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  2. Players playing football behind closed doors get on with the game way more than when they’re playing in front of crowds according to latest statistics They just get on with it without faking injury, fronting up to referees after decisions or time wasting tactically
  3. Sam has to up there but i think its just enthusiasm
  4. Sheridan used to do a lot of off the ball stuff. Particularly remembering him leaving a foot out to trip an opponent
  5. We never seem to have that nasty horrible little player at Sheffield Wednesday that other teams seem to have We haven’t really had any out and out dirty players that I can remember off the top of my (old with poor memory) head No nasty dirty tacklers Who has been the players that you can remember playing for us that got stuck in, left a boot in, pulled shirts, tripped players up and bullied the opposition?
  6. Yesterday
  7. I wasn't talking about tickets sold for next season. One of the options Barnsley have given is for ticket vouchers for future games which is maybe something that others are considering but weighing up against how long it may be before fans are allowed at games again. Bigger things to worry about than moan about this not being decided yet.
  8. Does he? I don't think he does, over the last 18 months he's been a leading voice against the gutter press and created conversations that needed having RE racism in this country and within football. That takes quite a strong personality I'd suggest. When you've had the press slating you at every opportunity they get for pretty much his whole career without good reason you probably aren't going to be the 2nd coming of George Best or whoever, are you?
  9. A beautiful story encompassing what it means to be a Wednesdayite. .God bless Dan, his Dad and their family. WAWAW X
  10. Could get the programs 3 quid guy to wander the streets of sheffield hawking them - heck probably would hear him from over here in vancouver....
  11. Under the ownership ,We do not develop our young players ,We have an Academy for what purpose I do not Know . If we get relegated ,The youth might get a chance .
  12. Got the all clear just before Christmas. Lost a large part of his bowel though! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/sport/amp/football/52064325
  13. 100% It costs the club absolutely nothing to offer this option to the NHS workers It's the equivalent of not asking for a refund and similar emotional blackmail tactics
  14. Just about the dearest in the Division with fizz all investment for years.
  15. The Barnsley tickets that are donated to the NHS, how's that work? Will they be given out as free tickets next season or the money from em donated? Seems like that option is in there as emotional blackmail too.
  16. The tickets for this season were sold to attend this season not next season and not to watch on an iPad. We know that nobody will be attending any more matches in the 19/20 season so the tickets sold need to de dealt with. We don't know about next season so the tickets sold for 20/21 cannot be dealt with.
  17. Maybe they're waiting to see what happens with the TV rights? If the games are free-to-air or all available on the red button then there's no value in offering season ticket holders something involving iFollow, but if the games are only on iFollow maybe there'll be an option involving that.
  18. But when fans are allowed back in and in what numbers may determine parts of what is offered. Is there any point in offering deferred tickets for next season if fans aren't allowed back in for some time?
  19. agree nothing of what I’ve said is intended to undermine Nilsson - great player for us.
  20. They have decided that whatever happens it will not involve spectators so there is nothing stopping them dealing with the ticketing issues.
  21. Seen a few tweets saying it’s Hull withholding the last payment for Angus McDonald because Barnsley didn’t pass on some medical info relating to his bowel cancer.
  22. watched that in a very empty bar in spain …...was bursting with pride and no fecker to share it with ,
  23. Errrrr.....this podcast actually itself sometimes slates Wednesday players managers etc but is apparently beyond criticism? Well sorry but I'm not keen. I wish it well though and I know it's got lots of subscribers. I think the original comments were more about abusive trolling and are fair enough.
  24. i'd go with that ……..i'm confident when everything is decided the club will offer to give a refund
  25. I agree, as was said earlier the mistake was made in not selling him for £2M when the offer was on the table but once that was rejected it seems he didn't accept what we offered and engineered a way out.
  26. that's impossible to answer …...you make him an offer and if he doesn't accept you try to sell him would be the usual way to go .
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