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  2. Top priority but others will be sniffing round!
  3. Not sure what game you were watching, hector was superb. Agree with most of your other ratings though!
  4. To be fair, Hinchcliffe didn’t seem to give a throw about us when we were paying him massive wages to hobble around. I can’t see why you’d expect him to be any different now.
  5. True, but I still think better is needed, having said that its a very low priority area.
  6. There isn't a player in the squad who I'd be absolutely gutted to lose if i'm honest, other than maybe Westwood. Everyone is replaceable and as long as got the right money for them I completely trust Bruce to spend it wisely (for the first time in years at swfc). If we get an 8m+ bid for reach absolutely snatch their hand off. We could sort our money woes and give bruce 3 mil in that sell alone
  7. Fletcher get's my vote,but the brutal truth is,we'd have won this game with Westwood in goal.
  8. I believe he has another year at Chelsea Tinks. Hence a fee will be required and not a loan. I think we'll be priced out.
  9. You do realise players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney went for free transfers? I don’t think anyone on here has questioned his ability... just the fact he’s 29, has missed a lot of football and is out of contract next year
  10. Big loss to lose both Westwood and Hutchinson, Reach if you include the last game. Thought Dawson played very well. Forestieri was on fire tonight. Unlucky to not have added a second goal. Plenty of positives going forward.
  11. No he isn't. Signed a 5 year deal in 2015
  12. No. He isn't. He's well dodgy. Nobody can understand how he ended up in front of Wildsmith given Ross's reluctance to play Keiron. First goal went under him..FFS
  13. I’m sorry but Palmer deserves a new contract.
  14. It’s a tough one... keep him until January and we’ll probably lose him for nothing unless we offer a new deal this summer. But when fully fit and his head is right he’s as good as anyone in the league
  15. Wouldnt be worth selling because of the fee we'd get for him. Realistically hes probably worth 5/6 but we'd only get 3 due to injuries/form/reputation/off field prombles/age. For a player who on his day can play like he has today, 3 mil just isnt enough to get rid
  16. He showed tonight what he's all about and what an important player he can still be for us. This season has been a disappointing one for him for several reasons but tonight's display must surely have given Bruce food for thought going forward.
  17. Out of contract in summer at Chelsea.
  18. Just looking at our bench again and it seems we didn't name a sub keeper. Did anyone see Wildsmith on the bench, or do we normally only take two keepers with us to away games? Seems incredibly risky if so - especially given what happened with Westwood then Dawson's good fortune in getting only a yellow for handling outside the area.
  19. Madine cost 6. Half of that is more than fair in this ridiculous day and age.
  20. Sadly, I doubt we can afford to buy him.he's superb and a great partner for Lees.
  21. After that FF has made some of the tools on here suggesting free transfers look like right tvvats! Love it!
  22. So important we keep Westwood and he is our number one next season. Needs a new contract ASAP.
  23. As for FF, I wonder if Norwich May want him after that!
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