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  2. Don’t really see the issue. He wants to develop an apparel line and needs a logo, therefore he has to protect it. As for the name and number, that’s also commonplace, means people cannot legally cash in on products by slapping Bale 11 on it
  3. Some kid from the Premier League who can now leave as the big clubs have started spending money. Someone from Wolves would be my bet. Sanderson possibly.
  4. I think you're all just taking the fee now!!?
  5. Maybe the signing we were going to make a couple of weeks ago picked up an injury and is now injury free But be negative if you prefer
  6. Cue lots of snooker puns. I wouldn’t baulk at Zohore coming in. Hope he racks up plenty of goals for us.
  7. They won’t care since it’s just cash they provide to the club.
  8. Today
  9. Should be signing for us on loan today then.
  10. Somewhere between EFL HQ and S6 this hardy bugger is doing his duty on our behalf. Wish him luck.........
  11. How long has this taken? All this to get a UK based free agent over the line, oh dear
  12. Yes and look at the way Ferguson and Manure handled the Cantona incident at Palace v the way we handled Di Canio.
  13. I'm a massive di Canio fan as player not person But top 6 haha Wouldn't be in my top 100 Not even best Wednesday Premier league player of all time
  14. I really hope we are looking at more experienced goalscorers, rather than hoping one of our current strikers to do the business Be a long season if that's the casev
  15. Keep the squad as it is. Tight knit, allow the youngsters more time with the coaches and first team squad. Unless we sell Adam Reach for 12m, then obviously bring in 2 or 3.
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