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  1. Some clubs over achieved - some clubs underachieved CC hit just about par - some of the divisions best players, large squad and one of the best budgets Ridiculous to compare that with what has gone in the previous years and regimes
  2. Its a very realistic option - with the correct enticements He's quite frustrated at Burnley despite doing a brilliant job there - the right move would definitely tempt him i reckon
  3. Sean Dyche for me As near as guaranteed promotion we can probably get
  4. Yeah Typical Ajax kind of player...
  5. I was dead against the play of system when it was introduced But I was very wrong The current format is the best balance of keeping the season alive for many clubs and adding incredible excitement to the season - whilst still rewarding the top 2 (3 in league 2) I think the play offs have reinvigorated the game
  6. I font think it's an absolute - ie the manager can have no input into signings at any time ever It's more the overriding philosophy of a system that means a manager is govern a squad of players and told to get the next tune out of them possible I'm left to believe at Watford the manager can choose his own coaching staff but the bulk of the infrastructure of the club remains untouchable I don't think there is any pressure or insistence to play this player or that formation. They also have a"player trading" model where players are expected to be sold at certain value points. They also have quite a few young players from the continent who are yet to set foot in the country - they will remain on loan unless/until the time is right for them to be added to the Watford squad - or be sold It's very similar to the Udinese model - a club the family owners of Watford also own Its probably why Watford go for continental coaches - because they are entirely used to this way of working And so far its working for them fairly spectacularly
  7. Watford fans are no different to other fans - including ourselves They'd generally rather be doing well with primarily non native players than doing poorly with English players
  8. The reason these kind of modern systems have been brought in is because of the eye-watering amounts of money now needed to run football clubs It can cost tens and hundreds of millions to assemble a squad in the top 2 leagues - and it can't just be dismantled and ripped up every time a manager doesn't cut it at a club Therefore the system needs to have a mid to long term view that can survive managerial preferences and changes Any applicable manager would be salivating at the prospect of inheriting our squad - there is so much there to work with and so much potential to change systems etc Thats why recruitment shouldn't be the sole preserve of the manager but with a system that endures beyond short term appointments
  9. Brentford have 2 DoF's`and a Head of Football Operations
  10. Can't just sign players from South America It's why various systems have been set up in the past to "naturalise" South American players into europe - Spain was deemed to be an easier place for SA players to get an EU passport - the Pozzo model had players coming from SA into Spain at Grenada and then into Italy for Udinese once naturalised - and latterly onto Watford Red Bull seem to be setting up something similar in their quest for world football domination - they have a Brazilian club near Sao Paolo - this is already starting to feed into their other clubs - NY, Salzburg and their main football "project" in Leipzig Interestingly there is a strong rumour they are heavily interested in taking over West Ham too
  11. Jokanovic got a team promoted from this division He then overachieved considerably with an unfancied team to take them to the play-offs I'd say that is significantly better than what CC has done here
  12. Absolutely!
  13. I think anybody off here would have got us to the play offs Nothing spectacular in getting the best squad in the division into the play offs I think we underachieved tbh - both in final league position and the whimpering surrender in the play offs Pretty dismal imo
  14. RIP Tony