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  1. This is nearly accurate - it's not that Mazzari didn't rate Abdi - but he was the manager they had long been set on getting - and one of the terms of him going to Watford was that they would go and sign Roberto Pereyra He would have been the preferred option for the attacking CM role - therefore Abdi was allowedto leave in the event suitable bids came in Bearing in mind his premier league colleagues last season called him The Professor - maybe they should have taken their opinion from here - rather than actually train and play with him?
  2. So the academy makes a profit but costs £9m pa to run?!? How does that work then... And no way would their u18 survive in the league's.
  3. Maybe we should just respect the wishes of those that wish to partake in tributes? Or you can voice your opposition when they happen if it disturbs you so much? Neg this coment too Classy
  4. RIP to the victim of the tragedy. Thoughts with his loved ones No decent minded folk would have a problem respecting such a tribute.
  5. It wasn't rhetoric - it was fact
  6. So... Ability - Proven ability in the championship and top flight here - also played top flight football in Italy as well as European and International football - Check Form - just came to us on the back of a very creditable season in the premier - following on from being probably the most influential player at one of the championships best sides in recent years - Check Age - 30 years old - considered the prime years for a modern footballer - Check So remind me - that compares to us siging Gary Lineker how?
  7. 2 things - well 3 actually Firstly off course it f*cking matters what any player has done elsewhere - what other criteria do they get measured on - the number of letters in their name? Secondly - the point was about Abdi being judged as one of the top players in the division and how it's judged - his past record isn't expunged on joining us and he proved a brilliant player previously Thirdly - why did we sign Jordan Rhodes - on what criteria because he'd never had a good game for us before he signed so how come he got into our winning team? Being as his past record counts for nothing blah f*cking blah
  8. 2 seasons of being one of THE outstanding players in the division plus a very creditable season in the premier league?
  9. It doesnt cost anything like £10m per year to run the u18 at cheeks Chelsea Also they are the best youth team but they are nowhere near league standard - let alone championship
  10. Oldham, Luton, Millwall, Wimbledon...
  11. Not to mention our "worst ever manager" Pleat Who had us finish 7th in the premier...
  12. Real are a better team without Ronaldo?!? Ok...
  13. You can play 4 overage players in the u23 (including keeper) - thats not at all dissimilar to the reserve sides of old Its totally unrealistic to expect ALL the games to be at the stdium but 5 per season have to be (5 at another stadium - usually non league) and 5 can be at the training ground That's the theory anyway... No way would all games be a,lowed at the stadiums and no way would fans want their pitch destroyed either I'm not defending the system because i utterly disagree with it - but trying to shed some light on how it works Regarding expansion of cat 1's - there is nothing to stop any club applying for cat 1 academy status in theory - but it is more expensive, understandably I don't know why people think it is the holy grail of development football anyway - it isn't The mechanism whereby the best players tend to be at category 1 academies is because those cat 1's are by and large attached to the biggest clubs who have the most money who pay the most in fees and wages - thereby being the biggest attractions for starry eyed youngsters....
  14. Abdi transformed inrto what? A player that has driven his team to 3rd place in the championship and a play-off final? A player that was the best player in one of the best championship teams of recent seasons as they cantered to promotion? A player that then held his own as a regular 1st choice in a team that did well in the premier? The way some talk about Abdi on here you'd think we took a punt on him from North Ferriby's reserves or something
  15. I don't think anybody is saying send him out even though he won't get games But again, there is a lot to be learnt off the pitch at those clubs - when cossetted players get taken out of their cosy bubble and have a taste of life at the coal face But yeah, send him when he's going to be able to hold his own in games