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  2. The whole covid lockdown has made me see football for what it is and I'm starting to to take a bit of a dislike to it. Sadly the sport I love and have devoted a large part of my life to is completely broken and ruled by the gods of greed and money. In many ways I wish it would just go under and start again.
  3. Interesting stat. No wonder we snapped him up. Cheap and borderline Championship quality.
  4. We never seem to make an easy option. Quick give and go, a square ball inside. Number of times you see our players closed down for lack of options. People around me must think I have Tourette’s when I am watching it and getting frustrated. Really need to start passing and moving and tracking back as a team.
  5. Cancelled mine rather than suspend it Won't be reactivating it either
  6. Simek was good, especially on overlap to get the cross into the box
  7. Did you miss tonight's official Sheffield Wednesday FC Lockdown Quiz? Fear not, you can watch along and play at any time at your own leisure. Click here to view - SWFC Lockdown Quiz It's more than just a sports quiz, with a whole host of great #swfc goals and memories featured from days gone. Use the #swfcQUIZ to share your final score on social media with 91 points up for grabs! I hope you enjoy it. Kind Regards Rob
  8. As far as I know Bob Jackson introduced the UK’s 1st ever football phone in on Radio Sheffield, I believe that there was no praise allowed when it was first introduced, just a grumble. As I recall Radio Hallam introduced their own version some years later called “Rate em or Slate em”. Not sure of the year but what I do recall is that it was around the time that two Wednesday fans regularly called Praise or Grumble, namely Ricardo and Rahael (forgive the spelling). I remember switching between the two phone ins and would often hear Ricardo having a good moan on both.
  9. Not sure we will get the choice. May be built into the terms of the conditions they agree to resume that all are kept on. Or at least offered the chance to stay if they want to. Or teams with nothing to play for will just bin the lot play the 19/20 year old kids and happily get beat knowing its saving them a fortune. If you Finish 9th or 18th it means absolutely nothing in the championship.
  10. Should have been after the Hull playoff shambles carlos is a serial bottler who screwed us right over
  11. Still class in Blue n White Stripes in his size 14 boots ......
  12. Heard it’s costing a fair old lump of coin to keep the loan players for extra month or whatever is planned to finish the season off worth it ?
  13. Probably be Petrescu but I did have a soft spot for Simek.
  14. I think we all know what a few dissenters can do to squad unity.
  15. Yeah but that was in his prime for Liverpool. I’m guessing the OP means playing-wise for Wednesday.
  16. Today
  17. Steve Nicol and his 5 league titles, 3 FA Cups and a European Cup might disagree
  18. It’s not just the players but all the support staff too so that’s good news.
  19. I think it was Japan or at least some other far eastern country. It wasn't cardboard cut outs it was blow up sex dolls. Not that I ever knew such things existed. Found it. South Korea. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/21/south-korea-football-league-imposes-record-fine-on-fc-seoul-over-sex-dolls-outrage
  20. Some sites run adverts but give you the option of paying a fee to avoid them. It works well for both sides.
  21. Ah come on... He was forcing players to play whilst they were still injured.. Then running training sessions like holiday camps! Fletcher and kieren Lee were having injections for weeks!
  22. The only restriction is about 45 mins from 4:30 to 5:15, (23 days out of 365!)the site has entrance /exit onto Herries Road as well
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