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  2. When I was growing up I used to go to Glentoran games all the time. Enjoyed going but stopped going when I was about 15. I still look out for their results every week but don't follow them closely.
  3. This time next week I will be riding this. In fact by this time I will have already ridden 4 hours with another 12 to go!! Sadly the weather looks like rain all day but fingers crossed it may change by then! Getting close to hitting 75% of my target amount which would be great, even if I can't make it 100%. Is a great charity folks so please dig deep if you can is all really appreciated and a great motivation. Daztheowl. Many thanks for your kind donation mate
  4. Used to Park on Cookson/Herries Road, above the bridge, but loads of smashed windows up there after games now. Moved to the car park on Herries Road South, £5. Can take ages to get out sometimes but at least its TWOC free
  5. Look what happened last time we took ages to find a CB to buy......SB is clearly getting the basics of the squad in place early Would expect the flair players from the PL closer to the start of the season
  6. I know the team was crap but I like the one from the 74-75 season
  7. I only support Wednesday. However, to get my footy fix I go regularly to watch Red Star (hasn't been a great season they've been relegated to the third tier of the French league).
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  9. The one fifth from the right 2nd row up was mine, recognise it. Reight comfy.
  10. Can remember my dad at the time saying"not seen a goal scored from the stand yet " He also had such a low opinion of Eric Taylor that when Taylor was involved in a car crash at Rivelin in his jag my dad said" shame it weren't a Ford Pop"
  11. I was born in 1959, so I don't remember much about the early 60's
  12. Greed mate basically , sad sad carry on , you are actually saying oh it’s ok because everyone does it .
  13. Its pretty clear how highly we value him, if we have to be patient then I have to imagine Bruce will be patient on that one.
  14. imagine how many 'could be sent off' after a corner?
  15. not necessarily for next season's promotion push, but in general. the dingles live by unearthing talent, signing it for a couple of £100,000 or so, and letting it go for millions.
  16. This has all the hallmarks of Penguin......he's out there on Social Media, working his magic!!
  17. I think we'll be bringing in defenders, and Boro had the best defence this term, so a big warm wednesday welcome for Daniel Ayala please
  18. I wasn't criticising you. A lot of disabled people use the Wednesdayite car park - its scrapping will be most problematic for them. That was the point I was making.
  19. Same here. I was trying to follow the numbers but even they seem to change.
  20. what does the M stand for?
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