting to play for Sheffield Wednesday. I feel they may be slightly underestimating our club, ambitions and Championship football. Yes we are a mid table side at the moment, but when someone gets it right at Wednesday they will have a big club on their hands. As Bruce has said himself
  6. Today
  7. Remarkable that he elected to take a penalty v Inter Milan for villa with his weaker foot then. https://youtu.be/Dj8_AzyCqaM
  8. Turnbull would be a great addition to our midfield. Hopefully our Scots contingent can have a word in his shell like. 3 mil and 20k p.w is an ask but this and a fee for hector should cover our spending. With a few good frees and loans we should be in good shape. Uto
  9. Not sure about that we've got previous for killing off promising careers.
  10. With Bruce bringing over likes of Robertson and McGinn he could see Bruce as right man to develop him and help him to the next level. Especially if we are willing to offer better wages then Celtic. Could be logical next step in his career.
  11. It is true, he often cut in onto right foot . He was well balanced player injury unfortunately impacted career.
  12. Hes 19 years old, will Celtic play him week in week out? That or come to England and impress, whoever he goes to is only a stepping stone in his career
  13. Well, I either never knew that or have completely forgotten it. You live and learn.
  14. Yes he was. He could use lefy foot but his strongest foot was right.
  15. Listen pal, the last thing this forum needs is people like you with facts.
  16. A man who can run quickly with the ball at his feet would be of very little use to Warnock as the grass is largely irrelevant.
  17. Don’t think players worry about that tho, whenever Celtic qualify to the groups they are usually in a group with Barcelona etc. So players probably think that’s two games to look forward to and impress massive clubs.
  18. True, who wouldn't want to get embarassed every other midweek...
  19. I can’t think of why any decent player would want to play in the bloomin Scottish league over the championship, you couldn’t pay me enough
  20. I thought that earlier, I think the champions league aspect would swing it in Celtic’s favour.
  21. Given the easy route to huge crowds, medals, titles and CL football, it’s a great shortcut for success.
  22. Thats how I remember it. Curran was on fire and Jimmy Hill did indeed say the above. He was right too, TC was such a mercurial character that he could well have played well for England at that time.
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