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  2. To the “OHHHH Balotelli tune” Oh Kadeem Harris He’s our winger He’s a tekker when he drops his shoulder, he sits you on the grass he’ll beat Usain Bolt, he’s that f##king fast. repeat.
  3. How does that work? One volunteer for each paying fan? That would surely mean overcrowding... Or everyone help the person next to them? Think I'll stick to the South Stand either way...
  4. Blatant, Rat post! 12 years registered, and that’s your first post? Pish off, with hi poo patter
  5. You say you havent seen this anywhere, yet someone else posted this exact same thing the other day, and I shall say to you what I said to them. Shut the f*ck up
  6. My problem with LB though is you can see in interviews he has the chairman's ear, I cant count the number of times I've heard him say "I don't want to put words in the chairman's mouth" but we all know he will have told DC he wants it full time, I don't agree with that decision but fair enough that's his right to do so, but DC is so family orientated I honestly can't see us changing anything till we start losing and then we have to hope the change doesn't derail the season. I know we're top and I am happy honestly, just with a pinch of foreboding doom
  7. No chance.. 1. he'd be too embarrassed to come back here after what he did unless we offered him a big wedge (which would be quite possible). 2. He'd be on gardening leave from Newcastle and we'd have to pay them compensation. 3. He shafted Chansiri and there's no way he'd appoint him after that. 4. If he did come, the probability of things clicking for him wouldn't be good as there's too much baggage. Time to move on... yeah the guy had promotions from this league on his CV but that's not the be all and end all. He also had a poor record in the Prem
  8. There should be no way back he made his choice.
  9. And against Millwall we were robbed, should have had at least a point from that. When we made the play offs and last season under Bruce, we often drew or lost games against the weaker sides. In the CC era, remember us losing to the likes of Charlton, MK Dons, Burton and Rotherham and last year under Bruce we laboured to draws with Reading, Millwall and Rotherham. With the added pace this season it looks like we're opening these weaker sides up more. Need to see how we get on against the better teams but can't see why we can't do well against them too given we generally have and we've got mostly the same players (Westwood, Lees, Hutch, Bannan, Lee, Reach, Fletcher, FF) Only positive things can be taken from these first 4 games
  10. If it is sentiment. Might be were just in very protracted talks with someone else!
  11. We've finally got a car to complete in the race, and we've got a kid driving it. Let's hope the car is good enough DESPITE this. I personally can't stand LB he's not qualified for the job he should not be putting his hat in the ring if he really cared about the club, go cut your teeth in L1 or Scotland and earn your right to manage Wednesday. I know for a fact we are gonna fu*k up when we have the best squad in YEARS!!!! You can say I want us to lose or I'm too negative all you want now lol..neg away
  12. They’ll always be some who see a bigger picture and others who cannot see further than the end of their nose.....look at the backing Jos got, with his no nonsense management, fitness regimes, and promotions under his belt.
  13. Can't see why anyone should boo him, it's not going to help him perform is it, will just make him more nervous and not enjoy playing for us. He's clearly one of our weaker players and should be back up at best... compare him vs Lazaar (when he played, which was too infrequently) and there's a big difference in quality. When he's playing though the crowd should get behind him
  14. We've got a great squad this season and some real balance... Shame were willing to take a massive gamble on Lee Bullen for the sake he's been at the club a long time..no room for sentiment from me this is about bigger things than a guys career
  15. exactly, annoys me that people were expecting maximum points from an 'easy' start. 9 from 12 will do me just fine
  16. Given we've started mostly the same 11 when available in the 4 games so far, I'd say thats a good indication of what he thinks the best side is right now. It's only really the wingers where it's not clear who he'd pick if everyone is available and the central 3 is Lee, Bannan and Hutchinson, as then one of Reach or Murphy would be on the bench (as looks like Harris has his spot nailed down). Still quite a few quality players at this level who aren't in that 11. Iorfa, Luongo, FF, Rhodes to name a few. Good to have options
  17. I see that he flies He waves fullbacks goodbyes Defenders can't (they try) They can't? (they try)
  18. 1)Why would he leave Fulham on a very good salary 2) he was sacked by DC so why would he come back
  19. Thought he was good. Have their niggle number 6 as good as he got. Good unselfish head back across for the goal.
  20. Today
  21. He reminds you of Nilsson, but a LF CH. Oozes class, unflappable, big personality. Organiser and leader. Amazing addition. Share general consensus on Reach, runs around a lot but seems to pick wrong option. Interesting to see what Bully does v Preston. I'd be tempted to play midfield 3 of Luongo, Bannan, Lee. Give Hutch and Reach a breather. Only issue there would be height on set pieces. Only really have Fox, Borner, Lees and Fletch over 6 ft. Saying that Reach could come in for Murphy on right, he is due a worldy! Top o the league!!
  22. I was saying the same thing Saturday. Also, tonight he never looked, #####d! Chased down his work most of the game.
  23. ?? Brilliant?? I wouldn’t go that far Reach comes across as a confidence player, he needs a goal to kick start his season.
  24. What gets me though, some of you talk as if a new manager would guarantee us win after win. Like Rowett or Neil etc.. would be the obvious answer to promotion. Bullen is doing a grand job so far. If it breaks, try and fix it then. Ever considered a new manager, whoever it may be, might balls it up and put us back to square one.
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