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  2. I'd be looking at Josh Cullen, always farmed out on loan and they gave always been successful. Watched him a few times when he was at Bradford and very impressed. Box to box and high energy. 23 now so good age and fits our mould.
  3. No I get that - I suspect Bruce's role is basically identifying targets and telling DC if any squad members are surplus to requirements, DC likely has full control over pricing and negotiation.
  4. Obviously he knows it’s broken.. but done naff all in his time in charge.. apart from agreeing a deal no one wanted with sky.. and punishing teams for spending.. good riddance
  5. Thats the bellend who, when questioned about Bassinis bid for Bolton, and the fact that Bassini was twice bankrupt, and had been banned from being a director of a football club, said "maybe he has learned his lesson" Total w*nker
  6. Thought this was going to be a thread about Steve Gibson
  7. Also the notion that fans wanted Rhodes at whatever cost isn’t true. The general consensus was that Rhodes would be good if we could afford him in FFP.
  8. To be fair not many players fetch their money back at a premium price after a couple of off years. If it’s a starting point as I suspect it is then that’s fine, but we have turned down good money for a number of players the last three years because we wanted even more or just didn’t want to sell for some reason and a bit of churn could’ve made a difference. If we got 7m for Rhodes plus the loan fee and bonus then we will have covered the cost. In the real world there’s no way we’re getting our money back for him.
  9. There exist some Wednesday fans that 'demanded' Rhodes be signed. There exist some Wednesday fans that want Rhodes gone now 'whatever the cost'. The fans in group 1 must be the same as the fans in group 2. The above is the reasoning of a moron.
  10. https://apple.news/ARwNedC6-RWKh6_vLOEMdSw
  11. We're an odd bunch on here at the best of times, but those who only log in during the fallow summer months are a particularly strange breed.
  12. Matias after new contract puts in shift shock horror. Re Athde Nuhiu style. Onomah will make us no money. If he is premier league quality why arent premier league clubs in for him. This guy has done little here dont get why some on here think he is suddenly going to improve. His career is going backwards or he would be staying at Spurs. As likely be in league 1 plying his trade as premier league in 3 years.
  13. I agree. Its the fans fault we signed Rhodes and he hasn't scored for us.
  14. Wont be Bruce stewing that asking price though. Sales are always going to be signed off by DC and that’s the area the club still lets itself down on.
  15. For years Wednesday fans demanded Rhodes comes in, whatever the cost. Now they want him gone and are angry we're asking what they think is too much even though it's less than what we paid Morons
  16. Matias poor effort? Back end of this season he's worked his socks off. Not his fault about his injuries if that's what your talking about. Onomah would be a very good signing for anyone is this league in a permanent deal and they will make a fair bit of cash on him in 2/3 years
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  18. I get enough trouble on here thankyou.
  19. There was a video on YT a few years showing about 100 lads going down to meet up with their Millwall "friends". Looked a menacing bunch. One of them could have been @Costello 77
  20. To be fair to both Chansiri and Forestieri, at the time of that incident he was 26 years old (so had his best years ahead) and was our best player coming off the back of the 2015/16 season. He genuinely looked like he'd be able to make the step up to the prem at that point. He also was probably right to feel aggrieved that we'd brought in some players (Fletcher, Jones, Abdi) that were on more money than him and they added less to the team (and in some cases nothing!). So we either had to sell him or give him the pay rise, and we chose pay rise. In hindsight we'd have been better off selling him for the £10m+ we were offered but at the time that would have been a difficult thing to do as we were building for promotion. If we were to sell him now we'd get only a fraction of that, so the best hope now is that he can recapture his 2015/16 form. Showed vs Norwich that he still has it in the locker
  21. Had he not left Inter and gone to either PSV or Feyonoord before he came to us?
  22. Agreed 100%.Also from what i've read so far,it's starting to look like Middlesbore is in a Financial Pickle itself and the parachute payments have just about run out.Hence Gibson's Hypocritcal outburst.
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