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  2. To further your point "There are lies, there are damned lies and then there are statistics"
  3. Isn’t even training I heard, If you listen to monks press conference when asked who’s training with the first team rather than u23’s he just says ‘Sam (winnall) and Jordan are training’ Suppose I’m known on here for been a bit ‘pro’ Chansiri, but i was actually told today the beef is between the chairman and Sam and it’s the chairman that’s told GM not to play him , contract related
  4. Nothing wrong with Monk wanting to try and put together a settled side to have some continuity. Westwood clearly having apparent injury problems and we all know about Hutchinson, no arguments from me.
  5. We can do that on the PL youngsters we would sign up when they get released.
  6. Work both ways though. Yes, there is the risk of losing someone, but you may also make a decent amount which can then reinvested in the first team.
  7. Why spend money developing players when they’ll just get poached by PL clubs if they show any promise? Better let other clubs develop them and sign up the ones who don’t quite make the grade at your Man City’s, Man Utd’s etc.
  8. I think Chansiri has only ever thought about one thing and that is promotion to the Prem. It would appear that is not going so well... Ironically, investment in the stadium, training ground, academy etc.,would probably put us in a much better position to fulfill the main aim. I did hear that changes were made to the training ground buildings at Steve Bruce's request. That was probably more superficial than anything else. Still - if you can get things off the pitch sorted, then you should eventually reap the benefits on the pitch.
  9. Maybe he's finally found the answer to our lack of a physical presence in midfield?
  10. I won't give you the bird(s) for that .. indeed..
  11. My point is if this is as great a partnership as you say it is why are we only using it about a third of the time we could be.
  12. How were the plans for the Lep affected by not making use of the space behind the Kop? Is anybody on here able to answer my question? I’m pretty sure it was written in fairly simple-to-understand terms.
  13. Rhodes-Fletcher could take us to Ambrosia.
  14. I’m not sure you can blame Rhodes for our performances in the games where he didn’t feature. On OT players get better when they don’t play. This would be a first for one to get worse.
  15. Before every match I expect 3 points. I also think we will get them. I am constantly disappointed.
  16. Nah just clubs punishment....2 months worths of D Taxi vouchers
  17. Spend millions on an away end for scrubbers like l***s and miwaaw to smash up? No thanks
  18. Rhodes not been injured at all this season has he. So there is probably three or four times as many times they could have been played together but didnt then they actually did.
  19. People genuinely get personal about it. Its bizarre.
  20. Well we ALL know Hutchinson can't play week in week out...Isn't it 2 back then 3 out...pending on hobbling off/suspensions/sending offs. If he wants better than this then fair play to him. The squad needs better.
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