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  2. I heard last night just waiting for the right time to repeat it. Missed timed it :(
  3. Did you hear about the atheist dyslexic? Didn't believe in Dog.
  4. I'm number blind.. which is apparently linked to my dyslexia. It really held me back....no.. depressed me in my love of physics.
  5. Incredible run of games. And some brushing encounters in there too. Like the frozen Baseball Ground game. Tremendous longevity.
  6. That he goes back to Huddersfield,. They have history for that kind of thing, Booth. They could afford it now too after a 2 year stay in the PL
  7. It's me.."bizarre" can't be altered or ammended by a superlative.
  8. Can you up your game a bit? It's not too much to ask... what do you mean?
  9. Best we can hope for with Bruce is a sentimental transfer from Huddersfield
  10. A few of us sat in the Compleat Angler after the Honolulu match when a Norwich fan came running in shouting abuse promptly slipped down and was followed by a policeman who dragged him away, we carried on drinking. Very bizarre.
  11. My Grandparents were his Landlords when he was renting in WPV. December 2004 he sorted me out tickets for the Steve MacLean hattrick / Kenwyne Jones debut game away at Doncaster (old ground). Then got to watch a training session and meet him after. Photo and a signed shirt. Happy teenage me. Cracking player too.
  12. Ronaldo is also coming to the end of his contract. Hes a Wednesday fan too because of Somedo. Easy pickings these lads.
  13. If the Terrace and the club are coming together to do retro shirts as the article suggests, They are gonna have to be very good to compete with the ones from FMConline. Got the green and white one from there and it is fantastic
  14. You watch wba and still see the amount of goals that come from his passes
  15. Will be arriving in Norwich mid afternoon. Will pay a visit. Thanks.
  16. Definitely get the impression Bruce is going to be ruthless with the injury prone lads
  17. He is on £130,000 per week at Chelsea. Our top earner is on a quarter of that and we are entering another soft embargo. He also turned down moves to Juventus, Monaco and Fulham in the January transfer window, so I'm not sure what appeal we would have, other than him being from Sheffield. Next.
  18. Probably won't happen but as far as wages are concerned it has happened in the past where players have gone to their boyhood club for much reduced wages. Can't think that Cahill is short of a bob or two.
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