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  2. In our situation and with his injury record we would be bonkers to sign this guy. Utter madness. Even if he’d managed to play most of the games whilst he’s been here you’d be questioning his past injury record but he’s not even managed more than a handful. If he signs then I hope it’s cheap and I hope he proves me wrong as he is talented but how much warning do we need.
  3. I never noticed before, but the ironwork is very reminiscent of the 70's classic owl logo.
  4. He really does look like he has quality, as mentioned it’s a question of fitness. With the likes of Palmer (contract pending) and Penny though if he does get a injury we do have great back up. Worth the risk? Maybe. Only if it’s a deal that works us. If we could pull a deal like we did with big Dom and get the fee in that 350-750k mark with 10k pw and a 1-2 year contract I think could be a good bit of business. With Pudil on his way out as well surely that would be the wages covered and then some at that price. But what do I know eh? Brucie gets paid to sort all this out and I’ve never had more confidence in a manager at this club to make all the right decisions.
  5. be keeping him then, unless you want rhodes in px?, and we want all our money back too on that deal, so slip us £7.5m and lazaar, an dc will pop rhodes in a D taxi.
  6. He’s been here since Jan and played 2 and a bit games. Okay, he wasn’t first choice at the beginning, but is that enough to say he’ll be good for us? When I watch him I get the impression he’s bursting a gut just for a contract. Honeymoon period. Seen it all before where loan players work hard for a contract then once they sign they aren’t bothered. He does has something in his locker that our other full backs don’t have though. But then, when they’re Palmer and Fox, it’s not hard.I’m 50/50 on him, I think he’ll be injured all time personally! In Bruce we trust.
  7. League scorers: Hagan - 14 Hamoud - 13 Grant - 10 O'Brien - 9 Shaw - 8 Vasalo - 4 Waldock - 3 Brandy - 2 Thompson - 2 Farmer - 2 Ellery - 1 Rice - 1 FA Youth Cup: Hamoud - 1 Farmer - 1 Hope I haven't missed anything.
  8. Tall, athletic, real presence in the box ...... Westwood’s replacement?
  9. I think he’s one of those that probably favour the stats I don’t look at or notice at large for example close downs, miles run, headers won interceptions. I never really notice him do any of these but likes been said professionals and scouts seem to like him. He reminds me a lot like Joao in terms of you know he has quality but he looks like he doesn’t care at times. For me it’s a no give me a half fit Sam Hutchinson over him any day
  10. I don't like to bad mouth people but what an absolute bellend he is, and when you consider depending on which report you believe he has had anywhere from 11-17 million from us in the last few seasons. I seriously hope his next poo is a hedgehog and his team follow Sunderland down to the tin pot league.
  11. What Transfer Pot ? We've haven't got a pot to pi55 in next season.
  12. I stopped having a season ticket due to working every other weekend. I paid the £90 and even the games with benefits etc...double discount fell on my weekend to work. Can imagine alot of people are in the same shoes, part timer by circumstance.
  13. Why do we always want to take a square peg and try to hammer it into a round hole?
  14. As alluded to, a 100% guarantee of a play off ticket.......which is why I get one every year
  15. Transfermakt is just one big guess
  16. Voted for Sterland because he is always second choice in these teams and I want to show the love.
  17. 45. ‘I cannot tell what the dickens his name is.’ (The Merry Wives of Windsor Act 3, Scene 2)
  18. Lazzar at £2m would be excessive. I'd pay £500k (the new £350k) for him if he is only on £10k per week. That's not a bad deal for a good player. I'd trust Bruce to judge the injury issue. Lazaar is a definite improvement on what we already have.
  19. Used to love the kop board, must have been one of the first electric boards in football.
  20. Indeed he has looked good, but started just two games in four months, nah
  21. The main benefit is a relative level of priority for away match tickets, which is why I always get a membership. This year there were some vouchers for the shop too.
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  23. The only player I’d pay money for is Hector. A Jos signing, he’s proved over a full season, that he would be a very effective signing You cannot make the same judgement about the other loanees
  24. Still one of the most expensive in the league and a lot of money to find all at once.
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