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  2. Stan Boardman also had s positive influence. Not sure how much coaching he's done though.
  3. It just so happens I have a couple of rusty razors handy. PM me if you need them!
  4. Imagine the picture with Chansiri, come here son stand by me!
  5. His brand of football was pragmatic for the resources he had.
  6. Is it exciting? Or just another random , I need to have a look at his stats if some of you are excited
  7. The name Van Bronckhorst pops up in connection with swfc
  8. Today
  9. Some mad names on that skybet list now. Mircea Lucescu (18/1) is my new favourite choice... he’s 73 but it’ll be reyt
  10. Can’t remember the day Matias came in but it must have been getting on for 1am when we announced Filipe Melo.
  11. Its all good, the rabbit was from Cudworth, it had an extra foot....
  12. The sports direct mug is actually leaving us dont want one for free
  13. If you think bad of our chairman just imagine how the Geordies feel about theirs? Oh & Steve you have been warned - P45 by xmas I reckon and deservedly so Fekin fuming about this, and they have the cheek to ask players to stay loyal etc etc Rant nearly over but hey ho WE not Steve AWAW
  14. Crack on now DC get the new guy in asap cant wait around
  15. No one has mentioned the possibility that he may have turned us down as he was approached over the weekend when Bruce hadn’t even resigned yet. Like many wouldn’t have entertain a job till it was actually became vacant. Now Bruce is gone might change things. Not saying this is what happened, but as we don’t have a time frame of when he turned us down it a real possibility.
  16. Maybe a little grudge is being held from Hughton's side, sure we caused them a little heartache in the playoffs and I remember a little issue where Knockaert celebrated in front of Carlos. Other reasons why potential managers would turn us down... I dont feel the infrastructure behind the scenes is spot on. Sorry to all the youngsters currently playing for us, we've not actively gone and hand picked youth from the ranks of other top teams to develop. I don't see a David Brooks amongst them. We need to go after specific attributes - height being the main one for me. Hands are tied. We have to tread carefully financially. We've got the bulk of a team thats given all they can and failed. It needs freshening up massively and this requires flex, where there's very little. The last thing we need, the absolute last thing....is a paxo picked manager, with no british connections. Give me Moyes, Pardew, Holloway, Pearson, O'Neil or a foreigner who's done well like Jokanovic...or can we steal David Wagner (if anything can happen in football)
  17. oh god, if we're relying on lucky charms that rabbit wasn't so fecking lucky.
  18. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2018/02/18/wigan-manager-paul-cook-wine-pep-guardiola-will-get-can-skol/amp/
  19. Jose Semedo, Réda Johnson and Miguel Llera joint managers
  20. If we're going down the compensation route, then surely Paul Cook is a better option... Made a few waves in the Championship last season on a limited budget and absolutely wrecked records left, right and centre in League One.. not to mention his other promotions. Incidentally, all of this while playing fast attacking football.
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