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  2. Park and Ride at Meadow Hall, (free), problem is having to get tram after the game.
  3. I appreciate that but his well documented physical violence towards his wife Sheryl during his playing career was well before his illness. I've had certain mental health issues as I'm sure many have on here but I've been quite fortunate in good direction and healthy family and friends support network. His bad choice in friends and constant drinking didn't help his journey to 'diagnosis' There are multiples of other instances including repeated racism that will always leave me disappointed in him Shandy.
  4. First game with fences An FA Cup SemiFinal in 77 IIRC Given our league status and fairly low crowds at the time there is certainly a contention that fences only went up at S6 because of our hope to get these type of games. But given just about every stadium in the country did it's a bit harsh to pick on Bert McGee for doing so. I think Highbury, Upton Park, possibly Goodison never had them.
  5. If we manage to sell Rhodes to Norwich it’ll be the biggest case of daylight robbery I’ve seen for some time
  6. Kompany leaving City, would be a decent replacement for Hector
  7. Not saying as I don't want anyone stealing my spot
  8. Sad thing is that we have not seen an entire generation of PL players, English or otherwise at S6.
  9. I thought it may be a good quiz question, after Rooney who's the most capped England player who never played against Wednesday in his career. But then I got the answer disappointingly quickly in just a few seconds, answers on a post card. I bet you have to go a long way down the list to find the next one though, obviously it'd have to be a post 2000 player.
  10. Good memory that. Crouch is certainly the tallest player I've ever seen at Hillsborough as I was reminded in his little cameo for Stoke last season.
  11. He’s a goal scorer and if they can get him cheaply why wouldn’t they? Especially in case they came back down. He didn’t do badly for them. Pukki just made the lone striker role his own.
  12. The Norwich fan I know rates Rhodes and reckons he's played well for them in the time he's had. I couldn't believe they'd be interested now they're a Premier League club, but he reckons Farke likes him and will want to keep him as an option off the bench.
  13. A bit harsh that. He was mentally ill - something that is now recognised and treated (to an extent) rather than ridiculed and the exploited. Gazza needed support and never got it. I see him as a tortured soul rather than a disappointing human being.
  14. Selling the ground leads to a lack of collateral when trying to borrow money ,so very short term fix ,probably with the idea that Chansiri will sell it back the the Club company once promotion is achieved
  15. I stand corrected if this is right but it makes sense. Jeez - what an horrendous piece of business. £8m fee plus loan fee, plus £35k PW wages. What were we thinking? We didn’t even need a striker at that point.
  16. Gazza had the skill, flair and ability to be the best ever. From 1988/89 he had a period of about three years where he was beyond compare until he got that major knee injury against Forest in the FA Cup Final (?). If only he had the support and right management - he was in football twenty years too early in that respect; the only support he got was from that Jimmy “Five Bellies” and that was just supporting him at the bar. The press, tv and football shamelessly milked Gazza for all they could.
  17. He didn't, we won 5-2 and he scored 2. Sibon scored a hat trick. Crouch did look good though, and he was still only a teenager.
  18. No the first 6 months he was here he was on loan. We then signed him on a 4 year deal 2 years ago (on July 1st). He still has 25 months left. If the fee was £8m then he will be valued at £4m in the accounts in July 1st. Selling him for any less than £4m will constitute a loss in the accounts. So Bruce and Chansiri will have to weigh it up.
  19. Best one I've seen live is Paul Gascoigne. Fantastic footballer. Disappointing human being.
  20. My understanding was he signed a 3.5 year contract and he only has a year left. There’s no way we would get £4m for him given how it’s gone. If we get £2m and we can Boro our final instalment and we get him off the wage bill, I think this will be good news. Good for the player as well!
  21. I have been a big fan of Rhodes but I don’t understand why Norwich would want him back to be honest. Didn’t really do much for them in the Championship and they are now a Premiership club. Would be a strange piece of business from Norwich imo.
  22. Stopped using the Wednesdayite car park a few years back as it was taking longer and longer to trickle out onto Penistone rd so started using the Lepp petrol station. It's good for us and we always meander back from the North Stand and have a coffee and chat until the traffic has disappeared.
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