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  2. Ian Holloway is quoted this morning as saying that the new hand ball rule is the fault of the EU and Brexit will get rid of it. Unless he was joking (and the report didn't suggest it) may I, as a very occasional poster, suggest he is too thick to be our manager. I want somebody for SWFC who has a modicum of intelligence.
  3. Why do all these rumours start with a mate in the back office?
  4. Stood on it regularly in the 80's it was never the away end, apart from Man Utd in 85 i think. Plans were drawn up in the mid 90's to take the curve of the North around to the Leppings Lane end, the clubs Engineers drew up the plans, but we ended up potless so it never commenced. All that end wants demolishing and should have been in 1990.
  5. Jesus, you get a little attention & now you just can’t stop yourself can you? Whats next, showing yer t1ts off on Big Brother?
  6. Perhaps the Bishop of Liverpool could swing it for us?
  7. This is definitely a game for Big Dave. I’d bring him on at half time to replace Fletcher. We should have used him at Millwall as well. Schoolground bullies need the Dave treatment - they don’t like it!
  8. I’m sorry but I just completely disagree, he’s still our best player quality-wise, just another one plagued by injury and poor management imo (and also a bit of an attitude problem but let’s face it, a lot of players have that, and it is quite easily quelled by any decent manager)
  9. FF’s insistence that he plays upfront isn’t doing him any favours imo
  10. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer BB Lee Hutch Harris FF Fletch
  11. Pardon? :-) Not saying it didn’t occur, I just didn’t hear it. Middle age I guess.
  12. It's obvious some people don't remember who re-installed those alienated players.
  13. Sky studio area when we get promoted. *disclaimer* not ITK. Don't lump on.
  14. There must be a “bullshit rumour” template you can download off internet because I’m absolutely certain I’ve read that paragraph word for word with the name changed a couple of dozen times this summer.
  15. When it was rumoured he was talking to Chelsea as a player the fans turned on him imagine if he came here. Not a chance .
  16. Why’s that, is it because wheels might go missing from the car park. UTO
  17. Cheers, I didn’t hear any when team sheet was read out, must be a combination and location, background noise and middle age.
  18. Don't worry, Rowett's already signed the paperwork. Lump it on while you still can...
  19. He’s got a good engine has Reach. He’s not the pacy winger that gets you off your seat the same way Harris does. But he’s very good at getting to the byline and crossing. You need players that offer something different, against teams that sit deep and pace isn’t working you need better delivery = Reach, when a team sits on the halfway line leaving space in behind = Harris.
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