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  2. Don't know to be honest. Doesn't seem too far fetched but how come we've been linked to a fair amount of players so far this summer
  3. The countries lovely The people not so...
  4. Careful pal, some people will be photoshooting this in the hope they can bring it up in 12 months when Bruce has been sacked. UTO!
  5. OK mate apologies. Mods delete thread please. Cheers
  6. Already another thread on this mate
  7. To an extent, but it’s usually the teams with a clear identity, and set way of playing, who are the most successful, at this level anyway. Obviously better teams, and better players, can adapt from one match to the next, but I’m not sure too many can in the championship
  8. Not seen this anywhere. Does anyone know owt about it? https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2019/06/17/report-claims-sheffield-wednesday-are-one-of-the-championship-cl/
  9. Think you are right sarge. Really looking forward to seeing us go at teams with pace. CCs first season was great, but either side of that it’s been a poo few years. Like the sort of players we are being linked with. No more Dave Jones’s please
  10. Don't really get this mentality of "Let's go back to 11 months when people were trying to be positive and mock it". At the end of the day Jos deserved to start last season. He proved to be not fit for purpose and was removed from his position. End of.
  11. Yeh they always do that to sell more bizarre thing is ours is always a big secret n never early
  12. More wages. Prospect of Prem with us or prem teams future interest in him. Celtic never get far in CL. Mickey Mouse SPL. Lennon or Bruce. Massive evey time.
  13. agree with this to be fair, we absolutely nailed the end of that season
  14. Why? What good would that do? Unless you're planning to quiz them and take out the hottest one, like on some cheesy TV dating show? We all get some things right or wrong, there's no point finding more ways to bicker among ourselves, like in the past, during the frustrating times. We should enjoy the ride and just be grateful, we've finally got a proven manager that knows what he's doing. Forget about Carlos and Jos, we've finally got a proper manager. Give him time and backing because we're fortunate to finally have a manager of his calibre. For once I'm looking forward to Wednesdays future genuinely optimistically, simply because of Bruce's appointment.
  15. Might be that if the away kit is available then the kids will want it as they want something now and don't want to wait. Then when the home kit comes out they want that too. They might not be as bothered about the away kit if they already have the home one. Or maybe he's just a bit mental when it comes to shirt releases.
  16. I would love us to be able to play a few different ways next season, under CC we were very predictable and after the first season teams knew what we were all about, we didn't have much of an identity under Jos. From what I saw of the Steve Bruce Wednesday he wanted us to be able to keep the ball but not for the sake of it, he wanted us to be positive in possession, hopefully this will continue. One thing we have been pretty poor at over the last few season is the counter attack, we just haven't had the players to play it effectively and it's such a big part of modern football. Its music to my ears that we are linked to players like Odubajo, Harris and Aarons, I get a bit of blood thinking of those 3 in attacking midfield positions, 7, 10 and 11 behind a strong 9. Yes, try and pass teams to death but also have the pace and power for if that doesn't work, I love Steve Bruce.
  17. My old man was in the shop the other day & they told him the away kit will be released at Owls in the Park but no idea on the home kit. Sounds bizarre to release the away kit first if it’s true.
  18. Will be interesting to see who we eventually bring in. Odubajo, Onomah, Aarons, Harris, Turnbull all linked and fit Bruce's profile of players he wants....energy and pace. Certainly better this than apparent links to Downing Cattermole etc.
  19. Today
  20. It is nothing to do with his name ,Was he not scoring regular for the u18 and u21 England side ,Was he scoring for Wednesday at the same level ?
  21. Well, here's two reasons: It's a nicer country to live in and you're probably close to minimum wage anyway.
  22. Lost on me, don't watch line of duty. Happy to admit I was wrong on Jos, though sacking him in July would have meant we would have another manager now, not Steve Bruce. Or do you agree with the OP that we should have broke the bank (even though it was already smashed to pieces at the time) to go for Bruce last summer and for some reason he would have decided to walk out on a team he had just taken to the play-off final at that time?
  23. How much do D-taxicopters charge for fare? Can imagine that being a fun ride home after a night out
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