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  2. I don’t think anybody can answer the OP’s questions without seeing our accounts which have been delayed. Why they’ve been delayed is anyone’s guess, some creative accounting like at Derby perhaps with the stadium sale?
  3. Dawson Iorfa Lees Hector Lazaar Matias Ohomah Pelupessy Boyd Forestieri Hooper
  4. He certainly makes Scott and O’donnell look like bargains..
  5. Now let me get my head around this. If we are allowed to lose £39M over three years. When is the cut off date for the 'new/next' year? Taking it that the first year will then be 'spent'. Freeing up all the money spent in the first year. Or have I got something wrong there?
  6. Stop talking bo11ocks. SB didn't take the job without doing some due diligence on us beforehand. He's not an idiot.
  7. That narrows it down to me and Scram and it ain’t me
  8. I'd laugh my ass off if this is true, but wait, That's probably the truth, if there is any truth to this.
  9. In essence, I think, Your bang on. Once you get to a point, that half the teams in the division, cant trade transfer wise to get out of the restrictions. You end up with huge problems.
  10. He’s not fit enough for us just yet. Should be ok for next season.
  11. Cant blame him ? if he is not commited to Sheffield Wednesday and any one else stuff em.
  12. Did this come directly from the EFL.
  13. Today
  14. lost me at high ranking OT poster wtf is there such a thing?
  15. Don't you think Vardy will start or just be introduced from the bench?
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