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  2. The other way of looking at this is that Bullen is the one constant... We keep sacking managers but Bullen stays, where’s his accountability for poor results?
  3. Let’s be honest People love bashing Bullen without actually any facts to show us as to what he personally has done wrong
  4. He started off so promising in that first month or so. Looked a real dangerous player. Been pretty much non existent since that.
  5. Having read the article a great many of those seem superfluous....I can understand that with tv, var, fitness,performance analyists, press ..and the like the numbers would be high but but to get the season finished as safely as possible which is supposedly the purpose of seeing this thru then bin all them and just play the match with the minimum needed.....I watch NPL games and they seem to get a match on with the minimum of personnel. .....obviously they wont do that as they want the tv money but then they are putting finance above safety so the codswallop of seeing this to the end for the integrity of the game is load of crap.
  6. Maybe so. He knows the players better than any of us and with players like Odubajo coming out recently having struggled with depression maybe the team just need an arm round them to aid the break they’ve had away from losing every week?
  7. Perhaps this,Perhaps that,means nowt really does it,A job out of Sympathy.......................Don't think thats how it works TBH.
  8. That's a post from someone who as no idea as what goes on in the set up If we are poor let's nail bullen must be his fault lets blame him for the last 50years of our non success
  9. Perhaps DC has insisted Bullen stays on? A way of repaying Bullen for not getting the permanent gig.
  10. How come,if Bullen is part of the wider problem,has he been kept on the coaching staff by different Managers,and taken the Helm during our search for a new Manger ?
  11. I confess to being a part timer. i admire those who attend religiously like I did 20-30 years ago. It’s a love affair. I miss the social side of it, not the football. I have every sympathy for our fans who have to put up with the turgid offerings on the pitch. which comes at no small cost.
  12. Bullen is part of the wider problem down at Hillsborough. Too many people far too comfortable getting an easy ride, as monk has referred to. It’s all well and good people talking about a clear out and starting again, in reference to getting rid of players this summer (which I agree with), but in order to properly change the existing culture there needs to be a refresh throughout the club
  13. But,you also said "Reset button" needed at the end of your post......................what exactly are/were you implying with regards to bullen then ?
  14. Aye,but if he or Monk had said "we want to repay the fans" he/they would have been torn a new one for coming out with Platitudes,lose,lose situation.
  15. I get the negativity from fans' perspective. I'm a realist myself. What I don't understand is why people think Bullen should share that mentality - and criticise him for not doing so. Like I said, the players & coaches have to/should believe they can achieve. Without conviction, there's no point.
  16. would have preferred him to say something along the lines of we are desperate to improve our form since Christmas, it’s hasnt been acceptable and we want to repay the fans.
  17. Completely agree with you but at the time, as a top Premier League team, we should have been looking for a better quality replacement (accepting it would have been high on impossible to get someone of a similar quality to Nilsson)
  18. No he’s too busy strutting his stuff in Sheffield United’s greatest 11 of all time
  19. I don't disagree with that, but it doesn't mean that he was of the quality we should have been seeking...….although in fairness, it's quite a low bar (relatively speaking) when comparing to the other names.
  20. On the flip side...Imagine he came out and said we’re hoping to stop in the division...
  21. ha ha I think a picture of the form table since Christmas would be enough evidence.
  22. Tread carefully, you’re not providing enough factual evidence
  23. Lets face it, there’s more chance of us going down for a variety of reasons, granted some out of Monk/Bullen’s control than challenging for the play-offs? Bullen’s the type of bloke who on his death bed would probably sing ‘oh what a beautiful morning’? I get it, he’s positive, nothing wrong with that and good for him. I look at it from a different perspective. The unqualified faith in a goalkeeper who is quite frankly sh!t. F**k me, if this was Tidman, Adamson or Brad Jones, people on here would be going apoplectic but because our current keeper has come through the ranks, he’s done a Paul McKenna on some including the current manager? The continuing selection of a midfielder who’s influence on a game makes Darren Potter look like Eden Hazard in comparison? I mean sorry if I’m not as positive as Bullen but in the current climate, honestly how can you be?
  24. Maybe staying up?? 🤔 Have you been living under a rock since Christmas
  25. "More chance of platting fog" springs to mind. Whatever that means.
  26. I think the blame should be on these pathetic players more so. Monk and DC are doing a shocking job but results are more the players fault imo.
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