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  2. That's true but he scored, for me, one of the most important goals ever, to end Derby s unbeaten run in 1969. Wish the cameras had been there.
  3. I'm in tears here, that's heartbreaking. I don't know what to say but I'm thinking of you and send my sincere condolences.
  4. Agree completely. Especially the last sentence. League Cup is completed so should stand. Everything else should be expunged. Why does football and footballers think they are different from the rest of society? Hundreds are dying, livelihoods have been destroyed. Have some dignity and respect and end the season now.
  5. Hate to say it but Leeds that Friday game where Kirkland got smacked, they made some noise that game. Horrible rumblezoids but made an atmosphere.
  6. I remember at home v Forest Martin Hodge single handedly kept them out. Can't remember the year but Nigel Clough ran the show.
  7. Chelsea fans in the famous league cup draw that ended up 4-4 AET I remember them singing ‘one man went to mow’ all way through first half and at half time despite being 3-0 down
  8. Can't remember seeing that one before. Brilliant thread.
  9. 11. david silva ooh just beat me sir terence of curran
  10. 1 roqa Santa Cruz 6 Claude Makelelele 14 Jermaine Penant 22 Kevin Prince Boatang 11 Claudio Pizaro
  11. Bloody hell. All the times I've seen that goal, and I was at the back of the Kop on the day, and I'd never noticed that. I thought he'd just scuffed it.
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  13. Thank you for posting those links Hopefully a few will have a read of them
  14. There is plenty of criticism for them being something of a team unto themselves, but if you have the gifts that those two had and saw that the rest of the squad was filled with the likes of Brisoce, Nolan, Sonner, Booth, Atherton, Collins, Newsome and Humphreys, how much can you really blame them for keeping it to themselves?
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