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  2. It's not really a fair comparison due to playing in different leagues and different circumstances. The 20/21 squad, with the same manager and getting paid all season would have romped League One last season.
  3. Can I vote again please? I meant to choose Pelupessy and Harris but pressed the wrong buttons.
  4. Best leave this sort of thread until the end of the transfer window. I’m positive there’ll be more incoming, even if it’s loans.
  5. I'm in thinking he's going to walk into the Derby side and be a key player in his best /preferred position, where as here he'd have ended up mainly being an impact sub or played out of position like last year.. We now have that big cf allowing us to actauly play with proper wingers and the most proficient one leaves typical
  6. Love how you kept going back... Brilliant....
  7. You’re right, although Charlie was more of a midfielder in those days. Brian Cox was know as Watney, never knew why!
  8. Looks like Westwood’s not being judged on his performance in 20/21.
  9. Need to see how the five new recruits get on before drawing comparisons But I'd favour the 1st XI that finished last season over the 20/21 team in every position
  10. Two Blades fans discussing the recent game earlier in the afternoon at Bramall Lane. Fan A - “did you go the game this afternoon ?” Fan B - “yes, it finished as a 0-0 draw” Fan A - “what was the half time score ?” Fan B - I don’t know, I only watched the second half “ Boom Boom !
  11. Hasn’t he been trying to get into management for years?!
  12. 20/21 relegation squad was horrendously unbalanced and hampered by points deductions and delay in wages being paid. I don’t think you can really make direct comparisons on ability. That squad underachieved because of issues off the field. The fact Odubajo, Reach, Lees, Westwood who we all released managed to get Championship clubs the following year - still shows they are better than we gave them credit for.
  13. It looks desperate but he also seems a bit like ‘our’ Carlos, who wants to travel around the world, work for a season, get some cash and move on
  14. The old Magnet, Gate, Parson X Hotel triangle ……. Planes, ships & people used to disappear without trace!
  15. As it stands... Which squad is better on paper, player for player? PLEASE note: For 2020/21 players, judge players on their performances at that time. I have picked the most appeared players for the 2020/21 season but comparisons between the same players have been excluded (e.g. Bannan vs Bannan, Windass vs Windass)
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  17. Like others on here met him when he was working at Thomas Cook’s in Meadowhall. I asked him this very question and he said he didn’t know why either especially when Wilkinson then bought him for Leeds. Mysteries of football management but I think we only got £60k for him too.
  18. Darren Moore walks into the dressing room after a game and slips on a huge turd. "Who's sh!t on the floor?" screams Darren, Bannan replies," Pato, he's not much better in the air either."
  19. No doubt. One of the best players to play for the Owls. It just a shame to see the clear and obvious thirst for work, with false gestures. Hope he gets a chance of course. Just looks a little desperate at the minute.
  20. Same age as me............played against him loads growing up. He was in the 3 Feathers Sunday League team , the strike partnership was him and Mel Sterland , as well as Charlie Williamson at left back , and if I`m not mistaken , Brian Cox in goal.
  21. Amazed at those stats TBF........................cus like I say , whenever I see him play he always fails to impress.
  22. This blow your mind sometimes it’s not the managers choice too sometimes players are signed or terms agreed without the managers input
  23. Don't think so pal but sometimes I'm wrong very rare tho
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