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  2. I don't like chopping and changing managers too quickly, they should be given time to mould a squad into what they want and get things moving in the right direction. Unless things are clearly not working. 3 wins in 20 league games and falling out and freezing out a number of key players is not the right direction. Having the lowest number of home goals scored in the league is not the right direction. Things are getting worse, not better. Monk needs showing the door as soon as possible. End of.
  3. Sorry that should have said 9 or above. Let's be fair we are a complete car crash of a club and this is down to one man, Chansiri. The sooner he sells up and fucksoff the better. People who think we are in a better state now then just before he took over really need to have a long hard word with themselves.
  4. Anything over a 9 point deduction and we are relegated, simple as that.
  5. totally agree with the OP's sentiment here. It is mismanagement from top of the club to the bottom that has let us down. Monk has been here 5 minutes and takes the flak for basically not being able to coach players who he hasn't signed and who he clearly doesnt trust. Football is all about player ability and positive player mentality. Most of this squad has neither. Look at A) how many proper footballers we have and B) How many late goals we concede. The make-up of the squad is a total disaster. Bad apples mixed in with weak mentalities. Fletcher papered over the cracks by being brilliant in the first half of the season and we stumbled up on a way of playing that could use him as the focal point. Fletcher gets injured, then leaves and results go down the pan. Monk is just an average manager in a joke of a football club.
  6. Id sooner go for Bullen than Monk. I think the programme selller would do a better job at raising morale than Monk does ffs.
  7. The bookies don't price everything well.. championship is often mispriced. They always have Leeds down as ridiculously short odds to win when they've won 23 from 41, meaning in almost half of games they don't win. Yet they nearly always have them at much shorter than evens, more like 1.3-1.7. Over the course of the season you could probably make money laying them. Likewise with Wednesday, tonight they had us as favourites, 2.4 and Preston were at 3s. Anyone who has watched us, and then saw the starting line up with no Wickham, no Lee, Pelupessy and Nuhui starting would know that given our current form the probability of Preston winning was much higher than a third. They should have been favourites for the game
  8. If a monk goes now it would just be Bullen in charge for the last 4 games - what’s the point?! No interim manager would come in for 4 games with matches coming thick and fast.
  9. Whilst I understand your sentiment, do you genuinely believe that investors out there would be looking at us as a serious business proposition ? It's all well and good saying DC should go and sell up, but who the hell would want us !!!!
  10. Looking at that team (and even assuming they are all good at their assigned jobs) it doesn’t make me think that Monk has anywhere near enough support for individual match preparation, tactics, strategy, in game management or much else that could make a significant difference. He seems to be on his own for many aspects of the manager’s job in a way previous others haven’t. Blaming him for accepting that situation is one thing but the reason why he doesn’t have that support is probably closer to the real problem.
  11. It's all these things and more. Quality is missing but for me some other characteristics come first, as without them you are going nowhere. Composure, decision making, leadership, the mental attributes the we are so sorely missing. The list could go on. You need only look at the way Preston responded to going 1-0 down to see all the traits that are missing from the mental side of our squad.
  12. We have a DOF don’t we isnt it Mr Chansiris son ? You’d think so anyway .
  13. This " manager " can't manage. We need someone that can. He CANNOT manage. Others have all gotten better out of this shower of sheite. Monk... has no management skills. Hes a disinterested money grabber. Hes taking the pi55 out of the club and the fans. We change him. Because he is absolutely no good whatsoever at managing Talks a good game..... cannot provide results.. If someone can point out his successes I'd be glad to listen again. Hes a disaster.
  14. The prime aim now is staying in this division and if that means a change in manager for the last 4 games to get us the points required to do this, especially with a possible points deduction hanging over us, we need to act just as Middlesbrough did. It could be a caretaker until we can get the right person in before next season starts.
  15. DC has been a disaster, but no owner/ chairman will ever be as bad as that cretin Dave Allen.
  16. I feel exactly the same. I refuse to spend another penny on the club for the foreseeable.
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  18. There aren’t many stats that show success in constantly changing managers. It’s all about getting the RIGHT manager in the first instance and the nearest we’ve been to that for a while was Bruce. No point sacking Monk unless you think you have a manager similar to Bruce in the pipeline.
  19. I was just responding to pat blondeau's comment above, by saying that Monk wouldn't play 2 of them anyway.
  20. Sadly I think you're right and we not bottomed out yet.
  21. I think it’s a lack of leadership on the pitch in those critical situations. You need players to shout and bark orders at those who need it and I don’t see that in our team at all.
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