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  2. The answer down the boozer will be the same as the previous 10 seasons...unless of course you drink with morons...the players contracts don't finish until the end of this month so once that happens we'll hear something
  3. Agreed, however we won't get anything for him next summer when his contract runs out & if his fitness issues & mixed form continues this season we're unlikely to offer him a new deal.
  4. Who does the f**ker play for? Dirty L**ds might be in for him, especially with a name like that, sounds ideal for the dirty f**kers. We can't sign any old f**ker until the accounts are filed. Then we will sign all the centre backs and wingers.
  5. Last medical we did was on Gavin Gunning, he failed, went off to Brum, got injured 2 weeks later, and our medical department took the next 5 years off in celebration of a job well done.
  6. I reckon there’d be some interesting results from using Strudwick’s name to form anagrams
  7. Agreed, did sound intriguing. Last thing I read about him, it said Leeds are interested in him. Should get Big Dave to have a word with him, being international teammates.
  8. Somebody running a supermarket sweep for this?
  9. Reach would be surplus to requirements if we do.
  10. They will need ot play it at Old Trafford so L***s can get their 70000 fans in.
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