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  2. I never know whether people who start threads like this and add speculation, half truths and gossip as fact are SU fans or mentally ill (or both).
  3. I felt Mandy pull me up give me the kiss of life Just like the girl in Dr. No no, no, no
  4. Maybe Fletch would have stuck to the old family business of making/selling arrows?
  5. So he's not so much a businessman. He's a benefactor. Money and power, a dangerous combination, you'll know this if you watched Dr No.
  6. Inheritance i believe, though his brother apparently runs it. His father could still be alive. I think his father and uncle started the business.
  7. You fooled me there, I thought we'd at least get a Mr Ed gif.
  8. I just think he'll have no option how the club stands and as the market place is at the moment. The only way is he stays for the long term. I personally can't see that happening.
  9. I don't profess to know, and I struggle to take seriously those who do. I'm sure he'll have to take a loss, but most football clubs run at a loss on a daily basis. I don't THINK it will happen in the near future - but you are convinced, just like Dotty was convinced that Rowett was out next manager. Although I'm pretty sure the earth is round.
  10. Export of tuna and the 2nd largest apparently. Different to football, hence the advisors and making mistakes.
  11. Milan's quite a keen Rose gardener you know ? One of the kickbacks of operating a stable industry ...
  12. He’s the only son not on the tuf board. I think we know why.
  13. It's amazing how you think this man will stay around and not cut a deal like I suggest. He won't be around for the long term, despite what he say's in public. If he wants to exit over the next three years or so, he's no option. But I suppose it's just easier to come out with one liners hey
  14. Tell me about his stable industry. (although I'm looking forward to @OWLERTON GHOST's reply more than anything)
  15. Do you blame him ? I haven't forgiven him for the Red Teapot yet ..... He'd better watch his step ..
  16. I’ll just keep on going till I’m too old. Won’t be that much longer anyway. By the way I expect EFL will delay judgment till later in the season. They will then know the effect a points deduction is likely to have. Points deduction inevitable I reckon, and will be set to keep us at the bottom end of the division, along with a transfer embargo. This will have the effect of making the club work within its mean for a season or two.
  17. I think DC will be keeping the hairpiece to try and sell on eBay. 10 grand will help pay off a small percentage of the imminent fine.
  18. What he say's and what he will do are entirely different things. But if you think different fair enough.
  19. You think he will sell at lower than the value of the club. So what’s the value of the club realistically in its current state? Maybe £40m-£60m tops. He’s pumped in well over £100m buying it and funding large losses. If you think he’s going to do a cut price deal, you clearly haven’t listened to him over the last few years IMO.
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