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  2. Good read that. Especially liked the explanation for his goal.
  3. Clicks = advertising revenue ... just doing my bit.
  4. I won't be writing him off. We've made some cracking additions with Harris, Murphy, Luongo etc. But even though all the lads look a lot fitter this season it only takes an injury or two and things can start to look very different. I'm surprised we haven't seen him so far when we're now playing a system which I believe would suit him down to the ground. Harris has been in absolutely outstanding form however.
  5. Nando will definitely play his part this season. We are now playing 4-3-3 and this is the correct formation for us. Left of a front 3 suits him down to the ground. However, the other 3 wide players will give you more tracking back. Nando will press the centre backs but won’t track back. I’d give him a start in an easier home game to see how he gets on. I’d be tempted to go with Harris and FF at home for qpr and let them swap wings.
  6. Expected us to shift a few more after Tuesday’s win, guess not
  7. It's the Daily Mail. Won't give them a click.
  8. I don’t get why it’s ok to force circa 10k fans down the upper concourse, and out of a single exit, but it’s not ok to keep away fans behind for 10 mins. The report suggests that the concourse in the away end isn’t big enough to accommodate all fans. But, it assumes that the attendance will be near capacity, and it also assumes that all fans will be trying to get into the concourse. Why not announce throughout the game they’re being kept behind..leave notices up etc. Fans aren’t lemmings.
  9. To be fair, it was mentioned right at the start. Then they started talking about Lee Bullen. Mind you, they only spent 2 minutes on it! https://ok.ru/video/1712186853990
  10. There's no chance that Nando plays as the lone striker in a 4-3-3. He either plays on either side of Fletch, Rhodes etc., or he probably doesn't play.
  11. Not really bothered what FF thinks, it’s what’s best for the team. It is blatantly obvious that his best displays have come as a forward on the left hand side. He quite clearly is not as good when he plays central. Can not see how anyone who watches us can see it any differently tbh.
  12. They put 2 players on Harris on Tuesday, it was a waste of time he went past them for fun. If they double up on the wingers there will be loads of room for our midfield to hurt them. 2 good wingers is so effective. We should leave a box of incontinence pants in the opposition dressing room with a note..."You will be needing these".
  13. there'd be 'glory, glory' l**ds YOUNITED' on one side, and the ****ing 'monster trucks' on the other.
  14. Thing is, for me, he is still one of our most dangerous players when his head in the game. Unfortunately that seems to be inconsistent but he has the ability to pull some magic out of the bag and can be a potential match winner even if he has contributed to little else during a game.
  15. Noticed on that wrist show last night they showed the league table for the first time this season. Must have been waiting for em to go top
  16. did it mentioning them 'winning' the european cup in 75?
  17. Na they are going to go up..... Again and Again and Again
  18. It's due to evacuation time in case of an emergency. You can evacuate a lot more people with twice as many exits. To me the obvious answer would be to fill the Stand as previously and usually slowly exit at Penistone Road, if in the very unlikely event of an evacuation being necessary open the "emergency" exits at Leppings Lane end and even onto the pitch if safe to do so. Suppose they would be worried about a crush at Penistone Road end or in the concourse with more people exiting at the same end.
  19. Have you sent that anywhere? Seems like you should be representing the club here!
  20. The one thing Reach doesn't lack is energy. He's like Lee, he's got a great engine. I agree he's out of position in midfield but I think the idea was to rest Lee rather than run him into the ground like CC did. I'd like to see more of Luongo, he looks a player. I'm not sure why he's not featured more, maybe he's not fully fit.
  21. The 'issues' identified are apparent with a big away contingent or clubs known for anti-social behaviour. The author of this 'independant' report goes into some depth about keeping the LL exit and routes away from that part of the stadium as wide as possible and to disperse people away from the exits. So, SYP park their vans on the opposite side of the road to the coaches already constricting Leppings Lane... SYP don't seem to be interested in keeping people moving away from the turnstile aprons. SYP are content to increase pressure and allow 'flashpoints' to occur. Authorities are happy to still park coaches immediately in front of the out-spill area as opposed to along Catch Bar Lane. Authorities are happy to insist on almost 10000 people to spill out onto an open dual carriageway. SAG insist these measures apply even when there is less leaving the ground at the LL end than the safe limits calculated in their 'report'. SAG have acted on an incomplete 'report' without appearing to give due consideration to wider causes and effects elsewhere and could attempt to dismiss these obvious impacts as 'unforeseen' consequences. The report is limited and incomplete. The 'report' is myopic in scope and does not investigate the layout, position and relationships of other exits. The 'report' is silent on current material regulations and guidelines already in place for existing stadia. The 'report' only offers limited number of solutions for one exit and does not explore other solutions or assesses the impact of Police/SAG measures on crowd behaviour. Has the report explored possible road closures except for emergency vehicles e.g of Penistone Road or Catch Bar Lane either side of a match. SAG seem to be trying to address a single issue and have consequently created problems elsewhere that is dressed up as an overall 'overcrowding / capacity' issue. It is not the ground that is unmanageable - It is the mismanagement, poor organisation and incoherent 'solutions' that are increasing and perpetuating what was a relatively small problem caused by anti-social behaviour when the stadium is approaching full capacity. IMO this has caused the Club to shut large swathes of the stadium on two sides of the ground at significant financial loss to SWFC yet the flashpoint 'problem' remains. Do all areas of the stadium comply with the Green Guide for existing stadia or not. Does this 'report' reflect the numbers, concourse dimensions, dispersal routes and number of exits as recommended in the latest edition of the Green Guide for existing premises or does it assert the authors own 'interpretation and measures'. Does this 'independent report' invite and take account of representations from the club or users of the stadium? Poorly devised, poorly reasoned and poorly implemented IMO.
  22. That group are getting on my nerves now. They’re really quick to advise people of their remit, but don’t actually provide any answers to the questions being answered. Simply referring to the report that was commissioned without the club’s knowledge, and conducted by a bloke who’s been to S6 once. They seem to be nothing more than a mouth piece for SYP at the moment.
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