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  2. Just had a thought (i know, i know), but... We are now at least 5 minutes behind schedule. What if there is a (god forbid) serious injury, and we have to play past the road closure deadlines... What are the bellllends at the bent council and police farce, going to do with their timings for the road closures then
  3. Someone has parked the Jaguar badly. I didn’t know Arthur Daley was at the game.
  4. Need another because I can see Tom ince coming on for them and getting a goal hes always been a thorn in our side
  5. FFS too lurgified to use my ST tonight so ‘treating’ myself to iFollow for a tenner because it’s my birthday. So I’ve paid about £40-odd for this. Post it earlier next time you awful man
  6. Agree, I feel like the Nags Head would have a chance of a mid table finish....
  7. They have beaten Swansea and Fulham in their last 2 games so not going to be easy.. Doesn't matter where they are in the league as of now it matters where they could finish up
  8. Agree, all set up for him to get some game time.
  9. Refs done ok so far tonight I think
  10. Agree, can't remember a league this bad, everyone is crap. Even the refs. Come on Wednesday.
  11. They mean from a defensive point of view. Shocking goal to concede. Defender barely committed. Still, i'm worried about these commentators. Samaritans will be working overtime to just make sure they make it thought the night. Must be what a season of watching Stoke does for you.
  12. Yep !!! Thanks @RedDragonOwl , FFS
  13. This dhl adverts entertaining omg Brian Adams !!!! Haha
  14. Dull but there we are. We are a solid team but not much creative power. Worth the lead.
  15. If it’s not the ref it’s the commentators...
  16. A crap game but we're getting the job done. I think Fox had a good half, he's put some good crosses in.
  17. If we can play this badly and still be in the top six I think we're in with a shout.
  18. Just saw the replay - the Stoke miskick to try to clear Fletch's flick-on was a thing of beauty. Lovely cool finish by Luongo. Let's not do what we did at Cardiff - great first half followed by a pish-poor second half...
  19. This second half looks like a perfect opportunity for FF to come on and remind people what he can do. Plenty of space, game crying out for some flair and creativity.
  20. Fair comment Hopefully they'll have something to get excited about next half
  21. Interesting to see Reach and Bannan really rushing to win ball back after we’ve lost it. Much higher intensity in trying to win it back quick from whole team. Also a few different corner routines too. Nice to see bit of variety. Solid first half without creating too much, but despite the league table these are no mugs.
  22. Exactly the same as Stoke really, except they ain't got a goal FFS
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