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  2. If the Terrace and the club are coming together to do retro shirts as the article suggests, They are gonna have to be very good to compete with the ones from FMConline. Got the green and white one from there and it is fantastic
  3. You watch wba and still see the amount of goals that come from his passes
  4. Will be arriving in Norwich mid afternoon. Will pay a visit. Thanks.
  5. Definitely get the impression Bruce is going to be ruthless with the injury prone lads
  6. He is on £130,000 per week at Chelsea. Our top earner is on a quarter of that and we are entering another soft embargo. He also turned down moves to Juventus, Monaco and Fulham in the January transfer window, so I'm not sure what appeal we would have, other than him being from Sheffield. Next.
  7. Probably won't happen but as far as wages are concerned it has happened in the past where players have gone to their boyhood club for much reduced wages. Can't think that Cahill is short of a bob or two.
  8. No need to be calling people a moron guys and girls. Its an opinion and a suggestion.
  9. One word, money. Thanks, I'll take moron as a compliment.
  10. Good points. He took JT and it worked, sort of (?)
  11. If he's put of contract at the end of the season and will exept a huge wage decrease then may not be a bad stop gap for a couple of seasons. I don't remember him missing much football due to injuries and keeps himself quite fit. Also if you remember Bruce had Dawson at an older age marshaling and captaining his promotion winning Hull side. I'm not a fan of signing old crocks like we have been, but in Bruce's judgement I'll trust.
  12. Strangely, I’ve never liked the Compleat Angler. Skinful in Yarmouth and train in ... it’s the future (although you’re spot on about the Coach and Horses too).
  13. It beats the daft approach - hands down.
  14. If I’m not mistaken, Penney has already signed a contract extension
  15. Great podcast this. Love hearing a Sheffield accent!
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