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  2. You think he will sell at lower than the value of the club. So what’s the value of the club realistically in its current state? Maybe £40m-£60m tops. He’s pumped in well over £100m buying it and funding large losses. If you think he’s going to do a cut price deal, you clearly haven’t listened to him over the last few years IMO.
  3. The thing is though Utd as well as many others were losing millions a season trying to reach the promised land even though they sold players It seems perverse that the Efl are penalising clubs for trying to get to the premiership by spending money where the prize is ....more money
  4. Make yourself a cup of tea fella....you're not worth spending time on
  5. Rhodes scoring a winner is probably the most far fetched part of that post
  6. If he wants out, as I believe is the case deep down. He'll have no option that take a cut price deal, but negotiate, where he makes a percentage on future earnings once the club is perhaps back in the premiership.
  7. Yes agreed, but my point was that neither club needed major financial backing from rich owners to get promoted. They sold their best assets and used the money well. We’ve probably spent almost as much on one player Rhodes than those 2 clubs did in total to get them up.
  8. So he can walk away as soon as possible. I think he would attach things to a deal where he will make some decent money if we ever get back to the Premiership. I think Milan has a similar deal when he sold to Chansiri. For me it's not his stable industry, so he doesn't know a great deal about it. Hence the advisors and the mistakes
  9. Dream on, they’re Europe-bound at this rate. The embarrassment goes global
  10. The main thing is to stick to post not poster though. Well done on that front.
  11. I use a railcard and split the tickets by doing sheff -derby derby to new street saves 40% appx for same trains . might try your idea in future might be even cheaper , but how can it be just an extra quid from burton to new street? did u mean £23 instead of £13? if its £13 I will defo do that next time.
  12. Not from me mate. I’m more from the ‘fingers crossed’, ‘it’ll be reyt’ ’we’ve seen it all before’, ‘ que sera’ school of thought. We moan it could be worse fully knowing it will probably get loads worse as it usually does. Qualify for Europe & the scousers get us banned When we were singing non stop at Wembley “we’re on our way” for an hour & a half . I pretty much knew we wouldn’t be “ on our way”! We’d have been far better singing a version of Sinatra’s famous ditty. “ we’ll fu*k it up OUR WAY”. No cunning plan I’m afraid, but at least I admit I know fu*k all about it. (Do the EFL)??? It’ll be reyt though.
  13. Can't wait til we play Middlesbrough live on sky last game of season in a relegation decider Rhodes scores a 96th minute winner. DC runs up to Gibson ,snatches his £10k hairpiece off his head and takes a dump then wipes his bum on it
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