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  2. Not sure what to make of this comment
  3. SYP requested it be taken down under the same plan that has taken the trams off and closed Penistone Road
  4. So you would drop both fullbacks. Odubajo to play RB and LB then?
  5. Didn't realise that the match is live on sky sports action, I don't have the red bottom incase someone gets smart
  6. Stupid Hutchinson AGAIN. Now in the spotlight of the referee, gives him no room for another mistimed tackle.
  7. I hope they're all as sickasfuck after tonight, FFS
  8. Poor distribution at times from Wednesday. Need to improve on this.
  9. Anyone got Ifollow working? Cant get the app or through a browser
  10. According to sky there’s a very healthy contingent from the potteries
  11. Referee mascot.... what the fu•k is one of them ?
  12. on paper Murphy was a great signing. don’t think I have gone from being as excited so much about a signing and then disappointed so quickly since Abdi.
  13. Looking forward to this no Nuhiu to endure hopefully forestieri can come on and make him 3rd choice hopefully 4th
  14. Well done for getting this one going lads. Gone down a storm.
  15. Please don’t get booked Börner... pleeeeese.
  16. Great to have your support, thanks.
  17. Team from that season that played 4 years ago (on 23rd Oct vs Rotherham) GK - Westwood DF - Hunt--Lees--Loovens--Pudil MF - Wallace--Lee--Hutchinson(Semedo)--Bannan ST - Joao(Nuhiu)--Forestieri(Bus) I think we're stronger upfront and in central defence now, but those fullbacks would be a definite upgrade and 2015-era Kieran Lee would come in handy.
  18. Sometimes the team is as good as the effort the players put in... just give them a chance.
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