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  2. Spot the ball

    Thats phil BALL the goalie,
  3. Spot the ball

    I found it quite easy.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday vs Sheffield United - Goals

    Great vid. SUFC the gift that hopefully keeps giving
  5. Spot the ball

    Spot on Maxine you're good at this
  6. Spot the ball

    maybe, if that IS Wright on the right. 1949 if so. Pleased I wasn't there!
  7. Stream Back

    Are they doing a live steam of the game back to the lane, Hope we do one for the return fixture as tickets will be very limited. I know it will probably be live on sky, but we did it last time when we did the double over them.
  8. You're wasting your time with that one he's stark raving
  9. Spot the ball

    He said spot the ball not spot the scroat.
  10. Help yourself to some glorious goodness as we take a look at Sheffield Wednesday vs Sheffield United over years gone by and some of the goals scored in those games How many did you go to?
  11. What will be your pre-match routine on Sunday?

    Check I've got some Imodium, just in case
  12. Spot the ball

    Man Utd v Wolves?
  13. September 4th 1867

    No Sheepskin !
  14. I'm sure that's Derbyshire.
  15. Spot the ball

    Looks like Neil Warnock in goal.
  16. Spot the ball

    IS that a Wednesday game? A semi perhaps? Is that Billy Wright on RHS?
  17. Spot the ball

    I can.
  18. Sheffield Wednesday Badges

    Alan Irvine would be proud
  19. Shirts

    it'll be reyt
  20. Sheffield Wednesday Badges

    Can't tell if you're buying or selling, not very clear.
  21. Shirts

    what a needy person you are op
  22. Sheffield Wednesday Badges

    Leroy and King Claridge are due any minute now...
  23. Sheffield Wednesday Badges

    Hello Folks!! Well this thread needs a rating and I have to say that I will be giving this thread a badgetastic 9 out of 10 AND THAT'S OFFICIAL FOLKS!!
  24. Sheffield Wednesday Badges

    I only collect coaching badges sorry.
  25. hello sheffield wednesday fans out there. does anyone have any sheffield wednesday badges. I have sheffield wednesday badges. do you want some sheffield wednesday badges? do you want some badges? I have the badges
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