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  2. You did bro and you were spot on......just outa intrest whats your lottery numbers for this weekend
  3. Is it really GVB or is it sneaky McLaren practising his superb Dutch accent once more?
  4. There ya go told you hed resign ya to££rs
  5. The clown failed twice to get promoted unlike our lord who has two promotions from this league under his belt. #itsallaboutwinning
  6. Looking to a media career rather than coaching by the look of it?
  7. Yesterday
  8. England legend just retire................................ Peter Crouch
  9. Thanks Quist, there was at least six from last seasons 18s today mixing with the new scholars but we should have scored three in the first half and one in the second half also. Jordan needs another game with the lads before going with the 23s just to build up his sharpness and got real encouraging words from Steve Haslam yesterday about the direction he’s heading
  10. @A12owl There’s no issue with 4.5 million Steve 1 ... he’s all Makaulay Culkin ... it’s Steve 2 and 3 #prayforthelesserspottedSteves
  11. Call it a hunch, but I reckon we might have access to some other lawyers.
  12. If there is a clause written into Bruce's contract which he signed which says he has a buy out amount of £5m if a premier club asks to talk to him then that's what it should be. DC,Bruce and MA will all know the actual amount so just get it paid. If it hasn't already. Let's all go into Sports Direct and offer half of any price advertised. See what reaction you get. Seriously anybody who does it post on here.
  13. But DC lets him take the first 2 months of the season off so that he can sun it up in Bahamas
  14. Not even £4,999,999 and 99p You are a hard bargainer WC.
  15. You forgot the bit about 3rd Steve being attached to big Steve's sphincter
  16. No doubt at some point you slagged her off as well
  17. It won’t ... it’s probably contractually black and white (no pun intended)
  18. Just seen him up Greno woods jogging. I’m up here errrrr... for some... erm fresh air...
  19. The clown would have failed to get us out of League One
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