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  2. I see that he flies He waves fullbacks goodbyes Defenders can't (they try) They can't? (they try)
  3. 1)Why would he leave Fulham on a very good salary 2) he was sacked by DC so why would he come back
  4. Thought he was good. Have their niggle number 6 as good as he got. Good unselfish head back across for the goal.
  5. He reminds you of Nilsson, but a LF CH. Oozes class, unflappable, big personality. Organiser and leader. Amazing addition. Share general consensus on Reach, runs around a lot but seems to pick wrong option. Interesting to see what Bully does v Preston. I'd be tempted to play midfield 3 of Luongo, Bannan, Lee. Give Hutch and Reach a breather. Only issue there would be height on set pieces. Only really have Fox, Borner, Lees and Fletch over 6 ft. Saying that Reach could come in for Murphy on right, he is due a worldy! Top o the league!!
  6. I was saying the same thing Saturday. Also, tonight he never looked, #####d! Chased down his work most of the game.
  7. ?? Brilliant?? I wouldn’t go that far Reach comes across as a confidence player, he needs a goal to kick start his season.
  8. What gets me though, some of you talk as if a new manager would guarantee us win after win. Like Rowett or Neil etc.. would be the obvious answer to promotion. Bullen is doing a grand job so far. If it breaks, try and fix it then. Ever considered a new manager, whoever it may be, might balls it up and put us back to square one.
  9. I thought Fox probably had his best game in a Wednesday shirt tonight for me, his passing is somewhat cautious but that’s only expected due to his lack of games.
  10. Read my opening post again I said the whole season not just tonight Idiot
  11. it's crap though I don't blame the club …..walking down Penistone road before the game and I stepped off the pavement into the coned off lane and some half wit in a yellow jacket tells me to get back on the pavement, why is it coned off to traffic if its not accessible to pedestrians …..getting onto leppings lane while trying to access the car park is a surreal experience as well ….I know its not the stewards fault but do they really have to put the barrier across after each car as gone thru as it causes havoc trying turn right of penistone road ……...
  12. My six year old grandson has a great method for identifying the players. When they first come out he takes note of what boots they're wearing, all different nowadays, then he just clocks them by their boots. It works too, he lets me know who's got it. And Börner wears old school boots which makes him even more stupendous.
  13. Aye! and the Sat Nav states, point of interest = Top of the league.
  14. Quality tonight for sure. A v good signing imho
  15. ?? Brilliant against Barnsley. Ran his backside off.
  16. good player fletch and if we are going to be around the play offs come may he needs to stay fit . …..we can cover just about any position but we don't have anyone who can replace what fletch brings to the team . Rhodes , winnall, nuhiu don't come close .
  17. You may mock, but many of us are mature in age! We don't feel included in the family anymore! DC, i am sure understands the importance of appealling to all fans! Not just the "mobile and agile" ones!
  18. No, we were 3rd when he took over, and he took us from 3rd to 2nd. There’s nothing to “agree to disagree” with there. I won’t argue that he bottled it the season after, and if that’s what you meant then fair enough, but make it clearer. Nile Ranger was not a bad signing for us at the time.
  19. Well done LB! 3 wins from 4. Excellent start. My concern is that the pre-season was largely some one else's, the signings were someone else's and the game plan is probably someone else's. What will LB do when the plan needs to change through injury or suspension or lack of form. What will LB do in the January transfer window. I'm not knocking the start he's made but he's driving someone else's car at the moment.
  20. Must be a nightmare for opposition commentators.
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