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  1. Team for Bolton

    Agree with hirst on bench or could see how boyd plays diamond instead of ruling it out without trying!
  2. Team v Burton

    Start same team in a 4-4-1-1, but a different game we should be looking to win not draw/nick. So if 0-0 half time ff on for fox playing behind front 2 in diamond and attack. If we lose fine, we lose a point, but better to go for it to gain 2 than lose 1. Over a season a positive approach is likely to yield more points, which is even more crucial if there are aspirations for top 2
  3. Hoopers best in the hole in a 4-4-1-1 so away from home thats generally probably our best starting line up, tho when lee is fit it may be reach lb and bannan left. Wouldnt rule ff out behind front 2 in a diamond/4312 tho if we go behind, to nick it (not settling for draw) or at home going on attack from ko and not 2nd half! Looks like we have 2 formations for different games or stages of games which is good as it gives us flexibility based on fixtures and can confuse the opps.
  4. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    He wont start diamond vs better sides, going for a 0-0. For once reluctantly agree with defensive team but even if 0-0 after 60 bring ff on for fox and abdi for jones. If we're losing or at home, ff needs to play behind front 2 but will never happen
  5. Walked past...

    Apparently carlos thinks that ff can't sit behind the front 2 seats or boyd can sit anywhere except right next to the right window, whereas wallace can sit between the aisle and the right window but not right next to the right window, not that he's overthinking things like
  6. FF to Brighton

    Prefers to play central i heard, ff plays with alot of energy imo, more than abdi anyway
  7. FF to Brighton

    Totally agree tho am 99% sure wont happen with cc. Hutch Boyd bannan Ff (probably his best position) hooper fletch/rhodes Hooper hasn't the energy ff has to play midfield but would drop off when ff tracks back. Ff only player with pace and forward drive so we would miss him. Abdi ideal for the role too but will he ever be fit? Could always sub ff in 2nd half for abdi. Tomorrow will probably be back to flat 4 with boyd in (cc has unique illogoical visions that boyd and ff cant play in a diamond)
  8. FF to Brighton

    If he was played in his best position behind front 2, at his best would say keep unless 18m+, but flair players have no place with cc so it may get worse if he stayed. If we can get 10m+ sell
  9. Carlos defends leaving Boyd out

    Said the same in the boyd thread, If anything the diamond puts more onus on energy as more area is covered. At least give him a chance there before writting him off. Writting ff off behind front 2 when abdi can barely train makes no sense either, finding cc's logic increasingly strange. Might be best if he shuts up, stops overthinking things or creating barriers, keep it simple, play the best players and apply common sense
  10. Boyd

    Its a fitness intensive position so would be happy with that, but theres no sign hes anywhere near being able to cover the miles required, whereas 1 of boyds qualitys is meant to be his workrate
  11. Boyd

    Needs a chance in the new system, if no new signings ever get a fair chance over wallace theres something massively wrong Never happen but would like to see midfield 4 of: Hutch Boyd bannan Ff With lee competing with boyd when fit
  12. Last season: Knockeart 15 goals 8 assists Fessi 12 gls 5 assists (15gls season before) Bannan 1 gl 8 assists Aiden mcgeady 8 goals 9 assists (1 goal 2 assists already this season) Adam reach 3 goals 4 assists tho he may well get more assists at lb this season overlapping Ross wallace our main set piece taker 5 goals 6 assists (so probably very similar to reach without set pieces), not sure why theres any hype over mediocre stats for a set piece taking wideman. Our favoured 'wingers' last season reach n wallace contributed nowhere near enough for a team that will need to score around 80 goals a season to go up. Mcgeady scored as many as our wingers combined. It was a good return from ff considering poor service at times so we may struggle without him. Him and knockeart were seen as 2 of the best players last season. Hunt n pudil maybe got 3 assists between them so fb's alone not enough to deliver from wide. On top of that if more teams are playing 343 or 352, it will be even more compact with the only space being on the flanks! As we dont have proper wingers hopefully playing a diamond will get us enough goals, but relying on abdi & never playing ff there and always favouring wallace over boyd doesnt inspire much confidence!
  13. According to Dom Howson

    Agree but its not a given, nobody knows for sure because its never been tried! Thats the point tho, with an unfit abdi cc is not a man with many other options. Theres hooper but he wont track back or has the energy to perform defensive duties. He can nit pick about ff behind front 2 all he likes but it sounds like more cc spin, theres disadvantages with any player there, but as ff is our best player and a one of the very few with any pace, the positives should outweigh the alleged unknown negatives. Play him or sell him, tho with the way its been handled we will probably get peanuts
  14. According to Dom Howson

    Behind front 2 is where he could be a game changer, especially as abdi injury prone/struggling to train properly. Why not bring abdi on if ff not doing it or tiring, or vice versa with ff on bench at least instead of banishing from squad? Needs sorting but doubt we'll ever see ff in his best position and that could be a season killer, especially if abdi doesn't get fit
  15. Aidan Mcgeady

    No proper wingers/flair players will ever thrive under cc here and they will be lucky to play enough to get reasonably match fit.