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  2. We don’t have the best of records with Dutch-Indonesian managers.
  3. Don’t reckon DC will be put off hiring a high profile manager by Newcastle poaching Bruce tbh. He lost money sacking cc & jos but made a profit on Bruce.
  4. Very similar to Ake who they already have. It wouldn't surprise me if Bournemouth was where he ended up.
  5. At Birmingham rescued them from relegation and took them from 21st in league up to 10th in half a season. Following year, with an average at best squad and little funds had them in 7th challenging for play offs and over performimg only to be undeservedly sacked and replaced by Zola who frittered funds and then won 2 in 24.
  6. We need someone that's got experience and something to do with us, would be nice to have a manager that doesn't pack and leave to go elsewhere. I just hope his football style has changed because it can be boring to watch his teams play.
  7. If we get anywhere near £5m off fat boy I do really feel we should go and get Paul Cook but I doubt he’s on Chansiri radar , he wants a name fully expect him to go after someone mad like he did with Villas Boas and Fonseca, might even try and speak to Allardyce
  8. he could play centre back or midfield and would be a very good signing he would be playing regular premiership football if he was with a team like bournemouth
  9. He said that a while back. In a recent interview he backtracked and said “you never know” with a little grin
  10. Plays CM too, fairly certain he’s capped by Wales senior team in that position. Being welsh I'm biased but for me he walks into the team and is a class above anyone we have.
  11. Thought this was going to be a statement from Chansiri saying we will have a new manager by friday
  12. I hope Mr C has got over his phase of looking at unknown foreign coaches with little on their CVs. That would be a good start. No Billy Von Tinkelwinkle from Armenian 2nd Division side FC Surefire Batteries etc.
  13. It’s looking like the 18s are playing the double winning players from last season OBrien makes the bench for the last 30 mins of this one nio goals so far
  14. I like Ampadu, he’s a good defender, but I don’t think he’d be quite right for us. What the first two friendlies have shown, is that we need a more physical presence in the back line. At nearly 6- 5, Hector gave us that, and consequently, brought out the best in Tom Lees. That is the type of centre back we need, alongside any of the others we have at the club. As I said, I like young Ampadu, but he’s relatively small for a centre back, and won’t be able to dominate in the same way Hector did
  15. Reyt player and reyt hair. Played great against us in the cup.
  16. Jordan spoke like it was only the compo for the other two holding things up this morning. He knows both Bruce and Ashley so it’d be naive to not add some weight to what he’s said.
  17. Would like Paul Cook like many have said, however I just can not see it. Zola seems so far out of the wilderness, living in Birmingham and seeing the absolute shower he helped turn Birmingham city into I would be very fearful with him here. I remember the game at Hillsborough 3-0 Rhodes first home game and they were truly awful that evening and for much of his spell in charge they were a poor side. Took Redknap to keep them up. As was shown last season we are not a side who can play naturally out from defence and that is very much what he tried to do there so is a massive no from me. Jakanovic was one of my choices pre Bruce and had he not just taken a job on the other side of the planet would have been the obvious choice IMO. Currently however I am like everyone else just blindly flailing around in the dark. Anyway on to Northampton tonight, see you down there.
  18. Quite a lot of people on facebook seem to think there's something in this. Would be great if true and a statement of intent. Young proven manager with contacts and links to some big clubs. Plus it would wipe the smug grin off Ashley's fat greedy face and it would be karma and pay back, if we got one of the better names that turned them down. If possible get it done DC.
  19. Plenty of more realistic better choices out there and we're linked with flipping zola omfg...
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