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  1. The Kaiserslautern player that got Hirsty sent off in the away leg. He got some proper abuse at Hillsborough in the second leg.
  2. Was going to say Sunderland away but as someone has already said it. QPR away
  3. Whooooooooosh
  4. Blimey, that's gonna be a long day!!
  5. Sunderland away.
  6. 2050 in the queue when I logged on. 460 now
  7. Isn't being a victim the opposite to being ignored?
  8. We did last season & our players were fresh for the Semis. But having bought my ticket for the Fulham game & traveling 400 mile round trip I would like to see a decent game.
  9. Me too, i fist pumped like we'd scored when they corrected it.
  10. Get the fuckety innnnnnn!!!!!
  11. This^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If they do finish in top 6 their players wouldn't be motivated enough to win a 2 leg semi final, never mind the final.
  12. Errrrm....... Didn't he slot the ball through to Wallace for our goal?
  13. Wed 21-3-1956 Beat Barnsley 3-0 Roy Shiner 2, Redfern Froggatt att 31,577 Promoted as champions 1 month later.
  14. If this did happen then it would make more sense to move the cup final.