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  2. With no match last Saturday, I went to watch Salford v Cambridge Utd. Best stand was £10 adults/ £5 concessions. Cheapest I've paid for at least 15 years. Still only 3,000 turned up, in a conurbation of 2 and a half million. £40 behind the goal for 2nd tier is a ripoff though. Maybe we should do the above 3 game special. That way, regular home fans get cheap football.
  3. Frank Lampard, Claude Makeleke and many others have had world class careers by playing as either an attacking CM or defensive one. Just how football is these days. Not many top teams play a 4-4-2 where you require box to box midfield types.
  4. I hope not - one of Carlos’s old tricks, that. Will Lees be fit? That will also affect the final lineup
  5. Buy one through this deal and sell it on half price to a dingle
  6. Since when did midfielders have to be labelled as either AM or DM? Why cant they just be good all round midfield players? In the 90s was Cartlon Palmer a DM or AM? Danny Wilson? John Harkes? Those players could all defend, but they all got on the scoresheet multiple times each and every season. Calling someone a DM or an AM is just a cop out and giving them an excuse to be only half a player IMO.
  7. Westwood Odubajo iorfa borner palmer reach luongo hutch bannan harris fletch
  8. Surely it’ll be their downfall, won’t they make more money if they sell for less ? Doubt we will sell out
  9. I went last season horrible day poured with rain , played atrocious blackburn could have had 8 . think it was £33 and we nowhere near sold out , so at £40 there is no danger we will sell out . 2000 less of us and probably 2000 less of them = less for the robbers charging that.
  10. Parachute payments are something I hate but it is what it is. Chairman can gamble all they want but fans shouldn’t be forced to pay sickening prices for the errors they make
  11. So clubs don’t live within their means and it’s upto the premier league clubs to bail us out?? Nonsense. Run your business correctly and you don’t have to financial rape your own supporters Think of the money we’ve wasted on fees and stupid wages - we are not the only ones of course
  12. 3 Home games coming up, 2 are on TV, Stoke and Leeds, yet he's charging £33 and £39 minimum. Then Swansea at £36 minimum. Ridiculous pricing
  13. Scud missiles fly straight and true to their target. Do you want to reconsider your description of Westwood’s kicks?
  14. If it’s 4-3-3 I would go with Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Lee Hutchinson Luongo Forestieri Fletcher Harris
  15. Not the clearest picture - but here's something I found showing Hillsborough in its early 70s finery. And EWT on the phone :)
  16. If it’s 4-2-3-1 then for me it would be Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Luongo Hutchinson Forestieri Bannan Harris Fletcher
  17. The overall scenario is poo . Lower home crowd. Less atmosphere. Lower away crowd. Less atmosphere. Empty seats. Goes through me when you compare that to a fuller ground and fiery atmosphere. Its slowly fading away.
  18. In my opinion there are probably 4 or 5 of the current under-23 team who have a chance of at least making the first team squad within the next 18 months or so? That said this season’s policy of experience is the right one as this gives us our best chance of promotion certainly given that it is the last chance saloon for perhaps 60% of this current squad?
  19. True. I just smiled when I saw the way you'd written it out. Hopefully, somebody will get near Fletch for the scraps, when Westwood sends him some scud missiles.
  20. It is what it is, it’ll not stop me going, but I reckon there’s a good chance we will be paying a lot less next season UTO
  21. No I’m just lazy. It’s supposed to be 433. In truth, especially away from home, our 433 is more of a 451 though.
  22. You'd drop Harris...the player who, in the entire Championship, has carried the ball the most into dangerous areas?
  23. So a 4-5-1 then HO? Agree with the players though. Odubajo has been the weakest link; goodbye. Otherwise, as you are. Probably our strongest available starting XI. Get FF up to speed & we look good.
  24. Reckon it will be: Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Fox Luongo Hutchinson Bannan Reach Fletcher Harris Subs: Dawson, Palmer, Lees, Pelupessy, Lee, Forestieri, Nuhiu
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