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  1. Now type it in english we can understand
  2. Always enjoyed his posts on here, really sad news. RIP
  3. Fletcher has to start against Rotherham, possibly in place of Rhodes
  4. Having just seen CC on TV in his post match interview, it's obvious he has given up. Sad.
  5. £25 Cash?
  6. Hunt edges it for me. Look at the build up for Bristol's penalty on Tuesday. Just watch Palmer, absolutely no urgency to tackle the forward before Lee's trips him. Seen it time and time again with him, strolls back after losing the ball when counter attacking, very poor footballer. With Hunt, he is prone to mistakes but actually makes every attempt to redeem the mistake. Ultimately, both are not good enough.
  7. top man is carlos, we will get there with him
  8. Westwood Hunt lees Loovens Urby (if he exists) Jones Mcgugan Abdi Mcmanaman Joao Nuhiu
  9. Hunt is a far better player than palmer. Palmer has no pace, jogs back when he loses the ball in an attacking position, terrible footballer
  10. Bit early to be on the sauce?
  11. Palmer's positioning defensively is terrible
  12. We have fletch, who at the wrong side of 30 uses all his experience to know when to make a run AND defend. They have a young upstart in Gayle who has enthusiasm, but little else. Throws himself to the floor under the slightest of challenges, constantly moaning at referee. Some people on here would actually want him in our team. Fletch for me every day of the week, by the time Gayle hits 30, he will be playing in the lower divisions, Benitez is no mug, he will know (as Pardew did at Palace) that he is no premiership player and will be shut of him next summer. Players like Fletch, Wallace, Loovens, and Westwood provide invaluable experience to our team
  13. Wallace adds a great deal of experience to the team, we are a much better side with him in it. He consistently covers well in defence when the full backs are bombing on. We don't lose many when he is in the starting line up
  14. Reach was poor, Wallace needs to start next game.