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  2. It is to confuse the defence that we have a plan
  3. I'm looking forward to sering him play but hope he has a nightmare and we win, obviously. I'm glad he's past his best as he hopefully won't hurt us too much but will be dangerous from free kicks round the box which we seem pretty good at giving away. If he's still got the same workrate and commitment he'll be a real handful. Might have to get hutch back to mark him.
  4. We’ve only scored 4 goals in the first half at Hillsborough all season (in 18 games) and only 15 in total. It isn’t Forestieri that’s reducing the number of goals we score. We scored 3 at Birmingham last week with him in the team and we looked a lot more like scoring on Wednesday night than we have in the home games when Rhodes, Nuhiu or Winnall have started
  5. Flies , nervous twitch , who knows !!
  6. I never get excited about our corners
  7. Didn’t we have one of the best set piece records up til last month?
  8. They're not signalling, they're praying.
  9. The only thing I can decipher is that if the taker puts his hands on his head the corner is going nowhere near the box, most likely out of play.
  10. Hope stones plays he’s worth a blunder or two , always got a chance with him in the side !! .
  11. Probably those that have stayed within the rules. That said, I'm still not convinced that we have actually done anything wrong in this instance. However, if it is proved that we have, I for one won't be blaming any other person or club other than ourselves.
  12. Scored some cracking goals and who could forget the goal at Liverpool the “ said we’d be back “ game Liverpool supporters actually clapped us off that game
  13. We’ve not had a good corner taker since Chris Lines.
  14. Yep probably scoring at least 5 of the 6 in extra time
  15. What's with the hand singles, gestures for our corners? Hands on head , left hand raised, both hands raised, bouncing the ball etc. Why do we do this as some sort of signal yet every single one of our corners goes near post inside the six yard box? Gillette advert springs to mind.
  16. You'd be able to pay off your mortgage with that kind of cash!
  17. Klinssman disappointed me. He scored. I was there to watch Wednesday.
  18. Could very easily be replaced by a non league player of similar stature. He's like the centre half you chuck up front for last ten minutes.
  19. I agree, love to see the best players play isn't that part of football? Even though I have an irrational hatred of Man Utd some of their players who I have seen against Wednesday have been amazing and makes it all the more sweeter when we beat them. Norman Whiteside always stood out for me, would have improved any team at that time. He seemed to have everything apart from real speed cannot see why fans can't appreciate other teams players (not sheff united obviously). When everyone turned up to watch Jurgen Klinsmann for Spurs and he didn't disappoint why wouldn't you be happy to see such quality?
  20. With Fletch,BB,and Rooney on show today,might we get on 'Thatch of the day'?
  21. With the way Nuhui and fessi bundle the opposition to the ground the ref will be kept busy
  22. The start of our recovery and push to get back in the top 6? Guess we’ll see. Fingers crossed and welcome back Fletch. Missed you loads.
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