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  2. Cbirks a little economical with the truth here. Mandaric didn't sell to Mammadov because the ruling elite in Azerbaijan, the former Central Committee, grounded him because he was playing the role of Play Boy and bringing the Oil Rich country into disrepute. A £40 million spend on SWFC proved to be the final straw and he was domiciled semi permanently in Baku. Not a penny reached us Milan picked up the tab for 'The Land of Fire' Shirts. A collectors item BTW. Milan was willing to take £40 million off anyone. The price was right and the price was all that mattered.
  3. That’s an awful lot to pay for just the weekend games. Sky and even SYP have an awful habit of messing the fixtures about by moving what should be Saturday games into midweek. What’s even more frustrating is you can then watch all the midweek games on TV.
  4. Well I agree with you about pace, we desperately need some of that. Both Odubajo and Harris would provide that, but they don’t provide enough goals for a wide player, certainly not in Bruce’s previous systems with one up top. It is a squad game though, so both can play their part, especially Odubajo, who can cover several positions. If we play the same system, we’ll need to be looking at 15 goals from each wide position. That’s what he got from Kodija and Snodgrass
  5. The last I heard is that he chose us over another North West club in the Championship. This was well over 3 weeks ago.
  6. Bidwell reminds me of Daniel Pudil when he arrived or Buxton. Not the trendy wing back type but steady and does get a few assists. It was so noticeable when Hunt Wallace and Pudil were no longer playing how bad we were at the final ball from full back. Both sides of the pitch we’d get into great positions from overlapping and just needing that killer ball into the danger area, but it broke down far too often from Baker, Fox and Palmer. Agree we still need one or two with flair though if we move Joao and FF on.
  7. Its alot more about the manager you have got in this division rather than the players you have.
  8. Harris’ end product is no doubt erratic otherwise he’d be playing more. But if he can carry the ball up the pitch quickly then we’re already miles better off. We saw what a difference that made to our play off chances. For a free transfer it’s nothing ventured nothing gained. If he does well then he’s still young enough to make a profit on too.
  9. Not sure about Bidwell to be honest, will he improve us that much. Hope after these 4 we can bring in some real quality. Not sure these 4 alone would be enough to get us challenging at the top.
  10. I don’t know much about Harris beyond him fitting the rough criteria of what our squad is currently lacking - PACE. I can’t say I was overawed by the Aarons signing but in the games he played it was clear how much we’d missed a player in that mould. If Harris isn’t the one for you who would you be targeting for that position?
  11. I think that’s fair, he rarely did the fullback one v one.
  12. Nowt to do with the coach mate, a player not being able to spot the early through ball.
  13. I think its worth a debate. I'm not slagging him off and if he signs for us I'll be rooting for him like any player. However when you look at career stats and performances he doesn't stand out. I don't see how that as an inaccurate comment.
  14. Reading the comments on the Cardiff board when he was released they seemed to rate him and felt he had been given a fair crack at the first team. Sounds promising but let’s get him signed first eh?
  15. If that was his best, we aren’t setting our sights particularly high. A squad player, nothing more
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