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  1. Like him as a person and hoping for a positive fresh approach to look like contenders for top 2, or at least strong and positive in play offs but expecting deja vu. Lack of pace and width, plenty of money spent on debateable signings, proper wingers struggling to make even bench and never getting match fit, no crosses, no counters, quality strikers struggling with scraps, clean sheets, not losing much, top 6, lose in play offs. Would love to be wrong tho!
  2. Yes if they're good enough, we need more of a balance as we lack pace & energy which could allow the technical players more space and options. The 30ish year olds seem to get injured more too and if on their last big contract theres no big contract to play for next time so they could slacken off.
  3. This, plus he wouldnt get hacked n bullied by man markers as much, suprised a 4312/433 wasnt tried specifically with this in mind. Even more of a no brainer considering we dont play with wingers so why not have 3 goal scorers on to compensate for a poor return from our defenders & midfielders? Lee hutch bannan Ff - free role Hooper rhodes Suspect like with most other flair/attacking players tho that cc may not use him as well as he could to achieve best outcomes, which may affect confidence/mood and he could go elsewhere on the cheap and look a top bargain
  4. Assuming cc stays and we dont play proper wingers all season again i wouldnt waste having 4 virtual centre mids in midfield so would play 433/4312 Wwood Hunt lees buy reach Lee hutch/buy bannan/buy Ff (free role) Hooper rhodes We will still need a winger or 2 to bring on for a plan b, no wingers or pace in the 18 was suicidal by cc, hudds brought a winger on who quickly beat pudil for an assist. We also need a box to box cm to compete/cover lee/bannan and not sure jones is up to covering hutch or abdi will have the legs for 90mins. If 442 Wwood Hunt lees hutch/buy reach Ff lee bannan/buy buy Hooper rhodes Minimum of a cb, cm and pacy winger or 2 imo
  5. Maybe not but my point is we're not an attacking and dangerous looking side despite all the money lavished. I fancied us vs hudds but we were poor, hudds deserved to win and going by the fulham reading game they were both more positive and threatening too. We probably play like england under hodgson with less pace and more central midfielders. If the full backs dont cross it (which they rarely do), we dont get it in the box as we dont play 1 proper winger. Reach can track back/run all day but cant cross/kick a ball very well, wallace tucks in/tries to help hunt etc but virtually plays right centre mid. Neither are quick enough to stretch or counter teams or can score & assist enough for those positions imo. Most people including cc have no idea if macmanaman n buckley are any good cos they never got match fit with 2 or so starts between um Even if we signed someone knockeart quality he'd probably be classed as a risky impact player who doesnt track back enough by cc. No wonder rhodes' confidence is shot and he had a top record at this level. Many fans thought rhodes would struggle with us, it was pretty obvious. The way we play isnt great for a wingers career and therefore a strikers career imo even if the defensive stats are good. To go up both ends need to be up to it and that was the case when we last went up in 1991, though 30+ goals from a wonder striker who could make his own chances as well as chances for others helped a bit there
  6. Even though c25m has been spent and likely more to come, i dont think we'll ever go up under cc by aiming to scrappily grind out results and struggling to create with no proper wingers, flair, pace or width. Due to his safe and cautious approach and a large budget we would probably be 3rd to 6th every time tho Play offs is a 1 in 4 tho, probably worse if you can't open up teams with pace, creativity or countering threat. Tough call thats all about ambition, in my time i mainly saw the 90's side in the top flight and some exciting stuff, so what cc serves up is unlikely to ever be good enough regardless of budget
  7. Had a few beers with a mate & he said we were same as at leeds when we lost 1-0 on sky, could have been the same but fortunately they lacked any quality in final 3rd. We looked like a side trying to get an fa cup replay, we were organised and defended well but had to as we offered zero width, pace or threat and struggled to string 3 passes together. All 4-5 in possession, 7-8 without ball so 5-6/10 overall. Think we're favourites to win now but going by that if we do make the final, cc will be aiming to win on pens after another 0-0 We offer no width so would play 4-3-1-2/4-3-3 on weds and give ff a free role away from aggressive man markers Wwood Hunt lees loovy reach Lee hutch/jones bannan Ff Hoops/fletch rhodes
  8. 4-3-1-2/4-3-3 Wwood Hunt lees loovy reach Lee hutch bannan Fessi Hooper/fletcher rhodes Fessi free role away from man markers trying to crop him, we offered zero down flanks today so overload thru middle with fb's advanced.
  9. Would have been a good sub for wallace today, who knows we may have got in the final 3rd or a shot on target, didnt need 3 strikers as subs. Playing like that may grind us through to the final, but we need to be much more positive to win the final if we get their or it's likely to be deja vu imo.
  10. Wwood Palmer sasso pudil fox semi lee Buckley Matias macca Rhodes Would target their flair and strongest players like aluko, ayite etc with strong challenges, fulham worry me most in play offs
  11. Same side and same expectation on ff & poss macca to improve us for win or equaliser 2nd half
  12. Home Wwood Hunt lees sasso reach Wallace jones bannan Ff - free role Hooper rhodes Away macca for hooper on 1 of wings
  13. Stretch teams with pace, movement, tempo and width to create space and get more crosses in. Its been said all season we dont do this or counter very well away from home due to lack of pacy players starting, otherwise we may have been very close to top 2. Our organisation and technical ability should keep us top 6 but then anything can happen.
  14. Will be same team and maybe fessi for pudil to rescue it after conceeding a colin set piece but different game vs cardiff so maybe 4-3-1-2 Wwood Hunt sasso lees reach Wallace jones bannan Ff (free role) Hooper fletch Macca for wallace/fessi, rhodes for hooper/fletch
  15. Bob mills a guest fridays from 10 worth a listen, cockney orient fan, sounds a bit like terry tibbs from fonejacker a few years back. Shared priceless advice i can relate to: 'marry a woman you dont deserve, buy her a house you cant afford, that way you'll always be kept busy, but will always look forward to going home'