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  2. Not for me, its a time where we build for the future IMO
  3. Good question I honestly can't see it If anything I can see the out of favour players being pushed even further out of view for good, along with out of contract players. I don't see ways back for Hutchinson, Westwood etc at all
  4. From a fans point of view mate..yea I get your point....But I think bridges have been burned now
  5. I think the worst I've seen has got to be Kim Olsen. I cant think of 1 redeeming attribute he had in terms of ability
  6. good job he aint our player ,and aint cost a transfer fee otherwise he would rival Rhodes abdi etc regarding worst ever signing . he looks lazy uninterested and so unfit ,he was getting a lot of flak down at Brentford.
  7. I know I may get slaughtered for this but here goes. With the players now back in training and life hopefully moving back in the right direction for this country and the world, is now the time to start over with players who have been frozen out of the club? If one thing this pandemic has taught a lot of people is that things that may have been considered important in life are maybe not as important as they once were. I know it is more or less certainty that certain players (and good players, let’s not deny it) are leaving this summer but after all that has happened wouldn’t now be the perfect time for those players and manager to go “Do you know what, we’ve got 9 games of the season left, let’s just put our differences to once side and give it our all between now and the end of the season for the team and then we can go our separate ways”. I know some people will think this is incredibly wishful thinking but what do people think? Do you think there could be any possibility of this happening? Stay safe everyone WAWAW
  8. As I have said before, it is remarkable that a free transfer from Brentford who has suffered from significant injuries in his career isn’t the new Cafu. it is almost like there is a correlation between players who are very cheap and the likely quality of that player.
  9. Should certainly stop Obubajo whinging. No more excuses.
  10. In a 442 you need your rb to be able to defend first and foremost. Like Hunt before him, Odubajo was known more for getting forward. He looks shackled going forward with a winger in front and then a bit exposed as a traditional right back.
  11. Think that's a bit harsh.... Very rarely does it look as though he'll concede more than 2 penalties a game.
  12. Looks alright doesn’t it, hopefully whatever went on between Christmas and March has been resolved and Monk can organise and inspire the team in empty stadiums to perform to their best levels. Not holding my breath mind
  13. Think it was the survey.."Maintain the high prices and improve the squad...or...." We got the "or"...despite the high prices being maintained...............
  14. Let me reword it for all the sensitive ones out there getting all flustered by the question Here you go Does anyone think they're getting the value for money they voted for in the last survey done by the club?
  15. I’d rather Monk left tbh. There’s definitely a decent player there. Something doesn’t add up when it comes to Monk’s man-management “skills”... No one can fall out with so many others and not be the problem. Not just here, but at previous clubs too.
  16. The lack of expectation/pressure from big crowds at home may work in their favour.
  17. No problem sets us lovely for a tilt at the play offs. On our way on our way.
  18. Cheap image rights, he pays £2.50 every time he is shown.
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