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  1. The ones who have just sacked their manager because they were staring relegation in the face?
  2. Very, very few players stay with one club throughout their journey from academy into first team Scouting and recruitment are extremely valid parts of the academy system The pigs shyte all over us as regards development - there is no argument Unless people wanna claim that player x doesnt count because he wasn't in the academy from being a foetus...
  3. I believe the clubs have to provide the insurance That may cover some of the cost but it doesn't cover the compensation regarding a valuable player being out
  4. I don't think so I very much doubt the Irish FA could stand the wages and compo for Coleman - for eg And that will apply to many associations around the world who have players worth way more than they could compensate for
  5. Can never read anything into the scorelines and league positions of academy teams - especially u18 (with the advent of the u23 league) and even more so the younger age groups
  6. Yes clubs do get compensation But they will argue it's never enough Part of being signed up to FIFA is that clubs MUST release players for international duty - even when injured if the national team insists
  7. Way too young RIP Jordan
  8. Megson was round about par No more no less
  9. When was the time prior to that - and the time since - that similar capacity has been reached?
  10. Aha - the old "Lidl players" The same ones that got us promoted...
  11. so what is your injury?
  12. tbf this stuff has been said before Cellino's grandparents were even born its not a new phenomena - just social media giving an outlet to reactionary blowhards
  13. Not at all Id have said the same if we were talking about any other player too Its not a crime to have knowledge
  14. Please dont question our ability to fill our stadium Can we just continue to sneer at other fans Thanks