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  2. Described by Shamrock Rovers prior to us signing him as classy, elegant central mifielder who can leave defenders for dead with drop of shoulder.
  3. I'm enjoying the international break. Been to Scotland, Finland, UK, North America. Heading back now, roughly same way apart from Scotland.
  4. Even Kosovo have worked him out then??
  5. In response to several posts from you. We were in clear this season when soft embargo was lifted which was in August. That was for this season. The headline loss figure is not the one used by EFL, expenditure on ground and training ground and apparatus is removed and our expenditure in this area has been much higher than some think. In addition to the The P & S stands for Profit and Sustainability. A lot of the experts forget about the sustainable bit this means the club keep functioning and are a viable entity. Hence if a club falls foul of rules as we did the EFL give advice and this can include embargos. if the club work with the EFL and show they are keen to reduce debt and get club back within the framework I am certain they will not be referred to commission for further penalty. Birmingham had similar advice to us they ignored signed a player and were referred to commission. If it was as simple as giving a kicking to clubs who overspend the mark there would be no reason to include word sustainability but EFL know if you impose some of sanctions rigidly clubs would suffer badly and they would have rich owners watching club go down pan and nothing they could do about it. Think best way to look at it is its a framework they get clubs to fit within in and by use of soft sanctions they aim to do this. Only when advice is ignored does legal commission come into force. I believe some newspaper article reported all clubs except 3 had already submitted accounts for this season and we were one of the 3 who had not done so. Think they have until a date in this month to do that. The EFL look at accounts and will issue advice go clubs on these accounts. If they follow advice all will be ok if they ignore plan they could be in trouble. We were given advice followed it and embargo lifted. I presume we also had discussions about long term income etc with EFL at this time and if things remain on track I suspect we will be ok. Our expenditure has not rocketed since last year and income may be slightly more if good run continues and we are all aware of those out of contract so expenditure will fall sharply at that point. hence if we are put under soft embargo again think it will only be for a couple of months.
  6. From the interview it sounds as though it was his fault we got the sad old bat in as prime minister anyway so, thanks Uri, but bugger off and bend some more cutlery.
  7. Serves them right for bringing bagpipes into the world.
  8. Today
  9. Knowing Fletcher's injury issues over the past couple of years and having a Wednesday bias I would say he made the correct decision. However, had it been an England striker from a random Premier League club who pulled out of the England squad but played in the domestic games before and after the international break I would probably have looked at it a bit differently. Fletcher played a key roll in Scotland's success in the last round of international matches and judging by his comments at that time he was clearly proud to be back playing in the Scotland squad. Having only just got back into the reckoning he took a big risk in deciding not to take part this time around, especially as Scotland had 2 very winnable games in which a striker could have laid down a marker by bagging a few goals and making the shirt their own for future internationals. As it turned out...........
  10. Fair enough, like a breath of fresh air on here that! Back on the subject, I wouldn't go as far as watching Kosovo live every game just because Nuhiu is in the squad but will be taking an interest in whether he plays and want him to do well. It would surely boost his confidence and possibly put him in the shop window a bit more when Kosovo are playing in the same group as England.
  11. Has old Gary been reading Carlos' book? “A football club is like an iceberg. You see the top of it which is the football, which you can see.”
  12. This is a forum FFS, you asked a question if he was in involved and I replied with an off the cuff remark. It doesn't matter who's bothered about anybody's posts, that's the beauty of it being a forum; everybody's opinion can be aired. As long as they are aired in a respectful way.
  13. Probably him that kicked off in Nottingham that was reported in the Daily Mail.
  14. If there's any truth in the article sounds like Benitez is desperate to get rid Free transfer for me or 200k tops.
  15. Thanks for your input, but I asked whether he was in the squad, not whether you were bothered. Is anybody bothered whether you are bothered?
  16. If people react to my posts then I will reply, always in a respectful way.
  17. So when is mcsue taking the EFL to court for not docking us points?
  18. Don't think this is a thread you need to keep posting in then to be honest!
  19. Tbf I reckon a few in here could build a competitive side at a fraction of what Carlos paid.
  20. This thread is about to disappear up its own rectum in 3-2-1
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