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  2. Best one so far. Miss these types of players, no nonsense, call it as it is and will simply not allow other team mates to under perform. As he touches on, players like these allow a dressing room to police itself.
  3. The school opposite the South is good for that side of the stadium , if it’s still used . Permit only though I believe.
  4. On the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month - but it'll be 6 minutes late.
  5. Yes I know what you mean , it’s easier for locals and fans familiar with the area , some talk as though we should know or are incapable of walking , the simple solution is get to the area at least an hour before the game .
  6. I’d like to think first week in June when the out of contract players we’ve been linked with can officially sign for us.
  7. As the title says when do people think our fist new signing will happen, we have been linked with a lot of players and more than a few have said they have all but signed with us the defender from Germany to mention. the last 3 season we have had 16/17 - 1st July 17/18 - 3rd July 18/19 - 16 Aug The added difference this coming season and last the transfer window opened a lot earlier.
  8. Ok, thanks. I didn’t think it was with us, Spurs or Marseille so did wonder whether it was during his time at Newcastle. Hard to believe it’s nearly 40 years since Waddle left Tow Law Town!
  9. I actually thought it was better because he has a lot less time weigh it up and strike it.
  10. I see that weeds look like they are piling in for this Sheraldo Becker geezer. Some things will never change will they?
  11. Other than a handful of yards there's not much in it is there? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65ly7cQsRfw
  12. Oh mate she'd have a face like a plasterers radio by the time I'd done with her
  13. No way is McGinn's the better goal. Bannan scored similar and it isn't even in our top 5.
  14. Not for us, but he did for Newcastle. He once scored against us, while playing centre forward
  15. A loan isn't beyond our means if we move other players, however if we did get him it would show we haven't learned from past mistakes in overpaying for players and hurting the team going forward. If we had parachute payments it would be different but we don't so we must target a more affordable striker be it on loan or permanent.
  16. Really? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but have no recollection of Waddle ever playing centre forward - probably just my failing memory!
  17. Even though Fessi's goal is the best, McGinn will win cos Villa fans will be all over it.
  18. I am not sure this is a realistic. No one is going to plough thick end of £100m into the club without having 100% control over it.
  19. Yes doesn’t tend to be the senior squad though
  20. I would have liked them to have asked Carlton Palmer about the times he came back to Wednesday later in his career on loan. Seems to be forgotten that the club sacked him when Terry Yoarth was manger and would have interesting to hear what happened there. Palmer does seem to be a bloke who isn't afraid to speak his mind so I can hazard a guess what happened though!
  21. A better way to raise dosh would be for Chansiri to sell some of his voting shares to fans. Would also help balance his management style and engage better with Owls community.
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