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  1. had a few personal dealings with Rangers Can only speak as I find Fantastic club who really set the bar in how to make people feel special and wanted. Imo
  2. There is no H&S law against standing by a building site in pouring rain
  3. Agreed Mulgrew is a set piece specialist a solid left sided CB and also a genuine LB. Played at a decent level all his career and still a good player Yet some of our fans turn their noses up at a player like this? Especially somebody who talks about the very limited Hanley like he's the new Cannavaro... Baffling
  4. Probably parents, family and player guests
  5. Most of the templates are made by the same people There is little difference between Puma/Adidas templates and Sports Direct Most Puma is contracted out to Genesis Sports anyway - and i'm pretty sure their stuff turns up in SD as own branded goods Anybody who thinks that mass-produced Adidas/Puma for football is generally anything other than cheap tat is seriously deluded
  6. Definitely not a first team player Trialing for u23
  7. I think it's not at all as sinister as others may make out or believe Hirst has a wealth of time-served championship quality strikers ahead of him in the pecking order and CC will have it all on to keep them happy The simple fact is that unless 2 or 3 of those strikers move on then there will be no opportunities for Hirst Best all round he gets fixed up with a loan deal to start carving out his professional career in order for him to genuinely challenge for first team spots here
  8. Has never been said before By anyone Ever...
  9. At a similar age Owen was terrorising defences domestically and internationally on the biggest stage - i don't think it's unreasonable to say he was probably the best and most coveted teenage player in the world back then Absolutely no comparison to Hirst really
  10. Pigs would be horrified at having Batth For us i think we need better
  11. F*ck me some of you have some low standards! That video is desperate - a traffic bollard in goal and he still misses 1 in 2 attempts - with no defenders either
  12. There's an ever more compelling argument to say that unless the academy runs as a business and pays for itself (like Chelsea for eg) then there is not a great deal of benefit from having one Other than supplying training numbers for the first team
  13. He doesn't thrive out wide - and when he played there in the premier it was a more disciplined "hold position"kind of role under Flores. He did a job but his attributes somewhat stifled He is however an awesome attacking CM especially in a 3 - was Watford's best player there in the system - definitely one of the best players i've seen at this level
  14. Same could easily be said for Rhodes... But for many it's not the fault of Rhodes that he can't buy a goal - yet very little of the same goodwill for Abdi who is is similarly suffering for not being able to shine in a system that doesn't suit him But it's not about Abdi - it's about the team doing the best they can and if the manager sees a system that doesn't have Abdi in it then as i said earlier - let him go and get what we can for him