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Because nobody likes speedway. Or Dan.

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  2. Hey there fellow speedway enthusiasts.
  3. I suspect that I have received a notification but only because you have quoted me.
  4. I don't like it, but I'm bored tonight and fancied spamming. Will I get a notification about any club updates or will I need to remember to visit again in the future?
  5. Today Dan will be going to Ipswich to watch the Sheffield Sliders turn left, left, left in their battle for the Championship. Afterwards he will cruise the tractor lanes around the Ipswich football ground looking for hookers. He may kidnap and kill one. After that he will return to Sheffield and stop off at Asda to buy some washing up liquid for cleaning out my lovely fleshlight that he will coat with his seed whilst thinking about Ipswich. You're all welcome.
  6. That's settled then. Everybody loves it.
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    Dan's Speedway Fashuns

    Not sure what to wear for that all important speedway date? Let Dan guide you with his top fashun boutique.
  8. Simple topic, is speedway any good? Do you like it? Yes or no?

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