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  2. Westwood and Hector would be huge signings if we are to push for the top 6 next season. Sadly, I fear both will be out of our price range. In addition, if the pigs go up, don't rule out Wilder coming in for Hector, Joao and Fessi just to rub our noses in it.
  3. Definitely can. I think with us though, we see 1 player literally get injured per week, on top of the long term ones, and we’re just so down about it that we don’t know who anyone is anymore or what they’re capable of.
  4. After binning Westwood and Hutch prematurely, think we should realise that class players can come back into form.
  5. Not for sale. Build team around him. World class.
  6. I think Bruce was protecting him, he’s been put a long time, and players often pick up little niggles when they’ve been out such a long time Good management by Bruce
  7. Not mentally or physically fit enough for the occasion tonight
  8. Let's play Football Manager. Hypothetical values attached. Let's say we have to raise £12m. Who goes?... Reach £12m Rhodes £3m Winnall £2m Joao £4m Forestieri £4m Bannan £3m Lees £3m Nuhiu £2m
  9. I think Bruce's comments about working him very hard to get fit, show that it's not a case of attitude but fitness as to why he's been so under par even when playing this season. Tonight he looked fully fit and was absolutely outstanding even the worldy goal aside. Great work rate, dribbling, and some fantastic passes to Fletch- would've scored 2 if not for a blinder save from Krul. Showed he's still more than got it in him, hopefully we see it consistently through the last few games now. Him and Fletch on that form would make a dynamic pairing next season.
  10. Chapeltown Asda,,, "good for you ",,, offers are really paying off on the fitness front...
  11. Him and Rhodes will be lethal next season under Bruce.
  12. I agree. He was often the best player under Jos on the rare occasions that he actually used to risk playing him and he has gone from strength to strength under Bruce. Nobody has played as consistently well as he has this season.
  13. He’s a gem on his day. A season of performances similar to tonight and it’ll be beautiful to watch. Oh, and his goal deserved about 3 goals. So I have it, Wednesday 4 Norwich 2
  14. Good point about his fitness. Some of our posters seem too quick to write off players when they’re coming back from injury. It can take time to get back to full match fitness and get the confidence back. The same mistake was made with Antonio.
  15. Class act one more big season coming from him in 2019/20
  16. Bannan never hits a shot or cross first time when it’s on his right foot. All players have a stronger foot but sometimes you have to just hit it. He should have struck that first time tonight
  17. Player of the season. Such a shame his best days are behind him.
  18. Bruce hit the nail on the head post match - “Fernando looked fit for the first time in ages” He’s been struggling for 2 years now - if he can stay fit for a whole season he is a match winner.
  19. If at all possible keep Westwood and Hector along with Palmer everyone else out of contract can go for me Listen to offers for everyone else we need to start preparing for next season now and not mid way through July.
  20. We have a large squad - which even now I don’t know what to make of half the time. We need it chopping down with a more focused transfer policy from now on. (Also meaning someone might want someone we have - and have a chance of getting them)
  21. Bruce will have seen that and I have no doubt it will have made a big impression on him in terms of horses for courses.
  22. Another stunning effort from Fletcher tonight. He teks some reyt hammer from defenders. A proper forward.
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